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Found 11 results

  1. Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes Alm Chapter 1 theme (FE8 GBA Style) Here are my FE 8 gba style of Gaiden/Echoes chaper 1 theme, all thanks to . FE 8 Sacred Stones soundfont by circleseverywhere from Serene Forest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwek6smehhap7rq/Native_Instruments_with_MPiano.sf2?dl=0 FE 2 Gaiden portrait by Lyanthus from Serene Forest: Hope you enjoy
  2. I used to post this on Reddit and Amino a while ago, This is a reupload of the posts, so go check it out: https://aminoapps.com/c/fire-emblem-amino/page/blog/exclusive-sov-character-in-gaiden-art-style/N43l_e4KuMuaG60KP8zJz6Pqo2GbqNwmk7n Hope you enjoy
  3. This is a patch for a remake of FE2 (Because I despise 50 shades of Valentia) I don't have enough time to do a change log, So I might do one tomorrow, Anyways, Enjoy, Also, Apply to an English FE8 ROM. Fire Emblem - Shadows Of Magvel.ups
  4. So... I've been playing through Fire Emblem Gaiden for the first time, little did I know that a character named Dyute(Delthea) was recruitable. So, I killed her. My question is? If I use the revival shrines, can I still recruit her. Or did I lose a potential unit? After this frustration I've seen that the same thing can happen with a character named Zeke, so I'm aware of it.
  5. FIRE EMBLEM GAIDEN By: SirSword Hello all. I welcome you to my first LP, and I'll be doing the second game in the series, because I got a little bored of FE1. Released in 1991 came the, erm, side story, of Fire Emblem - Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light (They're not related at ALL... okay I lied but there aren't many similarities :/). This was a different game than the original, mebbe. It featured unlimited weapon uses, Villagers (I capitalize class names for whatever reason (also weapons)), a "support" system (between ONLY two units), and enemy-specific classes. Hooray! :D There's probably more, but I can't remember. We are going to play through the hard mode, which is Normal mode. There is an Easy mode, which doubles experience or something, but I'm pretty sure it won't be that hard. I also don't know how to access Easy mode, soooooooooooooooooooo yeah. Well, why don't we get to the game already, huh? I mean, nothing's stopping us, so let's get right to FIRE EMBLEM GAIDENNNNNN (pronounced GUY-denn)!!!!11!1 Remember, it's my first so it might be bad in some parts. Might be inspired by: http://lparchive.org/Fire-Emblem-Gaiden-(by-DKII)/
  6. HEY NERDS, most of you likely have no idea who I am BUT I run this stream: https://www.twitch.tv/frenchfroodle And I am like GAIDEN'S BIGGEST FANGIRL EVER So! I'm gonna do a PMU run in the ol' NES game to get back in the Gaiden spirit! (starting the run on Saturday) I'm stealing Jedi's format but that's cool because I ASKED HIM FOR IT so let's go nuts yeah? I need two sets of units. 8 units each, you also pick their class route, go crazy. One pick per person, although if it gets to it I may ask for 2 per person. (Got a friend on Skype to pick me one already and he chose Mycen, what a card) Alm 1. Mycen 2. Robin -> Mage 3. Python 4. Grey -> Merc 5. Matilda 6. Dyute 7. Luka 8. Silk Cecilia 1. May 2. Atlas -> Merc 3. Sonia 4. Jessi 5. Boey 6. Catria 7. Saber 8. Palla First come first serve! Make it interesting :3c (Also Alm and Celica are forced of course.)
  7. Yup, I wanna patch FE2. Here's a list of some changes I plan to make. -All Character names and some location names given by Awakening -Made some Characters' names ACTUAL names -Basically modernizing names in general -With knowledge of the entire story, I can attempt to write a script for the story. Dialogue, anyway. Alright, so, those name changes... Alm's Party -------------- Alm (Official) Robin Gray ---> Grayson Cliff/Qulyf (<---What even is this name?) ---> Cliff Luka/Ruka ---> Luka Silk ---> Silke Clair/Clea ---> Claire (Official) Cleive ---> Clive (Official) Python/Paison ---> Paul (Goes by the codename Python) Force/Fols ---> Felix Ryuto ---> Luthier (Official) Matilda/Machilda ---> Matilda Dyute/Dute ---> Dyute Teeta Zeke/Zeak (<---Bruh.) ---> Zeke Mycen/Maisen ---> Mycen (Official) Celica's Party ----------------- Celica (Official) May/Mae ---> May Boey (Official) Jenny Saber/Sevr/Savor ---> Sergio Valbo ---> Valbar (Official) Kamui ---> Chadwin Leo ---> Leon Palla (Official) Catria (Official) Atlas Jesse/Jesey/Jessie ---> Jesse Sonia/Sonya ---> Sonia Dean ---> Deen (Official) Est (Official) Noma ---> Nomah (Official) ------------------------------------ Okay, so, now you're probably sitting there, thinking, "What are these names?" I did my research with my name changes, sans the official ones. Those wondering where I got Chadwin from... Kamui is a Japanese name meaning "Divine". Chadwin is a Welsh name meaning "Divine". There. I chose Leon because in terms of how the name sounds... Leon > Leo. Sergio? Sergio's an Italian name meaning "Attendant". A subtle nod, in my opinion, since Sergio visits the bar very frequently. Well... Where should I begin with patching? What do you guys think of the names?
  8. Alm is a barbarian. First time playing through a non-localized fe game and i've been having a lot of fun with it!
  9. Hello, I have gotten to the end of Chapter 1 in the game and at Sofia Castle there is a chest with Knight in it. When I walk up to it, it says "This chest held knight. Area Reclaimed! Knight reverted." It doesn't show up in my items at all. What do I do???
  10. Well I just finished FE2 and I have to say it was great and hard! yes the final battle really made the game I loved how Celica and Alm`s armies joined as one! Doma was not that hard I had Alm do his support critical attack with Celica. Gray died on this run though I had him as a Bow Knight lost him from other bow knights and I could not find the secret shrine to revive him :( his growths and stats were bad anyway Paison was great with the Holy Bow. Umm wow this is so random Lol I don`t know why I felt the need to announce that I beat this game but I guess while I`m at it I`ll make a list of best units I had during this run. Alm`s Party Alm (late in game at first I thought he was bad due to bad speed) Cliff (bad at first though but was great with a thunder sword and being a dread fighter late in) Ruka (great Baron I gave him the magic shield to make him even better) Dyute (I never did promote her though but somehow she lived through last chapter) Silk (she was perfect once she promoted she was awesome speed ring worked well on her) Zeke/Camus (he is always great no matter what game) Matilda (best speed and great stats all around she was second best gold knight next to Zeke) Ryute (gave him a magic ring and had him use Excalibur from far) Paison (Holy Bow worked well on him) Clea ( at first she was horrible but an alright Falcon Knight gave Holy Lance) Celica`s party Celica (she had some problems with speed early on but got good after gave Holy Sword for main weapon) Saver(Great with the Hero Sword) May (high magic nothing else she started out my best but then I got sonia) Jenny (her Illusion spell helped distract enemies early on gave Holy Ring) Palla (great even when she first came) Catria (great when she first came angel ring made her perfect mage killer) Est (always great for me gave silver lance triangle attack is the best thing to happen in this game) Sonia (her high stats+steel shield made her a dream come true since she got high def and can use mag) Atlas (eh turned ok as a gold knight) Kamui (did not use for final but was great with the darkness sword then later silver sword) and that was it those were the main units I used during this playthrough so next game I will try is FE1 I wonder what the first one is like?
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