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  1. Hello guys, I just made a new account to ask this but may I know if there are any budget decklists for a Risen deck? I'm planning to use F!Grima as my MC and it would help out a lot to have a decklist I can use as reference when building my deck. I don't really need meta decks or anything, I'm just playing casually with a group of friends. Thanks.
  2. Welcome to Shadow Tactician: To Create Fate. The Feedback thread is here if you would like to leave feedback. Thank you for reading. Recap... Exalt Lucina traveled back in time to stop the Fell Dragon Grima from destroying the world. Her mission was to save both her father and the Shepherds, a mission that she wasn't alone in. Travelling with her was her ever loyal tactician, Caleb. Caleb was of course determined to succeed in the mission, fully aware of the risks that they would have to go through to achieve their goal. Of course Caleb wasn't the only one to accompany Lucina. Her younger brother Brady, her cousin Owain, the young duchess of Rosanne Severa, the young Pegasus Knight Cynthia, the shy Noire, the flirtatious Inigo, the level headed Laurent, the ever responsible Nah, the strong willed Kjelle, the moody and mysterious Gerome and the last Taguel Yarne also followed her. This brave group were all that was left of the Shepherds. Though unbeknownst to them, they were followed by Grima and his Lucina to ensure that the Fell Dragon survived. Grima instead of using the Grimleal's Awakening ritual used a more powerful spell that bound him to his soul fragment, none other than Caleb himself. In the process Grima also managed to merge both his Lucina and Caleb's. The resulting chaos caused by the merge forced Caleb to flee as he sort out the last remaining fragment with the help of his wife, Lucina and their daughter Alana. As they fled the Shepherds became divided as Robin, Caleb's mother was taken over by a parasite hell bent on destroying Caleb. Caleb meanwhile was soon joined by others, first Aversa who was bound by blood oath to assist Caleb, then Cynthia and Noire joined Caleb as they both still believed in him. Caleb eventually met with Arilon, who had given Caleb Mjölnir during the war in Valm. Arilon agreed to help the young Fell Dragon to find a safe place as Caleb discovered his wife was expecting a child. After some deliberation, Caleb decided to join the Wanderers as they traveled back to their Ylisse to bury a comrade whom they had lost. It was agreed that they would accompany and guide Caleb to their version of Plegia, as it was a safe place to have a young and seemingly destructive Fell Dragon to stay. However in order to do that, they needed both the King of Plegia and Exalt of Ylisse's Seals to take the young Fell Dragon and his family into Plegia, and so they traveled to Ylisstol to discuss the situation with both men...
  3. Hello and welcome to a part fanfiction, part headcanon for FEH. The following Supports are of course completely fictional and nonsensical to a fault because these supports will never happen in game and only make some sense as they are based on The Crazy Summoner on A03, so feel free to follow it up in the link in my signature, which will lead to all of my Fanfic stuff. Feedback will be linked in the spoiler below: The supports will follow the following Format: C Support B Support A Support (And for pairings only) S Support The Supports are naturally going to follow the heroes I have summoned, so spoilers for The Crazy Summoner if you haven't already read it yet. Without futher ado here's the first support: Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support C Morgan: Hya! Ha! Tsa! Phew, that's enough for now, I gotta keep up with Mum and Dad, and that means training and studying. Grima: ... Morgan: I have get better! Grima: ... Morgan: Ah damn it! Every time! How did Mum get through this! Grima: Though the same process of trail and error the same way anyone learns. Morgan: Dad! Herm...I need to work on my obser- Grima (rolls eyes): You work on enough. Your Mother bids you to join us for the midday meal, insisted actually. Morgan (eyes widen): What?! Midday already! But I only just got started my studies! Grima: Humph. You need awareness of time. Morgan (sighs): I guess I do...still I... ~*~ Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support B Morgan: I don't get it. I mean I remember some things about Mum but not Dad...I wonder why? I know we were all happy, Mum used to smile so much. She still does, even more than I remember. So how could I have forgot Dad? Grima (watches Morgan): ... Morgan: Herm. I can't figure it out. Maybe if I studied more I might figure it out. But... Grima: Perhaps it would be wisest to focus on the here and now and not the past. Morgan: Dad! I guess that means I can get started on the get memories of Dad back! Grima: Did you not hear a word I just said? Morgan: I did but this is important to me. I don't like having lost- Grima (rolls eyes): We all lose something as we travel though life and other worlds. But we also gain new things in their place. If we dwell on the past we lose sight of what is before us. Morgan: I never thought of it that way... Grima: With time you will learn. Now, your mother has called for the midday meal and wants us all there. Morgan : Really? I guess she loves having us