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Found 19 results

  1. Items are underlined while names and in-game terms are simply Capitalized. In the first few Chapters, you need to switch between both Roy and Lance. Prioritize Lances over Swords when it comes to Lance. Your other units have Vulenaries that you can sort out between the two. It would not hurt to build at least 2 Support Levels, as later on in the game, Lance will normally fail to defeat his enemies, even with Follow-Up Attacks because he lacks the necessary Attack, even when at a Weapon Triangle Advantage. Give Maltet to either him, Shanna, or Milady, and give the majority of your stat-boosters to Roy. When you recruit Dieck and the rest of his crew, you should immediately start to build Supports between the two of them. Before Promotion, Dieck can weather and dodge the blows of Enemy Soldiers and Cavaliers, so he can be leveled up quite easily in the first few Chapters. Dieck should be the one who wields Armads. This will take tons of investment in his Axe Skill, but is possible. This saves a slot for what would normally be for Gonzalez. Seeing how the Hit Rate for Gonzalez' attacks is quite bad, this saves room for a Skill Book too, as it can be given to someone else. Although Fir can be good to use alongside Rutger, that only calls for more training. She lacks only slightly in Avoid rate and overall Strength, but still has the Speed to make up for it. Rutger should still be used to hold Durandal, and giving Fir a Wyrmslayer is not a bad idea as well. The second (or third) one you get is in the chapter you encounter Zepheil in one of the chests you find on the right side of the map. She is easy to train in the first few Chapters you have her in because of an abundance of Axe-Wielding Enemy Units. Later on, she can easily take down many Infantry Units with her high Critical rate and can even surpass Rutger in some situations. Leave the brawn to Rutger and the Criticals to Fir. They work good as a team. Once you encounter Rutger and Saul, use them immediately. Rutger has bad Defense but high Speed, making him great for common foot-soldiers, though his bad Resistance means that you must keep him out of Enemy range. When holding a Slim Sword, he can launch enough Criticals to make up for his flaws. When you finally Promote him, use a Skill Book to make up for the lack of Criticals he fails to land. On the other hand, with Saul, Healing staves are very common in this game, so make sure to always use Heal or Mend on your other units to quickly level him up, but it most likely won't be until you fight Narcian when you're at that point to finally Promote Saul. Since he Promotes so late, it is best to use him whenever possible to quickly get his Light Magic Skill rank to S. Dieck is also a good candidate for holding Durandal, although, if your Supports with Shanna are high enough, as well as his his Strength and Critical rates, giving him a Wyrmslayer would not be a bad choice. Lilina has awful Defense, and Speed, but once fully leveled, makes up for this with excellent Attack, Resistance, and Skill (when fully Supported with Roy.) Just like with Dieck and Shanna, having Roy and Lilina in close vicinity powers them both up. When you fully level her up, she loses the traits of having such bad Defense, and when paired with Roy, her Speed is perfect for taking down Cavaliers, Fliers, and any Axe-Wielding unit. She is the one who you should give Forblaze to, but to properly train her without casualties means that you must weaken Enemy Units first, and finish them off with Lilina. Her great EXP growth rates make up for this. While Lilina is a great Mage to use, Hugh is also quite good. His stats are much higher and he is already close enough to level 20 to fully utilize his Promotion. Even with slightly lower Speed compared to his allies, he can still easily take down Cavaliers and Fliers, making him perfect for the Ilia and Sacae Chapters. When fully leveled, even without Promotion, he can easily weaken or take down the Fire Dragons with Elfire or Aircalibur. In the Chapter introducing him, it is best to use Silence or Sleep on him to easily approach him. But, if you run into trouble with Douglas, simply use Sleep on him instead. There is an Enemy Bishop who attacks with Purge, and although you can affect it with Sleep, the exact next turn, it would go back to Normal Status. If you are simply trying to make it through the Chapter with Hugh, send Roy on the second path, avoiding or dispatching the Enemy Mage which uses Bolting. Douglas will most likely attack Roy since the rest of your Units (aside from Milady) are far quicker than Roy. Give Roy either a Slim Sword or Iron Sword. When Douglass attacks, Roy won't do any damage to him when Counterattacking. Bring the Units who will be facing Narcian on this path as well. If you want to access the Secret Shop, you need to take Roy on the second path far enough that Hugh's AI heads in that direction. Take either Lance, Percival, or Sue along to speed up the process. Take Milady on the first path, being wary of the Enemy Bishop. Properly position and maneuver her around Douglas. Raigh can be recruited pretty early in the game, and although it will be some time until you get your hands on Flux, Nosferatu does have a high enough power to defeat weakened enemies. Give him a Speedwing to help with his mediocre Speed. He is your go-to with Apocalypse. Niime joins too late, and Sophia is horrible. Although her EXP rates are good, all her other skills are awful. Although, by the Endgame, Lance should have high enough Speed to do Follow-Up Attacks, Percival is still good to use, as his Speed is high enough to do Follow-Up Attacks with ease. Percival is good to use as an obstruction sided by Lance against many Mounted, Flying, and Infantry Units. In the Final Chapter, though, it is suggested not to bring him along, as you would practically have 4 units using the same weapon. Milady is perfect when fully leveled. She has immense Speed, Strength, and Defense, allowing her to weather several shots from Archers, although it is not advised to put her in their sight unless needed. Once promoted, she can hold Steel Lances and Silver Lances easily allowing Follow-Up Attacks on Knights, Mounted Units, and several Infantry Units aside from the Swordmaster, Hero, and Nomad Trooper. She can also tank Fire Dragon attacks and follow up with Silver Lances. Sue should be trained immediately when you get her, and is perfect against Soldiers. Although her Strength can be lacking, she makes up for it in Speed. She should be the one to use Mulagir. To make recruiting her easy, defeat the Enemies already on the Map, and then the Reinforcements. Already heading in that direction should be Roy and Chad.
  2. Here it is! I was really glad that my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart" was positively received, and I hinted to the possibility of me making a "Partner Seal Chart" as well... Well, after countless hours, I finally managed to make a complete chart of all possible marriages in Fire Emblem Fates! (Yes all 817 of them!, at least when counted in one direction. In reality marriages work in both ways, so some information will be displayed twice.) Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EoYvI1FUNqZ3dpcjZwdU9CX0E/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-zq0JMUw2kAIcBfIeCmCR-A This chart shows all the possible marriages, the classes and skills that are gained from said marriage for both the parent and the child, the support bonuses from both the guard and attack stance that the unit in question would gain from a S support, and last but not least, this chart also shows the stat modifiers from the parents that determine the maxium stat caps of their children. I believe this chart provides a nice overview of several important factors, which can assist you in your final decision of what pair you should give that Partner seal to. Here is a quick recap of the inner workings of the Partner Seals: Partner Seals are used between two characters of the opposite sex that can support with eachother, (although there are two exceptions, Niles and Rhajat can have a same sex marriage with the Avatar) in order to gain the base class of the supporting unit in question, or a secondary class if the base class is already known to the supported unit. Special classes can not be gained in this way. (but you gain a secondary or tertiary class instead) In contrast to the Friendship Seal, the Partner seal works in both ways. This means that when unit A has a S support with unit B, unit B also has a S support with unit A. From most marriages one or possibly two children are born, with one base class and two classes that are inherited from each of the parents. The parents also determine the possible maximum stats the child can reach in each attribute. Special thanks to serenesforest.net for the information needed, and spriters-resource.com for the used sprites. I hope this chart will prove somewhat useful to you guys! I you would like to check out my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart", click here. With thunderous ambition, Masterthunderblade P.S. Feel free to point out the mistakes or errors I made, there is bound to be a copy-paste mistake somewhere or another kind of error. Fire Emblem Fates - Partner Seal Chart.pdf
  3. I see a lot of people talking about which classes are worth mastering, is it worth mastering classes at all etc. and had the brilliant idea of making a psuedo tier list on how valuable classes are to master. This list is mostly just my views, backed up by experience playing the game on Hard/Classic, but feel free to disagree. I'm sure there's a lot of placements that could change. Since this is just for fun, and I don't have endless time I've decided not to rank within each tier, though if there's interest I suppose that could also be done. I wrote this to both inspire discussion, and be a psuedo guide to what classes are worth mastering - and to be a decent guide, it would definitely help to hear other opinions. Placement is based on two main factors: How valuable is it to master this class, and how viable is it to master this class. This list was initially based on Hard Classic, but with the release of Maddening mode is now updated for Maddening Classic, New Game, without DLC. Considering the above two points: Class types which come late in the game are often going to be tiered lower because their mastery abilities are valuable for less time. For example, Quick Riposte may be extremely powerful, but you will likely only have access to it for 2-5 chapters, give or take. On a similar note, how useful a class tends to be will also slightly influence placement - this is because strong classes are much easier to use and master, and less of an issue to spend time using to master. On the other hand, if a class is bad, then diverging into it for a while to get its skill is a negative against the skill as it takes a bigger investment to obtain. But since this is focused mainly on the class mastery skills and not the classes themselves, how good classes are won't be a HUGE factor in general. Oh, and note that this does contain character unique classes, so bear that in mind if you're concerned about spoilers. So without any further ado, here's the list: And more detailed, with explanations: And that's everything. Hope that this was either helpful or interesting.
  4. Ike Guide Hi all. I didn’t see a comprehensive matchup guide for Ike anywhere so I decided to make my own. First, a quick note about me: I've been playing Smash since 64 and competitively since Brawl. Recently I peaked at 3.6M GSP in Elite Smash with Ike (53% win rate over 350+ matches). This is 21 pages long and over 13,000 words so it’s obviously not meant to be read like a book (use Ctrl+F to find who you want to know about). You should use this guide more as a reference if you’re having problems with a certain matchup or just want to watch Ike against a certain character without scouring through YouTube. I just want this guide to be the best it can be so any criticism or discussion is certainly welcome. I posted a link to a VOD of the matchup and I tried to find the most skilled players I could but obviously some videos will be higher quality than others (I couldn’t find a good VOD for Ike vs Robin or Ike vs Game & Watch so if you find one please link it in the thread and I’ll add it to the guide). First some definitions for those of you who may not know. Neutral – The state of the match where neither fighter is off stage in the ‘recovering’ mode. Recovering – When Ike is knocked off-stage and attempting to recover back on stage. Edge-Guarding – When Ike’s opponent is knocked off stage and Ike is attempting to stop them from grabbing the ledge. Edge-Trapping – When Ike’s opponent has grabbed the ledge and is attempting to get up. If you'd like to watch a video on how to play Ike in general, this is the best Ike tutorial I've found. Other content creators might be better known but Jtails I've found is the best teacher because he scaffolds your learning (learn this easy step, then learn this harder step using what you just learned, etc). And he gives you specific drills to practice to actually get better instead of just mindlessly listing combos you can do with Ike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7S-8R_MivU Changelog: 2/2/19 - Published Guide (Missing VODs for G&W and Robin) Matchups: Mario – 25/75 Mario’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdHoZ7tLgUM Mario is absolutely terrifying for Ike. As you’ll see in the video the Ike player switches to Richter in the third game because he’s realizing how one-sided this matchup is. First of all, you’re heavy so he can juggle you with up tilts and up airs at low percents, if he gets a hold of you his aerials come out so fast you’ll have a very hard time getting away. Secondly, Mario is one of the best characters to edge-guard Ike. Fireballs can mess you up and cause you to SD, and if he has FLUDD charged it can ruin either of your recovery abilities. So when you find yourself off-stage, air-dodging to the ledge is your best bet. If you know you’ll have to deal with FLUDD do everything you can do sweet spot to the ledge with Aether so it’s harder for him to knock you away with the water. If you can get him off stage mix up your edge-guarding as much as you can, drop off Fair can work but watch out for his cape, drop off counter can also work but make sure you time it right or you’ll get stage spiked. Eruption at the ledge is hard to time right but you can attempt it, and you can also try down-tilts and short hop down airs. Donkey Kong – 60/40 Ike’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soDW0PjHHYQ DK is a good matchup for Ike, you outrange him in the air, a lot of your combos are easy to hit and guaranteed because of his size, and his recovery is very predictable. In neutral try to stay in the air to make it hard for him to grab you, he has some nasty grab combos. Stay in his face and keep the pressure up so he doesn’t have time to charge his punch. Always be ready for his back air when he gets you in kill range, it’s his fastest kill option. When recovering, side-B or air-dodge directly to the ledge when you can. If he follows you off stage he’s either looking for a Fair spike or a back air so be ready. While edge-guarding him, drop off counter works well if he’s coming from the side (if he’s coming from below your counter might not reach him even if you time it right). If he’s coming from below down tilt can work or even a short hop down air. If you decide to channel eruption make sure you do it at the very edge of the stage, you can actually reach him with it before he can hit you with his Up-B if you time it right. If you’re edge-trapping him stand farther back than you think you need to, his getup attack has a huge range. Link – 40/60 Link’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PwA1_iblcs Link has the edge here in my opinion because his projectiles make it very hard for you to approach and they’re also extremely good at edge-guarding you. Most Links won’t use the arrows that much on stage so in the neutral phase you’ll be dealing with the bombs and boomerangs primarily. As you’ll see Salem do in the video, the bomb can be manipulated with his boomerang, his own attacks, and simply throwing or dropping it, so keeping track of where the bomb is at all times is critical. Approach with caution and try to parry when you can. Once you get into melee range you have better range than his melee attacks so use that to your advantage to string together some aerials. If you keep the pressure up he won’t have much time to harass you with his ranged arsenal. When you’re off stage, watch out for arrows, they can easily ruin your recovery attempts. Quick draw high when you can and when you have to Aether try your best to dodge the bomb he’ll inevitably try to drop on you. Edge-guarding him is imperative, you’re much better than he is off stage when he’s on the defensive. Fall off Fairs, fall off counters, and tilting at the ledge are all good options. Don’t bother channeling eruption he’ll just hit you with a boomerang or something. Edge-trapping is also a very good option for you in this matchup, mix it up with aerials and tilts to keep him off-stage. Samus + Dark Samus – 55/45 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS29bdU_T3I On paper this looks like it’d be a tough matchup for Ike due to her projectile spam but the projectiles are pretty slow – both in time to shoot and trajectory speed, so as Ike you’re fast enough in the air to approach before she’ll be able to shoot too many missiles. Watch out for her Fair, it has great range, priority and it kills with the last hitbox. Get her above you; she doesn’t have too many good options for attacking someone below her and your Uair kills her early. While recovering side-B high to dodge the projectiles and if you must Aether sweet spot that ledge so you don’t get ruined by a stupid little non-charged energy shot. She’s pretty floaty but it is very possible to edge-guard her, try drop off Fairs or a short hop down air, don’t bother with eruption she’ll just get a free hit on you with a projectile. Yoshi – 50/50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-t5WnfDMUo Yoshi is a very even matchup for Ike. He has a ton of out of shield options for when you inevitably Nair his shield. The most potent of these is his short hop Nair, it comes out super-fast, has a great hitbox, good knock back if he sweet spots it and good combo potential if he sour spots it. He is also really floaty while doing this, letting him get behind you even if you shield it so you can’t counter attack him. When recovering watch out for his eggs, they can definitely gimp you. Yoshi I think is one of the few characters where recovering with Aether might actually be better than quick draw, if you fast fall below the stage it’s very hard for him to hit you with an egg or a Fair spike, whereas if you charge up quick draw he can easily hit you with an egg, potentially taking your stock. Don’t bother trying to edge-guard him unless he really leaves himself open, you’ll most likely just get hit with an egg and even if you do hit him you’ll probably hit his super armor. Edge-trapping, on the other hand, can be very effective against Yoshi, F-tilts and short hop Fairs can keep him on the back foot. Kirby 65/35 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1x0-Ok7qjI Kirby’s aerials are about the same speed as yours but with drastically less range. It’s very difficult for Kirby to approach Ike in neutral and not get hit by Nair. Kirby has a lot of options while edge-guarding you so be careful, you can try protecting yourself with a Fair if you have time and you’re going to want to use side-B to recover when possible. Kirby’s down-B special will go right through your Aether so watch out for that as well. Edge-guarding Kirby is very difficult because of his multiple jumps and general floatyness but you can try a jump or fall off Fair if you don’t think he’s suspecting it. Fox 55/45 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbA1vol8VcY Ike has a good time against Fox, Fox does have some good combos at low percents but you have a ton of kill options against him and a superb edge-guarding game. In neutral, make use of your massive sword to thwart his approaches, he’s extremely fast on the ground so don’t feel bad just spam those Nairs and Fairs. Hitting him with Uair can be difficult because he falls so fast so you might have better luck attempting to kill him off the side. When recovering he’ll probably either just pelt you with a few lasers or go for a drop off shine so sweet spot whichever recovery you have to use right to the ledge because a well-timed shine can definitely kill you. You have a lot of options for edge-guarding him, your down-tilt WILL hit him during his side-B recovery if you time it right, which leads into a Fair, and if he uses his Up-B you can go for a short hop Dair at the ledge or even a drop off counter. Pikachu 40/60 Pikachu’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTGs98-BqZU The easier version of Pichu, much like Isabelle is to Villager for Ike. The matchup plays out a lot like Pichu except Pikachu is a tad slower and easier to hit. Use your F-tilt more than you normally would in this matchup; it swings at the perfect height if Pikachu is on the ground and has more range than nearly all of Pikachu’s attacks. The little mouse has a lot of good options for edge-guarding you, he can spam lightning projectiles at you, jump off and thunder, or fall off and Fair. Don’t