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Found 19 results

  1. Recently, I have been replaying FE Echoes. It reminded me of how Alm doesn`t get his legendary weapon until near the end of the game. In contrast, Byleth gets the Sword of the Creator in Chapter 4. And then I was reminded of how Chrom has the Falchion from the Prolouge. Now of course, their weapons are much weaker than Alm`s, SotC only having seven might and Chrom`s Falchion having five. However, to compensate, they later evolve into stronger version, Chrom gets the Exalted Falchion and Byleth gets the Sublime Creator Sword. This brings me to my question, which do you fine folks prefer? Would you rather get the weapon early and have it be upgraded over time, or get the weapon in its complete form near the end of the journey? Personally, I prefer the later myself. Getting the weapons later in the game feels like a much more special occasion, like when Eliwood obtains Durandal or Seliph gets the Tyrfing. But that is just my opinion, feel free to share yours.
  2. I swore that I wouldn't do something like this; however there were some things that I felt like sharing as I kind of enjoyed doing them and thought that others might enjoy viewing them . I can do commissions; art trades are for friends and requests are sort of open because I am not super busy. This will be my art thread where I will share art and other work that I have done (and have fun seeing my practice pay off a bit more) I am currently not actually doing anything major so I figured I'd open such a thread to keep me doing art as well as for a bit of fun and maybe making some new friends in the process. I will be adding to this thread as I go so it is very much a work in progress! [spoiler=Commissions] If you would like a commisson the best place to request them is on deviantART. Here is a journal entry with my prices if anyone is interested: http://thesilentchloey.deviantart.com/journal/Another-Year-Passes-567390634 It is my most up to date version of commission prices notes are the best way on dA to request a commission, if of course you're on dA... [spoiler=Requests] I'm open to requests, as long as they are resonable and I have enough details to go on the same rules apply as what I'll do for commissions but I'll hash them out here so you don't have to spend hours looking for them (just kidding they're easily found, but it's nice to put them up anyway): ~No overly mature content please ~OCs are ok as long as I have enough details to go on ~I'll do my best to get things done in a timely mannor, it can and often does take 4 or so weeks for me to do any ark related stuff (properly depending on digital or traditional) if I take longer please don't be afraid that I'm leaving you hanging, I will make sure to keep you up to date if I am falling behind scheduel [spoiler=Art Trades] So long as the other half of the trade is done I am happy to do art trades, and with friends too [spoiler=Artwork Examples] Traditional Media drawing: Traditional Media painting: Traditional media pencils: Fire Emblem related work: Dark Mage Lucina digital media (yeah I couldn't think of a better title for it so I went with this): The cover for my Fan-fiction series Invisible Ties based on my playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening (mark of Grima was found online and modified for the cover) done in digital media: So this is what I have so far. I will be adding to it as often as I can depending on how well I go. I hope you all enjoy ~TSC
  3. Yeah, first of all, I probably messed up again with the forum I'm posting this, sorry. I'm just a little curious right now, what do you think of Armors/Knights/Generals/Marshalls in general? And what do you think about the FE10 Knight/General/Marshall? (FE10 had, IMO, the strongest ones. I mean, THEY HAD SPEED!)
  4. Looks like King Chagall somehow got saved twice.
  5. This is basically a page where you can share the weirdest things you've run into in video games, be they bugs, glitches or programming errors in the games code that you find interesting and want to share with others. Not really any rules or regulations sooo, yeah have at it. I personally ran across this gem a while back when I was desperately searching the web for a way to save a certain lower girl form meeting the end of a certain white haired mamas boy's sword. It actually one of the most mind boggling things I've found on the internet and somehow actually works too! I have personally tested and used this "glitch" (I'm not sure what to call it honestly) and I still have zero idea why this works in the first place. If I had to guess, I would say that there was some sort of overlay in the map data of Saga Frontier and FF VII since they were developed by the same company at roughly the same time and there may have been some sort of budget constraint. Nevertheless it still boggles my mind how this thing works and has basically zero negative side effects. feel free to share your experiences with any fun glitches/bugs you've seen below!