all together as a family huh? Grima (mutters): Of course she does. It's a thing of hers she won't budge on. Still...I suppose it is...nice to have time spent with our offspring... ~*~ Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support A Morgan (looks at the stars in the sky): It sure is nice tonight. I wonder if Mum ever looked at the stars...heh, maybe that's how she came up with some great strategies- Grima: No. She does like the stars I must admit, but not as a time to think up strategies. She does more than that. Morgan: Dad?! Grima: She often times said that the stars give her peace, that they are what connect her to her world, if nothing else. Morgan: ... Grima: It's true she loves her family dearly, and she would hate for you to think otherwise. Sometimes even the wisest thing is to learn to let go of the past. Only then can you look to the future with new eyes. Heh, your mother is a wise woman. But she did not be that way on speculation alone. She observed the world around her and drew her own conclusions, even if they were wrong. Morgan: Is that really how Mum works? Grima (sighs): Somehow. Even I find it difficult to keep up with her. She works on as much gut instinct as she does careful thought, a dangerous combination if you ask me. But a combination that...is far more powerful than even Chrom could ever hope to be. Your mother helps people to see the good within themselves and make the choices they choose as themself. Food for thought I suppose. Morgan (looks surprised): Did Mum really? Grima (softly): She did for me. And perhaps proved Zephiel wrong about humanity as a whole... Morgan: Did you say something Dad? Grima: No, now come, it's late and you should be in bed. Morgan (tries to plead): Aww five more minutes? Grima (sternly): No. Morgan (tries to look extra cute): Please Dad... Grima (growls): No. Your sister tired that trick yesterday, it is already late. Bed Morgan. Morgan (deflates and sighs): Yes Dad. Grima (watches as Morgan leaves to go to bed, then quietly): I wonder if he's actually going to bed this time... ~*~
  4. Do you think it should be a remake or a brand new game and why? I want to find out who the First Exalt is, what happened to the Valentian Falchion, and what happened to Grima during and details about the Schism, so I say a game on that next, or an Elibe saga remake.
  5. So I've been playing through awakening again and I've been really digging into it's plot this time around and overall it's pretty good. I feel awakening's story is better than what people give it credit for. Awakening is a story about failure and working to overcome it. It's a story about being pushed past the point of despair that follows a trail of failure and being able to pick yourself back up and move forward. A simplistic theme but I feel it executes on it well and no where is that more prominent than in it's main antagonist Grima. Grima is a force of nature villain. He is a physical manifestation of failure and the despair that results from it. When you fall, when you stumble, when you fail, you always tell yourself "one more time" "I'll get it this time" in order to stay positive and try again. However for every time you decide to roll there's always this lingering voice in the back of your head telling you to just give up. It asks "what's the point?" or "If the end result is just gonna be the same, then why try at all?". Grima is a manifestation of that voice. Grima is what happens when you take those feelings of despair and give it physical form. He's arrogant and powerful. He's constantly saying stuff like "you can't save your future" or "you can't defy fate" why? because you've failed to do it before so what makes this time any different. Robin failed to make any meaningful connections which lead to him being unable to defy his fate. The consequences of which created Lucina's future which she to failed to save. It's these failures that fuel Grima. It gives him something to exploit. He has succeeded before so he's going to succeed again. Failure should be a teacher. Failure can be a good thing so long as you learn from it. What makes Grima so arrogant is that he believes humans can't learn from their mistakes. Time and time again have humans fought pointless self-destructive wars that do nothing but halt progression. They learn nothing from these wars as the new conflicts that arise show. So if humans can't learn from their mistakes and grow then why not destroy it? If you can't seem to succeed no matter how hard you try, why not just end it all? Again that is what Grima represents. He is a physical and constant reminder of all the failures you've had up till this point. He is that voice telling you "you can't do this". It's easy to give up and just end it all. It's easy to succumb to those self-destructive thoughts but you don't. You face those feelings head on and push forward and that is how you conquer those feelings. Grima's representation of failure can also be seen in the idea that he can never be truly killed unless by his own hand. You can always try and conquer this voice and those feelings with the help of others but they're always going to come back because whether you like it or not those feelings are a part of you so the only way to truly get rid of them is to accept and face them outright. accept that they are a part of you and face them alone.
