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Found 197 results

  1. Palkia66

    Azura Skills?

    So... Obviously there are only so many skills that the Songstress class can get. I want to fill the whole skill "bar" for her. She CAN turn into a Sky Knight, but are there any skills in particular that I should give her?
  2. So as we know the siblings are among the most popular characters and they are also after kamui/corrin the most featured in the story along with azura(not really counting her as a royal sibling since the story doesnt necessarily present her that way). So i was wondering what was everyone order of liking for the 8 royals For me 1.Camilla-From the moment i liked camilla, and after reading about her personality i stanned even more. I really enjoy her at times nonchalant expressions mixed with her abrasive and protective attitude. Not only that but i also enjoy how she is a bit opposite of her appearance we know her appearance is all sexualized but her personality isnt really like that and i tend to have an interest in characters whose personality doesnt match how they look 2.Xander-Originally i liked takumi more than xander but the more i read about xander personality i couldnt help but stan, he really to me seems like the best king out of the two older royals. Also his support with charlotte won me over so much, how he was kinda being mean to her but in reality was caring for her and the s support made me a fan 3.Takumi-I love takumi's design its really amazing, and then when i heard that he hated all nohrians and corrin for that fact it gave his character some depth which i really enjoyed 4.Sakura- I originally didnt like sakura, i thought she looked basic,bland and meh. However, finding out a bit about her personality and her classy and calm demure really made me a fan, unlike elise she isnt all cutesy but is more calm,collected and mature which reminds me a lot of mist from PoR so i like her 5.Elise- elise is pretty cute and really fits that baby sis thing like she seems like a lovable sister. However, there is one thing i dont like about elise and that is that she looks 12 and which is worst there isnt any males that look 12 for me to pair her up easily, in awakening i would usually pair up nowi and ricken since they both looked 12 but for elise i have no match 6.Ryouma-he seems cool but his design seems a bit over the top for me with all that hair for and his personality i usually find it boring and 1-dimensional but i still like him plus im excited to pair him up with mozu and make mozu a queen 7.Leo and Hinoka- I feel the same way about leo and hinoka i really dont care for either of them, i have read a bit on their personality but there really isnt much for me to like and even more there isnt really any other character who i think matches them well like for ryouma one of the reasons i like him is because for me mozu and him are canon in my playthroughs but for leo and hinoka nothing. Maybe the english version will make me have interest in them but so far i have none
  3. Long shot, but out of curiosity, is there any confirmation on whether or not Fates continues the 2-RN hitrate system, or is using a 1-RN system (or something entirely different)? Been feeling like Fates has been giving me more misses than usual for extremely high (90+) hitrates, but of course, this could be simply observer bias, and I have no idea on how RNG manipulation works in this game (or if there is even a stable method) to test.
  4. I messed up on passing down skills to my male Kanna and was wondering if any of you guys have male Kanna with the Lethality skill equipped? If so, PLEASE PM with your Castle address. Prefer a castle that's easy to seize.
  5. So, I bought a physical copy of both versions of Fire Emblem Fates. I bought the DLC Map Pack 1, and it said that there was no downloadable content on Birthright after I switched from Conquest. How do I register the DLC for Birthright after I purchased the DLC on my Conquest?
  6. So, recently I started an art piece which is centered around female Kamui and I'm struggling on the armor. So basically I'm wondering, does anyone have some sort of character / concept sheet for her? I really only have a few images to work with. If you have any sort of image that may help that would be great
  7. Okay, I finished Birthright and Conquest, and now I'm starting a playthrough of Revelations. I didn't get a lot of units married in my playthrough of Conquest, but in Birthright, Azura married Kaden. Shigure was pretty great, but Azura turned Selkie from tanky to trashy. I'm wondering which child wouldn't get completely ruined by Azura's terrible HP and Defense growths for this playthrough. Right now I'm thinking her and Hayato might work, but I'm really not sure, since Rhajat was a decent Res-Tank for me in Birthright.
