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Found 608 results

  1. An idea based on the Outrealms and our favorite FE mascot, Anna. As we all know, Anna is known to have a plethora of ancestors, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces all named Anna. Her family even keeps a history log of all the events all the Annas have witnessed in excruciating detail. This magical log is known as the Annathology. [Obvious pun of Anna Anthology.] It not only keeps a record of Annan history, but also helps to stabilize Outrealm history. Without it, all the Outrealms can fall apart. [Much worse than Grima awakening.] Well, someone has taken it. Not only did they take the book, but they intend to rewrite history, with the original Anna's special quill that helps the book stabilize the Outrealms - a fiery red quill known as [you guessed it] the Fire Emblem, the other half of the Anna family heirloom. Your mission is to get the Fire Emblem and the Annathology back before all of history is doomed. [Other story elements currently in progress.] Being that it's an anthology, you go across many of the outrealms, completing chapters in a manner similar to Awakening's World Map, except it's an Outrealm Map this time. The various outrealms contain not only new characters and locales, but old locales and familiar faces as well. Other details being worked out at this time. What do you all think of this idea thus far?
  2. Since I'm basically new to hacking, please allow me a noobish question. Let's just say I created a FE hack on my ROM (even though I haven't) How could I turn said hack into a patch for everyone to play? Since posting links to roms is illegal and all, why would you even download a new rom when all you needed to do was apply a patch to your already existing rom? Oh, and if there's something about this topic that breaks the rules, please let me know, since I don't need a warning right now...
  3. So I am a complete deviant art x fire emblem search noob. Was wondering if anyone has created or attempted to creatively add every single fire emblem lord there is from all the game iterations onto a single wallpaper desktop in HD? Helpful info is appreciated as always, cheers!
  4. Hey everyone! My username is Avarice_Shadow, but feel free to just call me Avarice. I'm new to this forum so go easy on me, okay?
  5. Does anyone have the mp3s or other music file downloads? Preferably not .zip or .rar files because my phone and I'm sure a few other's phones are picky little sons-a-guns. Only if you have any laying around though, and if I'm completely ignorant and you can't link to files in forum posts, disregard this whole post and let me know please. Thanks! By the way, I have a couple versions of "Don't Speak Her Name!" if anyone wants that, when I learn how links work at least...
  6. I've remained hopeful that New Mystery of the Emblem would be localized ever since it was announced a few years ago. But now, after such a long time, my hope dwindles. Yeah I know it should have completely dwindles by now, but... *Shrugs* Does anyone think there's a chance it'll be officially localized? Maybe the last major game for the DS to his North American/European/Australian/every place outside Japan shores?
  7. So I've been pondering whether or not should I write this story but my decision must be pretty clear considering I'm posting this. Anyways the Story's basic grounds will be based on Fire Emblem meaning, such things as Anima magic and all that are included but it will be on an entirely new continent with new places, people, and a new story. As I considered actually putting this out there I kind of planned a lot and even got around to making a shitty decent map. Map: Characters: First chapter will be out in a bit.
  8. Hey Guys. :3 I'll just get straight to the point here. This fanfic will be centered around Fire Emblem 4: Seisen no Keifu and its cast/storyline. For those of us who have played the game the characterization was rather poor especially when put next to other games in the series. In this fanfic I'll try to fix that. Give each character a back-story, a more vibrant personality. It'll follow the main flow of the game as the characters different stories unfold along the way, from the Verdane invasion all the way to the tragic last battle of our hero Sigurd. And eventually his son's story as well. In other words I'm fleshing out the characters in a way which will be hopefully entertaining and intriguing. I'm not sure if Genealogy FFs are all the rage here or if this has been done before but regardless I'll try my best to capture the essence of the game and its storyline along with adding the ever so needed personalities. :) But before we can actually start, we need to figure out pairings right? Genealogy of the Holy War: FTE Pairings Timeline
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