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Found 8 results

  1. I don't know about that. Why I posting this thread?, or I'm going to be in trouble. I don't wanted posting this, but, since, is the last straw....... Why Edelgard is the most hated Fire Emblem girl. Female Byleth is much loved than Edelgard. What's wrong with this young woman. I don't want to feeling so sad.
  2. Hello again, Tonight I want to highlight a really annoying part of my gaming and especially Fire Emblem experience: gender deifferences in gameplay. 1) Constitution: this can't be remedied, only males with negative modifiers are gonna have female level constitution, that's totally realistic. 2) Rescue/Aid: this is the most stupid thing where gender differences are completely unrealistic: I don't see how the same horse that carries a 12 con Kyle and has room for 13 more con couldn't carry the 9 con Amelia and 16 con Garcia/Gilliam, it's exactly the same total weight and the horse shows no difference in the animation sprite. That's why the only females who can rescue a 16 con unit are like FE6 first pegasus with garbage offence due to having this trash con, meaning she looses mountains of speed by equipping anything other than a thin lance. Female rescue is complete game design atrocity in my book. Meanwhile any normal weight cavalier can rescue these generals and heavy axers. 3) Str/def/spd: I agree that most women have lower caps in real life to their possible physical performance: less muscle means less raw strength, less heart power to inject oxygene in their limbs, meanwhile bigger bones and harder muscles mean men have more tolerance to physical hits. Then why are female units generally faster than male units? Either you say screw it it's a video game, reality doesn't matter (in this case every point in my post is invalidated and I can delete it, but then make every female and have male have the same base caps in every game), or you go all the way into realistic gameplay, meaning you take 10% away from EVERY PHYSICAL STAT from male units to make your base for female units. At this point, you might as well make female only games since it's the same as the Olympics, girls are disadvantaged in any power/speed/punching ball performance contest against men. But FE has like 90% of the generic units that are male, which means you throw your weak ass female units into the roller coaster of very high damage ennemies with higher def than what these female units' strength/def/hp can chew. All this while being hindered more often by the stronger weapons they NEED to use just to make up for the difference in base strength and growth with male units, thus having less speed from higher base than these males with more strength, which only means that females of the same gender-free classes get completely benched in terms of usability comapred with men since men have more +1/+3/+4 in con than females even when they already have a +2 base compared with females, allowing some males to take 0 penalty from a weapon that would give -3 to the generic units of the same class/gender (typically Hero Gerik with tomahawk/steel axe compared with the 11 con generic heroes who take -4 speed) and -5 to the females (not even talking of armored females with straight -3 base con compared with male armors, 10 vs 13, 12 vs 15, Amelia's neutral con vs Gilliam's +1 meaning Gilliam can wield weapons with 16 weight without loosing speed, while Amelia who shouldn't even be able to become a knight with a 20+ kg armor with a pre-teen girl body would loose 4 speed by doing so, might as well use FE4's weapon rank locks at this point, since females should be strictly unable to wield steel lances of 5-7 real life kg seeing the difference of 70-80% weight with the normal iron lance of 8 that would weigh around 3-4 kg with a high weight pike at its end) What do you think of this? What is justified, to what extent and is there a point in using females when they're hindered by every weapon closing the gap between them and equivalent male units (not even talking of the fact that most females already have -4 str/def between class and personal bases/growths compared with males)? Did Awakening and Fates solve this problem?
  3. Hi, I think it would be interesting to tier female units in Conquest for a females only run. The rules are the same as usual (not based on LTC, more on efficiency, the role they play, are they needed, strongly recommended, how they contribute to make the game easier), except here it's a little special: no servant (no Felicia abuse) and no Corrin (Corrin will be male and only be pair up bot in defensive pair up as soon as posible, when Effie arrives for example). Pair up should be reduced to the minimum (outside Corrin who has to hide on someone's back, the rest should be used as independent units most of the time. Attack stance is allowed since ennemies already abuse it to the point where it's purely disgusting with their seal def/steel shuriken attack stance shenanigans. Kana is the only allowed child and will be discussed as well in this list. Let's put 3 lists: 1 with reclassing/DLC classes authorized and the other where only the main class tree is allowed. MU can reclass freely since his usefulness entirely depends on the stats he gives to his partner. Kana will be the only one to be discussed in the 3rd list, and won't be tiered with other females since she depends on her mother and inheritance to be anything (though you must also specify if you reclass her or let her in her original class). Don't forget to specify Kana's recruitment time (since she will be different if you get her at a time you can kid seal her or during the beginning chapters). This would help players who go for such challenge to immediately identify good units, units they should train until a certain point before ditching them and units who they should avoid. Units who will be tiered: Camilla, Effie, Elise, Peri, Selena, Beruka, Nyx, Charlotte, Flora (Kana in the exclusive Kana tier list as stated above). Mozu is excluded since she appears in every route like the servants, Silas and Kaze and has been discussed thousands times already. Many units will be tiered very differently between reclass allowed tier list and no reclass I suppose. How I guess the tiers will look like: S- Necessary A- Very helpful B- Can be used since you've got room anyway C- Use it if you really want to, but it's like shooting yourself in the foot Let's go!
  4. Since I will have my fifth year of membership in this forum on 19/03/01, I came up with the idea to do a little special by letting you vote a LP of a game / mode I have not done before. However since I am unable to do videos with my tablet I must take Screenshots with my phone. Hopefully it will work out. The voting will last till 28th February, so I can start on 1st March.
  5. I have a new female coworker who keeps telling me that "almost all girls" think that Johnny Depp is "beautiful". Is this the case, ladies?