  8. I had Niles intercept her and when he defeated her the death music played. Now I know in some other child levels like Percy's you are supposed to defeat them but the death music did not play. Pretty much I need to know if I goofed or not.
  9. I want to level up my units more and get skills so I can have a good team for street pass and stuff
  10. Is it wrong of me to ask for the characters of both Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates to be redesigned in the style of one of the earlier Fire Emblem Games (I was thinking earliest would be Fire Emblem 4 but Fire Emblem 6-8 is one I was thinking about?) Just a thought I had. I probably wouldn't use them for anything special, I just thought of the aesthetic and figured it would be nice to have it.
  11. In an attempt to talk about something other than the news surrounding the exclusion of several particular features, I would like to hear what your favorite support conversations are in FE: Fates. On a similar note, if you don't have any favored ones (or if you do), I'd like to know which pairings you wish were available. My favorite support conversation would have to be that of Niles (Zero) x Arthur (Harold). Straight from the C-rank, I felt that it expressed a good bit of character depth from them both. Zero was portrayed in a different, more vulnerable light than the sadistic rogue and Harold showed a sense of shrewdness and perceptiveness one would not except in light of his character stereotype of unlucky, justice-seeking warrior. The bond they cultivated over the course of their support, I felt, was one of the stronger ones out of the various supports available. What I mean, if this were styled after one of the earlier FE support systems, I feel that Zero and Harold would have a character ending together. Going further (and this may be the fan girl in me speaking), I would even say that I would not be mad if Zero and Harold were able to achieve S-rank. In fact, I would probably prefer it over Mamui x Zero. I felt the progress from their A-rank was developed enough to be pushed into S-rank. Well, as developed as one can get in Fire Emblem: Fates (and technically Awakening). But, that's just my opinion. For those wishing to read a translation of the support, here you go: http://pastebin.com/LSVUYdZS
  12. Hey Guys, so here's my question: In Fire Emblem: Awakening one of my favorite things to do was create new avatars, send them over to my file, train them, and then use them in my main party. However in Awakening all avatars had access to all classes. In Fates that is not the case. So basically what I'm asking is if there is any way to unlock classes for an avatar I brought over from another one of my files? If not are there other ways to unlock classes other than supports? Also, if neither of those are possible what do you guys suggest I do to unlock the classes I want them to have without getting them to high level to not get the skills, but still do it quick enough that I can play them on my main playthrough? Thanks in advance guys.
  13. The unit optimization thread was getting really messy and confusing so I just decided to create a new one where people can post their units and/or their pairings asking for advice. If you do ask for help please specify which route your playing and whether or not you want to focus of kids. Thanks!
  14. Need help picking a secondary that's magic based. Do I go with diviner or dark mage? I know sorceror has s rank in tomes but got nerfed and i dont know enough about how diviner compares. Overall whats the best magic using class (aside from nohr noble)
  15. I'm not sure about my pairings and which skills to pass down. Any help would be great. Strategist Elise!Ophelia (Pass down Battle Command) Maid Felicia!Foleo (Pass down Tomebreaker or Live to Serve) Witch/Songstress Azura!Midori (Pass down Warp or Heathen Princess if possible) Wyrvern Lord Beruka!Ignatius (Pass down Lunge or Rally Defense) Hero Charlotte!Siegbert (Pass down Sol) Great Knight Peri!Soleil (Pass down Luna) General Effie!Percy (Pass down Pavise) Holy Bowman(?) Mozu!Sophie (Pass down Raven Strike) Malig Knight Camilla!Velouria (Pass down Deadly Breath) Sorceror Nyx!Dwyer (Pass down Malefic Aura or Bowbreaker)
  16. Since Fates is around the corner, I have planned on what classes I will reclass into. Since my unit starts off as a Nohr Princess, I planned to reclass her as a Samurai for Astra and maybe Swordfaire. My problem is that I also want to promote to a Great Lord for Aether and Awakening. So far, my plan is this: Nohr Princess->Samurai/Swordmaster->Great Lord->Hoshido Noble Planned skill set: Aether, Awakening, Dragon Fang, Astra, Hoshido If anyone has advice on what level to reclass to the middle classes, switch their order, etc., I will be eternally grateful.
