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  1. Hi everybody, recently I've started to play Awakening (hard/classic), it's my first FE game apart from Heroes and my first game on Nintendo Hardware ever! So far its nice and fun, but I've reached a point where I would like to address some beginner questions to more experienced folk: Where would I find a good source/wiki for this game? Either the in-game explanations of some mechanics are insufficient, or I haven't found the right chapters yet. After completing a map, a dialog shows the hero of the map and the turn count. Is there any advantage in solving maps faster (with fewer turns)? How does doubling work? In Heroes a unit needs to have 5 more SPD to double the opponent. What I don't like is that weapons can wear out. Does the game give me more or less automatically what I need, or do I have to buy spare weapons for everyone to be sure? Level: Currently I'm at chapter 5 and I struggle to keep everyone alive, because team needs to split up to reach Maribelle and Ricken. Is there a way to grind some levels for my second row units? The arena gives me Level 11 enemies, which doesn't help to level up units from level 1-3. Chrom and Robin are pretty fast to gain levels and there is already a gap to the rest of the team. On one hand I would like to keep everyone on the same level, but on the other hand it's difficult to kill a Level 5 opponent with a Level 1 Stahl or Donnel. Is there a recommended maximum level gap? Low level Frederick seems to be stronger than other units with higher level. Does he have an advanced class or something? Support: If my attacking unit is adjacent to 2 allies, who will show up in the fight? How do I know when the ally will block or do an additional attack? What are the suggested ways to build up support? Collect low level support with 3-4 units at once, or try to get as high as possible before to start a second support? Pairing: Do additional attacks and blocks work like normal support? Should units with different attacking range be paired with each other (i.e. archers and Pegasus knights)? Or would this prevent additional attacks under some circumstances? In Paralogue 1 (Donnel quest) there is an opponent unit who opens a treasure chest. Could I lose important items by not chasing these guys? Which DLCs are recommended? I don't care very much about having Characters of older FE titles in Awakening. But if there is some nicely done content (story- or challenge-wise), I'd invest some money. Well, that are far more questions than I initially intended to do. I would be happy for every single answer, thanks in advance!
  2. Hello and welcome all to the Unit Evaluation Thread. The game having arrived a little more than a week ago, I thought it would be appropriate to gauge the usefulness of all the units presented to us thus far. Due to how early I'm making this thread, it should be treated more as a rough draft on what a unit is capable of rather than a completely strict tiering system. It's worth also only to see where the community stands on these guys. This evaluation will strictly be on their contributions in gameplay and not on personality. A discussion on their worth as characters should probably be made into a separate thread for the sake simplicity. I won't add a poll system for ranking unless requested since I'm not entirely sure of their efficacy. The characters will be presented in pairs for a duration of two days until the next batch is selected. Excluding these first two units, everyone will be done in order of recruitment which means that after Alm and Celica, the next group will be Lukas and Gray and so forth until the end of chapter 1 where we switch to Mae and Boey. Lastly, spoilers are allowed to avoid vagueness in what maps they hold a specific advantage. Furthermore, the units in question will be more closely evaluated against their more immediate competition. For example, Lukas' direct competition would be Forsyth and while Valbar can be mentioned, the units only ever join in post-game at a point where Thabes is the only thing left so it doesn't add much to the discussion. For mercenaries in particular, looping will be counted as a boon of theirs but it will not heavily influence their usefulness. Evaluate the units based on the people in their respective routes. Without further ado... Our hero from Ram Village sporting high base stats, one of the highest growth rates in the game, a large pool of support bonuses from his pals and the ability to wield the mighty Royal Sword and Falchion. Needless to say Alm is an investment well worth putting levels in especially for when he goes solo to gain the Falchion. One of the best units in his side of the story, his contributions get better as you move along with his promotion making him gain access to bows even if they might not see much use. Lastly he is able to swiftly change his weapon due to having access to the convoy in battle means he can eat or switch weapons on the fly for whatever situation. Our heroine from Novis, a princess in search for the Earth Mother while fighting against pirates and the Duma Faithful. Like Alm, she sports decently high base stats, some of the highest growths in the game, a good number of supports and access to the convoy. That said, she contributes slightly less than Alm mostly due to how good most of the characters in Celica's group are and the fact that due to her primary weapon being a sword, she cannot counter from two spaces away like Boey or mage Mae. She is however a blessing due to learning Seraphim early to deal with the necro dragons, being able to heal if Genny has used her turn and the fact that she can gain her personal weapon the Beloved Zofia first by upgrading the golden dagger with your first gold mark. Now discuss, agree, disagree and lay out your opinions for me SF. Edit 1: Added some clarification. Edit 2: Only minimal grinding is factored in the evaluation of these units, and looping will not be heavily counted in their evaluation when applicable.
