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Found 631 results

  1. Hello, I'm glad to be here ! I'm a great fan of FE series and I like a lot the work of this site ! So, I decided to sign up here for help if I can. I've played at ALL FE games (excepted 1,2 and 3 but I've played at their remakes so it's the same thing lol). My Favourite FE is Path of Radiance, Ranulf top tier ! My pseudo is a popular French joke, you have it ? I hope we will get along well ! Have a nice day
  2. Fire Emblem: The Blade's Legacy So, about one year ago, after being a FE fan and lurking these forums for a very long time, I decided to try and make a Fire Emblem hack of my own. The hack's release was nothing short of a trainwreck, so I lost interest in hacking for a long time. However, the hack stuck on my mind, and I finally decided to work on it again and make a second patch, which ironed out some bugs, rebalanced some things, slightly changed some text, and added 5 brand-new chapters! Oh, and I also changed the name of the hack, because Fire Emblem: Spreading Flames was a dumb name. This hack has: custom events, story, maps, names, portraits, chapters, battle palletes and two custom animation made by me. ---------- The story follows an ongoing war where the eastern kingdons of the continent of Rozar band together to defend against Uhanda, a invading country from the Uhandan Desert, which is seen by the Rozarians as a country of barbarians. The story is about the struggles of Zofia, a petty kingdon in Eastern Rozar as it tries to survive the conflict despite all odds. ------Screenshots------ -------Download------- LINK TO THE PATCH The patch goes up to Chapter 8 and contains 12 chapters, including the Prologue, a route split, and two gaiden chapters. Patch it to FE7 btw. -------Credits------ Arch, Blazer and Primefusion for their tutorials Agro, Primefusion and others I can't think of right now for kindly answering my questions circleseverywhere for the Enemy Range Display Hacks Brendor for the str/mag animation fix jjl2357 for the Weapon Rank Display Hack eCut and Skitty of Time for the Female Berzerker animation The Blind Archer for the Halberdier 2.0 animation MarkyJoe1990 and Feaw for the Female Shaman animation A Nintenlord for a few of his patches The creators of FEditor, Event Assembler, GBAGE, FE Recolor, Nightmare Modules, FE Map Creator, BSPallete Assembler, NUPS, etc Probably more people I forgot And Blazer and MarkyJoe1990 for inspiring me to make this hack ------------------ I didn't have anyone else to do playtesting, debugging for me, so any feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated, also, don't expect too much from the story, as I'm a terrible writer and didn't really have a vision while making it.
  3. Both love candy, both are childish adults, both are misanthropic, both are named after sexual slang words, and both had a british accent when they were childs but lost it when they've become adults!
  4. I, err, noticed the SLIGHT problem that there wasn't a "challenges" category. I guess there aren't really that many people who like to shake up Fire Emblem. Well, I'm going to change that! These new ways to play Fire Emblem are sure to make you and your friends laugh like morons, cry like little babies, and rage, either at bullcrap RNG or at each other's dumb mistakes! 1: The Common Challenges 2: Less Common Challenges 3: Multiplayer Challenges So, what's your opinion on these challenges? Leave your thoughts and I'll see you next time.
  5. 1. Standard fanservice (Scantily clad women, jailbait, etc) 2. Fetish fuel 3. Characters from older games in the form of units/attacks/useless allies 4. Actually hiring fans to help make the game And the most important thing: 5. Make every unit viable, kinda like Shining Force.
  6. First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this topic so I am putting it here. I know it isn't a ROM hack or a fan game, but I feel it still falls under Fan Projects. Once I have some progress to show, I'll begin to post some pictures!
  7. 1. Magitek Armor 2. Airships 3. A castle that can burrow underground to protect itself 4. A castle that can fly using propellers 5. A castle with legs 6. A mechanical horse 7. An automatic gun turret 8. Armor that makes the wearer immortal until it breaks 9. Flying armor 10. An island that can turn invisible to protect itself
  8. So a passing thought what if fire emblem characters could be summoned as Servants to fight in the holy grail war of the fate franchise. Like what classification would each character fit into? what would their noble phantasms be? what do you guys think.
  9. Here's chapter 13x. That was simple enough. No need for rushing, since no matter what one does, that's 8 more turns to the count. Current turn count stands at 26. Great growths all around as well, so all in all, this was the best outcome possible with only a few exceptions: Marcus got a typical Marcus level, kind of meh. Serra is going well. Rebecca doesn't disapoint Hector being Hector Couldn't care less about Dorcas, but I will put it here anyway Matthew is going places Eliwood wins the contest for biggest growths Same as Marcus, kind of meh. Oswin could be better, but hey, DEF, so isn't bad at least. The strategy involves using Matthew to rescue the village, rather than Marcus, thus leaving him some free time to tank the enemies up north. Guy assists him by getting rid of any obstacles. from there, it was simple, and even got Rebecca to kill the boss, instead of wasting it on Marcus. Is this supposed to be normal? For some reason, the menu is red. Don't remember this happening on my other S rank playthrough
  10. Both have time travel plots, both have an experiment gone wrong, both have some one travelling in time to warn their father of a dark future, and both Trunks and Lucina wield swords!