  6. Okay, not sure where to put this but the link below is to my FEH 10+ List/ Units I'm investing in. The List Of course I have left it open to suggestions on builds etc of various characters I'm planing to fully build up as well as the builds I am currently using plus small snippets of hopefully humour added in (Aka the M!Grima section of said list/M!Morgan section). I've put this here since I'm not sure if it should be in the heroes main forum or here, so my apologies in advance.
  7. A little while back, I decided that I wanted to make a little cheese wax sculpture of Grima. Most of the wax I used came from different cheeses that had wax encasing them. I added some small details by using a pencil for creating the details on Grima's face. For the horns and teeth, I made small holes using the same pencil and added in the teeth and horns. I hope you all enjoy my little wax Grima!
  8. These are notes I have made that might link this game to Evil dragon. Spoilers for Awakening and Echoes Endgame. This is what I gathered so far. (not too much) Evil man with white hair (magic one) might be Forneus maybe. Or better yet, Byleth with that "hidden power?" Here is something interesting I noticed: The symbol looks "somewhat" similar but what strikes me is that the evil man symbol has 6 lines around a center point like the Grimleal symbol possibly hinting that this is grima with his eyes closed (to show he is not born). Maybe this "religion" are working for old man/Byleth to begin the creation of Grima maybe to gather dragon blood. (this is not explained) I had a horrible idea that probably won't happen but what if Sothis is killed for dragon blood? Really this is just me coming up with a theory for this symbol that we know nothing about. Also the Valentian Endgame wasn't long ago so maybe they planned to have this connected? P.S. Probably just a coincidence but just wanted to point out some "links" . Had some other points but felt like they weren't worth talking about. Just something while I desperately wait for release.
  9. Robin, Fell Vessel [introduction WIP] Legendary Hero: Earth: +3 HP, +3 Spd Level 40 stats: HP: 37/40/43 Atk: 29/32/35 Spd: 32/35/38 Def: 26/30/33 Res: 22/25/29 Total: 161~163 Default skills: Weapon: Expiration Assist: [none] Special: Bonfire Passive A: Dragonskin Passive B: Cancel Affinity 3 Passive C: Res Smoke 3 WIP: I still need to run numbers with lower merges and without flier/dragon buffs. Player phase General use, Arena offense Mixed phase (optimal) General use, Arena offense, Arena defense Enemy phase General use, Arena offense Windsweep / Watersweep (?) Budget General use, Arena offense
  10. So we all know the ending to awakening where robin sacrifices him/herself to kill grima once and for all. However that was future grima right? so what of the Grima in the present is he still alive or did he merge with future Grima and is dead now? ugh I may love awakening but sometimes it's time travel can be bit weird.
  11. So I've recently been speaking with a friend about Grima and I realized something..... Other than a few things, I really don't have a clear idea of what his powers are. I know he can make zombies (Risen), possibly possess people (there seems to be limitations), and he's a dragon... Can anyone give me some clarification please?
  12. Clairvoyance (noun): The supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. In TFS words, "I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!!!" Joking and definitions aside, Naga has always shown to be a very powerful dragon without peer. By Awakening, her power has been displayed to even manipulate the fabric of space and time. Her fang was forged into a blade, empowered by a dragonstone, allowed a human to wield her power in their hands, and strike foes with her might. With it, the likes of Medeus, and later on Grima fell. And her tome possesses incredible power as well, allowing one to have the power to take down Loptyr. And she created the Shield of Seals, that with the Gemstones, allow one to become a demi-god and seal any entity with it. She is powerful indeed, and can make the most devastating weapons of mass destruction if she so wished. But can she actually see the future? Here's where I explain how I got this. Recall in Echoes, when Alm finally grasps Falchion and pulls it out, and later on, Mila emerges. Take note of what she says: Notice how Mila says that Naga KNEW that dragons would go insane. They were exiled several thousand years before Echoes started, so its even possible that this happened before the decline of the dragons began. If Naga knew for certain that dragons were destined to go insane she must have foreseen it. Furthermore, the fact that Naga goes and gives Duma Falchion seems a tad crazy. You give a guy that you have a violent