  3. This post is for FE fans alike. Note: I'll not be talking about the story, voice performance, art direction, etc. Those are subjective. I'm only sharing my experience with a certain in-game feature. Now FE: SoV is finally out for everyone to enjoy, and the game's reviews are slowly pouring in. Let's talk about some of the issues that players may or may not experience. Personally, I find the "Storage System" and "Item Management" in this game are extremely frustrating. 1. Instead of grouping the same item together, the game treats each one as a unique entry on the item list. Consequentially, you have to scroll through a long list of junk before finding the 'item' you need 2. Unable to highlight/select the amount of items you want to sell while visiting a blacksmith; you are stuck with confirming the same prompt over and over again for each item sold (Would you like to sell an "Orange"? Y/N Would you like to sell an "Orange"? Y/N Would you like to sell an "Orange"? Y/N ...) Jesus Louise!
  4. What gameplay features or mechanics should this game implement? What are some features from other games that you would like to see return or not return? What new stuff should be implemented?
  5. Does anyone have any gameplay clips of Atlas in shadows of Valentia?
  6. I'm unsure, if this game will really meet my expectations. I watched like two episodes of Hyrule Warriors to get a certain impression of this genre, and I have to say it looks more or less like a pressing-button game. It's just a massmurdering for fun with some dialogues. I didn't see that much strategy. Since I like games which require certain strategical elements in videogames, I'd like to know if FE Warriors will / could have them, and if so, what kinds of strategy? Could it be similar to an action RPG that you can set your strategy or use items while your actions? If it would be the case, then my interest could rise a little bit at least.
  7. So Chris Wagar, a gaming blogger I follow, recently let his friend, an old-school FE fan, answer some questions they'd received about about the differences between Awakening's and Conquest's approach to map design and difficulty. I found the post very insightful and wanted to share it here: https://critpoints.wordpress.com/2017/02/19/fire-emblem-everything/ Other topics in this particular blog from his friend include a critique on Fates' debuffs and guard stance, the usefulness of Leif vs. Roy vs. Lyn, and their favourite FE games. I'd also recommend Chris's other blog posts if you like game design analysis.
  8. Copied and pasted from here, in attempt to solve a mystery about Fates' gameplay mechanics: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/53yqqc/lets_attempt_to_derive_the_avatars_attack_stance/ Resources are out there for his growth rates, his mods, even his personal pair-up bonuses. But as far as I know, no such compilation is out there for the attack stance support bonuses in Hit, Avoid, Critical, and Evade. And I know that Serenes' postings cannot be the complete story here, as my Avatar gives different bonuses than they do. (On that note, Serenes also only shows the pattern of personal pair-up bonuses for Luck flaws at the currently time). Let's try to crack this mystery. What bonuses does your Avatar give to someone when they are standing next to to them, at what support ranks, and what is your boon/bane/talent. I have a +MAG/-LCK Dark Mage Male Avatar. He gives +15 Hit, +5 Avoid, and +9 Crit when standing next to his wife (S-rank). This contrasts with what Serenes thinks the answer is, which claims +15 Hit, +5 Avoid, +6 Crit, +5 Evade. If we build up a sufficiently large sample size of our boons/banes/talents and our attack stance bonuses, we can solve this mystery and figure out how it works. So post away so we can gather the data and figure out how it works.
  9. Hi, everyone! Since I've never used Yukimura, Izana, Shura and Reina before, I wanted to ask how viable they are in each path you get them in. Is it worth using them over similar units (like Izana over Orochi/Hayato or Shura over Niles) or are they like Gunter in that they are basically just there to fill team slots? Thanks in advance!
  10. She's already a meme at GameFAQS and Reddit. I personally don't think she's as bad as people make her out to be, but I find GuardNaginata!Oboro/Hinoka better for tanking because they have actual HP. Reliance on an item isn't the best thing, but I'll take the higher HP.
  11. Basically what it says in the title. I have seen Mangs' character spotlight on Tiki on Youtube and it got me thinking which playable unit capable of transformation into a dragon is the most powerful in comparison to all other units in their respective games? I'd very much like to hear you guys' opinion on the matter, so discuss freely!
