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Found 1 result

  1. I'm going to do a FE10 playthrough with the ten worst characters of this tierlist. A few characters are still missing, but since Meg and Fiona won't be pushed out anymore, I can start it already. This run will be played on normal mode. No, I'm not masochistic enough to do it on hard mode. Anyways the rules: Everyone who's forced for the endgame is free to use: Micaiah, Sothe, Ike, Sanaki, Kurth, Ena Leanne for being the worst rated heron will be brought to the endgame Healing and using herons are allowed. As for the DB chapters: Everyone may be used till 1-3, the chapter before Meg joins. After that only Micaiah, Sothe, Meg, and later Fiona may be used. Laura may be used for healing the entire time, but not in combat. As for part 2: Everyone is free to use till 2-2. As for 2-3... hmm... I guess it's a fair deal if I only let the NPCs and Astrid act. As for 2-E everyone is free to use till the CK's join. However it won't matter since I'll beat this chapter before turn 8 anyways. As for the GM chapters: Everyone is free to use till 3-3. After that it'll be more or less a trio of Ike, Kyze and Lyre. Rhys and Mist only may heal. As for part 4: I have no idea yet... Haven't made any thoughts about the teams yet. I only know for sure to send Lyre and Kyze to the Silver Army because of the desert chapter. Fiona will go to Ike's party. Want to establish a Ike x Fiona support to get sexy evasion. Everyone who doesn't belong to the worst characters may die. (of course I try to prevent it at any cost) I'll represent the level ups in Excel and post the link since it's way too effortful and timeconsuming to take a photo of each level up with the mobile phone, and to upload it on the laptop. I also will give a very short report of each completed chapter and mention the turncount. Non-forced top ten worst characters who must be used till the end: Tormod Pelleas Bastian Kyze Vika Astrid Oliver Meg Fiona Lyre Holy weapons: Urvan: Ike Vague Katti / Alondite: Meg Wishblade: Fiona Double Bow: Astrid Rexaura: Micaiah / Oliver Rexfire: Tormod Cymbeline: Sanaki Rexcalibur: Bastian Belberith: Pelleas That's it for now! If someone has something on their mind, then shoot!
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