  6. I recently received the thumbs up to start collecting data for my dissertation and was wondering if anyone here is from the UK and would be up for filling in my survey? Should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Here it is: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DCHYQ67 Ladies especially, don't be shy to fill this in so as to ensure fair distribution amongst the sexes! Any questions, let me know. Happy gaming and a good day/week to all!
  7. So we all know Barons are bad and are nothing but a hinderance, even more in the remake, I was wondering what fans would do to make the class worth it in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia?
  8. My favorite class is the Mage class line, or to be more specific, the GBA mage class line. I just simply find the animations of the Mages and Sages attacking and evading to be exciting to watch, and are my personal favorite. My least favorite class line is the Cavailar class line. I just find them boring. One of the reasons why I like the Fire Emblem is the battles that take place, as units get spectacular attacks. The Cavaliar class line gets a horse they ride and it neighs and jumps when crits. I simply don't find that very exciting. It also does not help that I find a lot of characters that are Cavaliars to be very samey, with the character trait of "Very serious and patriotic that thinks their country and their king/queen is the bee's kness".
  9. Felt a little bored, and I thought a non-FE variant would be nice, so... The rules are the same as in the FE one: I'll start with a riddle. If you guess the character, you come up with a riddle for a different character. If you can't come up with one, pass your turn to another user. You can use any character, enemy or playable, as long as they have a name, face, and aren't a generic unit. This unit can be from any game. If it is your turn, you can give 1 hint per attempt if other people are having difficulty guessing. If you are doing the guessing, you are not allowed to edit your answer, and you have to wait for confirmation from the riddle maker to see if it's the right one before you start posting answers again. If a riddle has been solved, the person who guessed correctly has one week to post their own riddle up. If not, then he or she will automatically relinquish his or her turn to the next person who does come up with a riddle if he or she can't make up one at all. And again, seeing as I'm the OP, again... There are many legends about me Yet few bear my name They tell about the warrior I'm destined to be And the safety of my land and loved ones is what I seek to claim They also tell of a young maiden. My goal is what she helps me achieve And of an evil king. Who seeks to rule the land of my birth I am tested with each arrival of Cataclysm's Eve And for the means to defeat the would-be tyrant, I test my worth
  10. As the topic above says. What are your opinions that (you think) are in the minority of the FE fandom? As for me: I am quite happy to play a remake of Binding Blade. Looking back, I don't really care too much about Roy not having his promotion until Chapter 21. I just assumed that that was just part of the difficulty expected for an average Fire Emblem game. Being a first-timer in the series at that time, the late promotion actually felt rewarding for me. I'm actually turned off from trying Fire Emblem 7. It's seems to be just a bunch of small-party adventuring episodes, without that epic war feel that almost all of the other games have. (It's the only game in the entire series that I don't want to play.) Level grinding is entirely fair game; I feel that not using that when you're given the opportunity is like not bringing in a cheat sheet for a maths test when the teacher allows you to.(*) Arena abuse is also fine, because that is simply using the otherwise scarce opportunity to level up. Of course, it would be a different story if you happened to be overlevelled or playing with specific restrictions. For a possible future title, I'd like to see an Industrial Revoultion setting. Whether this entails a crossover with Advance Wars, I don't know. So what is yours? (*) When I took my Australian Year 12 maths test, we were allowed to take in two A4-sized cheat sheets.
  11. In your opinion, which Hard Mode was the biggest kick in the balls? The thing about FE is that everyone has a different experience playing it, so by all means, there has to be some level of excessive bullcrap any game in the series gave you. Right now, I'm playing FE6 HM. Crying tears of anguish so far.