clash with a weapon that can kill dragons just like that? What, confident that Duma would not use it against you? And how would she know that Duma would not just seal it away? What makes her so confident that she knows for certain that Falchion would for sure be used against him and Mila? Well, here's another thing that's revealed in Echoes: Rudolf explains that there's an actual prophecy about two children that will bear the Brand and will save Valentia from ruination. From exactly WHERE did this prophecy come from? Or rather, WHO gave this prophecy? If Naga had actually foreseen these events, everything starts to add up. Naga knew that Duma and Mila would go insane. She knew that Alm and Celica would be born with the Brand, and that Alm would use her Falchion to kill Duma and Mila. She knew these events, and thus did all the necessary things to prepare for the future to come. Now this is just Echoes. This can't possibly be related to the other games, right? Wrong. Let us fastforward to Awakening now. When Lucina begins explaining how she traveled through time, here's what she says. Now I dunno about you, but don't you think that time travel is a pretty BIG jump to make about Grima coming in? Rather than try anything else, it's like she had a feeling or knowledge that there was a chance that the future would come where humanity falls to Grima. So she prepares this case where she creates a new future. Of course, if she knows Multiverse theory, then Naga knows that changing time would do nothing to this future. So perhaps this was just to ensure that if this other world is saved, it would have the means to stop Grima when he inevitably arrives to conquer them. In that saved future, they could very well perform the complete Awakening and seal him away. But here's where things get really weird when you look at this other Naga in The Future Past. Now there are two ways this makes sense: 1) Either these events actually happened and Naga is literally pulling people from other dimensions to help her through time travel to the past of her world where they are there. Or. 2) She foresaw all of these events and is bring these Outrealm warriors into the exact moment when these fate comes to pass, so that they can alter the events before it even happens in the first place. Why do I think it should be #2 instead of #1? Simple. The first one creates more alternate futures. By bring the heroes into the point after it's already happened, then obviously it is only going to create another branch in the timeline. The future still happened. Even then, Naga would most certainly die if Grima actually destroyed the planet, since Naga is tied to the world as I wrote in this thread: But if Naga knew the events that were going to happen, she brought in other people so that the moment that the event is about to happen, it is avoided, thus avoiding creating different branches in time. Still not convinced? Well, I'll rewind back very far in the past, all the way back to the story of Genealogy of the Holy War. Answer this question: How did Naga learn of Loptyr's existence in the first place? Loptyr created his bloodline through Galle, and his will and power had possessed Galle, and for almost 200 years, Loptyr had gotten away with it. So how in the hell did Naga suddenly learn of the Loptry Empire's existence? Kaga actually stated in an interview that she didn't know at first. What, did Loptyr leave a note lying around that listed his evil plans? ^ Like that? Or did Naga's ability to see the future allow her to actually see the Loptyr Empire and thus she moved along to stop him? Kaga never explained how she found out, just that she did find out. Now going back to the original home continent of Archanea, if with Echoes, we know that Naga foresaw the dragonkin being driven to madness, then naturally she would already be in agreement with the transformation into Manaketes. So yeah, in the end, I think Naga's precognitive abilities allowed her to actually play a role into many events. The Divine Dragons are the strongest dragons, and dragons have incredibly powerful knowledge over magic. It would not surprise me if there was a way to see the future with this. Of course, even with this power, Naga is not omniscient. She cannot foresee everything that happens, else nothing in Fire Emblem would have happened. If she could have seen everything, Adrah would never have stolen the Shield of Seals, and Naga would have sealed Medeus in the Dragon's Altar rather than put him on guard duty that let him ultimately decide to try and conquer humanity. But what she sees and depending on how far it is, she might actually get a good idea and just be able to use her advanced knowledge and power to make preparations. So yes, I believe Naga does indeed have a form of clairvoyance.
