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  1. Hi, guys. Sorry for two topics in one day, but I had to get this one off my chest, too. Recently, I decided to change things up a little and came up with some 'challenges' for Fire Emblem Awakening to keep playing the game interesting and fresh (kinda) and I decided to share them with you guys. Challenge 1: Story-characters only This is a challenge that involves using only major characters (those that get heavily featured in cutscenes and story segments and are 'crucial' to the plot) throughout the game. The usable characters for this challenge are: Chrom, Avatar, Lissa, Frederick, Lucina, Say'ri, Tiki, Flavia, Basilio (and maybe Gangrel, Walhart, Emmeryn, Yen'fay and Aversa) Difficulty: any Special conditions: only these characters are allowed to do battle at any given point in the game. Challenge 2: Chon'sin This is a challenge that involves using only classes that are styled after japanese soldiers and/or appear in Yen'fay's paralogue. Usable classes for this challenge are: Myrmidon Archer Thief Mercenary Bow Knight Swordmaster Assassin Trickster Hero Difficulty: any Special conditions: all characters that can be Swordmasters must be Swordmasters. Only Killing weapons can be used (once they are available) What do you think of them and do you have some suggestions as well? Let me know :D
  2. Okay, I Think They Should Return Two Things. First, Weight. Second, A Gordin Event Okay, To Explain The Second One, Gordin Is A Caracter In Shadow Dragon, he is an enemy, but you can recruit him, but when you do, really strong enemies come after you and you have to sacrifice a unit. EDIT: You can post your own things that should return, not just reply to mine
  3. So I was thinking with two visibly different factions (West and East), with what seems to be conflicting interests, and so far it seems neither is totally good or bad, what if this game will kind of follow what Radiant Dawn did in its campaign? Meaning that you play different sides/factions exploring their portion of the story? Of course I have no idea how this would work on a world map or anything. Thoughts?
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