  12. I'm planning another Conquest playthrough and I wanted to get all of the children, which is why I wanted to marry my Male Corrin to either Ophelia or Velouria, since I think it is generally agreed that Velouria and Ophelia are the best children for physical and magical combat respectively. Who do you think is better suited to be Kana's mother? I will select Asset and Flaw for Corrin depending on your answers! Thanks for your help!
  13. WARNING: This thing has Revelation spoilers all over it. ALL OVER IT. Meet Eve. Don't let appearances fool you. Behind those adorable pigtails and puppydog eyes lies a stone cold killer. Xander isn't listening to her because he's smart. He is not fooled by her diminutive stature and honeyed words laced with lies. Eve is a devious little princess of Valla, and is here on a mission. A mission to lure both the Nohrian and Hoshidan royal families to their doom when they meet her lord and liege Anankos in Valla. She has succeeded on rescuing Azura, a fellow conspirator, from the clutches of the Hoshidans, as well as fending of both the Hoshidan and Nohrian forces to secure an escape route and now has to flee to Valla for a time to lay out her proper plans. For the time being she is going to keep Jakob alive. After all, she needs someone to heal Azura's wounds. Because Eve is invincible. Or so she thinks. Clad in heavy armour, she hopes to be an impenetrable and slowly moving wall of death to her foes. Just hope she doesn't run into any Diviners. Best of luck with that, Eve.
  14. I'm planning on making a FE8 inflation/plot replacement crossover hack and have Guinivere from FE6 be the Eirika replacement. I was wondering if I should make her use light magic and the Lilina/ Mage Knight animationsor or if I should make her a Trainee with a split flier promotion? In both cases she'll look kind of generic.
  15. Hi, guys I'm back! I'm sorry I wasn't able to post polls which Riku actually started. But I'm not gonna be able to do that in a while, things are getting busy in college. Anyway to our new topic: If you've been reading the main site, you know that a unit's rating is calculated in game with this formula [spoiler=Formula] Rating = Str + Mag + Skl + Spd + Lck + Def + Res . However, as you all know, not all stats are created equal. Even units with the same in-game rating may have a lopsided outcome due to that one stat. Now, let's expand the formula [spoiler= formula] Rating = 0*Max HP + 1*Str + 1*Mag + 1*Skl + 1*Spd + 1*Lck + 1*Def + 1*Res . As you may see, the coefficients (the numbers that multiply the stat) are 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 respectively. And now, what if we change the coefficients and call it the "TRUE" rating. For example, I will make the coefficients like this: .5, 1.2, 1.0, 0.8, 1.2, 0.8, 1.0, 1.0. It would translate to [spoiler= formula] "True" Rating = 0.5*Max HP + 1.2*Str + 1.0*Mag + 0.8*Skl + 1.2*Spd + 0.8*Lck + 1*Def + 1*Res Let's compare: Let's use Ryoma and Xander as our examples With the in game rating, Ryoma = 113 Xander = 114 Xander won by a small margin there With the Example "TRUE" rating Ryoma = 132.2 Xander = 133 Well, Xander still won by a smaller margin. How about you guys, WHAT WOULD THE COEFFICIENTS YOU WOULD USE TO MAKE YOUR "TRUE" RATING FORMULA PS. Your formula is True from a certain point of view.
  16. While everyone is worried about Plot/Fanservice changes in the translation one huge question comes up in my disturbed mind: In the localization process of the game (mainly Conquest) there will be changes to tone down the difficulty like in FE7? For those who don't know about i'm talking about, in FE7 (and 8 in some extent) the trones and gates have avoid and def bonuses nerfed and the effective damage reduced from 3x to 2x, etc.... I'm don't remember anything like that in the Awakening localization, so.......... What do you think?
  17. Using the Activity Log, I personally did a top 25: 1. Super Smash Bros. - 979:02 2. Mario Golf: World Tour - 656:14 3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 602:51 4. Pokémon X - 550:09 5. Fire Emblem: Awakening - 528:46 6. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - 458:40 7. Bravely Default - 341:18 8. Fantasy Life - 286:16 9. Mario Kart 7 - 279:07 10. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies - 249:47 11. Tales of the Abyss - 196:07 12. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - 152:21 13. Dillon's Rolling Western - 102:59 14. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 93:06 15. Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks! - 90:24 16. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 75:28 17. Inazuma Eleven GO: Light - 73:14 18. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - 67:53 19. Mario Party DS - 67:40 20. The World Ends With You - 49:54 21. Pullblox - 47:21 22. Donkey Kong Country Returns - 43:46 23. Pokémon Link: Battle! - 42:37 24. The Legend of Zelda (Virtual Console) - 38:31 25. Kirby: Triple Deluxe - 36:42 Omitted things like the friend list and internet browser because I wanted to include only games.