  13. Okay, so I was talking to my friend about Grima in Heroes, and we also talked about the case on his sealing by the Falchion empowered by the Shield of Seals. In it, I mentioned something I realized from another person telling me. I was explained that there was in fact never any mention of a time limit of Grima's sealing. Naga mentions that Grima was sealed a thousand years ago and sleep was the only way to stop him. But this means that the Sealing of Grima, once performed, stays in place normally. However, two things I have come to understand. 1) The Grimleal's attempts and desire for the Fire Emblem and the Five Gemstones makes perfect sense now. They aren't doing it to accelerate Grima's awakening. It's to actually to remove the seal. Since it was the Shield of Seals' power to put Grima to sleep, using it can also have the opposite effect. Even if there were no vessels, removing the seal sets Grima's spirit free at the very least, and who knows what he could do. He had to have done something during the First Exalt's time. 2) Creating a perfect vessel can actually have an effect on the seal. For years, apparently a thousand, the Grimleal strived to create a suitable vessel for Grima, someone with a pure enough Fellblood to have the Heart of Grima, and thus they could awaken Grima from this. In fact, this actually does seem to be for real. Future!Robin awakens Grima by being the vessel for him, and using the offering. Meaning that a vessel can in fact break open the seal. This in turn made me come to learn and accept several things. Grima's Power After the seal is broken, we are told that Grima is trying to restore his power. But he's already in dragon form, so why is he not just wrecking havoc? Well, recall Medeus in both Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. In both of these cases, it's revealed that Medeus has not in fact fully revived. Medeus cannot use his full powers outside the Dolhr castle in Shadow Dragon, and in New Mystery, he would be fully revived after draining the life force of the four clerics. Get it? Grima is in fact under the same conditions, where even after being revived, he has not yet reached his full powers. This actually makes sense when you look at how Future Past Grima is stronger than Awakening's Grima. It makes sense because the Future Past Grima had years to restore his power, while Awakening Grima had only about a few days to weeks to regain his power, so its not as much. Not to mention, in a Bad Ending of The Future Past 3, where Grima is injured but not dead, Robin tells Lucina that the injuries that he had taken will force Grima to sleep so that he can recharge some of his power. This could also mean that his revival after being defeated back in SoV and sealed in the First Exalt's time, may have required Grima a much longer period of rest before he could even be revived normally. Fellblood Okay, so the popular theory is that Validar and Robin's mother were Minor Fellbloods and thus having Robin makes a Major Fellblood. I... am starting to actually accept this. But not that they were Major and Minor. For the most part, there hasn't been a fully understanding as to how Grima even spread is bloodline in the First Exalt's time, since he couldn't have taken human form and banged any chicks. And even if he did, he should already have had a vessel from his child, since Grima is pure Fellblood. So it genuinely could not have taken them 1000 years to produce someone with a pure Fellblood like Robin. But then I random joked this question in my head, "If only they injected someone with Grima's blood. Then they'd be Fellbloods." And just like that, a million lightbulbs flashed in my head, everything making sense now. Imagine this scenario: Grima has possessed a human in the First Exalt's time, and this human has now become Grima's vessel, pure Fellblood. He suddenly gets cut by something, and blood spills out. Afterwards, Grima's body is destroyed by the First Exalt. The first Grimleal actually COLLECTS the Fellblood that spilled and takes it in to experiment with. Maybe some ingest it, and then maybe others inject it to someone into their bloodstream. That's pretty much it. What if the Grimleal actually created a very small, very dilute Fellbloodline, and with that, struggled to create a new vessel. But because it's so dilute, it was incredibly hard to actually produce more powerful Fellbloods, but they still strived for it. Furthermore, by producing several descendants, the blood has spread throughout many people, so many Plegians have Fellblood in them, and perhaps spread to other places as well. Meaning yes, I am conceding that Robin's mother might indeed have Fellblood in her, but not Minor Fellblood, but just a stronger blood, like 10% Fellblood that when she and Validar, the strongest Fellblood, got together, it created Robin, who had the purest Fellblood. This also means that even if Grima is defeated, there are a bunch more Fellbloods out there that has the potential to create a new vessel for Grima. So its like, so long as humanity exists, Grima will also exist. However, do not take this to mean that I'm saying that Grima losing his descendants means he will die. Because he certainly will not. Grima will always have a way to revive himself, even if no Fellbloods remain. If his spirit remains alive in the world, he will come back always, one way or another. Grima is neither Loptyr nor Medeus. He has surpassed both of them in terms of revivability.
  14. Okay, so with Grima being out as a unit in FE Heroes, I got him and got his quote as well at LV40. ANd my god, what a quote this is: "You are a curious one... You willingly come to chat with me? The fell dragon? Alone? You know full well how I detest humans. They have no qualms asking for divine assistance when it meets their fickle needs... But how quick they are to shun their benefactors once they get what they desire. They become arrogant and make the same mistakes repeatedly, incapable of learning the folly of their ways. They claim their actions are for the good of others, but that's merely a show of self-indulgence. Humans are selfish. And the ugliness of mankind has turned me repulsive. It's the world that wants me to be evil. And yet you claim to need me here? Enough of your lies, worm. How dare you look at me with such a gaze. Do not dare pity me!" So a while back on an FE subreddit, I posted this: And I cannot believe that I was actually right. Grima truly does hate the world because of humanity being evil. Yes, some texts about how he is created is different, but overall, the Grimleal act in that Grima is meant to punish the world, and Grima is doing just that. Humans are evil and want him to be, so he will gladly do so. Like... WHAT?! It was just my thought about what Grima could be. What he represents... BUT I'M RIGHT?! ... I just... What?