  11. 1. Fire Emblem 2. Final Fantasy 3. Legend of Zelda 4. Grand Theft auto 5. RPG Maker 6. Dark Souls 7. Skyrim 8. Terraria 9. Durr Lang Raiser 10. Chrono Triggered
  12. Since I was informed that people weren't getting aware of my run. I decided to make my topic to be chapter based rather than having the whole run in a single topic. For this chapter, I was aiming for 8 turns, but I ended up with 7. It's possible to do so in 5, but that requires too much rushing and RNG manipulation, and 5 spare turns is already more than good enough, since if combined with ones I've got in the previous chapter, that already negates chapter 11's 0 turn requirements, and there's plenty of turn gold mines in the future to exploit. One of which, requires Eliwood and Hector to level some. It's a pity that Marcus had to get that boss kill, but It would have been too risky to have Hector attack, specially since I got some good level ups. Also saved both villages. Some would abadon the villagers to their fate, but that's just wrong, so I had Oswin save the eastern village.
  13. I was planning to run through the series on the most difficult modes, but after some thought I realized that I just won't enjoy playing many of them. FE9 Maniac Mode is an absolute slog through far too many enemies and little challenge, FE11 H5 is too difficult and limiting for me to enjoy casually, FE12 Lunatic(+/R) is more of the difficulty in FE11, FE13 Lunatic(+) is again too limiting for me to enjoy casually, & FE14 CQ Lunatic is again crushingly difficult for casual play. Which hard modes do you like, which do you dislike, and why do you like/dislike them?
  14. So I am trying to restart my Youtube stuff after a long time of going silent. I didn't exactly know where to put this since it isnt a Let's Play or a Stream. This is more of a review in the style of ClementJ642's Final Fantasy Retrospective, a more scripted video. This is also my first time doing something like this with a script and editing, so I am open to getting criticism. I know there are some minor sound issues but had no idea how to fix them. So anyway, please give your thoughts on this and if I need to put it in another section of the forum please tell me.
  15. I went with Gray being a Mercenary, Tobin being an Archer, Kliff being a Mage, Faye being a Cleric, and Atlas being a Mercenary/Cavalier. Well what are the best options?
  16. I'm not even gonna pretend I don't still watch the trailer a few times per week, I'm that obssessive when it comes to Fire Emblem. But I just watched the trailer again and this time I noticed something new! So, when Byleth (who I believe is the avatar given that you can choose what Edelgard should train in the trailer and she follows his orders in the map and stuff) does a critical at the end of the trailer, you can see he doesn't even open his mouth or attemps to show an expression or anything even though he's doing a critical. Look: https://ibb.co/i2SHKy Like it's already weird he doesn't at least change his expression, even the most serious characters in awafates do it, and Byleth is not just whatever unit. But the thing is he never opens his mouth, meaning he doesn't say anything during the critical. He also doesn't talk here: https://ibb.co/iS5bCJ That's kinda like in MyCastle from Fates but it still looks weird when looking at the rest of the trailer and at Byleth's never-changing expression through the whole of it. So, I think we'll be getting a silent avatar! And similar to Mark! What do you think?!
  17. Hey all, so I've been modding Fire Emblem 6 and everything is going as I've planned expect one thing. When a character levels up, instead of an arrow pointing up with a 1 next to it, the 1 is some glitchy looking blob. Anyone have any idea what I did do make this happen and how I can fix it?
  18. Hi everyone! I'm new to this, so I'm kind of figuring how things work on here. I know my name may be a bit questionable, but I thought it would be funny if I called myself that (haha please don't be weirded out). I'm an avid fan (and a somewhat new one) of the Fire Emblem franchise, and I've played a couple of the games, but I would also like recommendations for a few of the older games. Other than Fire Emblem, I enjoy video games like Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, CS:GO Undertale, SSB, Persona, and I play a lot of MMOs. This community seems pretty friendly and I hope I don't regret joining, cuz there are lots of helpful tips on here... One question for you guys: Am I the only one hopelessly in love with Marth? Like as a character? He was the first Fire Emblem character that I knew of, and it brings back a lot of memories so he's quite..special to me. ANyways, have a nice day!
  19. So let me get this straight, so if Eliwood marries Ninian (Which I believe that he did.) then Roy would be part dragon, wouldn't it be just awesome or completely crazy that Roy can be a Manakete, like Morgan can be if Male Robin marries either Nowi, Nah, or Tiki? I know it is just a silly question, but I'm a little confused about the situation.
  20. Both are dictators, both are WAY too young to rule a country, both own ridiculously strong armies, and both have propaganda that makes their citizens hate a certain race/religion!
