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Found 6 results

  1. Is it worth sinking a lot of money into leveling up each region? I feel like I might've messed up by doing this (leveled them all up to 3), since I'm starting to question if that money was better spent on buying more weapons/items and forging stuff.
  2. I just started playing FE7 and I'm nearing the end of Normal Lyn Mode. I'm wondering if the assets are determined by the items of full price, or if they are halved by this sale equation for shops? What about prices that have decimals in the calculations, are they rounded up or down? I'm wondering because I'm trying to save up for Lyn's White/Blue/Red Gem that she gets when she's recruited in Chapter 15, and if I've already dropped below the wealth threshold, if I did, I might as well use the knight crest & energy ring to my liking. From what I've found what gem you get is determined this way: For reference, I've used the glitch to take Wallace's Knight Crest, and I used the Angelic Robe on Florina since I intend on using her as much as possible. Would using the Knight Crest on my preferred unit (Kent) & using the Energy Ring on who ever needs it be more beneficial or would trying to save up for the gems be more beneficial?
  3. No one posted this here yet, so I'm gonna do this. Some of you may have already heard about this one. In 1997, during a Japanese event (Spaceworld), some lucky players were able to play a first version of Gold and Silver. You probably heard about the two other starters Honoguma and Kurusu. Well, earlier today, someone lealed the whole beta, and hackers are working hard to data mien the game. You can find all the information here And here is a colorized version of all the new Pokémon present in this demo (all 100 of them). And I'll also link you to the Johto Map which was radically different This is pretty big. You can see that there weresupposed to be far more baby Pokémon and evolutions than we had known. Some made their way into gen 4 (notably Leafeon, the last Pokémon in this image. It evolved with a Leaf Stone) Pancham isn't the first Panda Pokémon, and Slowpoke's shell (referred as Shelder in the Pokédex) was a real Pokémon. Togepi and Ho-oh also existed on their final form already. Some Pokémon had radically different design (Politoed and the legendary beats come to mind. Beta Suicune may remind you of something else ("Ed.. ward") ) Honestly, to me this is a far bigger new than Pokémon Let's Go announcement.
  4. I really enjoy collecting skills, and when I was playing Conquest I would leisurely take my time in between chapters by 1. playing Ghostly Gold, 2. making lots of cash, and 3. collecting a ton of skills. Not even to use them, just for fun.However, in Birthright, I’ve realized that Ghostly Gold gives you EXP, which is an issue because I don’t want to be super over-leveled for the actual story - I just want the cash :( For me, collecting skills & playing the DLC was a nice / slightly mindless way to pass the time, and I’m really missing that now.Is there any way I can get gold in Birthright without EXP? The best I can think of is Lilith, or waiting till I get all my characters to level 20 and then playing Ghostly Gold a million times before master sealing them. It’s just kind of lame because I actually have less cash than in Conquest :/Any simple solutions that I’m just not thinking of? Would be very appreciated!!!
  5. Hey all, Just thought I'd share this with you since gold seems to be pretty scarce in Fates. This obviously works best in Birthright where you can do Challenge battles, but it's perfectly viable in Conquest as well if you're willing to sacrifice a slot or two in battles here and there. To farm easy gold, all you have to do is take in as many characters with Profiteer skill and high luck levels. This may seem obvious, but by recruiting various Corrins/Midoris from other players in Castle battles, you can pick up 5 or so characters with it in a single sitting since Profiteer is a fairly common skill to see popping up. Then take a character with Rally luck and park them in a corner of the map. Keep having each player use the "Wait" command each turn following a rally luck. Repeat for all 7 initial turns, then clear the map. Edit: Midori is ideally the best possible character for this, as she has access to Luck+4 and Lucky Charm, which increases the trigger rate of her luck-based skills by 20%. I only started collecting Profiteer people yesterday when I had this idea, and I'm already generating roughly 20 gold bars per battle, which ends up yielding around 8k gold per challenge once you add in the 2k from enemy drops. If you want to share your own or other people's Castle Codes that have good candidates to recruit for profiteer and are easy to seize, feel free to share them here in the comments! Hope that helps! Happy hunting. Edit: Here are the most useful castle codes I've found thus far. My own: 09343-05913-47899-23746 (I have several units that you can recruit with profiteer) Senah: 16356-36359-36400-78610 Hilda: 07467-49523-42179-31153 Amaranth: 06505-44628-75865-51526 Corrin: 06510-44516-86659-54393 Sariya: 09811-12883-80662-36129
  6. So the Ghostly Gold and Museum Melee DLC releases tomorrow. What do you all plan on doing with your virtual moneybags? For me its gonna be a whole lot of forging and skill hunting. Daddy's gonna get paid!
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