  18. As the title says, I want to know if the stat growths of Awakenings characters are somehow influenced by Asset/Flaw choice of the Avatar or if who they marry or not has something to do with it. Case in point: I am currently grinding everyone to max stats/halfway decent skill sets. My Avatar is a Grandmaster and has an asset in Skill and flaw in HP. I had Lissa and Vaike marry and, try as I might, Lissa never maxed out her Defence and Vaike never maxed out his resistance or magic, the latter of which isn't unusual, but the former kind of irked me, because in my female Avatar playthrough (+Spd/-Def, Swordmaster), Lissa married Libra and maxed out her defense no problem (in fact, after Luck and Magic, it was her FIRST maxed out stat. Both times, I grinded (ground?) her through all of her available classes once and had her end as War Cleric. Am I just terribly unlucky (as in, the RNG screwed me over with Lissa's Defence) or does one of those two things I mentioned earlier have something to do with it? Or could the Avatar's gender have something to do with it as well, because I had noticed that whenever I make a male Avatar, everyone, including said Avatar, who isn't a magic-based character, always has major troubles increasing Resistance by even a single point (Frederick, Stahl, Gregor, Vaike and even Lon'qu, who maxed Resistance without trouble in my female Avatar file), but whenever my Avatar is female, every character, aside from Vaike, Gaius and sometimes Gregor, maxes out in Resistance. Note that I always grinded (ground?) everyone through all of their available classes once. It always went like this: Base class to level 20 -> desired end class/promotion level 20 -> other first stage classes to level 20 -> every promotion to level 15 -> Bride/Dread Fighter to level 30 -> desired end class level 20. Thank you guys in advance and I apologize if this question is stupid, it's just something I had noticed. Note that this doesn't include children, although some of them are shaky in their Magic and Resistance growths sometimes, especially Gerome and Inigo.
  19. Hi guys! I was looking into the reclassing mechanic in Fates and noticed that your level doesn't reset this time around. How are supposed to grind skills then? Can someone give me an explanation, because that confuses me to no end. Also, is skill/stat inheritance still a thing with the children or do they function differently from Awakening?
  20. UPDATE: This will become a demo to Mechanics Emblem. Pretty much a 2 chapter hack to show off the flooding idea. Hi, MrNight here, long time search lurker, first time showcasing, releasing Rage Emblem beta to the community for feedback and beta testing. Going to give a rundown of what to expect, why I am doing this, and ultimately what I hope to achieve. Let's begin... Old crap Link and ScreenShots RageEmblem: Update: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3c8h0gv1z02fcln/RageEmblemv1.51.ups only prologue and the original chapter 1. That is it to preserve what the flood chapter originally was. As for Rage Emblem, will be changing it to Mechanics Emblem and all the chapters will be redone to flex my new hacking muscles. Do note chapter 2 will break after that. Let me know immediately if patch doesn't work here or by pm. Lunar gave me the 16 MB limit so I am a bit nervous. What would I like? Constructive criticism. Good or Bad with in depth explanation. I value absolute brutal honestly as long as it helps my hack to be just brutal on being good. Even If I shed man tears in darkness, I will use those said tears to make my creative furnace hotter to forge this hack to near perfection. The sooner I get this out in the open and played by the community, the faster I get feedback to make it better during its development instead of doing all this work and polish only to be told the gameplay sucks and is boring. (made that mistake once and was crushed). That being said I will not explain too much about it to prevent bias thinking so beta testers can tell me their experience as well as what they find. A bit about my hacking background So with all that said, I will discuss why I started making this. I came into fire emblem hacking due to seeing cool custom animations in 2012 and wanted to learn how to do them and I did just that. I googled like a madman and came upon blazer's tutorial package and worked from there. While working on animations I was looking for youtube videos of fire emblem to watch and inspire me while working in MS paint. That is when I came across ragefest because there was few fire emblem videos that was longer than 10 minutes and wow did that series blew my mind. It showed me the possibilities on what FE hacking can do instead of just reskins and class changing. Sadly, the more I watched, the more I realized it was really not for newbie's and tried to gain some skills before I tried to enter the contest. Later on I learned It was pretty much dead due to the "been there, done that" and the lack of interest which led me trying to make a submission for gaiden. This led me to make the horrible mistake of not finding dedicated FE experienced testers because the ones I asked to test were friends who did not want to admit to me they didn't really care about my fire emblem hack nor was that good at it. (they admitted they wasn't good after I sent it in) I took this as failure on my part and decided to really do some game design research while practicing key FE hacking concepts. The biggest thing I have learned is the mantra of "fail faster" hence is why I am throwing my hack to the FE community who is already interested in Fire Emblem and are more willing rip apart bad hacks so it can grow. I also found I am better at coming up with ideas and motivation if I designed chapters to be challenging to ragefest levels instead of basic fire emblem chapters that bore me to tears. I tried to do as much hacking on my own (the serenes search button has become my most valued friend) and to show the ideas I came up with to throw at the player to really make them think. (cathrine hard but chess style) So yeah, feel free to say what you want about the hack or pm to make it private. Good Luck and Thank You.