commit to charging a quick draw until the last possible moment so you can hopefully see what his plan is for you and dodge it. When edge-guarding him an eruption at the ledge can work but the timing needs to be perfect, it’s less risky to go for a down tilt or a fall off Fair. Luigi 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ziq2FGzggRI Luigi is a much easier matchup for Ike than his brother. He does have some nasty combos at low percents but your Nair and Fair provide so much safety for you due to their range advantage over Luigi’s attacks. When recovering you pretty much only have to worry about fireballs, he might try to spike you with a Dair but that’s pretty risky for him. Sweet spot the ledge whichever recovery you use so that a fireball doesn’t gimp you and he can’t catch you with a smash attack. Fall off Fair works exceedingly well against him if he’s recovering horizontally. If he’s coming at you from below a short hop down air or down tilt at the ledge is your best bet. Eruption can also work if he’s not expecting it but it’s a bit more dangerous. Ness 65/35 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzLd4UjVw60 Ness has a bit of a difficult time against Ike, his non-special moves have a limited range and he’s not that fast so as Ike you can dominate him if you don’t get hit by PK fires and combed. Jump over the PK fires and watch out for his dash attack, that’s the one attack that actually does have decent range. When recovering he can be annoying if he sends his PK Thunder after you, it can kill when you’re above 150% or so. If you’re having issues with it try air dodging in weird directions when it comes at you, you have a pretty big window to punish Ness if you can get to him while he’s channeling but be careful he doesn’t loop it back around and hit himself with it when you’re not expecting it. If he sends his PK Thunder after you while you’re recovering try fast falling and then Aether up to the ledge, quick draw will leave you open on the stage even if you dodge the PK Thunder with it. I’m a huge fan of the drop off counter against Ness if he’s forced to use PK Thunder to recover himself, just don’t screw up the timing whatever you do. Captain Falcon – 55/45 Ike’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-j_gWFvQ28 El capitan is very good in Ultimate, but not quite up to melee level. He’s extremely fast both on the ground and in the air and because of this he has a great grab game. Try to stay airborne as much as possible to counter this, and block his approaches with Nairs and Fairs, just be careful you don’t get too predictable. While recovering side-B or air dodge to the ledge, don’t try to recover high, because of his speed a good Falcon will be able to set up a hard hitting attack to meet you where you’ll land. Be very careful edge-guarding Falcon, if he lands his Up-B on you it can easily stage-spike you for a KO. That being said, if you’re unpredictable sometimes you can catch him with a drop off Fair, or you can channel eruption for a safer possibility. Falcon has a lot of good options for getting back on stage after grabbing the ledge so just hang back the first few times he grabs the ledge to see what he does, if he gets into a habit you can exploit it. Jigglypuff – 55/45 Ike’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcblv_cbZKw&t=21s (Jiggz match starts at 4:45) Jiggz is vastly improved from her Sm4sh iteration but not quite melee level. She’s very light and dies extremely early to your up-airs, up-tilts, f-tilts, and back-airs. In neutral, spam Nairs to make it hard for her to approach and watch out that pound doesn’t destroy your shield. When she gets you off stage she’s the most dangerous because she can gimp you very easily, mix up your recoveries to keep her guessing and don’t use your double jump too soon, it’s extremely valuable in this matchup. It’s virtually impossible to edge-guard Jiggz so I usually just wait for her to come back. While edge-trapping be wary of her ledge-sing tech (Grabbing the ledge cancels the remaining pulses of her Sing up-B ability). Peach + Daisy – 55/45 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW6rI81bAL0 Peach and Daisy are very good characters with many tier lists placing them high or top tier, but Ike does well in this matchup due to the range of his attacks and his kill power. Your Uair beats almost anything she can do when she’s above you so get her up there with Nair or throws and get those early kills. Off stage you’re at a massive disadvantage because she can easily gimp you with a vegetable when you’re trying to recover with quick draw so recover high. It’s almost impossible to edge-guard Peach or Daisy when they’re off stage because of their floating, so just stay on stage and play it safe. If she pulls a Mr. Saturn remember that if it hits your shield it instantly breaks it. Bowser – 55/45 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkVzAtSv62o (Ike match starts at 11:15) With Bowser being the heaviest character in the game, expect to take him to 150%+ in a lot of stocks before you can actually kill him. He has an up throw Nair combo that works at low percents and does about 40% if he lands all the hits, and his Fair has a frightening amount of range and power behind it. His side-B also kills pretty early, especially if he can dunk you onto a platform with it and it’s a grab so you can’t shield it. Being a heavy character, a lot of your low percent combos work very well, Nair into grab, Nair into up-tilt, etc. Be careful going for an Up-air, his down-B and Dair attacks both have a tremendous amount of power and priority behind them, so you might be better off going for a Bair or F-tilt kill confirm. While recovering mind his flame breath, it probably won’t kill you but it can rack up a ton of damage if you’re stuck off stage when you get caught in it. Use quick draw to recover high if he starts using flame breath to edge-guard you. He may also attempt a fall off Fair so be ready for that. When edge-guarding him fall off Fair, fall off counter, and Eruption at the ledge are all great options. Ice Climbers – 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-OiAFqFTJ8 The Ice Climbers can certainly be annoying for Ike but you can kill them so early because of how light they are, and most of your sword attacks swing in a wide arc so it makes it easier to hit both of them. Grabbing them is difficult because if you grab Nana instead of Popo your opponent can easily punish you. If you get them separated and can attack Nana without fear of Popo coming to her rescue go for it. If you kill her then Popo’s recovery and attack power will be severely diminished until the next stock. When recovering quick draw high to dodge their icicles and frost wind abilities, those abilities can make it very difficult to recover with Aether. Once you get them off stage you can follow them off and go for a Fair because it out-ranges their hammer-spin attack but don’t bother trying anything at the ledge, they have a super long tether recovery. Sheik – 65/35 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjx-th3ya2w (Sheik match starts at 3:23) Sheik will have no problem racking you up to 100%+ damage but she doesn’t have a lot of kill options so it’s hard for her to convert that damage into actual stocks unless she gimps you or Fair spams you off stage. You kill her very early and vastly out-range her. When recovering just don’t get hit by the needles, either quick draw high or fast fall and sweet spot Aether to the ledge. She may try to use down-B to pursue you off-stage, it’s an arcing jump with a kick at the end and it is one of her few kill moves so be prepared for that. It’s tough to edge-guard her cause she’s very fast in the air and has multiple recovery options but a surprise drop off Fair can catch her out if she’s not expecting it. Zelda – 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcvpg4qaH3k You out-range Zelda’s non-special attacks so approach quickly and confidently. She can do a surprising amount of damage with her new down-B and din’s fire from afar so stay on her and keep up the pressure. Nair into Uair or Bair is your best kill confirm against her and you can kill her pretty early. When recovering remember that the down-B soldier spawn attack goes VERY far in front of her if she fully channels it, also Din’s fire is controllable and it will kill you if you’re at a high percentage. So recover high with quick draw or fast fall and Aether under her soldier to the ledge. When she’s off stage it’s difficult to edge-guard her, her teleport does have a decent attack when she re-appears which can kill you. If you think she might try to kill you by teleporting onto you from off stage you can go for a counter but most will probably just go for the ledge. Edge-trapping is very good against her, short hop Fairs and F-tilts can keep her off stage. Dr. Mario – 60/40 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdcGfARCtxg Dr. Mario is a lot easier than uneducated Mario for Ike. Pill spam is annoying but you can get past it, you have much more range than he does in the air and once you get some momentum it’s hard for him to stop you. While recovering side-B high like you should against anyone with a projectile. If you have to use Aether watch out for those pills and his Fair spikes just like Mario’s so expect that if he follows you off stage. When edge-guarding him almost any of your bread and butter choices can work, down tilt at the ledge, channel eruption, drop off counter and drop off Fair are all good options, just be sure to mix it up. For edge-trapping, you can use your Nair, Fair, or try to catch him with an f-tilt or up smash. Pichu – 30/70 Pichu’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S731U-C1BM Pichu is just a really good character in general and can zero-to-death combo you if you’re not careful. The little mouse is extremely small and hard to hit but can die very early if you can manage to hit it. Don’t get frustrated if you get sucked into a nasty combo, with a few well-placed hits you can take a stock right back. When recovering Pichu can shoot the electric projectile at you or try to hit you with Thunder by waiting at the ledge or even jumping off and using it. And remember, the hitbox for Thunder extends very high above Pichu so sometimes recovering high is not the best option in this matchup. If you get Pichu off stage, you can try for an eruption, or a drop off Fair if he’s using the headbutt move to recover. This matchup more than any other is about keeping a level head and a good mentality. Falco – 40/60 Falco’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CIIb5Oap8U Falco is extremely mobile in the air and also has a super annoying laser to gimp you off-stage but this matchup is doable if you space your aerials well and get him above you or off-stage. You’ll have to approach to get him to stop lasering you and when he commits to fighting you with his feathers you can start using retreating short hop Fairs to keep him on his toes (talons?). Recover very high to dodge the laser spam when you can or if you can’t do that then fast fall below and sweet spot Aether to the ledge. His Dair also spikes so be aware of that. If you get him off stage your D-tilt is your go-to move here if you can time it to block his side-B recovery attempts. If he’s coming up with his Up-B you can try a short hop Dair. Marth + Lucina – 40/60 Marth/Lucina’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7KqdNkkfEk A good ol’ Fire Emblem matchup; Marth/Lucina has the advantage in this matchup because they’re faster than Ike with very similar range and there’s a massive recovery discrepancy which I’ll go over below. Their U-tilt ruins our approach and starts some nasty combos for them, if you start to get juggled air dodge and get back to the ground ASAP. Your Nair is your best attack option for getting out of juggles and that is way too slow so just focus on getting back on solid ground instead of counter attacking. When recovering you want to be extremely careful about getting countered, always quick draw when you can and make sure to do so at different heights throughout the match so it’s tough for them to set up a counter. If you have to Aether a good Marth/Lucina will counter that every time and if you’ve used your double jump already you’re a dead man. It’s hard to do the same to them when they’re off stage because their Up-B is so much faster than Ike’s so a drop off counter is very risky. You can go for a drop off or jump off Fair if they’re coming in at the right angle but your safest edge-guarding option is gonna be staying at the ledge and going for a well-timed down tilt or short hop Dair. Young Link 40/60 Young Link’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiTMpR7B6b4 (Young Link match starts at 3:25) This matchup plays out very similar to Link, the difference is Young Link can shoot his arrows much faster than Link so you’ll have to deal with bombs, arrows, AND boomerangs while trying to approach. Your shield health is incredibly important in this matchup, parry his projectiles whenever you can and if you can’t then watch your shield and make sure it doesn’t get too small. You can catch his bombs but these are normal bombs that will detonate after a few seconds, not remote detonation ones like Link so keep that in mind. His projectiles start all kinds of combos for him so you’ll have to carefully weave through them to get to your Nair range. When recovering always quick draw high because a well-placed arrow will easily destroy your recovery. Never Aether unless you have to, a good Young Link will simply drop a bomb on you for free damage. If you must Aether, sweet spot the ledge. Once you get him off stage you have a lot of options, fall off Fairs, drop off counters, and d-tilts at the ledge all work well but remember he can also use his grappling hook to tether to the ledge. Ganondorf - 45-55 Ganondorf’s favor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5GGANI8wb8 A very skill based matchup; both characters are actually quite similar in weight and playstyle. Ganon gets a slight edge because of how good his up-air is against you, it has great range and comes out much faster than your Nair so he can ruin a lot of your approaches with it. Watch out for his Down-B, it comes out quickly and does a lot of damage if he hits it. His major weakness is his recovery, but it’s risky to contest it in the air because you might get hit by his Up-B and stage spiked just like Captain Falcon, so it’s better to simply stay on stage and wait for him with a down tilt. When recovering make sure you sweet spot the ledge every time, he’ll most likely use his up-tilt (massive dropkick that pulls you in) or a smash attack to edge-trap you, don’t be afraid to drop off the ledge to stall and mess up his timing. Mewtwo – 55/45 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZdoN4AE4Dw (Match starts at 3:50) Mewtwo has almost as much range as you on some of his tail attacks and he’s deceptively fast in the air. He also has a great edge-guarding game against you but he has a large hitbox and a light weight class which means he’s very easy to hit and you will kill him early. Get in quick so you don’t give him time to charge his shadow ball, but watch out for his disable attack (stuns you briefly if he lands it but you have to be looking at him). Go high when recovering to dodge his shadow ball and if you can’t go high Aether right to the ledge. He’s floaty and has a great teleport recovery so edge-guarding him is very hard, d-tilt at the ledge is your safest option. Another note about this matchup, he actually goes invisible when he air-dodges which is really annoying because you can’t immediately see which direction he air-dodges in. Roy + Chrom – 40/60 Roy + Chrom’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uMsvAYh1tc This matchup plays out similar to Marth/Lucina. He’s much faster than you so you can wait for him to approach you with Nairs and retreating Fairs or just shield his approach and punish with a grab combo. When recovering you’re vulnerable to getting countered so quick draw at different heights throughout the match to keep him guessing and don’t use Aether to recover unless you have to, a good Roy/Chrom will counter that every time and you’ll be dead. For Roy, when he’s recovering it is possible to catch him with a drop off counter but it’s risky, a safer option is d-tilt at the ledge. For Chrom, counter at the ledge is a very good option and you might score an easy kill if you can time it right. Fall off or jump off Fair is hard to hit because he flies so fast through the air. Another note on Chrom, they did just nerf his “Chromicide” ability where he Up-B’s you off stage and you die first, now Chrom will die first if he does that. Mr. Game and Watch – 55/45 Ike’s favor. [I can’t find a good VOD of this matchup] G&W has a lot of solid aerials in ultimate, combined with his edge-guarding and above average recovery this becomes a pretty close matchup. He’s faster than you in the air but you out-range him so use that to your advantage. Try to send him above you so you can go for an early up-air kill. While recovering always side-B high when you can, if you’re recovering low he can just spam sausages or drop a bomb on you and screw up your Aether so be prepared for that. Edge-guarding him is hard I usually just try for a down-tilt as he comes to the ledge. Edge-trapping is much easier you can try an up smash, short hop Fairs or you might even catch him with an f-tilt as he gets up. Meta Knight – 55/45 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UbrIonOcw8 The terror of Brawl is back in Ultimate but not quite as dominant as he was back in 2008. Meta Knight has very quick aerials but his actual speed through the air is pretty slow and you out-range the crap out of him with your aerials. Watch out for his dash attack when he’s approaching, he’s pretty speedy on the ground and it combos into a ton of stuff. Try to stay below him if you can, his Uair juggles are nuts when combined with his multiple jumps and you don’t have anything fast enough to break that combo so just air dodge back to the stage as soon as you can. Be careful when you’re a good distance above him, his Up-B causes him to fly up in a loop and will kill you so don’t get complacent just because he’s far away from you. When recovering you should actually use Aether over quick draw, it’s much easier for him to punish your quick draw compared to Aether. When you get him off stage don’t try any edge-guarding, he has multiple jumps and multiple special moves he can use to recover, all of which will do damage to you if you attempt an edge-guard. Pit + Dark Pit 40/60 Pit + Dark Pit’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgQSaWyHryA Pit is incredibly annoying for Ike to deal with; a fast controllable projectile combined with comboing aerials and super quick smash attacks makes this a tough matchup for you. You have to approach quickly or risk getting poked down by arrows, just make sure you don’t run right into one of his aerials. His Fair can combo into itself as he pushes you off stage with it so try to time your air dodge to stop the bleeding and get back on stage. When recovering be sure to quick draw above him, this way a well-placed arrow won’t kill you, but instead will simply do a bit of damage. When edge-guarding you can try following him off the stage with a Fair but because of Pit’s aerial mobility and A+ recovery this won’t usually work. Edge-trapping is a much more reliable for you than edge guarding in this matchup so focus on keeping him off stage with tilts and short hop aerials rather than following him off stage. Zero Suit Samus 35/65 ZSS’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHKEaCNg0RY ZSS is extremely irritating for Ike. She has a small hitbox, is very fast on the ground and in the air, a projectile that stuns you, and a perfect answer to your Aether recovery. In neutral, use a healthy dose of Nairs to keep her from zipping around everywhere and watch her projectile, she can charge it and it’ll do more damage and stun longer if it’s charged but she can’t store the charge like Samus, she has to fire it right away. Don’t get flustered by her speed and just keep calm and Nair on (should get that on a t-shirt). When recovering always quick draw high both to dodge her projectile and to avoid having to use Aether. If you must Aether, make sure to get as close as possible to the ledge, she can snag you with her whip from a safe distance if you come up above the ledge even a little bit. Be careful following her off stage when you knock her off, she has a vault-type recovery similar to Sheik’s except it’ll spike you so you’re better off waiting for her on stage. Wario – 50/50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdwGzYf0CqI A good Wario can be very annoying to deal with. He’s deceptively quick in the air and his aerials come out a lot faster than yours. In neutral try to keep him at bay with a healthy dose of Nairs, if you find yourself above him, try to make it back to the stage, his up-air is extremely fast and strong. While recovering use side-B when you can, if you think he might try to throw his bike at you you can try to time Aether so the super armor protects you (but watch out, his down air beats your Aether if he times it right). Edge-guarding Wario is very difficult because he’s so nimble in the air. A drop off Fair is risky so I’ll usually just hang out on the stage and try to catch him with a down tilt or f-tilt. Edge-trapping Wario can be good for Ike here, try to time a Fair to hit him as he gets up. Snake – 40/60 – Snake’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sx5PZPLk3w Snake is a real pain for Ike, his grenades make spamming your Nair dangerous, he can kill you pretty early with tilts and his edge-guarding game is fantastic. In neutral pay close attention to exactly what Snake is doing at all times, especially where his grenades and C4 are. You can catch the grenades and throw them back but they’re on a fairly short timer. You’ll also take damage if you get hit by the grenade before it explodes. When you get him above you he might try to drop a C4 on you so watch for his little crouch animation and you can also listen for a click sound that he makes when he plants it. When you’re recovering quick draw very high if you can, he’ll usually send out his controllable missile which is a huge pain because if it doesn’t outright hit you, it’s an attackable projectile so you’ll swing at it with your quick draw, potentially ruining your recovery. When he’s off-stage be very aggressive jumping off after him with Dairs and Fairs, his recovery is very predictable and punishable (just remember the helicopter thing can hit you once he lets go of it). Ike – 50/50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEqy6gBGXPw The mirror match is such a manly clash of titans. Remember that whoever jumps first is gonna have the advantage so if your opponent jumps first it’s better to just stay on the ground and punish after blocking his aerial. When recovering quick draw high to dodge a counter. If you have to use Aether, sweet spot the ledge so that he can’t counter you; then, when he’s off-stage jump or fall off Fairs work well, in addition to counters against his recoveries if you can time it right. Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle) – 30/70 Squirtle’s favor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHM-D8jGpig Squirtle is super aggravating in general, and especially to Ike. He’s like an obnoxious love child of Mario and Pichu; he has the crazy low percentage combos of Pichu plus the water shooting nightmare of Mario. Down tilts are good against him because of how small he is and he’ll usually stay on the ground until he gets his combo started with a grab. Space him with Fairs and Nairs and be aggressive once you get him above you. When you’re off stage, quick draw high so that hopefully water gun doesn’t screw you up and if you have to Aether get it right to the ledge. Pokemon Trainer (Ivysaur) – 40/60 Ivysaur’s favor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufw5WMQzFWc Ivysaur is a little easier than Squirtle, he’s larger and slower than his water type companion which can leave him open for your Nair combos. He does have a very good amount of range on his aerials however, and can attack you at odd angles so you should be creative and varied with your approaches. Also, watch out for his projectile, even though it looks like it might have a boomerang effect it does not come back. When recovering quick draw high due to the leaf projectile, and mind his Dair - it can spike you. Once you get him off stage don’t be aggressive with edge-guarding, he can throw his leaf at you and he has a tether recovery with a great amount of range, just wait for him to come back and ledge-trap him. Pokemon Trainer (Charizard) – 60/40 – Ike’s favor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPr00w7_tuU The best pokemon for Ike, he’s much larger and easier to hit than the other two and his recoveries are exploitable. He has great range on a lot of his attacks so try to get in close and string together some aerials. Quick draw high above him when recovering otherwise you risk taking a lot of damage or even dying to his flame breath. Once you get him off stage he can either go low and recover upwards with his Up-B or use Flare Blitz (his side-B) to make a massively powerful and fast horizontal recovery. Flare Blitz will make a distinctive sound right before he uses it and it will kill you early if it hits, but it also does damage to Charizard. If you think your opponent might use this to recover you can get in its path and counter for enormous damage. Pokemon Trainer (General Notes) The trainer’s rotation goes Squirtle > Ivysaur > Charizard so he can never go from Squirtle straight to Charizard and he can’t go Ivysaur to Squirtle. A lot of Pokemon trainer players will switch pokemon while off stage to change their recovery options. If you knock Ivysaur off too far, they might switch to Charizard and go for a Flare Blitz recovery so always keep in the back of your mind which pokemon can come out next and how to adjust your playstyle accordingly. They will also automatically switch to the next pokemon when they lose a stock. (I found 3 VODs for this matchup in no particular order considering how Pokemon trainer works as a character) Diddy – 40/60 Diddy’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdUWaq-zmNg Diddy is so frustrating to play against. He has very quick aerials and is fast in the air on top of that. In addition to his speed you always need to be worried about where the banana is, try to grab it by using an aerial or air-dodge near it and throw it back at him. The color of the little arrow above the banana tells you whose it is, and you won’t slip on your own banana. The banana will be owned by whoever last threw it. When recovering make sure to quick draw above the stage so that you can dodge either the banana or a peanut gun shot, either of which can interrupt your recovery and take your stock. Edge-guarding is difficult, he has a chargeable Up-B that can be released whenever he wants to, so it’s hard to time a Fair or counter off stage, better to wait on stage and try to get that down-tilt. Lucas – 40/60 - Lucas’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4wq1es4HHY Lucas is quick in the air, has annoying projectiles, can space you in the air with his snake, and has tons of options for edge-guarding you. You can win, however, if you stay in his face, keep up the pressure, and land those up-air kill confirms. Mind his aerial snake when you’re approaching, it can reach you outside of your Nair hitbox. Jump over his PK fires and get into melee range as soon as possible. You want to stay in that sweet spot where you outrange his own aerials and ground attacks but you’re too close for him to safely PK fire you. While recovering he can either try to PK freeze you, PK fire you, or send his PK thunder after you so it’s kind of a nightmare. Of the 3, PK Freeze is probably the easiest to dodge but if it hits you you’re definitely dead. Mix up your recoveries here, side-B high the first time, then fast-fall Aether next time, etc. Don’t let him get into an edge-guarding rhythm. Oh, and his back air spikes so watch out for that. While edge-guarding him you have some options, I’m a big fan of the drop off counter here if you see him start that PK thunder, just make sure you time it right. Eruption at the ledge or a drop off Fair can also work. Edge trapping is tough because his double jump is so potent but Fairs and tilts can work. Sonic – 45/55 Sonic’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV45RxJgJto Sonic is the fastest character in the game on the ground so it can be difficult to get your sword up in time to stop his approaches. Retreating Fairs work well against him and don’t forget about counter, it can make him think twice about spamming spin attacks. If you shield his spin attack you can do a quick short hop Bair out of shield to punish him. While recovering quick draw high because his Up-B produces a little spring and it can drop on you and ruin your Aether. When you get him off stage he’ll usually have to recover straight up, so you can try d-tilt, Eruption, or short hop Dairs at the ledge. King Dedede – 55/45 Ike’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fryI3QMOe8o (Ike match starts at 7:40) DDD can be bothersome to deal with, but if you take advantage of the fact that you’re much faster than him in the air you can come out on top. In neutral watch out for his gordo attack and also when he spits it out. You can attack the gordo to send it back at DDD and it can damage him if it hits him. He outranges you on the ground so try to approach him quickly through the air. Nair into grab is very reliable at low percents against him. Be extremely careful when edge-guarding, he can suck you up while falling and spit you out under the stage. When recovering keep an eye on the gordo if he decides to use that, if he chases you off stage you can try to ward him off with a Fair or a counter if you’re high enough, if you have to recover low make sure to sweet spot Aether to the ledge so the gordo has a low chance to catch you. Olimar – 40/60 Olimar’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZhM9FQw9jQ Olimar is very hard to hit with that tiny little body he has, but when you do hit him you’ll kill him early. Approach swiftly; don’t let him build up damage by throwing his pikmin at you. If you have a pikmin attached to you doing damage you can do an aerial to knock it off (this will also kill it and force Olimar to have to pluck another one out of the ground to replace it). Get him above you with Nairs and throws and go for those Uair kill confirms early, he doesn’t really have an answer to your Uair when he’s above you. Recovering is very difficult against Olimar, if he hits you with a purple pikmin it’ll knock you out of your quick draw or Aether, and if you have a pikmin eating you your quick draw won’t go anywhere cause it’ll hit the pikmin. Pay attention to which color pikmin Olimar is going to throw next (the only ones you need to know are the fat purple ones have knock back if he throws it at you, and the white ghost pikmin do the most damage (and fly the farthest) if they attach to you). Olimar’s pikmin will actually grow stronger if they survive during the match, you’ll see the leaf on their head turn into a bud and then a flower. The flower pikmin will do the most damage so make sure you’re killing his pikmin so that he doesn’t have a bunch of flower pikmin ready to tear you to shreds. When edge-guarding him his new Up-B causes him to kind of fly around for a bit so if he comes in at a horizontal angle you can definitely go for a drop off Fair. One final note on Olimar, his down-special (pikmin call) will actually grant him super armor for a second, so don’t be surprised if that happens. Lucario – 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHEXUyYTU9I You really out-range almost all of Lucario’s attacks, and he’s not that much faster than you so this is a pretty good matchup. Vary the speed of your attacks if he starts using his counter, if you bait it out it’s very punishable. Stay on him and keep the pressure up so he doesn’t have time to charge his Aura Sphere. If he gets you off stage, quick draw high to dodge the shadow ball. Using Aether to recover is terrible in this matchup, not only can he hit you with a well-timed Aura Sphere, he can also use his counter to knock you back off-stage. Once he’s recovering be super aggressive with jump and fall off Fairs, his Up-B has a little delay to it at the beginning and he can direct its angle but most Lucarios will go straight at the ledge so you can exploit this. R.O.B – 40/60 R.O.B’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4l8_Jv7HQI ROB has a ton of tools to make Ike’s life miserable. The laser and spinning top make approaching awkward for you, his recovery is fantastic which makes it very hard to edge-guard him, and he matches your range in the air. One thing you have going for you in this matchup is his large hitbox and generally light weight, which makes him easy to hit and KO. Approach fast, his top will stay on the stage longer and do more damage if he has more time to charge it. You can pick up the top and throw it back at him but if you walk too close to it when it’s spinning on the stage it’ll just damage you so I usually just try to leave it alone. Recovering against ROB will probably give you PTSD, both his top and laser can shoot you out of quick draw or Aether so quick draw high and then at random heights to throw him off. Additionally, his Dair can spike you straight out of Aether because it has so much range. Furthermore, edge-guarding ROB is basically impossible, he’s floaty so he can protect himself with lasers or spinning tops as he falls and then he has a very controllable Up-B recovery that allows him to pretty much fly around wherever he wants. Toon Link – 40/60 Toon Link’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07iqeBe3pB4 This matchup plays out very similar to Young Link. They both have the same projectiles, the main difference is Toon Link’s projectiles are more floaty (just like himself), his bombs and arrows stay out longer and are lighter, and his boomerang goes further and slower than Young Links’ but otherwise they’re almost identical. Approach rapidly so he can’t whittle you down with his projectiles and parry his projectiles when you can to keep your shield healthy. Recover high with side-B so the projectiles don’t interrupt you and if you have to Aether watch out for the bombs. For edge-guarding him, jump off Fairs work decently well just watch out if he has a bomb in his pocket. Drop off counters can also work against him. Wolf – 50/50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNlcebZ79_Q Wolf has some nasty combos; his aerials come out much faster than yours, and he can camp you with his blaster, but he dies early to you and doesn’t have a lot of good options if you get him above you. Stay in his face and don’t let him blaster spam you. Fast, reliable attacks are your friends here, down tilts, jabs, and Nairs. If he starts to juggle you with up-airs try to air dodge back to the ground as soon as you can, you’ll never pull out your own aerial or counter fast enough to break his combo. While recovering mind the blaster, side-B high if you can (but watch out for his up smash), if you have to recover low make sure to sweet spot Aether to the ledge so he can’t hit you with his blaster. Edge-guarding Wolf is difficult because of his multiple recovery options, plus if his side-B sweet spots you it’s a spike so I’ve found its best not to mess around with following him off the stage and better to wait on stage with an eruption or a down tilt. Edge-trapping is also problematic because he can use any of the normal getup methods or a drop off side-B and try to sweet spot you with it. Play it safe the first few times you get him on the ledge and see if he has a habit you can work around. Villager 20/80 Villager’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyjCIMjP8eg A good Villager is truly terrifying for Ike, and one of his worst matchups. Not only is he small and hard to hit but he’ll constantly be spamming his Fairs and Bairs (he shoots a small pellet through the air) it doesn’t do a lot of damage (4%-6% per hit) but they sure do add up because he can shoot them so quickly. Additionally, they can combo into his gyro special which is a delayed projectile that shoots slowly across the screen and blows up if it hits you. His ridiculously fast projectile spam makes it incredibly hard to approach unless you’re a god at parrying. And once he gets you off stage your woes continue, the aforementioned pellets of doom interrupt your quick draw recovery which can spell a tilting early death, and if you try to recover with Aether from below his F-smash will obliterate you (he drops a bowling ball that falls down on you). If you do manage to get him off stage be ready to block the incoming projectiles and maybe go for a short hop down air or down-tilt if he’s recovering from below, anything else is too risky. Try your best to get him above you, your up-air kills him very early and he has fewer options vertically than he does horizontally. If you can, pick the smallest stage you can find, and ban the larger stages. Mega Man - 30/70 Mega Man’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru2H50AC4mw Mega Man is a huge pain for Ike, his Bair and leaf shield do some good work negating our Nair approaches, and we have to approach fast because if we don’t we’ll get pummeled by 500 energy shots. Small stages are your friend here, give him less horizontal space to work with and you’ll have a better time. Quick note: If he lands his sticky bomb you can actually use counter to negate the damage from it when it’s about to go off. You can also simply shield when it’s about to go off and if Mega Man is nearby he’ll take damage from it. Recovering against Mega Man is like navigating a brutal maze of death. He’s got sticky bombs, a projectile down-air that spikes, a ranged F-Smash, oh and if you recover high he’s got an up-air that sends a tornado up to get you (and if it doesn’t do damage it can actually change the trajectory of your quick draw and may cause you to completely miss the stage and die off the other side). Mix up your recovery methods so he doesn’t get comfortable, every time you get back to stage safely should be considered a major victory. Edge guarding him is almost as hard as recovering yourself is, short hop down airs at the ledge are probably your best bet here. Edge trapping is where you can try to do some damage, F-tilts, U-tilts, and Fairs will keep him on his toes as he tries to get up. Wii Fit Trainer 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgkcnxxkMIE In neutral your aerials outrange the trainer’s and Wii Fit Trainer has average speed, so with proper spacing you can make it very hard for a WFT to get inside the range of your Nair. While recovering remember to use your Side-B to recover high when possible so WFT can’t snipe you with projectiles. While edge-guarding you can either channel Eruption from the ledge, drop off Fair, or go for a down tilt from the ledge. Just be aware that they can use either the soccer ball or energy projectile to block your edge-guarding attempts. For edge-trapping you can either try to time an aerial to hit as they get up, try an up-smash, or if they’re just hanging onto the ledge you can up tilt at the ledge which will cause a stage spike. Rosalina & Luma – 70/30 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCIKCFKX760 Luma is its own character much like Nana of the Ice Climbers, it can be KOed like a normal fighter which will severely hamper Rosalina’s attacks. Luma will respawn in a minute or so after it’s KOed or when Rosalina herself is KOed. Most of your aerials will also hit Luma if they hit Rosalina and this can cause them to be separated. If you have a spare second go ahead and hit Luma to try to knock it off stage, but don’t leave yourself vulnerable to Rosalina. You have a lot of range advantage over her normal attacks so space your Nairs properly and you’ll be able to rack up some damage on her. When recovering she may chase you off stage and go for a Fair, it’s her best aerial and it’ll kill you so fast fall Aether if you have to to dodge it. She also has a special attack that sends out a few mini stars from Luma which will also interrupt your recoveries. When she’s off stage a surprise fall off Fair works well but don’t do it every time. Your safer option is a d-tilt at the ledge – her recovery is very good. Little Mac – 55/45 Ike’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g37QYYseJEE Little Mac is extremely fast and powerful on the ground, but you completely dominate him in the air. Get him above you and get him off stage. Stay mobile and make good use of counter, if you counter one of his strong hits you can easily do 30+ damage, and it’s easy for Little Macs to attack in rhythm which leaves them open to a good counter. When recovering he’ll likely try to snag you with a smash attack at the ledge instead of jumping off after you so just make sure you sweet spot your recovery to the ledge every time. When edge guarding him you need to be very aggressive, jump off and Fair or jump off and counter, he’s out of his comfort zone out there so you need to punish him (however, realize when he can’t make it back and don’t needlessly take damage from his Up-B when he’s gonna die anyway). When edge-trapping him he’s more likely to roll up from the ledge or attack from the ledge than other characters so keep this in mind, f-tilts, aerials, and maybe even an up-smash work well here. Greninja – 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e3iF7fZZ50 Greninja is a fast little bugger but you severely out-range him and your Uair kills him at very low percents. Keep moving and jumping and use Nairs and Fairs to get some momentum. Don’t let him charge his projectile; it’ll make it a lot worse for you later on. Mix up the speed and rhythm of your attacks so you don’t get caught by his counter. He also has a special move where he jumps out of his shadow, so watch the ground for that and stay away or give him a counter of your own. When you’re recovering stay high with quick draw to dodge his ice projectile. Once he’s off-stage wait for him on stage with a d-tilt, and once he expects that of you, do a fall off Fair to surprise him. Mii Brawler 75/25 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHz_zdhX_qQ Mii Brawler is just not a very good character in general. Brawler’s aerials are quick but have very limited range, as Ike you SIGNIFICANTLY out-range Brawler. Just make good use of your aerial combos here, and retreating Fairs are especially good in this matchup because it can easily catch them as they try to approach you. Brawler does have a projectile they can throw out (like a shotput type ball thing). It doesn’t go very far but it does decent damage and knockback so watch out for that when recovering. When edge-guarding MB has a recovery similar