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Found 2 results

  1. For those of you who know, I've moved this topic from Concepts to here as I figure I've made some progress...capitalize the word SOME. Anyway, for those who don't know, this is a game of mine and a few people, one of them named Sphinx called, Gate of Shadows. It was originally supposed to be a rom hack, but then SRPG Studio was officially released in english and we decided to move it on to here. Anyway, on tho the game. Backstory This game takes place in the 800s, following a thousand years after the kingdoms on the continent called Portas was established, when a hero named Griffith fights the increasing darkness that's surrounding him; all of which stemming from a dark mage extremely bent on using the Gate of Shadows. More than twenty years later, follow his son, Aurelio, fight for the freedom of Portas and his kingdom. Gameplay Now I'm sure you're all familiar with Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War; especially the part with Sigurd and Seliph. Well this game would function just like that; with two heroes in two generations. There are also a list of things included in this game such as: A return of the magic triangle Return of knives and a new weapon type called Cane Buffs and debuffs from Fire Emblem Heroes GBA-styled supports (not in yet) Returning base mechanic from FE9 and FE10 Wlv. from FE3 and FE1 make a return Progress Right now, there are only three chapters. I just wanted to release this as a short of demo, so people can get a feel of this game. I'll release the next part in the near future hopefully. I think that's everything: here's the download link. I hope you enjoy the game!: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cob4trohchd1m8f/Gate of Shadows.zip?dl=0 Screenshots
  2. Hi there! So a while back, I met some guys interested in making a hack. Together, we thought up the storyline, the characters, and most of the maps. While it's not done yet (meaning we don't at least have a patch ready), I would like to draw it to your attention. What is it about? Do you remember FE4 and how it was split up into two generations? Our hack is very similar to that. In the first generation, you follow Griffith, who has escaped his home country while it was being invaded, and his journey to try and challenge the Empire. In the second generation, you will follow Aurelio as he finishes what his father started and head off to challenge the Empire....too. Progress As far as I know, we are mostly done with the development. However, right now, I'm waiting for someone to install my Internet ;-;. Don't worry, as soon as I do have it, we'll begin giving you some updates and, probably soon, a patch. I'm hoping that we will have a public beta ready before the next FEE3. If you have any questions like the stories, gameplay, characters, etc., just post them here. Thank you for your time. Screenshots and download links
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