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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Everyone, Thanks to Mangs, I've decided to do a "Corrinquest" run of Fire Emblem Conquest on Hard mode, but I lack the Corrin's so could you send me some? To clarify I live in Australia so only European and Australian Corrin's will be recruited. Rules 1. Every Corrin must be Level 8 - 12 (unpromoted) 2. Every Corrin must be in their talent class (cavalier, fighter, pegasus knight, ect.) or in a DLC class 3. Each Corrin is allowed 1 "persoonal" or "unique" skill (vantage, vengence, luna, sol, ect. (DLC skills included)) 4. Please do not use stat boosting items on your Corrin (including Boots and Arms Scrolls) Template -Your Corrin's Name- -Your Castle Address- -Boon- -Bane- -Class- -Custom Skill- -Growth Rates (Optional)- Example Crux 02935-08817-75525-82465 Deft (skill) Unlucky (luck) Mercenary Astra Growth Rates: 45 45 25 65 45 25 40 25 Notes Remember I want this run to be interesting, so I will likely choose interesting characters like a fast knight with renewal or a slow ninja with trample I look forward to seeing and recruiting your Corrin's!! Current Lineup (8/16) - If I Find Corrin's That I Like, I Will Add Them To The Team (Trying Not To Use Corrin's Of The Same Class) Team Will Be Open To Change Crux (Mercenary, Astra) Amelia (Knight, Strength-taker) Gazzak (Fighter, Astra) Lutz (Archer, Sol) Muckaid (Troubadour, Replicate) Sabia (Dark Falcon, Foreign Princess) Tana (Wyvern Rider, Lunge) George (Dark Mage, Renewal)
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