  21. Can anyone weigh in one what the Lunatic difficulty scaling is like? a) Increased numbers of enemies? b) Are the stat increases overkill or fair-ish? c) Are there a few really tougher-than-average enemies, or are all the enemies very tough? d) Forged weapons on enemies? e) What are enemy skills like? Are there any enemy-exclusive skills? f) Do we see a lot of 1-2 range weaponry [The enemy-only Throwing Swords and stuff I've seen listed on the serenes page for Fates?] g) Do map conditions change? Fog of War?
  22. So ... we have some interesting things on our hands. a) Debuffs from weapons, which apparently stack [i heard that Silver debuffs add up over consecutive battles.] b) An inability to double with most 1-2 range weaponry, the exceptions being Tomes. c) Nosferatu nerf [can't double]. d) Nohrian terrain, map layout and varied objectives. e) A lot of Player Phase oriented skills, like Prescient Victory or Belka's Ambush skill, or things like Flamboyant and Line of Death which make it inadvisable for units to take on tanking roles. There's an obvious shift in emphasis from Enemy-Phase action to Player Phase actions. The weapons have also gone some interesting shifts: Bows are part of the triangle, have some interesting slayer options and Prescient Victory is a solid skill, especially when you factor in that bows can double at range. Myrmidons and Archers are no longer straight-forward the weakest, high-movement classes are not by default the best because while they can get places faster they can do less when they get there and a shift to a predominantly not-Seize or Bosskill playstyle is upon us, if Nohr is any indication. Our previous understanding of how to play Fire Emblems is being rewritten. Going forward, what will be the best way to play the game at a brisk place? Reliable player-phase offense seems to be very valuable since our tanks won't also be our routers. What does everyone think?
  23. I'd like to know what sort of stat bonuses guard stance confers to lead units. Is it as extreme as FE13? If not, can it get as extreme as Awakening's pair up bonuses? I probably won't use them much if you get something like +5's to important stats along with a +1 mov or something, Awakening's Pair Up system always made me feel skeevy. [i found the game a lot more fun without using it.] Love the Attack Stance mechanics though. I'm probably looking to utilize a player-phase oriented strategy, so I really love the extra damage capabilities this unlocks.
  24. So I was wondering about something. In Awakening if a female character got taken down in a battle they usually retreated while most male characters with the exception of Chrom and Robin died. So with Fates is it the opposite this time around? Do the male characters retreat this time and the ladies buy the farm? Or is this case of Anyone Can Die?
  25. So Fire Emblem If is coming out. They've released all these trailers and leaked all this info, but my one question remains: Will the American version's gameplay be as good as the Japanese version's? I ponder this due to the fact that once the game comes out in 20 days (for Japan, at least) there will most likely be lots of spoilers on the internet. Everyone will post Let's Plays with translations (because some people who know English and Japanese have a Japanese 3ds), so in theory it will be hard to avoid those kinds of things. Now, given the fact I have no prior experience (Awakening is my only game, and I got it last year) on what happens when Fire Emblem games are released and you guys most likely do, how do you think the gameplay will turn out if there's already spoilers everywhere? In my opinion, it might be moderate, but let me know what you guys think.
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