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Found 1 result

  1. FROM THE MAN-GOAT-SHEBEAST THAT BROUGHT US THE VAGINA ASS OF LUCIFER NIGGERBASTARD FROM THE GIFTED MINDS THAT WROUGHT THE BELOVED TWILIGHT SERIES FROM THE YOUNG CHINESE CHILDREN THAT MADE THAT ONE REALLY BAD HARRY POTTER FANFIC FROM THE SECRET THIRTEEN YEAR OLD THAT WROTE HURRAH POTTRAH COMES THE BIGGEST HIT BLOCKBUSTER BASH SLAM WHAMMO HOME RUN OF THE YEAR: ESME GETS WIFI (ALSO DOGE!!!!) so hey yeah come and watch me play a really silly game even though I should be studying! part 1 is right below you so get your boners and your nipples ready CAUSE THEY'RE GONNA GET HARD [spoiler=PART 1: Let's Log On To Tumfur!] yes it is you know how I like to spend sunny, warm days? I like to spend them browsing the internet let's do that let's get on grindr maybe that qt dobermann replied to my text!! on second thought, i should check my privilege first before anything I am a good doge my heart and my brain say no but my body says "do it motherfucker" after checking my privilege I like to look at my yaoi shoujo anime-style drawings bless his heart if only she knew how to draw a penis much skill picASSo uh oh I got a little too ahead of myself I'll try again later (◕‿◕)
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