to Sheik’s down-B so jumping or fall off Fairs work well. Tilts are your friend when edge-trapping, your F-tilt has way more range than MB’s get up attack. Mii Swordfighter – 40/60 Mii Swordfighter’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuSMEe_qUb0 I actually think Mii Swordfighter is an underrated character; he’s deceptively fast and has a good amount of projectile and kill options. Watch out for the long range chakram and wind attacks he can throw out, he’ll spam them at you all day unless you find a way to quickly approach. Like most characters, you out-range him in the air but he’s so quick that you need to be very clean with your aerials by not wasting any moves. When recovering use side-B high above the stage if you can to dodge his inevitable projectile spam and if you have to Aether make sure it sweet spots the ledge. When edge-guarding him a drop off counter can work well with proper timing but don’t try it repeatedly. And while edge-trapping give him a few steps of space so you can impose your range on him. Mii Gunner 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g66eolaCnw (match starts at 4:50) The Mii Gunner is a weird combination of a lot of projectile based characters. They have a medium ranged fire plume attack very similar to Simon and Richter’s, a charge shot very similar to Samus/Dark Samus, and a recovery kind of like Diddy’s. Their projectiles are fairly slow compared to other characters, so it’s not too difficult to approach and get in your comfort zone (pick a small stage if you can to help with this). Watch out for their Uair and F-smash attacks, they fire out energy bullets that shoot a fair distance above and in front of them respectively and both attacks can kill. Other than that, your melee attacks are vastly superior to theirs so as long as you don’t get camped this matchup is pretty easy for Ike. When recovering quick draw high to dodge the projectiles and if you have to Aether make sure you sweet spot to the ledge so they can’t hit you with their F-smash or projectiles. MG’s recovery shoots them up with an explosion, but compared to recoveries from the rest of the cast it’s not that great. You can go for jump off Fairs, fall off Fairs, or d-tilts and Dairs at the ledge once you get them off-stage. Palutena 55/45 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf4Zuk9wBlQ Palutena has a lot of tools that are effective against Ike but your massive sword will kill her very early, especially with Uair. Palutena has a ranged targeting shot that fires a few projectiles at you as well as a fire attack similar to Zelda’s Din’s fire except she can’t control it. The fire attack will kill you and is an excellent edge-guarding option against you. If you manage to shield her Nair hold down that shield button for a long time, her Nair stays out FOREVER. Focus on getting her above you and killing with Uair, her good options decrease drastically when she’s above you. If she knocks you off the stage use quick draw high (very high) above her to dodge the targeting projectiles, the fire, and the U-smash which has some crazy vertical range. She also has a counter ability similar to yours so avoid using Aether unless absolutely necessary. When you bounce her off the stage, she’ll use a teleport recovery similar to Mewtwo’s, you can either stay at the ledge and go for d-tilts and short hop Dairs or you can even jump off after her and go for a Fair (although that is more risky). Pac-Man –60/40 Ike’s favor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUjfHeRV4bs Pac-Man is a good matchup for you if you space your aerials properly, Pac-Man’s aerials are fast but they don’t have nearly the range that yours do. Keep an eye out for which power-up he pulls out, they each do different things, the only thing you really need to know as the Ike player is that the key will do a lot of damage and kill you at high percent, and the bell will stun you for a second. When recovering watch out for his hydrant, if he uses it in the air it’ll drop straight down so air dodge to the ledge when you can. Pac-Man’s recovery is ridiculous, he can recover from extremely far away, but you can see where he’s about to go so if your timing is good you can drop off and Fair him or short hop down air at the ledge. Edge-trapping isn’t too hard against him, mix it up with tilts and aerials each time and watch out for one of his quick aerials as he gets up. Robin – 55/45 Ike’s favor. [Can’t find any good VODs of this matchup] The Robin matchup is very skill-based. He/she has multiple projectiles to keep you at bay, but you beat him/her if you can get up close and personal. Watch out for his/her thunder and fire attacks as you stay airborne while approaching. His/her aerials are fast but you severely out-range him/her so take advantage of that. Another quick note with Robin, you can keep track of the durability left on his/her special attacks with the meter down near his/her percentage, once one runs out he/she can’t use it again for a while or until death. Recover high when you can just like when you’re against any other character with projectiles. When edge-guarding watch out for a long-range lightning attack from off stage if it’s charged up, otherwise you can try down-tilting at the ledge, short hop down-airing, or a drop off Fair if his/her trajectory calls for it. Shulk 60/40 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtpGAhG1PH4 Shulk is a swordsman like yourself and matches you for range on a lot of attacks, you are stronger though and can kill him very early, especially if he has certain Monado Arts equipped which we’ll go over below. Shulk’s B is Monado Art; he can choose one of 5 effects that alter his character during the battle. Jump increases his jump height but decreases his defense. Speed increases his run speed but reduces his attack power and jump height. Shield increases his defense and weight while reducing his attack power and run speed. Buster increases his attack while lowering his defense and launch power. And finally Smash increases his launch power while reducing his attack power and launch resistance. Once he selects one, you’ll see a small meter down by his percentage, once it runs out his stats will return to normal and he can’t repeatedly select the same Art. Shulk’s aerials are very good and rival yours so get in his face and keep the pressure up so it’s hard for him to switch to whatever Monado Art he wants. As you’ll notice in the video when Ike grabs Shulk at 3:17 when he has the Shield Art equipped a down throw chain grab might be possible as long as he has his Shield art on (NEED TO TEST THIS). Shulk does have a counter attack he can use against our recovery options so keep that in mind when you recover, usually its best to go right to the ledge. When you knock him off you can channel Eruption at the ledge, jump or fall off and Fair him or D-tilt at the ledge. If you decide to go off stage after him for a Fair keep in mind a lot of Shulk’s will switch to the Jump Art which increases the height of their double jump a lot. Bowser Jr. 60/40 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D742GKAewHw You can actually pick up their mecha-koopa and throw it back at them. If their mecha-koopa reaches the end of a platform it will turn around and go back the other way. He also has a cannonball projectile that moves slow but is spammable. If you can get in close without taking too much damage from his projectiles you’ll be golden. He doesn’t have a lot of options when he’s above you so aggressively pursue up-air juggle opportunities. Side-B high above him during recovery in order to dodge the cannonballs. Bowser Jr’s recovery is actually very good, he can side-B for horizontal and then up-B for vertical recovery and he can do them both without touching the ground. So for edge-guarding him I’d recommend sticking with a down-tilt at the ledge or a short hop down air at the ledge, anything else is too risky or has a low chance of success. Duck Hunt 55/45 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VjELDF8dY8 (He switches to Inkling for the 2nd game but then he goes back to Duck Hunt for the 3rd) Duck Hunt is a very weird character with strange projectiles. First, he can spawn a can of explosive...stuff? If he activates it again it’ll get shot by some mysterious bullet and move. Once either enough time has passed or enough damage has been dealt to the can, it’ll explode (this can kill you but not until about 180%+). He can also spawn a...I’m gonna say villain. His eyes shine after a second and then he’ll shoot his gun straight towards you (this can also detonate his can). If you attack the villain before he shoots he’ll get perturbed and de-spawn without firing his gun. He also has a Frisbee type projectile that does damage to you multiple times if it hits you. If you’re able to successfully weave through all those obnoxious projectiles you have a distinct advantage in melee range. Nair him relentlessly and get him above you, Uair confirms kills very early against him and he doesn’t have many good options when he’s above you. When recovering quick draw high to dodge the projectile spam, and mind his can, if you hit it with quick draw you’ll swing your sword at it and cancel your sideways momentum (also the can will probably explode). He basically flies around for his recovery – it’s very good – so just wait for him on stage with a d-tilt or a short hop Dair. If you try to channel eruption he’ll just hit you with a projectile. Ryu + Ken – 55/45 Ike’s favor – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BNzWTryJec The Street Fighter duo is a pretty even matchup for Ike. You out-range them (except for Shoryuken) but they’re faster than you in terms of when their attacks come out. The key is to get in range for your Nairs (without getting hit by Shoryuken) but not close enough that they can hit you with their fists. When recovering quick draw high to dodge the Shoryuken. If you get him off-stage it’s dangerous to stand at the ledge because his Up-B will hit you through the stage as he grabs the ledge so your best bet is either to channel Eruption a few steps from the ledge to edge-trap him with it or jump off and Fair him if he’s coming in more horizontally. Cloud – 40/60 Cloud’s favor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwOVsshM0fM Cloud is a tough matchup for Ike in my opinion. He’s just as good as you are in the air, is faster on the ground, and has a very potent projectile. In neutral get in his face and use your quick attacks to keep up the pressure so he can’t camp you with his projectile attack or charge his limit break. Don’t underestimate counter here if you see him get into a rhythm. I like to start countering more when his meter is charged just to make him second guess himself before unleashing one of his upgraded special moves. While recovering side-B high to dodge his projectile while also keeping an eye out for his Fair - it spikes. When edge-guarding you can stand at the ledge and time a counter to hit him as he comes up or channel eruption from a few steps back. You can even drop off Fair if you don’t think he’s expecting it. Be cautious when edge-trapping, he has a lot of good options for getting up, you should find success if you space your tilts well. Corrin – 40/60 Corrin’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7XoQXUuvDA Corrin matches your range in the air, gets most attacks out faster than you, and has a projectile and counter to ruin your recoveries. Try not to get juggled, get back to the ground quick if you find yourself above him/her. His/her projectile is good but it’s not spammable so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting in melee range. When recovering watch out for both his/her stunning projectile and the counter, so quick draw above him/her or air dodge to the ledge when you can. When you get him/her off stage eruption at the ledge is a fantastic option, if you position correctly and time it well you can catch him/her right before the ledge grab. Bayonetta – 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q1QiQkfqzw Bayonetta racks up a ton of damage very quickly against you with her crazy aerial combos, but she has a distinct lack of options to actually take your stock. You, on the other hand, kill her very early with Bair and Uair so the damage you manage to get on her means a lot more than the damage she gets on you. This is another matchup where a level head is very important; her seemingly endless aerial combos can be very annoying. Just remember she’ll most likely need to take you to at least 150% every time to actually take your stock. When recovering mind her foot bullets, if she charges them they’ll do more damage and knockback (they also fire at an upwards angle) so either quick draw above it or fast fall below and Aether. When edge-guarding her, a d-tilt at the ledge is your best and safest option, this can lead into Fair and Bair kill confirms. Inkling – 55/45 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yto_JrDoVWw Inkling is a great character, very high on most tier lists; she has quick aerials, an incredible dash dance game, a damage multiplier mechanic, and an above average recovery. You out-range her in the air though, so keep her at the tip of your sword to make it difficult for her to counter your approach. Be careful if she starts combo-ing you with aerials, you can very easily get juggled all the way off-stage so hold onto your double jump or you’ll be a dead man. When recovering just keep an eye out for her paint bombs, they move through the air slowly so you shouldn’t have too much trouble dodging them. When you get her off stage your best bets are eruption at the ledge or short hop down air. Ridley – 45/55 Ridley’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vuxajj_VW6s Ridley is a deceptively fast heavy character who will give you nightmares if you don’t recover properly against him. Ridley has a large grab range and can combo down throw into his Nair so stay airborne and mobile to make it hard for him to grab you. Speaking of his Nair, his comes out faster than yours and has almost as much range so you might need to get a little creative with your approaches, mixing in full hops with the short hops, fast falling then not fast falling, etc. Recovering is very important against Ridley, he can easily gimp you with his flames. Make sure to recover high above him when you can and if you have to Aether try to sweet spot the ledge and be ready to spam it as the flames continuously interrupt you. Edge-guarding him is difficult, he has multiple jumps and recovery methods, so just play it safe and stay on the stage with a d-tilt. Edge-trapping is much easier, mix up your options to keep him guessing. Simon + Richter – 40/60 Simon/Richter’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNYspnsIyW8 Simon and Richter both have such a ridiculous projectile and camping game it makes it really hard to get in range to do anything as Ike. Pick the smallest stage you can and do your best to weave through the maze of boomerangs fire and axes to get to your target. The axe is the worst because it flies at the perfectly correct angle to thwart your aerial approaches, so you might want to stay on the ground more than you normally would in this matchup. The fire is actually a catchable projectile before it hits the ground so you can catch it and throw it back which makes the fire yours. Once you do get into melee range you need to make it count cause as soon as they knock you away with something its back to projectile spam. Recovering against them just sucks. You have to worry about the holy cross boomerang and the axe – which will kill you. Air-dodging to the ledge is your best option but if you can’t do that make sure to time your quick draw so you don’t dash straight into the axe. If you have to choose between the boomerang and the axe pick the boomerang, at least it won’t outright kill you. When you get them off-stage be aggressive with jump off Fairs but only if they’re at stage level or above (Note: Do the jump off Fair if they’re too far away to tether to the ledge with their whip, if you jump off and they tether they can easily turn it around on you). If they’re below the stage just stay put and go for a d-tilt at the ledge King K Rool – 60/40 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LjEmCUMwq4 The Donkey Kong villain has a lot of tricks up his sleeves but nothing you can’t handle. He has two projectiles, his crown which acts like a boomerang, and his blunderbuss which shoots a slow moving cannonball towards you. Once he shoots the cannonball his gun turns into a vacuum somehow and will suck up either you or his cannonball and relaunch it. He also has a super-armor mechanic on a lot of his moves, the dash attack and neutral air being the ones you’re most likely to actually hit him during. If you look closely you can see cracks start to appear on his breastplate after he makes use of the super armor a couple times. Once his breastplate fully breaks he’s stunned for a long time, just like if you broke his shield. It’s rare that that happens but just something to keep in mind. His projectiles are very slow so you shouldn’t have a problem closing the gap. Once you get in a lot of your moves are faster than his so take advantage to rack up some damage. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the crown doesn’t return to him it’ll become a throw-able item on the stage and K Rool won’t be able to throw his crown again until he retrieves it (or dies). You can try to use the crown against him or simply throw it off the side of the stage if you want. Don’t try to edge-guard him, you’ll either get hit with a crown, his propeller, or even worse – get sucked up by his gun as he falls and then get spat out under the stage. When you’re recovering quick draw high to dodge the cannonballs and crowns inevitably flying at you. Isabelle – 45/55 Isabelle’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3xZ1-Y9TY8 Similar to Villager, Isabelle will spam her Fairs at you to try to whittle you down, but this matchup is much easier than Villager because Isabelle plants her gyros in the ground instead of shooting them at you, so you only need to deal with one projectile in this matchup. Approach quickly and mix up your full hops and short hops so it’s harder for her to hit you. While recovering go above her with quick draw in order to dodge both the Fairs and the dreaded fishing rod. If she casts the rod off of the edge of the stage it drops a bit and can still catch you. When edge-guarding keep in mind she can grab the ledge with her fishing rod, but if she’s forced to use her balloons to recover you can attempt an Eruption right at the ledge which can catch her with the lower part of the hitbox. She doesn’t have many good options for getting back onto the stage so use tilts and aerials to trap her on the ledge. Incineroar 65/35 Ike’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uMsvAYh1tc (Incineroar match starts at 6:38) Incineroar is a powerful character but he has a disadvantage against Ike because he lacks one of Ike’s main weaknesses – a projectile. Plus, he doesn’t have the range to match Ike in close quarters. Switch up your style during the match to throw him off, approach aggressively at first, then wait for him to come to you while using retreating Fairs in the next stock. When recovering, he might use a tilt or smash attack at the ledge or jump off and try to use an aerial against you. Use Aether or quick draw depending on how he decides to edge-guard you. When you get him off stage some Incineroar’s will attempt to hit you with the downward part of their Up-B as they come back onto the stage, if your opponent shows this tendency you can punish with a counter. If they’re off stage horizontally you can go for a jump off or fall off Fair. Incineroar’s recovery is not that great so try to recognize when he’s dead and don’t take unnecessary damage trying to edge-guard him. Piranha Plant – 40/60 Piranha Plant’s favor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6K_HJCUKQ4 The newest addition to the Smash roster is here and he’s pretty good against Ike. He’s very quick in the air; he has a reliable spike, great recovery, a small hitbox, and a fantastic edge-guarding game. Approach the plant with caution, the spiky ball does a whopping 22% damage and will kill you at about 120%+. His poison cloud ability will do damage to you but it has no knockback, and you’ll take more damage if you stay in the center of the cloud. One more note on Piranha Plant, his D-special where he goes into his pipe and then pops out really far in a direction gives him super armor so don’t rush in to punish that. When recovering go high with quick draw so you don’t get hit by the spiky ball of doom. If you have to Aether try to time it so you get your super armor when the spiky ball hits you. Bonus note: Piranha Plant has a distinctly unusual ability in smash, if you footstool a crouching Piranha Plant he will bite you without any input needed from the player. If you get him off-stage Eruption, d-tilts, or short hop Dairs work great at the ledge and you can also fall off Fair since your Fair out-ranges the hitbox of his recovery.
  5. Hey all, I just thought I'd post these websites in case anyone was already or wanted to start messing around with SRPG Studio. Here's the manual for the game. http://srpgstudio.com/english/help/index.html. And here is the script reference page. http://srpgstudio.com/english/api/index.html. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I'm no whiz, but hopefully I or someone else in the thread should be able to help.