  17. So, from what I've seen, we seem to know every thing about the current version of fates, in the sense of whats available and DLC. I also noticed though that there is kinda a lack of DLC (compared to awakening) and there's also no other dark magic other than an extremely nerfed nosferatu. It kinda makes shadow gift a really redundant skill other than the fact that you can now use ONE tome that's not even as useful from what I've seen. I thought the whole point of dark mages not being able to use staves was because they made it up with dark magic. Now though, all I see them having is just a higher rank in tomes by a whopping one and some different caps, over the use of extremely useful staves. It wouldn't really effect me much if it was final, but is it possible to be any other add-ons or DLC in the future? It would be really nice to see some stuff like dark magic added on to. I would understand the lack of DLC though since technically an entire path of the game is DLC so. Although, the amount of DLC in awakening was insane, so unless I am just really late on information or just expecting too much, is it really bad of me to wish that there was more DLC?
  18. In my male conquest routes I plan to marry Belka and Camilla in my female ones I'm gonna marry Marx and Flannel what secondary classes would be best to pass along to them through the marriage seal (note that while my spouses are physically orientated i myself will be focusing on magic and tanking with a dragonstone)
  19. **[uPDATE AS OF 3/6/16: Added max stat caps based on classes, and weighted growth rates!!]** Hello! This is my first time posting in SerenesForest, so I'm new to this posting thing (so I hope this is okay), but I've made a spreadsheet that can help you organize, as the title says, Marriage and Buddy Seal (partners) for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters in Fire Emblem if/Fates (even though it might be a little too late since it's already coming out in less than two weeks, haha). I tried doing some visual stuff to make the spreadsheet easier to read/make the information easier to understand at a glance, but since I'm not very much on the coding/programming/formula-writing/etc. side, my formulas are a little clumsy/ugly/really bulky/slow, but I promise you that they should work. Before using it, I recommend that you make a copy of it for your own personal use so that--on the off-chance more than one person uses this--your pairings won't get messed up. If there are any mistakes/errors/problems/etc., please tell me, and I will fix them as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions/comments/etc., I would also be glad to address them. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope this spreadsheet helps you, even if it's just a little. **Note: This spreadsheet works for ALL paths.** Version using the Japanese names (in English): Here Revelations version using the localized American names: Here Localized Hoshido-only version: Here Localized Nohr-only version: Here What you can do with it: - Customize Kamui/Corrin based on the asset/flaw/secondary class you choose. - View overall stat bonuses for children based on the marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritances for the Gen 1 characters. - Organize your class/skill inheritances for Gen 2 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritance for the Gen 2 characters. - View growth rates for Gen 2 characters based on marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View stat caps based on classes for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters. - View weighted growth rates for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters.
  20. Polygon and Gamexplain have been sent advanced copies of the special edition. I'm really hoping for a restock soon. The conspiracy theorist in me hopes they are sending these to get hype for a restock. The realist in me knows, they set them aside months in advance.
  21. Sorry if there's already a thread for this but how practical would dragonstones be for a conquest hard/classic playthrough from what I've seen dragonstones provide decent bulk so I was thinking about making my MU magic/defense based but would it be more practical to use just stick with regular weapons and focus on a speed based build?
  22. To be completely honest, to me at least, Fates' skinship removal doesn't affect me. I feel neutral about it. I never thought as Fire Emblem as a waifu game anyway. But what do you guys think about it?
  23. The demo for Awakening came out January 17th, eighteen days before Awakening. I wager we've got one for Fates coming within the next two weeks, hopefully. If one does come out, just how many chapters of the game do you think it will cover? Do you think they'll allow for a transfer function of some sort? What would you like to see from it?
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