  15. Everyone that played Awakening must have seen the Grimleal cult, and were likely VERY disappointed by how it was. Unlike other Fire Emblem series that held religion, such as Genealogy's Lopto Sect, and Tellius series religion that talk of Ashera, the Grimleal is a religion in Awakening that wasn't fully explored. Even the Duma Faithful were explored a bit in Echoes. But we hardly know a thing about the Grimleal, what sets it apart, and so on. My fic has the intention of exploring some of the stuff, and about two of the three things I'll say did get explained and explored. But I want to hear your opinions regarding it, and what you think about it. 1) Teachings: The Grimleal was founded under the worship of Grima. However, what Grima is depicted as differs depending on what form of faith you have. If you are of the minor faith, which makes up the majority of the religion, Grima is a god that exists to punish the non-believers, and protect the faithful. However, the Major Faithfuls, the one that are the fewer in the religion, know something deeper. In that Grima is born from the darkness of humans themselves. Here're a few quotes I have Validar speak in my fic where he explains it in: To the Major Faithfuls, Grima is a sign that the world must start over. The entity where humanity has evolved in all the wrong ways, and that the world must start over by ending humanity. This is what the religion believes. And anyone that tries to fight against that are the most vile creatures, as they are trying to prolong the suffering of the world. 2) What defines the Minor and Major Faithfuls? Simple, knowledge. You must study extensively on the customs and ritual of the religion. Afterwards, when you prove yourself, you are given the chance to ascend to the Major ranks. However, the reason these are so few is because the ritual for it is brutal. In there, the person has the Brand of the Defile burned onto their backs using a burning hot iron branding tool. Naturally, such a thing is incredibly dangerous, and if the pain does not kill you, the possible infections and damage to the skin could. After you receive the brand, you get treated almost immediately, but many die during recovery. But the ones that manage to survive, they are able to read the encrypted grimoires and have access to major knowledge about the religion, and even attain a great deal of wealth and political power, and some even attain some more ancient and powerful tomes to learn more powerful magic to grow stronger. This test is mandatory, but the person are informed of the risks, making sure that the dangers are very clear to them. If they accept, it shows true dedication to the cult, if you're willing to put your life on the line and scar yourself for life, it shows. 3) The Hierophants: Obviously, the Hierophant or the leader of the Grimleal obviously MUST have Fellblood in them. But exactly what makes the person want to serve Grima? What sort of brainwashing did they go through? Or rather, what did Validar go through for him to want to end the world? And would this have also been Robin if he/she remained in the cult, rather than be spirited away by their mother? Well, it basically is that the Fellbloods are taught to utterly hate the world. They are raised to believe that the world is truly vile and should be eradicated. This is done by making the child see the cruelties of mankind, from the war ravaged areas, to how bandits attack helpless citizens, and even see how people betray one another. The Grimleal manipulates many events to implant the seeds of the world's evil into their mind. Any glimmer or hope that the child might see is quickly snuffed out when they see the evil behind the good. They see acts of kindness to be nothing more than hypocrisy. And the final setting to cement their despair over humanity, when they reach a certain age, somewhere at like 10-12 more or less, the parent Hierophant fights their child in a battle to the death. They try to invoke all their anger, hatred, fear, and so forth in the fight, and ultimately makes the child kill them. Validar went through this and was forced to fight and murder his own father. When he realized what he did, and what his father tried to do to him, Validar's mind was shattered of all faith he might have possibly harbored for humanity, and that there was no such thing as goodness, and the world must be destroyed. -------- And there we go. That is how some of the stuff that I think the Grimleal functions in, and how I want to present it into my fic. What do you guys think? If this was in the actual Awakening game, would it have made the Grimleal more understandable? Would this have made Validar more sympathetic?