  6. 5/17/2018 UPDATE: I posted this before; but the original guide suffered from a number of problems caused by bits of cutscene RNG, as well as my own lack of oversight. As such, I have decided to re-upload it, with all the fixes it so badly needed before. Thank you for reading! Alright then everyone, the time has come! It is time I gave you my step-by-step guide to maxing all the ranks in Lyn mode, getting Nils to Level 7, and somehow breaking Lyn's story even harder than Melth did in the process! So then, before we go onto the chapters themselves, let's go over the way this game determines chance, shall we? Now, to determine things like whether or not a character misses on a 74% chance of hitting someone, or whether someone gets 7 stats or no stats on a level up, this game uses a long series of random numbers that it generates when you start up the game. And of course, Melth has already gone over how two RN's (random numbers) are used to hit someone (and the following implications that that has on how you should read the percentages), but of course, things are much more involved than just that, and we're going to need to cover the rest of how randomness works in this game if you're going to understand anything I'm doing, and why it works. So then, first of all, the basic stuff. In addition to using two RN's to decide if your blow does or doesn't land, the game also uses RN's for other things. Firstly, if the game decides that if you managed to hit your enemy, it will then use another RN to decide if your attack is a critical or not. And if your Critical Hit% is higher or equal to whatever RN the game brings up, you will score a critical hit! And then, if and only if you actually get a critical hit, the game will then use yet another RN to decide if that critical hit becomes a Silencer critical, even if your class is NOT an assassin. In addition, the game does not have separate lists of RN's dedicated only to level ups, or dedicated only to combat, or anything like that. No, when you boot up your game, the game just generates one extremely long list of numbers, and then uses that list to determine everything. So essentially, in any single round of combat, you will always burn at least two RN's, even if you just whiff one Javelin throw on a dodgy enemy or whatever. Or, you might burn 8-10 RN's depending on how fast you are compared to your enemy. And if you're both wielding Brave Weapons, and you have 4 more AS than your enemy, you can burn as many as 36 RN's in a single round (assuming of course, that all of you and your opponents attacks, with all of them being criticals that you both somehow survived). So, how is any of this relevant? "Who cares?" you might ask. Well, here's the thing. You see, when you turn on your game, and it loads up it's long list of numbers...the numbers on that list are NOT random. Instead, the list is a pre-determined list that the game always uses when you start up your game. So if you turn your console on, that list will ALWAYS start the same way it did as the last 105 times you turned it on! Now, it won't do that if you use the A + B + Start + Select reset trick (which we will refer to as a "soft reset" from this time forward). No, you will still be on the same spot on the list that you were before the reset. And if you choose to "Resume Chapter", the game will remember where you were at on the list before you left, and return things to the way you were. BUT, if you actually turn off your game then turn it back on (which we will call a "hard reset"), then you will return right back to the very beginning of the list, at the same spot, every time. And what that means is, assuming you always clear a chapter the exact way, with the exact same characters, with the exact same movements, and the exact everything else, and do a Hard Reset before each run...you will always...always...ALWAYS, get the same results each and every time. So we're going to be doing exactly that. Let us begin! And remember... Hard Reset=Turn off your game then turn it back on. Soft Reset=Use the A + B + Start + Select reset trick. 2 RN's are used for hitting enemy. 1 RN checks for criticals if your attack lands 1 RN checks for Silencers if you get a critical (even on non-assassins who don't have that skill) Here's my affinity if you're curious. I have never S-Ranked Hector Hard Mode before, so if Melth thinks this affinity is best, who am I to argue :shrug: ? Anyways... Prologue (5 Turns): 1: Go 3 up and 2 left. 2: Go west without attacking. 3: Attack Batta from the east. 4: Finish him! 5: You are winner! Those there are my written notes for which exact sequence of moves will get us what we want. Note that you do have to go 3 up and 2 left on turn 1, because the game also uses RN's to determine how exactly enemies move. For example... Let's say that there was an enemy standing in the exact same spot that Lyn is standing in right now, and it wants to move to where the cursor is. Well, there are multiple ways that the enemy could do that. It could move like this... Or it could move like this... Or perhaps it could move like this... And so on and so forth. But in addition to burning RN's to decide which exact path the enemy takes to where it's going, the game also uses RN's to decide where the enemy moves relative to where you are. So let's say that the brigand here is only 4 spaces southwest of Lyn, and it wants to move closer to her. It can't reach her, so what does it do? Does it go 4 spaces north and 1 space east? Or would it go 4 spaces east, and 1 space north? Or perhaps it would go 3 spaces north, and 2 spaces east? The game uses the same list of RN's to determine which of these equally viable actions an enemy would take, and in this way, even little things like how exactly you move end up playing a role in how many RN's are burnt on the Enemy Phase. So when you read the instructions that I post for each chapter, you'll generally want to follow them very carefully. Speaking of which... Whenever you find an instruction like "Go west without attacking", and I don't specify just how far west you're supposed to go, that means that I'm telling you to go as far west as you possibly can, just I want the instructions to be as concise as possible, so I won't actually say "go all the way west" when I'm expecting you to do just that. Now look at this mess I've gotten myself into! I am literally attacking a full health Batta, with only 6 HP, on the Player Phase. This move would be tantamount to suicide in any normal playthrough. But if you follow my instructions, not only will Lyn not die... But she'll even get an awesome level out of it! In fact, my instructions are specifically designed to give awesome levels every time you level up, for everyone, not just Sain (though he gets slightly better levels than everyone else anyways). So then, before we go to the next chapter... ALWAYS do a hard reset on your game before every chapter. These notes are specifically designed to be as easy to pull off as possible, so if you botch something on a Chapter, you won't have to restart your entire run just for everything to go right. Just do a Hard Reset, and presto! You're still good to go! So, on to Chapter 1... Chapter 1 (5 Turns): Remember to use Weapon Triangle Advantage unless I SPECIFICALLY say otherwise. 1: Kent attacks brigand w/lance from below, Lyn gives a sword to Sain from the east, then Sain attacks from above with lance. 2: Sain 3 east while equipping sword, Kent gives sword to Lyn from the east. 3: Sain 2 east and 2 north. 4: Sain attacks Zugu. 5: Sain kills Zugu with sword, Kent 3 east w/lance. Here you will see the first, but certainly not the last, instance of attacking axe users with lances, not just to preserve the funds rank, but because things can go slightly different depending on if the enemy hits or does not hit your character during combat. In this case, that could be the difference between 5 RN's being burnt, or 6 RN's being burnt, which means we might not get levels like this! Ok, so they may not seem like the greatest levels ever...but actually, it's very important that we get a lot of Strength and Speed. Strength, so that units like Florina, Kent, and Lyn can ORKO enemies they otherwise wouldn't be able to (and therefore helping your Combat score). So for example, Sain needs at least 9 Speed to double brigands on Chapter 4, everyone needs 12 Speed to double mercenaries, and Flor needs 9 Strength and 13 Speed so she can instantly kill cavalries with an Iron Lance on Chapter 10. And if we're looking at these units joining in on Hector Hard Mode, Lyn needs at least 10 Strength in order to ORKO mercenaries on Chapter 16, even if they spawn with maximum defensive stats. So these Strength and Speed levels are actually very important to get, even if they come at the cost of other stats (though don't worry, our characters don't end up glass cannons ;) ). So then, Chapter 2... Chapter 2 (4 Turns): 1: Sain into forest w/lance, move Kent and Lyn forward, just outside enemy range. 2: Attack wall with Sain's lance, and put Lyn and Kent next to Sain. 3: Break down wall with lance, Attack east brigand with Lyn, put Kent 2 west of Glass, 4: Kent weakens boss, Sain kills him. Then Lyn trades Sain her sword in return for his Vulnerary and captures throne. Not much to say about this one. So, moving on... Chapter 3 (3 Turns): (Lyn Wields Mani Katti From Now On) 1: Lyn gets Wil, Wil attacks archer, Kent kills archer w/lance, Flor rescues Lyn from below, flies 2 west of eastern forest, then Sain gives Flor his Iron Lance and dumps Lyn onto forest. 2: Kent trades his Iron Lance for Sain's 30 use Iron Sword then heads for shop, Sain OHKOs merc, Lyn kills archer, then Flor goes 4 west. 3: Flor gets money from village, Kent buys Iron Lance and Sword, Lyn kills merc, and Sain attacks Miguel. First of all, Turn 1 of this chapter is kind of interesting in the strategy you use to low turn it. I don't talk about the strategies that go into most of the Chapters since many of them can be summed up as "go all out while sometimes doing seemingly pointless things"...but this one is an exception. See, in order to beat this in 3 turns, you either have to rescue drop Sain (or someone else strong) over the walls, or you have to drop someone like Lyn on the forest here. Otherwise, if you can't mow down most of the enemies on Turn 1, they're just going to end up clogging the passageway, and making it impossible to get to Miguel on time. In other news, Kent gets to buy a new Iron Lance, and everyone gets to have awesome level ups... Really, that's one of the most awesome things about following my notes. Not only do you get these awesome level ups, but, because the Lyn Mode maps are so simple, following a step-by-step guide is WAY easier than it otherwise would be if we were on one of the later maps. In fact, they're really not even that hard to do even WITHOUT having to look at them! I myself can go through multiple chapters without ever having to look them up, something I'd never be able to do if I were on, say, Cog of Destiny. Now then, I believe that's all for the important stuff. So now, here's everything else, with checkpoint pictures and everything! Chapter 4 (8 Turns): (NOTE BY RAINBUCKETS: "If you mash Start as fast as possible, you will actually skip the cutscene before the blue guys (Lyn’s group) spawns. If this happens, you won’t burn the right number of RNs. You need to wait for the blue guys to appear, then hit start. You will know if you do this incorrectly because Sain gets the wrong level up on turn 1") 1: Sain 3 west and 4 south to kill Brigand, Lyn below Wil, Flor east of Lyn, Wil goes 1 northwest, Kent 1 northwest of Lyn. 2: Kent kills west archer from above w/lance, Sain kills east archer w/lance, Dorcas and Flor hide DIRECTLY behind Lyn (right next to her). 3: Flor equips Iron Lance and goes 3 south and 1 west from northern merc, Kent goes 2 spaces northwest with lance equipped. 4: Kent kills bottom brigand from the right w/lance... Flor attacks the northernmost merc with Iron Lance from below (always assume she's using the Iron Lance unless stated otherwise). 5: Kent 3 north w/sword, Flor criticals the merc. 6: Flor attacks. 7: Kent uses lance on brigand, Flor attacks merc, Sain attacks Carjiga from forest with lance. 8: Stupid game mechanics quirk (rescue chapters always cost one more Turn than they're supposed to)! This chapter here is where things start getting a little harder, just because now you start having to do things in a specific order to get what you want. For example, on Turn 5, if Florina attacks her enemy before Kent attacks his, Kent won't get the awesome level that he's supposed to. So that starts making things a little more complicated. Anyways... Chapter 5: (Let Lyndis's Mercernaries move then spam Start; you'll know you got it right if the Mercenary near Bug has 3 Strength) 1: Kent goes 1 north and 2 east w/sword, Sain kills archer w/lance, Wil goes 1 south, Lyn recruits Serra and Erk, Erk goes south of Sain, then Flor rescues Lyn and goes east. 2: Kent kills brigand, Sain 2 south of brigand w/sword, Flor goes under merc and drops Lyn on the forest north of Bug, then goes 1 north. 3: Lyn kills archer, Sain buys two Javelins, and Flor kills Bug w/Slim Lance -------------------- JUN 6, 2017 UPDATE: REMEMBER TO USE THE ANGELIC ROBE ON FLORINA!! Just warning you now; the Chapter 7x strat will not work if you don't -------------------- Chapter 6: (Let Lyndis's Mercenaries move before skipping them) Turn 1: Have Kent get Door Key and go 3 east of Sain, then have Flor get Kent's Door Key while going east (make sure to re-equip that Iron Lance!). Give Kent a Javelin before Sain goes all the way north (making sure that Sain's got a free inventory space). Have Lyn, Matthew, and Rath do Normal Mode stuff, and have everyone else get closer to the castle). Turn 2: Sain kills soldier with his sword, Matthew gets chest, Flor kills soldier, and the main group goes into the castle (with Rath and Kent helping to get Lyn into castle, so you won't have to remember to move her on Turn 3). Turn 3: Have Flor open door and go up to soldier, have Sain open door for Matthew, and have Matthew get into position to get Armorslayer next turn. Turn 4: Flor and Matthew do their thing, Lyn kills archer, Kent attacks Bool w/lance, Sain finishes him off, and Rath ends the level. Nice! -------------------- JUN 6, 2017 UPDATE: USE THE ANGELIC ROBE ON FLORINA!! Seriously, the rest of the guide just will not work until Florina hunkers down and EATS that Angelic Robe! -------------------- Chapter 7: (Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Rath, and Flor) 1: Kent kills shaman w/lance, Lyn criticals archer from south with Nils's help, Sain equips Javelin, and moves next to Flor. Flor then equips the Slim Lance, picks him up, and goes 5 east and 2 south. To finish the turn off, Rath picks up Kent (MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT KENT HAS A SWORD EQUIPPED, NOT A LANCE!), and goes onto the vendor. 2: Drop Sain onto Fort and then have Flor go 2 north and one east, where the mercenary will attack her from the south. After that, have Lyn go 2 east without attacking, drop Kent onto the Fort (MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT KENT HAS A SWORD EQUIPPED, NOT A LANCE!), then have Rath go 1 west so that Nils can dance for him. 3: Lyn kills merc from above or below, have Flor critical brigand with her Slim Lance, Rath or Kent gets Pure Water with Nil's help, and then have Sain attack Heintz with his Iron Lance. And there we go. Now let's go and get Ninian's stupidly OP ring back! Chapter 7x: (Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Flor, Erk, Rath, Nils, Matthew, Dorcas) Matthew needs three free inventory spaces, Kent needs two free inventory spaces, Matthew and Lyn must have an Iron Sword, Dorcas must have an Iron Axe, and Rath must have Wil's Iron Bow (Short Bow is worth too much). Turn 1: Flor kills soldier (always use Iron Lance when possible, except when told otherwise), Matthew moves 2 west and 4 north, Nils dances for him from the left. Put Matthew 2 west of Flor, put Kent next to Nils and Flor, put Sain next to Nils with sword equipped, put Rath below Sain, move Lyn west as far as she can, move Dorcas and Lucius next to Lyn, and move Erk 2 west. Turn 2: Sain breaks wall, Matthew steals Vulnerary from west, Nils dances for him, Flor kills the archer from above, and then Matthew goes 2 south and 3 east. Rath goes 2 north and 1 east, Lyn west of Rath, Lucius below Lyn, Dorcas south of Rath, and Kent goes somewhere in treasure room. Turn 3: Matthew steals Vulnerary, Flor goes 3 south of soldier, Nils dances for Flor on pillar, Kent above Flor, Rath rescues Matthew and goes above Sain, then Sain drops Matthew onto chest and stops 2 west of Kent. Dorcas attacks cavalry from close up, Erk kills it from any spot in the east, and Lucius and Lyn go up (with Lyn equipped with Mani Katti). Turn 4: Flor kills soldier from the west... Matthew goes between Kent and Sain, unloads his stuff onto Kent, then steals Lockpick from above... Nils dances for Matthew from above, Matthew loots Hammer... Rath rescues Matthew from below and goes next to Kent, Kent drops Matthew below Nils and goes 1 north and 2 east of Nils, and Sain goes 2 south of Beyard w/Javelin equipped. Finally, have Dorcas go west of cracked wall, and have Lyn go as far north as she's able with her Iron Sword equipped. Turn 5: Have Dorcas kill the last soldier, have Rath hit the Thief, Sain kills Beyard with the Javelin... Flor kills thief, Lyn goes onto pillar and kills merc with Mani Katti, Matthew steals Vulnerary from remaining merc with help from Nils, and then Kent rescues Matthew (so merc will target Lyn on enemy phase). Now THIS one has a strategy that I'm particular fond of. There's a TAS for S-Ranking Lyn Mode out right now, and that TAS also steals all the Vulneraries just like Melth did. So my strategy is mostly an adaptation of that, except, instead of getting Matthew to crit like the TAS did, I found a way so that it wouldn't be needed. Chapter 8: Let Lyn and Co. appear on the map before skipping any scenes. Florina and Kent have Javelin Equipped (Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Flor, Dorcas, Nils, Lucius and Serra) Turn 1: Lucius, Dorcas, and Sain go east in that order. Then Lyn goes next to Flor, and Flor rescues her before going 4 south and 3 east. Then Nils dances for Flor from above, Flor drops Lyn onto bottom forest and goes north, Kent goes as far south as he can, and Serra goes east. Turn 2: Lucius goes 1 south and 4 east, Sain OHKO's mage from west w/lance, Serra heals Nils, Flor rescues Sain and goes 3 south of Nils, Nils dances for her... And then Flor goes south and drops Sain east. Finally, Lyn goes south into forest, and Kent goes 4 south and 3 east. Turn 3: Lucius gets Lancereaver, Sain puts himself right above Yogi w/lance equipped but does not attack, Dorcas kills Shaman, Nils dances for experience, Lyn kills archer, Flor equips Iron Lance and flies onto the southwest Forest tile that's DIRECTLY next to both of the eastern forts, and then Kent kills the Ballista archer. Now for the last enemy phase... And there we go! Chapter 9: If you mash Start, you skip an important cutscene and will fail the level. Lyn won’t kill the Cavalier on turn 1. In this case, it’s pretty deceptive because you can actually still get the exact same Dorcas level up on turn 2. We're not sure which cutscene it is, but RainBucket believes that it's Wallace's. (Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Flor, Dorcas, Nils and Rath) Turn 1: Lyn moves next to Flor, Flor rescues Lyn and goes 1 east of bridge tile. Nils dances for Flor, and then Flor goes 6 east, drops Lyn to the right, and then goes 1 south. Sain goes 1 east of Nils, Rath goes 1 north and 2 west of middle fortress, Kent goes into southernmost forest w/lance, and have Dorcas walk up to fortress as Wallace gets the Torch. Turn 2: Dorcas kills soldier... Flor goes 2 west of Eagler, Sain kills merc and then goes below Flor with Nil's help. Rath goes 2 west. Turn 3: Lyn kills cavalier, Sain attacks Eagler, Nils dances for Lyn from below, Lyn goes 1 west, Dorcas goes west next to fort, have Wallace go 2 south, and then put Rath southeast of him. That way, the northern brigand will aggro towards Kent and not towards Dorcas. Turn 4: Kent kills northern brigand w/lance, Flor kills archer, Sain kills Eagler... And then Lyn seizes the castle! Awesome! Chapter 10: Florina is required to use the Angel Robe for this to work. Don't worry, you can still use the Energy Ring! Also, keep having Nils dance every single turn here. (Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Florina, Dorcas, Nils, Rath, Serra, Rath and Dorcas): Turn 1: Flor attacks merc from above with Iron Lance, have Dorcas go 1 north and 2 east, have Nils go into the closest forest while dancing for him, put Rath west of Dorcas, and put Serra south of Dorcas. Turn 2: Flor criticals west archer from the north. Have Dorcas go 2 south and 1 east, have Nils dance for him from the east (careful how you move Nils), have Dorcas go 1 northeast, and have Rath go 1 northwest of Dorcas. After that, have Lyn go south, and have Sain go north of her. Turn 3: Nils keeps dancing with Dorcas next to him, and Flor goes 2 south. Turn 4: Same thing, except have Flor go 2 west. Turn 5: Have Serra heal Nils then go back to where she was (by having Nils play for her). After that, have Flor go into northern fort, have Lyn go into the river, and have Sain go 1 south. Turn 6: Have Lyn go another space south (at this point, I'm assuming you're always having Nils play) Turns 7-9: Keep passing the turns. Turn 10: Flor goes 5 east. Turn 11: Flor kills the shaman from above, have Serra heals Nils and then have her move back to where she was. Turn 12: Flor gets the Energy Ring and goes west. Turn 13: Flor goes 2 north and 5 west. Turn 14: Flor rescues Sain and goes south. Turn 15: Have Serra heal Nils and then go back to where she was. Flor goes south and drops Sain to the south. Turn 16: Sain attacks Knight with Iron Lance as Flor rescues Lyn and goes south. Turn 17: Flor drops Lyn south, JUST out of Lundgren's range, before flying somewhere else herself. Sain waits next to Lundgren with Iron Lance equipped. Turn 18: Decide who gets the Energy Ring (I personally would give it to Florina). Then have Sain kill Lundgren. Lyn goes onto the Gate, but doesn't seize. Turns 19-23: Pass the turns (turn off Auto-Cursor; you won't need it) Turn 24: Dorcas attacks Archer, Serra heals Nils, and then Rath rescues her (she won't be needed anymore) Turns 25-33: Pass the turns Turn 34: Dorcas kills archer and attacks the mage. Turn 35: Dorcas kills age then kills soldier (the Funds stat listed in the pic is BEFORE using the Energy Ring; you're free to use it on whomever you like. You'll still pass the Funds rank) Then Lyn seizes the day! Funds: Cash-5380 174x Iron Swords-1740 18x Armorslayer-1260 15x Lancereaver-1800 113x Iron Lances-904 25x Slim Lance-375 29x Javelin-580 71x Iron Axe-426 20x Hammer-800 20x Hand Axe-300 43x Iron Bow-516 22x Short Bow-1760 25x Heal-500 37x Fire-518 35x Lightning-630 1x Knight Crest-10000 14x Vulnerary-4200 3x Pure Water-900 5x Torch-500 24x Lockpick-1920 Total Funds-35009 (S Rank) Exp: Lyn: 672 Exp. (technically 673; but Lyn gets 1 point from getting attacked by the Ballistae in Chapter 8. That one doesn't count) Sain: 1270 Exp. Kent: 455 Exp. Florina: 725 Exp. Nils: 636 Exp. Serra: 55 Exp. Rath: 21 Exp. (but only 8 of it counts, since the other 13 was in a cutscene) Dorcas: 229 Exp. Lucius: 0 Exp. Erk: 60 Exp. Matthew: 40 Exp. Wil: 10 Exp. Wallace: 0 Exp. Combat: 127/314=40.45% (S Rank) Turns: 82 out of 83 Turns spent (S Rank) Survival: All characters survived (S Rank) And there you have it! I'd include a snapshot of my ranking for Lyn Mode, but, unfortunately, when I downloaded this game, I also used a save to instantly unlock Hector Hard Mode and all the supports. And since that save also happened to have all the rankings maxed in all the Hard Modes, well...there's nothing I can do about that. When you get a second S Rank in a particular mode, it does not override the one you already had. So, that's that. Thank you so much for reading everyone! Any questions?