  6. Since there's a guy's topic, there should be one for girls For me: Micaiah Lilina Sophia Shanna Rebecca Laura Sanaki Nowi Cath Celica
  7. After spending a while here lurking LPs, playing FE when I have time, and occasionally coming out of the woodwork to post here and there, I decided that, since I'm playing all this FE, I may as well share it (and revisit my favorite FE game/mode), but with a bit (lot) of an added challenge (heavily limiting my pool of available characters and forcing myself to use the 2 worst characters in the game). Rules: 1. Only Roy + Female Characters allowed to do combat/heal. Male characters can meatshield early on (I'm not sure it's possible to beat the first few chapters without anyone else at least getting attacked from time to time) and visit villages/recruit/etc. 2. Thieves (Chad/Asthor) allowed, but only to steal/open things (no combat). I must recruit Cath as soon as possible, and once I have her, no more Chad/Asthor 3. Wendy, Sophia and Lilina will be used. Heavily. Wendy's getting the boots. Yup. 4. After I get the preparations menu, Male characters will only be allowed to be deployed for Thief utility or recruitment purposes (and Marcus being deployed as a meatshield on chapter 7 because I don't think it's at all possible otherwise...) 5. Savestates will be used but not abused (no level up rigging, no crit/hit rigging except for with Wendy and Sophia, since I feel like levelling them will be absurdly difficult otherwise, pretty much only used to rescue units from death). 6. All characters will be recruited, all characters will be kept alive (sans Merlinus. He'll die for the cause from time to time). I will, as much as possible, try to get every village/chest/etc. 7. I'm not buying stat boosters at the Chapter 21 secret shop. Everyone maxed out on boots/energy rings/speedwings sort of defies the point of a challenge run I honestly wasn't sure the early-game would be at all possible (especially chapters 4, 5 and 7) with the limited early units, but I played up to and beat 7 (and figured that it's possible enough that I won't end up abandoning this), so here we go! Other chapters I'm worried about are 8x and 11L, but hopefully someone on my team can kill Henning, and my characters aren't total garbage by 11L. After 13, I'm not too scared because I'll have Milady, but my frontlines remain pretty painfully thin...I think Milady, Echidna and Wendy are my only real frontline characters, and that's terrifying... [spoiler=Chapter 1: The Pain Starts Here, aka Roy Solo] Scouring. Heroes kill dragons. Backstory. Zephiel, why do you do this? I always get screwed by RNG in Battle Before Dawn in HHM, and THIS is how you repay me? I should never have saved you :( Marcus > Eliwood. Also, did Harken, Sain and Kent all mysteriously die? Lilina please save me. I need combat units and I need them now. The face of our hero/carry/God Looting inventories for Sword/vulneraries. All non-Roy units can go cower in a corner for all I care. Not shown here, but Roy moves far right to show off his manliness for Lilina. This might be my favorite Roy pose. Now, if only he would dodge 40% Axe hits (Rapier is equipped for the chance of critting back.) Starting off, I'm clearly terrible at taking screenshots. Roy crit here after dodging an axe-hit. So bad at taking screenshots ;_;. Roy uses a vulnerary and taunts all the enemies into attacking him (no other unit will enter battle this chapter!) Stab on EP after dodging things. I suck at taking screenshots, but Roy dodged both axe-hits. He's currently on 17/18 HP (THIS IS IMPORTANT) A very nice defensive level from counterkilling that fighter (and he needs the speed badly).. And then he gets hit by the other fighter (29%) and the archer for 17 damage. REWIND. Vulnerary for 1hp to survive EP. (Also, I'm burning those Rapier charges disturbingly fast...) Re-get level, same EP happens, but that 1HP vulnerary saves Roy. Next 2 turns are just countering and healing. More speed/avoid is always nice? Need some strength soon, though, or the boss-kill will be impossible. Finishes the archer. Aggressive enemies dead, I can breath a sigh of relief! Baiting the fighter and stabbing/dodging. I really can't complain at all about more speed (and 5 stats), but I'm going to be really sad if I have to reset because NO STRENGTH. I remember there's a village, Old Man Marcus is on the case. Redundant Criticals! Sort-of-but-not-completely-redundant critical! Roy moves up. The end is in sight! $$$$$$$$$$$$ (Iron Sword fund) On one hand, he's gotten speed and Luck on every level-up and he's amazing. On the other hand, STRENGTH PLZ I decide to get ALance C because I can. This proves to be a great decision Lagging and learning on the bench confirmed. ROY'S OUR BOY. Let's finish the last scrubs on the map! Wolt and Bors make themselves useful as couriers. This might be the first time they've ever been useful to anybody in FE6 HM. AND THEN THIS HAPPENS. WHY ARE YOU EVEN GETTING SPD/LUK IF YOU CAN'T DODGE THINGS, ROY? (I might have gotten a little overly aggressive. Rewind!) Re-do. Roy still sucks at dodging things, but at least he's alive! I forgive you for all your sins, Roy <3 The Bench Mob chilling. This might take a while (I'm not healing. Would need 2 vulneraries to get out of OHKO range and I just wasn't bothered) Bors delivers some much-needed supplies... ...since Roy somehow managed to break an Iron sword in the first chapter. No save scumming necessary, he just dodged everything (this is a mostly recurring theme). 6 levels, +6 speed. I think I'm in love (but strength pleaseee) So strong with that 6-strength at level 7. S..so fast... though Eliwood, always benched YES PLEASE. I NEED MORE COMBAT UNITS! NO! LOL
  8. Here's my custom sprites. I need your help , make your custom female mugs then post it here . ^-^ Thanks.
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