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Found 1 result

  1. So it's been a while since I've played Radiant Dawn Hard mode and seeing the thread about the rate the units kind of gave me the urge to play it so anyone want to join me in these masochistic adventures? Rules: Note: I'm fully open to suggestions on these rules so feel free to make any if you have them, I've bolded the stuff I've changed. Drafting:1. This draft is for 6 players.2. Micaiah, Laura, Sothe, JIll, Rafiel, The Black Knight, Leanne, Geoffrey, Ike, Titania, Reyson and Lehran are free for all to use.3. The drafting order is NOT reversed for the last round of picks.4. Haar is banned from drafting.5. The game will be played on Hard Mode.Rules:1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, Rescue and Shove/Smite undrafted characters and NPCs, trade, Escape/Arrive, and transfer items/skills between teams.2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors and Chests, finding hidden items, and giving Blood Tide/Night Tide/White Pool bonuses. I'm thinking about changing it so undrafted units can find Items seeing as that's how it is in all the other games but I understand that RD has items in almost every level unlike other games where it's usually one map so see what people think.3. Allied and Other units may do as they please without penalty.4. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out.Penalties:1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter (1-6 counts as 2 chapters, and 4-E counts as 5 chapters).Exceptions:1. One of Edward or Nolan is free for each of 1-P, 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3.2. Volug is free for 1-5.3. Elincia, Marcia and Nealuchi are free for 2-P4. Nephenee and Brom are free for 2-1.5. One undrafted, non-Lucia unit is free for 2-2.6. One undrafted, 7 move unit is free for 3-1.7. One undrafted, 6 move unit is free for 3-3. Explanations for Rule changes: 6 players because firstly 7 is hard to get and it results in 60 draftable units so everyone gets an extra scrub to help with Shoving or something. Free Jill and Titania, these units are clearly superior to any other choice I think and especially having Titania be a draftable unit would be way too good for whoever gets her, less so for Jill as she starts off weaker but still clearly a dominant unit. However I think that making Titania free permanently would lead to everyone having every Part three map basically just be Titania W+M1'd the enemy with Hand Axes while scrubs just milled about. Therefore the idea I thought of was to give her a quota of deployment slots and you can choose which maps to deploy her on, she has 13 maps before end game so I think 7 should be a good number. Jill has 8/11 maps depending on whether you recruit her over to the GM's so I'm thinking 7 maps for her would seem about right seeing as she has to actually get going first unlike Titania. Could possibly make Jill permanently free as well if everyone feels the DB need the help. Finally free Laura is just to make it so that the number of draftable units is divisible by 6 and she seemed like the most obvious choice as a free unit to me. Edward or Nolan free for 1-3 as well seems like a pretty obvious choice as that map is pretty notorious on Hard Mode I think so having them until you get to the Base seems fair. Units remaining: Teams: Zihark72: Ilyana, Mia, Aran, Naesala, Astrid, Lethe, Rhys, Volke, Stefan, Oliver. Shimmerfang: Nolan, Gatrie, Callil, Mist, Giffca, Makalov, Rolf, Bastian, Kurthnaga, Pelleas. DarthR0xas: Nephenee, Boyd, Zihark, Tibarn, Kieran, Tormod, Caineghis, Muarim, Gareth, Renning. Joe Cool: Elincia, Shinon, Nailah, Janaff, Ranulf, Leonardo, Meg, Danved, Ena, Fiona. Junkhead: Edward, Volug, Marcia, Heather, Ulki, Sigrun, Tauroneo, Skrimir, Vika, Nasir. Sturm: Oscar, Soren, Tanith, Brom, Nealuchi, Sanaki, Mordecai, Lucia, Kyza, Lyre.
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