  7. I've seen quite a few cavalry guides around here in the past which have inspired me to make my own. I have a separate cavalry account where I'm trying to get at least 1 of every 5* horse in the game. So far, I have Eldigan, Prinscilla, Xander, Olwen, and 3 Reinhardts. I also have some level 40 4* cavalry units that I don't think are worth the upgrade. I've used other cavalry units like Leo on my other accounts, so I know how they work as well. Cavalry Base I would argue you need two kinds of units to make an effective cavalry team - or any team for that matter. One for physical attacks and one for magical attacks. These two types should be opposing colors but they can be the same if the rest of your team is different. Having more than 2 of a single color is a very bad idea. The two golden gooses for a cavalry team are Reinhardt/Olwen and Eldigan. With these two, you can actually 'duo' most of the game and a few grand hero battles. In the latest one (Navarre), I used robin to bait a dagger unit (he didn't even do any damage that wasn't healed the next turn, just survived a hit) and Priscilla to heal him after so he could survive a second hit. Besides that, Eldigan and Reinhardt "duo'd" the entire map without needing any heals. If you have Olwen/Reinhardt and Eldigan both, you should definitely be making a cavalry team! Below is the full 'guide'. It's really more of a discussion. After that, is an estimated 'guide' that is essentially cliffnotes of my discussion. If you don't want to read a lot, just look at the cliffnotes and if you disagree with something read the justification in the full discussion. I'm also not going too in depth when it comes to skill inheritance, because quite frankly, if you're that into the game, you already know what you're doing. Just focus on goad/hone/fortify/ward slot C skills if you don't know what you're doing. Have any other team compositions I didn't mention? I'd love to hear about them. Full Cliff Notes/Summary
  8. This guide assumes you are already familiar with the basics of hacking Introduction So there's not really a big post on how to do FE8 eventing (like Arch's super great guide for FE7), and that kinda sucks for people who want to hack FE8 because there's far less resources immediately available for them to use. It's uh, going to be a hell of a WIP until everything is properly covered. But the general idea is to have a resource similar to Arch's chapter construction guide except focused on FE8. I figured as one of the few people hacking FE8 right now I'd try to share some of my knowledge with anyone looking to get into FE8 hacking. That being said, I probably forgot a bunch of stuff so if there's something missing that you want to know about, leave a comment here and let me know. So, before it starts, here's what you'd need: Nintendlord's Event Assembler (current version is v10.1) Tiled and the Tiled map inserter A hex editor (such as HxD, but any hex editor should be fine) Since FEditor a shit, I recommend learning the MAKEHACK.cmd method outlined in this FEE3 tech demo: FE8 Nightmare modules for use with nmm2csv FE8 Eventiel DON'T USE THIS TO BUILD EVENTS, JUST USE IT FOR HELP WITH CAMERA STUFF AND MAP THINGS. An FE8(U) ROM Event file template Free space can be found from b2a610-c00000, as well as the end of the ROM Useful Information This stuff isn't strictly eventing related but is nonetheless helpful to know. Apply this patch to your ROM before you start working, it contains a bunch of essential fixes for FE8 Table of Contents 1. Key Concepts 2. Handling Units 3. The Event Arrays 4. Scene Construction 5. Inserting Maps/Tile Changes 6. More Codes 7. Conditions 8. ASM Condtions/Effects 9. The World Map 10. Misc Info 11. Epilogue And much like Arch's tutorial, this isn't designed to explain basic terminology for ROMHacking and eventing shouldn't be the first thing you try when you want to hack FE.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes Newbie Guide: I hope this will help at least someone out there J Table of Contents I: Things to do before you start II: Things to know III: Hero Information IV: Tabs V: Other things to note I: Things to do before you start Fire Emblem Heroes: II: Things to know III: Hero Information 1. Weapon Triangle 2. Hero movement type’s: 3. Hero Stats: These increase as you level your heroes. 4. Hero abilities 5. Hero Summoning/Orbs c. Hero Summoning IV: All Tabs 1. Home page- The home page is where you will most likely find yourself staring at when playing the game. There really isn’t much to it, but you still need to know what there is. 2. Battle page- This is where you fight, bleed, cry and feel victorious. a. Story Maps b. Special maps c. Arena Duels-Whats the point if we can’t fight others? Well now ya can! d. Training Tower e. ??? 3. Allies a. Edit Teams b. Learn Skills c. Equip Skills d. Level up e. Send Home f. Advanced Growth 1. Potential 2. Merge 4. Summon . 5. Shop 6. Settings. V: Other things to note If I have missed anything, please let me know in the comments below and I will edit it as soon as possible. Feedback is appreciated. Friend ID: 2960100377 Add me @Yand3r3
  10. Hello everyone. As you are now likely aware, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will be released to the 3DS on May 19 2017. It's a game "inspired" by/a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, or Fire Emblem 2, which was only released in Japan in 1992. This is a thread for people who have not played it or even maybe seen a walkthrough of it to either ask question or read up on my quick little guide that'll show you how Fire Emblem Gaiden differs greatly from other games in the series and what we might expect from this upcoming release. In Gaiden, you actually control two armies at the same time for a large portion of the game. One of them is Alm's, a villager living with his grandfather in a small village and the one you saw him training with in the trailer, and the other is his childhood friend Celica's, who specializes in magic. What separates Gaiden from many other games in the series - though some of its features have made its way into other titles as well - is a world map where you can fight enemies and actually be chased by them as well and explorable mini dungeons. In these dungeons you can also find shrines at which your units can promote to other classes, meaning you don't use items to trigger this in this game. Gaiden also featured a different spell and item system. The items did not break, much like in Fates, and all classes had a weak, standard weapon but could equip more advanced weapons for increased damage, or choose to wield shields or magic rings instead - all units had one item slot, and this offered a sense of customization. As for the magic, spellcasters sacrificed HP in exchange for casting spells which units learned at different levels, and they could be different offensive attacks or more utility based like summoning uncontrollable ethereal soldiers to fight alongside you. It's difficult to say which of these elements will be making a return, but they've already confirmed exploration, so I think it's safe to say more elements will return. Remember that the sorcerer we see in the trailer doesn't actually wield a tome of any kind when casting his thunder spell, so that might mean we see a return of the spell system. Of course, this game will also feature a lot of things that weren't there before, such as animated cutscenes.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm trying to update the FE12 translation patch with the names supplied in Awakening. I've made good progress, but I've hit a roadblock involving this part of the Guide screen: The name "Roro" is baked into an image file, so I can't change it without modifying the graphics, which I've never done before. I have two questions related to this: Where do these name graphics reside in the ROM? I see a lot of promising things in the dic/ directory, but this leads to my second question... What resources do I need to read/modify FEDS image files? I looked in the Resources subforum for help here, but I couldn't find anything that would let me view graphics in a friendly format, let alone edit them. Sorry if this question is somewhat noob-ish, but it's hard to find many resources about FEDS hacking at all online.
  12. Hey everyone, The other day I was trying to figure out how exactly I wanted to use my Friendship Seals in the most optimal way possible... So I ended up doing a whole lot of research and decided to made a chart with all the characters, their possible A+ supports and the classes and skills they would gain from said supports. Since I thought it would be a waste to keep it to myself, I decided to share it with you all. Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EoYvI1FUNqaHhSd1pzUFJNSmc/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-kX2rTu6-3jF-6EDm8T7YXQ In addition to the gained classes and skills, I also listed the support bonuses that would be gained during battle. Keep in mind that for the Guard Stance bonuses, only the bonuses gained through support are listed and not the class and stats specific bonuses. Also, because the support bonuses of the children depend on the parents they are only partially listed. -> Only the inherited part of the father is set. (or the mother in case of Sigure or the male Kana) I think this chart provides a nice overview of several important factors, which can assist you in your final decision of who to give that seal to. Here is a quick recap of the inner workings of the Friendship Seals: Friendship Seals are used between two characters of the same sex that can support with eachother, in order to gain the base class of the supporting unit in question, or a secondary class if the base class is already known to the supported unit. Special classes can not be gained in this way. (but you gain a secondary or tertiary class instead) In contrast to the Partner Seal, the Friendship seal doesn't work in both ways. This means that Unit A can have an A+ support with B, but unit B can have an A+ support with another unit than A. The Avatar is special when it comes to Friendship Seals, since he can't gain an A+ support, but he can gain every unit's (of the same sex) base class instead. Because of this the avatar in not listed in the chart. Special thanks to serenesforest.net for the information needed, and spriters-resource.com for the used sprites. I hope this chart will prove somewhat useful to you guys! Update: My Partner Seal Chart is live now! Click here to see it. P.S. Feel free to point out the mistakes or errors I made, there is bound to be a copy-paste mistake somewhere. I also debated whether or not to post this chart under a new topic or in the "Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children"-thread. I opted for a new one, let me know if was mistaken in my judgment. Fire Emblem Fates - Friendship Seal Chart.pdf
  13. So since I have yet to see this spelled out anywhere, Name a class, then name another class that can effectively dispatch the former- assuming both units have maxed stats and weapons. I've noticed a maxed out swordmaster with 150 avo, 69 spd (while paired) still ends up being outgunned by daggers/shuriken. While normal units would have 0% hit chance, master ninjas that dont even have maxed stats are somehow able to achieve around a 60% hit rate. This is WITH the swordmaster having shurikenbreaker and (I think) without the master nin having swordbreaker. Does the weapon triangle advantage really give THIS much of an advantage? Im not sure if i have the correct cause of this phenomena, and I may be exaggerating the hit rate a bit, but regardless I've seen some hit rates that dont really make sense based solely on stats. Thoughts? This was posted with 5 vs 5 multiplayer in mind. Not castle battles.
  14. Fatex00


    Hi can i just get some tips on the best programs for hacking a fire emblem game? I actually just want to make one of my out that i can play. I have a lot of questions regarding the modding because i have absolutely no background to such. I just need to know how to first make customized sprites and their animations? Making the story per chapter. Basically changing the entire game. and is it more advisable to use FE7 or FE8? Also i downloaded the FE Edition ADV but i havent got the slightest clue how to run it haha apparently im too dumb to open the program.
  15. Are you insane like me? Do you plan on taking on one of the hardest routes in Fire Emblem Fates? Then this is for you. This will be a chapter/map guide of chapter 10 Nohr path on lunatic. This took about 3 hours to gain and make all this information, so I hope you all find this useful. If there is anything I miss, feel free to tell me about it so it can be fixed, thank you. (This will focuses on the self made map in the attached files section, so make sure to refer to that.) If not colored, the tile is a normal area. Black are walls, which can not be passed. Brown is areas that can be based by flying units. Red are special enemies. Blue is water (by the end of turn 6 all water is gone, and turned into normal tiles.) Peach (or light brown) are bridges and boats. Sky Blue will be your starting point for your units. Green is the area you have to defend from enemies. Aqua Green will be your houses. Purple are your turrets. Orange is normal starting enemies. Avatar Starting point: K5 Reinforcements (Allies): Belka: K4 Camilla: L4 Luna: M4 Belka: Wyvern Rider Level:9 HP:23 Str:13 Mag:0 Skl:14 Spd:9 Lck:10 Def:14 Res:7 Mov:7 Skills: Strength +2, Ambush Duty Equipment:Iron Axe Weapon Level: Axe D half way to C Camilla: Revenat Knight Level:1 HP:30 Str:19 Mag:11 Skl:15 Spd:19 Lck:12 Def:18 Res:15 Mov:8 Skills: Strength +2, Cut Through, Bewitching Flower Equipment: Steel Axe, Thunder Weapon Level: Axe C, Tome D Luna: Mercenary Level:10 HP:24 Str:12 Mag:3 Skl:12 Spd:15 Lck:9 Def:11 Res:8 Mov:5 Skills: Stubbornness, Patient Assurance, Competitive Equipment: Iron sword, Bronze Sword Weapon Level: Sword D, half way to C Now for all enemy reinforcements. Reinforcements (Enemy): End of turn 2: Pegasus Warrior: 21H, 21O, 21V End of turn 3: Lancer's: F19 F20, H19 Archer's: Z14, Z15, Y15 End of turn 4: Pegasus Warrior: F21, Q21 Dual Guard Pegasus Warrior's: K21 End of turn 5: Oni Savage: A8, B8, Q19,Q20 Dual Guard Oni Savage: B9, O19 End of turn 6: Pegasus Warrior: K12 Oni Savage: T17,T18 Dual Guard: Pegasus Warrior's: F21, T21, V21 Oni Savage's: T19 End of turn 7: Oni Savage: A8, B8, B9, O19,Q19 Ninja: A9, H20, O20 Archer: Z15 Dual Guards: Ninja's: F19 Archer's :Z14 End Of enemy reinforcements Start of Tactics For the Chapter So, you got an idea of where all the enemies will be, so now what can you do to beat it? Lets start with some basics. On the right side of the map are archers, meaning that its best to keep flyers away from them, but it is only on the right side that archers come from, so everywhere is free rain. ​There are no magic units on this map, so you don't have to worry about having low Res for this map. Make sure no one touches the turrets besides your self, or you will have problems. Get your self a hand axe for Belka, as that will be use full with her personal skill to skill of units faster. Also might want to get a beast killer, as that can help kill off any Pegasus Warrior that get past. Your flying units you get in this chapter will be your flyer killers, as they have enough strength to kill them off easy. Most units in this map have a Def around 10 when not paired up with anyone, meaning that they are a bit squish, so your Power dealers will be useful here. Strength is also around the 10-12 area, so make sure to place your defense units in the right spot to make a great wall. Since there are a few ninja's running around, you might want to focus them down as they have high speed and have Hidden Weapons, which can break your Stats down to an unfavorable amount. If your willing to forge a weapon, it can help to kill enemies faster, but you will only be able to forge around a +2 weapon at this time, but it can very much help. The AI seems to work like this; Pegasus Warrior's Move as far as the can to the goal, then if an enemy is in range, they will attack. For most other units, they will try to attack more then getting the Defending Point, unless there is no one to stop them, then they will head for the Point. With that out of the way, lets move on too 3 different ways to take this map head on. Defense: More then likely the best way to deal with this map. With this strategy in mind, you will want to keep around you starting area, from the left bridge to the two arrow turrets. Use your flyers and archers to take down and flyers in you way, and block bridges and stay in this position unit the end of the map. Effie and Cyrus will more then likely be your Defense units, but if you have a female Avatar and switch Jacob over to Great knight, he can also do a great job at tanking. Belka, Camilla and Zero will be your flyer killers. Make sure to bring one magic unit for the one magic turret, as it can help taking care of waves of enemies. Make sure archers don't get the right arrow turret, as things can become bad from there. Once the water is gone, you have to try your best to put units in the right area and take down any units that slip by as much as possible. A Mix: The idea here is to take paired units of your choice (Say Belka and the Avatar) and go down to Takumi so that the water does not go down, but to do so is a bit hard. First off, you have to fight through a good amount of units just to get to him, more then likely Hinata included, meaning that you would have to take down about 5-7 units to go against takumi, unless you use a flying unit, which normal only get one by turn 3 of the map, unless you re class aqua, which is not the best option due to her being frail. Once you get to him, he has two skills of importance, being Confined Defense, meaning you can only attack him once, and Proximity Shot, meaning do NOT engage with any flying unit. So your best option is take a strong physical unit and pair up with either Belka or Camilla and fly over to takumi and take him down before the end of turn 6, or else he will remove the water, making that whole trouble point less. Once he is down, do the same thing as defense strategy and you should make it through. Offense: ​This will more then likely be the hardest way to do this chapter, but still can work great. The idea is to wipe out all enemies before they have a chance to get to the Defense Point. With that in mind, you will want units around the spawning points to take them down before they can do anything, and make sure to take down takumi before the end of turn 6, or else you will have to switch to defense right away if your lucky. With this in mind, you will want to send units from the sides and the middle, then keep some around the middle, send some to the left or right if needed. Flyers should stay to the left and middle areas of the map to avoid archers. Have your deference units make a wall so that enemies cant reach your squishier units or healers. If there is more info that i miss, feel free to talk about it below, and it will be added to the guide, thanks, I hope this was helpful to you. Extra: Thanks to Tooru for the extra information, you can find it down bellow. Got some good looking information that can help a bunch if you need even more info then what I have here.