  12. So, I'm a decent chunk of my way through writing my first novel, and I often find myself in some spots where I'm like "that's a really good line" or "that was some witty dialogue" but too often I get the feeling of "am I writing complete crap?" I often get into situations where I'm unsure whether the audience knows what's happening in the scene, or whether the setting is described well enough, or if I'm going into too much detail and it's getting boring. So I'm wondering if there are any other writers, authors or critics who have any good tips to share, and hopefully those tips will help not just me, but for all aspiring writers on the forum. Anything that will help me out of the trudge of writer's block, expand my wit and ready my typing fingers would be much appreciated please. If it helps, my story is historical fantasy adventure.
  13. So, I want to have the FE8 General class use every strength-based weapon (swd, axe, lnc, and bow). But the custom battle animation editor in Nightmare 2 only lets you have 4 weapon animations. Is there a workaround for this?
  14. I didn't see one for just Pokemon in general, so...I figured, why not? Been playing Alpha Sapphire lately in an attempt to beat it, in which I finally got my team together. It's nice, although I'm thinking of getting into competitive battling. I also just caught a five perfect IV Rayquaza, which I am very pleased with. Unfortunately, Special Attack is one of those...with Defense being at 8. Guess I'm gonna put some EVs into that one.
  15. Sort of self explanatory. What songs do you like most, out of each type? I'll give my opinion and a template. [spoiler=mine] Recruitment Theme: FE8's "Comrades". Map Theme: From FE10's "Dark Traveler" to FE8's "Companions", "Precious Things", and "Inescapable Fate" to FE9's " Change of Scenery" and "Greil Mercenaries" to FE13's "Conquest". I like 'em all. Preparations Theme: FE8's "Preparing to Advance" Battle Theme: FE9's "Decisive Attack". I also like FE8's "Attack". Arena Theme: FE8's "In the Colosseum" Final Map Theme: FE13's "ID Purpose" Enemy Phase: FE8's "Defense" and FE13's "Annihilation" are both good. Event Music: Not sure. Recruitment Theme: Map Theme: Preparations Theme: Battle Theme: Arena Theme: Final Map Theme: Enemy Phase: Event Music: Boss Theme: (If you want.)
  16. Is there anyone out there who enjoys using Kellam as a main unit in their army? Every time I've played the game, his character and his "no one sees me" gimmick irritated me to the point that I never even used him in any battles other than as a Pair Up with my Avatar or another character who could use the defense boost. He's just such a boring character as far as I'm concerned, but I'm genuinely curious if anyone else likes him as a character and/or likes using him! =)
  17. Because they seem like a crappy child of general and paladin.
  18. My main character is a General, and has been for a while. I have always loved the tank builds/classes in RPGs, and so when I got tired of being a Great Knight, I decided to become a General. Almost everywhere I read, I see people griping about their movement and their weakness to magic, and I am here to clear some of this up. I am a level 20 General with all of my stats maxed-out. I started out with +DEF and -Luck. My equipped skills are: Sol (Never needed) Luna Locktouch Movement +1 Ignis Any enemy I run into almost always has a 0% chance of hitting me, and if they do hit me, I always take 0 damage. My move as a general is 8, which is equal to a Great Knight, all it took was the skill "Movement +1" and 1 "Boots" item. My max Resist is 37, I have never met a mage capable of inflicting any damage to me, at all. Their damage against me in a fight is always 0, with normally a 0-25% to hit. The only time I have taken damage as a General was against a Warrior Ruffian that was wielding a Hammer, and he hit me for 1 damage. So, to anyone who says Generals suck, please stop. Gernerals can be amazing, I am one. Stats: HP 80 Str 49 Mag 29 Skill 41 Spd 35 lck 44 Def 54 Res 37 Mov 8
  19. First Crossbows for snipers as they worked well. Good Resistance and a full weapon triangle would do wonders for Generals in Awakening. Finally both could use good skills. Great Knights and Assassins shouldn't all the good stuff.
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