  21. LADIES AND FRICKS! MY NAME IS VICETRONIC! And TODAY, I bring you a picture of a parent complaining about a Fire Emblem Fates character! You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and from what ive heard, this isn't the only angry parent complaining about Fire Emblem, so if we're not careful, Fire Emblem could die from money loss!
  22. So, this was RP I made while back for another Roleplaying site, it was remotely successful but then died due to inactivity. I hope you'll enjoy it. I decided to recreate it for this site. 1,000 years ago, a deity was born. His name was Tynyzia. For that thousand years, Tynyzia lived as a mortal. The deity lived in the countries of Hyrule and Altea. All he felt in those thousand years was disgust. He found a deep hatred of Mankind, so now he seeks power to destroy Altea and Hyrule. During his travels, Tynyzia heard legends of two all-powerful objects, The Fire Emblem and the Triforce.Tynyzia, lacking the power to destroy mankind without these objects, enlisted the help of two villians from their respective countries, Medeus and Ganondorf. With Ganondorf's,Medeus's,and Tynyzia's powers combined, they were able to bring Altea through dimensions to Hyrule. To the point where Altea was short boat ride away form Hyrule. Tynyzia having control of hatred and mischief, was able to fill Marth with enough Hatred towards Altea's new neighboring country, that he declared war on Hyrule. ________________Now I know what you Fire Emblem fans are saying,"I wanna be someone from Awakening or Fates," You will get to be someone from those games,but there is some plot stuff that has to go down first.The position in the Zelda Timeline is in Breath of the Wild before Calamity Ganon kills everybody. So yes, Hyrule has GuardiansFor all you people who are going to make OCs, there are three sides to choose from.1.Be on Altea's team2. Be on Hyrule's Team3. Refuse to choose a side and try to stop the war.Early in the story, Altea will discover they're out matched and use Breidablik to summon entire countries from the Fire Emblem Franchise. Hyrule, seeing this will use timeshift stones to travel through time and enlist the help of various Links and other heroes throughout the LoZ franchise.Rules Follow the rules Light swearing is allowed, but keep in mind, this is set in medieval times, so no dropping F bombs and stuff like that. Moderate Violence is allowed Romance is allowed, because that's reoccurring feature in the FE Franchise now. BUT, keep it PG-13 8 character limit Also, if a battle between characters goes on for too long, I'll decide who wins by who is the better Roleplayer No Godmoding guys, don't dodge every single attack that get's thrown at you. One Guardian per person. To prove you read everything, put John Cena in you other section ___________________Character SheetName:Gender:Birth place:Age:Height:Weight:Hair:Eyes:Clothing:Identifying Marks:Personality:Skills: (If there from and Fire Emblem Country)Class: (If from a Fire Emblem country)Race: (If from Hyrule)Past:Weapons:Other: Breath of the Wild Link: Taken by me!Skyward Sword Link:Majora's Mask Link: Ocarina of Time Link: Twilight Princess Link:Wind Waker Link:A Link to the Past Link:A link between worlds Link: Revali: Mipha:Daruk:Urbosa:Ocarina of Time Impa:Skyward Sword Impa:Twilight Princess Zelda:Breath of the Wild Zelda: Guardian Slot 1: Taken by me!Guardian Slot 2: Guardian Slot 3:Guardian Slot 4:Guardian Slot 5:Guardian Slot 6:Guardian Slot 7:Guardian Slot 8:Princess Ruto: Darunia: Skull Kid:Midna : @DragoncatTetra:Sheik: Dark Link:Ghirham: If you have anymore Loz characters, I'll gladly put them down. Ike:Roy: Taken by MeHector:Marth: Taken by Me!Chrom: Ephraim:Alm: Robin(M): Xander: Ryoma:Takumi: Me!Leo:Lon'qu: Taken by me!Eliwood:Wrys:Lyn:Lucina: Tharja:Camilla:Hinoka:Sakura:Elise: Tiki:Nowi:Corrin (F)Cordelia: Taken by Me!Erika:Azura:Caeda:Lissa:Celica:Silas: Kaze: Again, if you want me to add anymore canon characters, just ask~!
  23. Hi all, I'm a somewhat frustrated screenwriter looking to try her hand at game writing, and this seems like the right corner of the internet to do that. The Fire Emblem community is incredibly passionate, but one of the most common complaints about these games is that the text boxes are long/exposition heavy, dialog sounds stilted, characters fail to grow, and interesting plot threads are introduced and then immediately dropped. This isn't because people are "bad" at writing, it's because they don't understand that storycraft is its own art-form which requires its own skillset. My goal here isn't to breathe life into some "epic" I've been dreaming up since I rode tricycles; it's to help other people build scripts and stories worthy of the countless hours they're spending on custom classes, new sprites, and revamped weapon systems. So, if you're the kind of person who loves building maps but never knows what to do with the text boxes, give me a shout. I have writing samples of varying size and genre, and I really do want to write your scripts. <3
  24. I am SHSLTryfingCombusken. AKA the Brother from Strink Family. I usually play Fire Emblem (Sacred Stones and Awakening for the most part), so I joined the forest.
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