  16. This topic is for anyone to comment, or ask, about a character's in-game performance/usefulness/viability/etc. Mostly for the main-game and without grinding (at least for my own analyses) since character distinctions such as bases, growths, availability, weapon rank, etc, are often more prominent then. While I recognize the appeal of discussing the endpoint of character potential, there's also a significant amount of game content before then. I generally find this sort of thing interesting to think about and discuss and I'm curious what other people think as well. It can be a mini-character guide of sorts, depending on how things develop. General comments - Everyone feels decently usable and I used most characters at least a bit to get an idea of how they perform at base. Meaning if you like then, you could make them work, even in Lunatic. - Because overleveled units get so little exp, it’s possible to train up a larger team without sacrificing overall team strength, if one wishes. Actually I'd recommend training misc units to 10 early on so they can promote (lots of dropped Master Seals) and give full Guard stance bonuses or act as staff utility. - Also, because children paralogues give so much exp, you might end up net positive on exp/levels anyway if pairing them off at the same time. - I'm going to have a rating system of use (unless you don’t like them), maybe use, and don't use (unless you like them). Others can have whatever rating system one prefers, #/10, etc. - The ratings primarily correspond to continued deployment throughout their availability, training and/or using a unit long-term. Most units have short-term niches, which will be mentioned, but it’s not very interesting to rate everyone with "use". - Will also have some sample builds to think about and try out. Most builds will have 1 or less parallel/marriage/buddy seal, luxury builds can have more (though generally I personally won't include Eternal Seals and grinding through classes w/o weapon ranks unless super-early). - I'll start with the Birthright/Hoshido characters in Lunatic, but impressions for any character in any route would be interesting. - I’m going roughly in order, trying to get at least a short description for everyone down, but if anyone is particularly interested in an opinion for a character (in any route), just ask. There’s also definitely a considerable amount I’m purposely skimming over. Some like inheritance will be addressed a little more for the children, some specific details and insightful analysis will require more time. - Note the word impressions You can find how most mechanics work on the main site http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/. I try to remain consistent with the terminology used there, though I do use Corrin as the Fates Avatar's name, as Smash 4 "canonized" the default name Robin of the Awakening Avatar. There might also be some old-fashioned FE terms used since these writeups are informal, but they are usually self-explanatory. ____________________ Birthright/Hoshido [spoiler=Corrin]I'm mostly skipping Corrin for now to give a more detailed analysis later (though the builds might be interesting). Suffice to say, best availability equals initial level lead, plus good (enough) bases, great growths, any class with Buddy seals, slightly faster exp gain than others, prf with statbuffs, more boosts from Felicia/Jakob/Gunter. imo a tanky Asset like Hp/Def is better in Hoshido since you get +2 Spd from Yato midgame (always in effect), and many other units are glass cannons. +Mag is an intriguing option to abuse Horse God (but no Spells in White Blood, if that matters). Use Standard White Blood build: +Hp or +Def Nohr Prince/ss -> White Blood Hmm...I don't have much to say here. Use if you like continued Dragonstone access, I guess. It is a great tanky option, for certain. Can detour for some procs to synergize with Hoshido (usually Astra and Sol are best, both classes use Katanas as well). Tanky Hidden Weapon build: +Hp/Def Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Ninja -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja Hidden Weapons are pretty reliable 1-2 range where it's otherwise nerfed. Pair Up with Jakob in Great Knight and steamroll like the good old days. Or pair with someone else like Rinkah; just stack as much Def as possible. Use of the Reverse Shuriken situationally is very important, as otherwise both Axes and Bows will hit very hard. +Hp/Def because class base Spd is pretty good and Shurikens (equipped) and Yato Sky (even unequipped) give Spd. +Hp is generally more stats overall, but you already have triangle against mages and decent Res, so +Def makes you more bulky on the (more important) physical side. It also raises the cap by more, which might eventually matter. Reclass early to start building weapon rank. Puppeteer eventually gives Copycat and has better Hp/Def/Move, whereas Elite Ninja is faster (Kunaifaire makes up the Str difference too) with better avoid/Res. Elite Ninja also allows use of Yato to attack and the Oboro though it's dangerous to use on enemy phase. Using Dread Fighter instead is another option for a stronger start and being better against mages. Only B rank weapons though. Magic steamroll build: +Mag Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Dark Mage/Spellcaster/(Dark Falcon) -> Dark Knight/Basara/(Revenant Knight) Corrin's natural Mag growth isn't great (and Yato doesn't boost it), so +Mag is preferred though it's possible Spirit Dusts and the class growth would be sufficient for good enough offense. Reclass early to build weapon rank. The purpose of these builds is to steamroll on enemy phase, so the tanky classes are better imo. Dark Knight is great as long as you have enough Spd (Yato and Horse God is +5, keep in mind) while Basara is more balanced and has arguably better skills. For Exorcist the lack of Def hurts and there's not much point in Sorc without Nosferatu and Excalibur, in Hoshido. Revenant Knight is another option as a flying magic class, but the base class doesn't have magic use so it would be necessary to Buddy/Marry or wait until promotion, which could impact weapon rank. It's generally a good idea to Pair up with Felicia in Maid if the Spd is needed, or Jakob in Marriage Seal'd Dark Knight for Mag/Def. Dark Falcon has promoted level bases and flies, making it an incredible starting mage class. Galeforce is a strong skill, but you might consider reclassing before then as Corrin is at his strongest when Paired Up. The Hp/Def of Dark Falcon is lacking later in the game. Copycat luxury build: Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Ninja/Elite Ninja to 20/5 -> Hero to 20/8 -> Swordmaster to 20/11 -> White Blood to 20/15 -> Puppeteer to 20/17 -> Elite Ninja to 20/19 -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (do last reclass to end in final class) The focus here is to create 2 superCorrins that can pair up with Jakob/Felicia/Rinkah/etc and steamroll maps. Take Merc as your secondary class in Hoshido, Buddy Seal the rest. Reclass first to Ninja to build weapon rank and get Lethality. Then pick up Sol and Astra, you still have Swords to fight with. Then pick up the --/15 skills. You end up with Copycat and Kunaifaire, then Hoshido + Sol/Astra/Lethality/Dragon Fang, and even things like Vantage. I prefer Hoshido + Sol + Astra because both those increase your durability significantly through healing and Dual Guards, but there's lots of flexibility. Awakening luxury build w/ DLC (female only): Nohr Prince/ss to 10 -> Dread Fighter to 25 -> Elite Ninja to 20/8 -> Swordmaster to 20/11 -> Great Lord to 35 -> Puppeteer to 20/17 -> Elite Ninja to 20/19 -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (do last reclass to end in final class) Similar to above, but abuse Vantage + Awakening with Copycat. Build weapon rank, then pick up Vantage/Astra, then Awakening, Copycat, Kunaifaire. Just make sure to do 2 levels in Ninja somewhat early or you cant get all of Awakening/Copycat/Kunaifaire without Eternal Seals. There's some Spirit Unity, Astra, Aether, and more to fill out slots as needed. Most other characters aren't going to get luxury builds from me. Corrin is special because of their availability and other unique advantages. [spoiler=Gunter]Gunter (pre-decision): The tutorial chapters are fairly straightforward. Gunter is certainly useful in them, but considering how things work out he should probably be helping Corrin get kills via Attack or Guard Stance. n/a [spoiler=Felicia]Felicia: She's a healer who can debuff which is certainly useful early on. She will be almost be pure support until obtaining an Explosive Shuriken at Vendor level 2 and reaching C weapon rank, or if reclassed to Strategist. Despite starting with E rank tomes, her magic is good enough to do decent damage, especially with Attack Stance. However, her growths are low relative to other characters so she doesn't make a great combat unit in comparison. An interesting niche is Felicia starts in a promoted class, with unpromoted exp gain, and 4 free eternal steals inbuilt. In particular, this lets her get the promoted class skills far earlier than everyone else. Some notable ones include Tomebreaker from Maid and Battle Command in Strategist. The former, combined with her Res makes her great against magic and the latter is an extremely powerful Aura-type support skill, and even moreso when combined with Demoiselle for male characters (Corrin, Ryoma, Takumi are some of the stronger characters). Some other interesting skills are Sol, Axebreaker, Kunaibreaker but the lack of Str and no weapon rank make those trickier to obtain without grinding. Through Marriage Seals, there's even the potential of stuff like early Copycat Puppet that are strong candidates for skill inheritance (and still using the child for more than like 2 chapters). Note that skills from Dread Fighter and Dark Flier cannot be inherited, even if she can obtain the latter ones such as Aggressor and Galeforce fairly early. It's currently uncertain how stat inheritance precisely works so she could impact her children negatively in that respect, though right now it does seem like the children's bases are not affected too much. Because of her personal skill boosting the avatar’s offense/durability, Felicia is a great unit to support Corrin. In addition, being promoted, she immediately gives the promoted stat boosts in Guard Stance. Hero is particularly good, giving both Spd and Def, or Maid/Strategist are nice for magical avatars. Very well rounded with a focus on Spd, considering both her Personal skill and pairup bonuses. Early Battle Command and her Personal pushes her into Use territory for me. Support build: Maid to 15-> Strategist Staffbot and chip things with magic+Attack stance (don't really need weapon rank for this, though could reclass earlier for it). Beat mages with Res+Tomebreaker. Support with Battle Command (doesn't work as support unit in Guard Stance, notably). Early Galeforce novelty build: Maid to 5 or 15-> Dark Falcon Get whatever skills in Maid you want, but reclass to build Spell rank. It is Galeforce, obtained early/midgame, but keep in mind Felicia's stats are fairly low and even moreso when avoiding the Stances. [spoiler=Jakob]Jakob: Very similar to Felicia, with better Str and worse Mag. His early offense is better until Felicia is reclassed or gets her magic weapons. Jakob has similar advantages as Felicia in being promoted already. Reclassed, he can also serve a more stereotypical Jagen role early on as a Paladin or Great Knight, tanking hits (from the class base) and weakening enemies for others. Jakob gets a child character himself and can pass on a high-level promoted skill to him. Compared to Felicia, its also a bit easier to fight in various other classes because of okay Str/Def. Besides, Jakob's Personal Skill is one of the best main-game ones in any case, significantly boosting durability, so definitely Use from me. Jeigan build: Butler-> Great Knight (-> Lodestar) Reclass asap to get that high base Def. Basically just act as Awakening's Frederick for a while, then stick around as a great Pair Up bot. Dual Guard+ makes him even better at it if you want. Could delay reclass until level 15 to get a high Def unit dodgy against magic (or for inheritance) but weapon ranks, etc. Early Galeforce novelty/luxury build: Butler to 5 or 15-> Dark Falcon to 15 or 17 -> Paladin/Elite Ninja/Puppeteer Same deal as Felicia, though he can choose between Lances or Shurikens. Dark Falcon is a bit weak on the physical side, so may want to reclass elsewhere. Will need to Marriage seal into Ninja (Corrin, Kagerou) if that's desired. [spoiler=Kaze]Kaze. Both base Spd and growth are crazy high. He doubles pretty much everything without help, so he can get pure Strength/Defense to help his stats in Guard Stance or is guaranteed to do decent damage in Attack Stance. He can use Steel pretty consistently for that extra boost. He's also good to counter mages with Shuriken usage and decent Res or dodgetank a lot of the hardhitting Axe/Bow combinations seen with the Reverse Shuriken. Maybe use simply because you get a few other very similar characters and can choose between them. I'd say Kaze is the best of them, but I haven't looked too closely yet. Debuffer and magekiller build: Ninja -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (whatever order) Weapon ranks don't give you much choice (Swords are generally worse than Hidden Weapons anyway). Puppeteer is a good promotion, since his Spd is so high already, but Elite Ninja is slightly more dodgy and better against mages (the Spd cap could be relevant too). Could go Dread Fighter for the early boost, as one of the few with a starting weapon rank in Shurikens, but he doesn't standout too much, as it's basically the same as Ninja. [spoiler=Rinkah]Rinkah: Well rounded stats but almost too much so, she would probably like some help on Spd to double consistently but also something to patch up durability. Her base defense is great, but Hp growth is slow and later on she's still getting hit very hard. Can definitely take quite a few hits early and hit back with the extra damage from Flame Blood but eh E rank axes and I was too busy training Mozume. To be honest I found her most useful giving Strength and Defense bonuses to others, so I can't comment too much here. So I'll say Don't use, except maybe to train to level 10, promote, and give Guard Stance. Fire effects on hit are really awesome Onitank build: Oni Savage- > Shura (to 20/5 -> Blacksmith) Res Seal and Shura has some synergy but enemies don't usually survive that long. It's more useful for your other mages in combination with Rinkah especially since chip is passable with Flame Blood boosting damage in general. Stay in Shura if that magic utility works for you or grab some crit, then Blacksmith to focus on the physical option. Can do Dread Fighter as can most, and Rinkah's tankiness might make her one of the better candidates. __________ Arya describes below Rinkah in Hoshido and Invisible Hard. If sticking in Shura, Magic is an option to use strong spells like Horse God, both targeting Res and increasing tankiness. [spoiler=Azura]Azura: Her Spd is really high and even Str is decent, but she probably won't do much fighting unless Lance rank is grinded up. On player phase she's usually singing and Hp/Def are too low for enemy phase, though she can take a weaker hit or 2 on the front lines (Res is decent too). I could rant more about utility of dancing, but eh, obviously use. [spoiler=Sakura] Sakura is a basic staff user initially, pretty much just worse than Felicia/Jakob to start as she has no weapons. Healers are usually always useful, however, and her Personal skill helps everyone nearby, so she’ll usually find a place in the team. Later on she can Rally Luck+Magic/Spd as well as fight a bit. Somewhat notably, her growths are actually quite high all around so she’ll be good at combat eventually. Despite okay Def and later access to things like Horse God, her low Hp prevents her from taking too many hits (but she may surprise in this respect). Between Attack Stance and her Mag/Spd, her offense is quite passable while building Spell rank if going that route. Her stats get good but they don’t matter too much for staffbots (healing scales poorly with Mag, Rescue is fixed range, etc). I’ll actually still rate use for now; she has her personal skill from base, which stacks with other Auras and adds up, and has a few Rallies to easy access. Best imouto Support build Priestess -> War Priestess to 20/5 - > Falcon Warrior/Exorcist Just staffbot while picking up some skills. Her damage is quite impressive with the magical Shining Bow or Shinrai Naginata, but building the weapon rank is painful. Her Str is okay for a staff user but you’re still babying and so just use Arms Scrolls if they’re available. Magic Counter is skippable, but might as well if just getting staff exp. The Rallies are definitely useful to pick up if you don’t already have them on your team. Offensive mage build Priestess to 10 or 20 -> Exorcist It’s not really a different build, but I want to draw a little attention to how exp mechanics seem to work now. The game “remembers” in a sense what level units are promoted at, such that earlier promos get faster exp gain than later promos. So the penalty to early promotion is just those really late levels that are lost. Sakura’s stats are high enough so she doesn’t miss those as much, and she really likes building the weapon rank early, so that she is still quite the competent fighter for a large portion of the game. Of course, promote at 20, or sometime in between, if you’re fine waiting. Note that the exp from staves appears to scale with the level of the unit you’re healing/using the staff on. So it’s harder to “grind” in that sense, or get very far ahead of the level curve. It’s understandable to sometimes heal a lot just playing through the chapter, not really trying to grind, but it doesn’t matter as much here. If Dark Falcon is available, that’s a very ideal class for offensive Sakura. I was quite impressed by early Dark Flier when I tried it. One-rounds very consistently for most of the game on both phases (not so common in this game), and even taking a few hits with Horse God. [spoiler=Hana] Hana: The easiest description is the obvious glass cannon. Str/Spd both grow well, while none of the defensive stats do. As long as she avoids ohkos (may require +Def in Guard Stance), it’s probably okay as many others are hit similarly hard, being 2-3hko’d, and she has her Avoid (as long as weapon triangle and the Reverse Katana are used smartly). On player phase, her Str, Flowing Strike, and Attack Stance usually allows avoiding damage, though RNG can still be a concern. Smart use of Dual Guard, once built up, lets her offense be used in more situations. Hana’s Personal skill does percentage-based damage, which is notable, but hard to set up consistently. Don’t use tho. Growths take a little bit to kick in. Bows or Magic are generally superior for player phase offense, and relying on avoid to this extent requires a bit too much prayer. Standard Samurai build Samurai -> Trueblade The basic Trueblade skills synergize well enough. Vantage can kill some weaken enemies (or crits/Astra happen), or give just enough Dual Guard gauge, just in time. Astra is offensive in nature, and boosts Dual Guard quickly. Swordfaire is more damage. It’s a little scary moving away from the avoid boost in Trueblade to grab Weapon Master skills, though it’s always an option. imo neither are that useful as Hana doesn’t want to face too many enemies at a time to debuff, and Line of Death usually doesn’t facilitate ohkos that late; instead she is probably more likely to be ohko’d. Not tanking with face Bow build Samurai -> Bowman -> Holy Bowman/Golden Kite Warrior This lets Hana use her strong offensive stats while attacking indirectly and avoiding most incoming damage (Kodachi’s can’t