  16. okay so we all know that after a while dragons in this universe will begin to degenerate which causes them to grow more feral and bloodthirsty. It’s main reason why dragon stones are needed in the first place. It’s also the reason why a good number of dragons in the franchise are evil cause they’ve degenerated or are starting to degenerate(have yet to finish SD or the elibe games yet so correct me if I’m wrong here). Though Grima is a little different. Given his backstory in echoes it’s kind of implied that he’s always been like he was in awakening. My question I guess then is that could Grima be subject to degeneration?
  17. I was wondering what exactly are the reinforcements and the overall map at the "Creation" battle, It would be super helpful, I haven't seen the full map or reinforcements anywhere.
  18. So as you all know, in Fire Emblem Awakening, Naga states that neither she nor Grima can kill the other, as neither are true gods. However, then we get in Future Past 3 where Grima states that he had in fact killed Naga, so Lucina cannot perform the Awakening. Naturally, this contradicts what Naga claimed about how they cannot kill one another. But then there's the case about Tiki suddenly appeared in spirit form, and declared that she has become the new Naga. This implies that Naga is in fact a title that powerful Manaketes can inherit, and this Naga is not necessarily the original Naga, but is that truly the case? Allow me to explain by using a term that FE7 players should know, quintessence. We know that quintessence exists in all living things, being the source of life itself, meaning that it's part of the planet, almost like the Lifestream in Final Fantasy VII. So when living things die, the quintessence within them is released. Quintessence isn't just unique to the Elibe series, as FE4 had Claud explain the limitations of the Valkyrie staff and how quintessence is involved, but was unable to fully explain. Now this is where I explain how this relates to Naga. Dragons are said to have very large amounts of quintessence, so much that if Nergal could unleash the dragons and absorb their quintessence, he would be invincible. And in Archanea, we know that Naga is said to have been the most powerful dragon there was. And throughout the Fire Emblem franchise, her power are always held in high regard. Her fang forged into Falchion allowed her to slay the likes of the fellow Divine Dragons Duma and Mila, and even Medeus when he was an Earth Dragon and a Dark Dragon, and by Awakening, her fang could be used to put Grima to sleep. In Genealogy, her tome is able to defeat Loptyr as well. And by Awakening's time, Naga showed the ability to warp space and time, allowing her to help others travel through time, and another Naga brought people from the past to an alternate future. This ability to break the taboo is so amazing that even Anankos, a god-dragon, is in absolute awe. Naturally, this means that Naga had to have held an absolute phenomenal amount of quintessence within her body. This is where I delve even deeper. Recall how in Mount Prism, it is said that Naga's power actually runs through the very land itself, and hence why it is regarded as holy grounds. In Future Past, Tiki explains to Grima that because he defiled the land, Naga's power now focuses on another land, being Ylisstol due to housing Tiki's corpse. Get it? Naga's power is her quintessence, which has now become part of the world itself. Naga's will is so powerful that its tied to the quintessence that has become part of the planet. This is why Grima cannot kill her. Naga will always revive so long as her power remains attached to the land. Meaning that even if she's killed, sooner or later, she would actually revive herself. If you guys don't believe that she could revive herself, remember Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. In those games, we have a character named Nagi, who is heavily implied to be Naga's reincarnation. But that can't be possible. Why? Because Tiki is the last born Manakete (Nowi doesn't count here for this conversation). Naga dies after sealing Tiki away. Well, in that case, how could Nagi be Naga's reincarnation if she would have to be born and actually be younger than Tiki? Because Nagi wasn't born the natural way. Rather Nagi is a body that was created by Naga herself for a vessel to enter the moral plane. This means that even if Grima ends the Manakete species, Naga can still return by creating a new body, but she would need time. However, this is not needed if another Manakete of sufficient power can inherit the title as well. This means the only way that Grima could have ensured that he killed Naga is to actually destroy the world itself, as then Naga's spirit would be destroyed as well. - Whew, that was a very long explanation. Let me know what you guys all think of it.
  19. Awakening did a poor job of keeping the continuity set up by Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem, having retconned quite a bit of the lore. Examples: Medeus' revival, Lucina's ability to use the Falchion, geography, degenerating, and so forth I want to here others' takes on it, but I'll probably still debate (not in a mean way) that there is just about no continuity.
  20. Disclaimer: potential FE Awakening AND FE Fates spoilers ahead. So I've been harbouring a crazy conspiracy for a long while that Corrin, through the hardship and suffering in Fire Emblem Fates, becomes the original Grima. And therefore ultimately also eventually becomes Robin as well. That said, I haven't played or completed Conquest or even Revelation. So with that in mind I'm going to share my crazy theory from what I understand now, bookmark this page, and then hide in a bunker until I'm all caught up hehe. And wait with anticipation to read what the FE community will think or say. So... Let the craziness begin! Hoshido and Nohr are considered mythological kingdoms by the time of Awakening. I propose that Corrin's life ends with severe tragedy, which is the cause for Grima's lust for apocalypse for a lack of better words. After the realms of Hoshido and Nohr are brought to ruin, Corrin invades Ylisse as the original Grima. His Risen army; the remnants of his devastated world. Corrin is from a divine bloodline and can transform into a dragon. Grima is a also a humanoid dragon. On top of this, Robin and Corrin are both praised for their tactical prowess. And have white hair. So they share some common traits. Such is the case that Corrin becomes the dark bringer of the apocalypse, that this is the ultimate reasoning behind Selena, Odin and Laslow's appearance in Conquest, as they are on the lookout for Corrin, the progenitor of their realm's doom. And that's all I have now. I appreciate that this is a pretty wild one hehe. I welcome your thoughts.
  21. So, I have a project I'm currently making that involves the newer games, but I can't say what it is yet. So, out of curiosity amongst the veteran fans, which FE game do you guys hate more? Awakening or Fates as a whole? I even created a straw poll which can be found here
  22. If Grima and Hydra even had to battle each other, who do you think would win?
  23. I saw how these two have similar face motifs in their design. With a comparsion between the two shown in the spoilers, is it a coincidence or are the faces supposed to mean something entirely different? o̶r̶ ̶a̶m̶ ̶I̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶ ̶d̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶?̶
  24. What's kinda bugged me recently is that the games never mention exactly how a Manakete is able to become a Shadow Dragon, or whether it's a transformation that's exclusive to the strongest of Earth Dragons or not. I mean, you got guys like Medeus and (later) Loptyr. Both of whom are Earth Dragons, and both are (or at least Medeus is) capable of assuming the form of a Shadow Dragon. So far the transformation seems exclusive to Earth Dragons, with the Shadow Dragon transformation itself seeming like a "super form" of sorts. (That is the best way I can describe it, to be honest.) Then comes Idun, a Divine Dragon, who is forced to assume a form that is arguably noticeably similar to Shadow Dragon. (Granted, her dragon form in Binding Blade is referred to as a DEMON Dragon, but her appearance and the fact that she has "Dark Breath" as a usable weapon, does bring the Shadow Dragon transformation to my mind at least. It might have also been on Firelizard's mind too when he translated Binding Blade, considering what name he gave her dragon form in said translation.) Then you've got Grima, who is implied in the "Artbook of God" to be a descendant of the Earth Dragons. Now I know I proposed the theory that Grima's supposed to be a mass fusion of the Earth Dragons at the Dragon's Table, but that doesn't mean I'm not confused as to why his dragon form looks like it takes Medeus's and Loptyr's Shadow Dragon forms one step further with his own Fell Dragon form. Then you've got games by Shouzou Kaga, the father of Fire Emblem. Like TearRing Saga, which while not technically Fire Emblem, does seem to suggest that the Shadow Dragon transformation is something ALL dragons can achieve. Earth Dragons, Divine Dragons, maybe even Fire Dragons for all I know. (I am admittedly kinda spoiled to the fact that TearRing Saga's final boss is technically a human who managed to transform into a dragon by ingesting some dragon blood, but work with me people.) If that's true for the FE series, then it would explain the aforementioned similarities between Idun's Demon Dragon form and Medeus's and Loptyr's Shadow Dragon form. But even so, there doesn't seem to be specific instance that involves an onscreen transformation to a Shadow Dragon and a Manakete that had a completely different dragon form beforehand. And the dragon blood ingestion triggering the transformation, to me seems like a one-time thing that involved a human. Not a Manakete or a similar race. Seeing as whether dragon blood ingestion (or infusion) is the trigger behind such an event or not. But yeah. Does the fact that the circumstances behind this particular Manakete transformation hasn't been really gone into detail in the FE games bug anyone on here?
  25. Since most of the character from both series are on the roster (i.e. protags) that leaves me to wonder will our MU character be referenced or even spoken of or is that just me wishfully thinking, I'd love to hear Chrom and "Marth" reference MU even if he is called Robin
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