double, remember). Since a buddy or marriage (Setsuna, Takumi) seal is needed to get into Bowman, which takes a few chapters, normally I wouldn’t recommend this as she’s back to E rank. However, Hana’s stats are high enough that even with a Bronze Bow, she can probably do solid damage and oneround things. To be honest, right now this build feels like a worse version of Bowman!Mozume, but Hana does have a slightly better start. [spoiler=Subaki] Subaki: Very awkward stats. Low Spd, but Swallow Strikes means player phase is okay (until the lategame at least). Base Hp/Def and growth is surprisingly decent, but it probably won’t last too long if sticking in the Pegasus line. Str is not really good enough, especially since Steel will probably need to be avoided. Perfectionist is a solid boost that usually stays in effect between staffbots and Eastern Heart and other misc stuff like Azura’s personal. But don’t use, a bit too much anti-synergy between the growths and such. If Str was a little better I might actually say maybe, but nope. Still a filler option for +Spd, flight, maybe staves. (tanky?) Pegasus build Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior (to 20/5 -> Weapon Master) Falcon for Rally, then either stay for the staves and token healing, or try to do a little tanking in Weapon Master with Strength Seal. Subaki can probably take 1 or 2 more hits than the fragile characters, which is somewhat significant. fighting a losing battle silly Samurai build Pegasus Warrior (to 10) -> Samurai -> Trueblade This does somewhat work as the class base/growth is good and Swallow Strike gives a boost unlike say Hinata. Building up weapon rank hurts as usual but availability is high enough for it. Perfectionist makes avoid a bit more reliable, compared to say Hana. Getting Eastern Heart can help maintain it, but delays weapon rank, so a tradeoff there. [spoiler=Silas]Silas: Doesn't double too much, but initially hits really hard between base C swords (can use Steel) and Open Assault and sometimes his Personal giving another damage boost. Can orko quite often player phase with Attack Stance and easy to get into good position. A little later getting the Quick Draw Katana for the Spd bonus can help his offense and with a rank up in Lances, the Guard Naginata is great for tanking. Reclassing is probably most useful to pick up Sol. I eventually dropped him because I ran out of space, but he's quite good, especially being more tanky than most of your units. A very solid option. I'm saying maybe use because maybe his tanking doesn't hold out as well lategame, and his Spd is never really that consistent (I'm not rating that many characters "use", fwiw, you've already seen like more than half of them). Tanky build: Cavalier (-> Merc -> Hero to 20/5 or 20/15) -> Paladin/Great Knight Can go to Hero to pickup Sol and Axebreaker. The former is good for general durability (despite difficulty doubling), whereas the latter is interesting to use with Lances to negate the usual disadvantage (and still beating Swords/Magic). Paladin is far better-rounded, especially with Defender, but Great Knight has a small Def lead. Also does Dread Fighter decently like Rinkah with naturally high Def + class Res base/skills. Lodestar is an interesting option as well for the Spd though realistically it's probably most useful for Dual Guard+ in the maingame. [spoiler=Saizou] Saizou: His stats work well with his class, after getting a few levels (doesn't double very consistently at first). Personal Str/Def balances low class Str/Def and class Spd/Res balances low personal Spd/Res. With Shurikens granting some bonus Spd, the combination ends up working. Though magic growth is surprisingly high, it’s not as useful as one might expect since the anti-armor Needle Shuriken is already available. Still, the Explosive Shuriken has a significant 5 mt lead over Iron, and certain enemies do have lower Res than Def, which might balance out the difference in base Str vs. Mag. Compared to Kaze, he wants a decent amount of +Spd, but those Pair Up typically don’t give as much Str/Def. Kaze has the easy pair with Rinkah and uses Steel more reliably so their performance end up pretty similar. Kaze has a slight availability edge and seems to be better in Attack Stance, though I could be overestimating the Spd advantage. Maybe use. Saizou is kinda like a poor man’s Hidden Weapon Corrin, which is still very good. A little tanky debuffer and magekiller build: Ninja -> Elite Ninja Saizou really wants the Spd, I think, to reliably double. The Res also helps vs mages, since Ninjas are the most consistent class in countering them. Dread Fighter is a similar option to these Ninja classes if the seals are available. Because of his high Mag growth, gayserbeam suggested Dark Falcon. You already get a few other Ninjas, and not too many mages. ___________ donkeykhang explains the potential uses of early-promoted Saizou. [spoiler=Orochi] Orochi: Pretty one-dimensional, high mag, low other stats. Initially, Horse God and a +Spd pair may be enough to double some slow enemies, but eventually the Spd growth is just too low. Positioning is ultimately important to set up Attack Stance, ideally with strong single hits like from Silas, Takumi, or the Dragonstone to ohko and avoid counterattacks. You may have noticed so I skim over Personal skills if I find their effect negligible. While it’s mostly true for Orochi, capturing enemies is interesting enough to warrant some mention. Orochi doesn’t really double, so it’s not too different capturing them if the space is available. Generics have solid stats in Lunatic, especially the rare promoted ones early on (before your team really promotes). They can be filler, even tactical sacrifices, etc. While we don’t currently have too much detail on the capturable bosses, some of them have intriguing stats such as William and Hormone (from Kanna's Paralogue) actually having great Hp growth. Maybe use. Someone like early-promoted Sakura is probably a superior mage for most of the game, but reliable Res-targeting isn’t that common for Hoshido, so she still fights a few enemy types better than most. She's getting a good amount of credit for the Capture ability here. Lilina Standard mage build: Spellcaster -> Basara to 20/15 -> Exorcist The skills are probably worth the -2 magic in Basara compared to Exorcist. None of the other stats matter too much. Dark Falcon is a possibility though even the impressive class base and Spd+2 won’t last too long. Still flying and later Galeforce are nice utility if a seal is available. [spoiler=Mozume]Mozume: Bases are very low so she'll need to be babied, but admittedly that's pretty easy to do with Attack Stance. This trainee archetype is in an interesting position in this game because diminishing returns for exp sets in so quickly. A common argument against these types of units is if the same kills and investment had been given to other units, they would be even stronger than her. That's not quite as true here, as Mozume more quickly catches up. But on the other hand, her stats are not that high besides Speed (even then, there's obviously people like Kaze already). In particular, her low Hp can limit her frontline potential despite a good Def growth. While Str is good, she needs time to build up weapon rank. Inheritance-wise, Aptitude is best given to children as early as possible, since it doesn't affect the auto-level they get to 20 and their Child seal (I'm pretty sure on this). It can be interesting to get Kanna early with Aptitude since My Room can build the support quickly. Probably don't use. I don't think she's impressive enough when trained, to be worth the investment. Like some of the children join with nearly as high stats lategame, arguably better skills, and require no training themselves. Better than Takumi Backliner build Villager -> Bowman -> Holy Bowman Notably, Bowman is an option that gets around her low Hp, and she should probably reclass asap to build the weapon rank (can wait for Underdog, but probably not worth it). Her Str/Spd combination is quite nice (Spd over Takumi is quite noticeable), after a few levels. It's actually fairly impressive if you slowplay maps. Frontliner build Villager -> Weapon Master to 20/5 -> Holy Lancer Will probably need a Seraph Robe (or multiple), but picks up lots of Seal skills and overall solid statwise. Can wander in a crowd, counter them all with a Javelin, and debuff Str/Def/Spd by 6. Buddy Seal with Oboro for the Lance Fighter line. [spoiler=Hinoka] Hinoka: A more classic Pegasus, with high Spd and Res, middling Str and Def. Immediate access to the Guard Naginata does mean early durability is very nice, though she doesn’t hit back very hard and later enemy Atk rises too fast for her Def. Avoidtanking isn’t really a thing, except for the Reverse Naginata against Axes (Bows are ohkos and so very scary). High Spd allows fairly consistent usage of Steel for more damage, but she still doesn’t oneround that reliably without more help. She’s good enough, but underwhelming I suppose. Suppose you give her Energy drops, Str tonics, Str Pair Up/Attack Stance (usually someone like Silas), and Steel so she can oneround. It’s still only at 1 range and she’s like 2-3hko’d in return and can’t be near Bows at all. Most characters will do that with that kind of investment and usually take less damage in return, by attacking indirectly or having more Hp/Def/Avoid. Other units have more distinct, useful roles in the team like Ninjas killing mages at 1-2 range (just outclassing Pegasus here) or just weakening/debuffing a crowd or Archers onerounding key targets while avoiding damage or Corrin/Ryoma obliterating everything. Flying utility is useful as always and she can use Rescue later, but Subaki pretty much does the same thing except he gives more Def in Pair Up, which is probably more useful. Hinoka’s personal works as an Aura which helps a bit (though not in Guard Stance), but she’s actually the type of unit that would want that damage boost instead of giving it; many other units already oneround without it, or won’t oneround even with it. Basically, when I reclassed her to the Lancer line (+3-4 Str/Def + Lancefaire late) and she still wasn’t that impressive combat-wise, maybe she just isn’t that good? >_> Maybe use. Perhaps my expectations are off, but a somewhat better Subaki is not an incredible combat unit. Flying utility Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior (to 20/5 -> Golden Kite Warrior) Stay flying, pick up staves and Rally Speed. It might be notable that Hinoka+Falcon (and +Mag Pair) is a solid base Mag value and Shinrai Naginata can double, attacks Res, and has a big mt advantage over Javelins (which are rare in Hoshido anyway). Maybe go into Golden Kite for more skills, though stats are a bit lower. Note even Bronze Bow still easily kills fliers with Hinoka’s Spd, which is situationally useful. Hinokopter doesn’t need a pegasus Lancer build Pegasus Warrior -> Lance Fighter -> Basara/Holy Lancer Reclass asap for Hp/Str/Def growths and immediately +3 base Str/Def, all stats Hinoka likes. Her Spd and Res remain very high in this class, instead of fairly overkill in Pegasus. Basara vs Holy Lancer depends on how you value the skills vs. the stats. Hinoka’s mag is a bit low, though weapons like Horse God and Shinrai Naginata still maintain some value. Defense and Speed seal have some support value in helping other units finish up enemies and Hinoka can use the Guard or Reverse Naginata to inflict those with relatively low risk (she doesn't have to hit them either so it works against 2 range enemies). Dark Falcon should probably be mentioned, even though the stats are unimpressive for her and Galeforce is late. [spoiler=Asama] Asama: As a staffbot, he’s a slightly bulkier one, but otherwise pretty unexceptional since Felicia/Jakob are promoted already and Sakura has her aura. It is however interesting how good his physical stats are, especially Hp/Str/Def. When promoted, Asama can use lances to take advantage of this, but will need to start from Bronze. Another option would be to reclass earlier, giving up healing for another combat unit. Unlike many other units, he actually has durability, and isn’t crippled too much elsewhere (like Rinkah/Subaki/Hinata). Maybe use, Staves are always good enough filler, and being able to take a few hits to heal may mean a character’s life. Asama also has an interesting growth pattern for potential other roles. Bulky support Priest to 10 or 20 -> Mountain Priest (-> Falcon Warrior) Like Sakura, promoting early to get weapon access earlier is a strong option. Can Buddy/Marry seal with Subaki/Hinoka to go to Falcon which even keeps Lance rank, though it may be a little tricky building the supports (Pair Up doesn’t synergize too well, healing takes time). Boulder reincarnate combat build Priest (to 10) -> Herb Merchant/Oni Savage/Pegasus Warrior -> Puppeteer/Blacksmith/Falcon Knight Pick up Rally Luck if you want, or if waiting to Buddy/Marry seal. Otherwise pick one and reclass to something fun. Herb Merchant he already has, but Yumis are a little wasteful of his durability (interesting synergy with his personal that counter adjacent though). His stats should outclass Rinkah by a good bit in Oni, and in the Pegasus line his Hp/Def leads are significant while Spd is patched up by the class. Obviously there are other choices too, but Asama isn’t as special there. For example he could go to Lance Fighter, but Oboro isn’t really that lacking in stats and can use much better Lances already. Dread Fighter is still incredibly good with Asama’s stat distribution of course. Especially since many others need to build weapon rank there too. [spoiler=Setsuna] Setsuna: Well the obvious reaction is she’s outclassed by Takumi/Yuugiri and everyone else who can reclass to use Bows, because of her low level/bases and low Str growth. imo, it’s not actually that bad if you want to use her as there’s mages/fliers to snipe initially, then Prescient Victory for some damage, Steel usage for more, Attack stance, etc. Her Spd is really high, which is not overkill in Lunatic, and Bows have crazy mt nowadays. It should be mentioned she has parallel seal access to Copycat puppet lategame, though by then others could buddy/marry into it. But to be honest, Yuugiri is probably straight up better (Takumi is slower, which does matter. Look forward to that discussion. <_<). For “babied” units, Mozume outclasses statwise by far, even if she (very significantly) requires an early seal. Probably don’t use, I think base level is a bit too low as she needs 7 levels to more respectable damage. Pewpew build Bowman -> Holy Bowman to 20/15 -> Puppeteer Standard stuff. Might as well take advantage of natural class sets (though Puppeteer doesn’t get S Bows, do remember). She probably wants the Str and Bowfaire for damage, though Golden Kite as an option has more movement, obviously. [spoiler=Tsukuyomi] Tsukuyomi: Recruited later than the trainee, at level 1 without Aptitude, and there might be a problem. Don’t use. Wait...tanky mage might actually work??? build Spellcaster-> Basara to 20/15 -> Shura Okay a little more seriously there’s Attack stance for training, plus Tsukuyomi fights indirectly and base damage has Mag+2 and Arrogance in effect. Hp/Def is nice for a mage and other stats are solid. Horse God, as it keeps being brought up, is definitely also a thing. Might as well stay a little tanky classwise. Tsukuyomi is probably one of few that actually reaches reliable 1-2 range onerounding on enemy phase, but he does need a good bit of investment and effort to get there. Dark Falcon gives him somewhat passable bases so there’s some potential there. [spoiler=Oboro] Oboro: Another balanced unit but pretty good in the sense that all her physical bases and growths are decently high, especially combined with the class bases/growths. Her personal skill gives more damage, Naginatas give a bit of Def/Res (and the Guard Naginata exists). What’s a little borderline is Spd, so she would like a little help there from tonics, boosters, Pair Up (Hinata support does build fast), etc. I really can’t think of too much more to say about this right now. She’s very similar, but probably slightly worse than Lance Fighter!Hinoka, but doesn’t require a Parallel Seal. The “issue” imo with these balanced units is their niche is to use the Guard Naginata is tank and chip things (at just 1 range for low damage), which honestly doesn’t feel that remarkable. Notably, Defense/Speed Seal do make it easier for others to clean up on player phase. It’s kinda similar to another unit chipping with a 1-2 range weapon, though the Guard/Reverse Naginata might let her fight a higher quantity than many others on enemy phase. It may impact some high Spd or Def enemies more significantly, but generally the former are fragile (even without doubling) and the latter are weak to magic and effective damage. And low Hp limits this usefulness lategame, especially versus the Axe/Bow+Magic combinations, or if trying to use more offensive weapons like the Warrior Naginata. Sure maybe use for a solid, if not exceptional, contributor. Not an S rank Shuriken Balance fighter and debuffer build Lance Fighter -> Holy Lancer/Basara (to 15 -> Falcon Warrior/Great Merchant) Her base class fits best with the growths/bases, and again Basara is an option for the skills. Falcon’s Spd and Swallow Strike (Marriage Seal Subaki) could definitely be relevant later. Great Merchant is slower which matters for Oboro, but the skills are situationally useful. Dark Falcon mostly fixes Spd to the detriment of other stats. While the bases are good for the early/midgame, later the lack of Str/Def hurts while trying to make it to Galeforce. [spoiler=Hinata] Hinata: A speedy class with good personal Str/Def could work, see units like Saizou, but Hinata’s Spd growth is just too low. It requires substantial help to patch up, meaning Str/Def are actually middling since they’re hard to boost simultaneously with Spd through Pair Up. It’s a thin line between having balanced stats insufficient for good combat, and balanced stats that cover up weaknesses to result in a strong all-around performance, like +Hp or +Def Corrin. Hinata falls short, and doesn’t really have the utility potential of units like Subaki. I suppose he can instantly promote to Weapon Master to give the rare combination of Str/Skl/Spd/Def in Pair Up, which is useful enough, but it doesn’t scale as well with support rank like Awakening and is far less impressive than the Paladin Pair Ups there. There are some insights suggesting a potential tanky role for Hinata, but the rating remains don’t use until it's tested more in Lunatic. Theorycraft is somewhat promising, however. What Rinkah tries to do Onitank build Samurai -> Oni Savage -> Shura Luninareph brought up the interesting idea of not trying to "fix" Hinata's Spd, but rather play to his strengths, namely his Hp/Def which are a nice base 27/16 with 75%/65% growths in Oni and can be boosted further by stuff like Rinkah's Pair Up, Sakura's Personal aura, and Felicia's Demoiselle and Battle Command. His base Spd is sufficient for a while, but even when he starts getting doubled he probably won't take much damage. It's a bit unorthodox, but another small consideration is getting doubled also actually builds Dual Guard faster, which can block more damage (especially if smartly saved for mages as possible). Tanky units in Hoshido are relatively rare, so Hinata could definitely have a niche. He could hit back at 1-2 range or use stronger weapons like the Warrior series, unlike Guard Naginata users. For adjacent enemies, Counter and his personal adds a bit more damage (though a little anti-synergistic with high durability). Despite pretty nonexistent magic, Hinata in Shura can get even more Def with Horse God and let enemies hit themselves for damage or chip though low Res (switch to better weapons on player phase for Attack Stance to cleanup). Getting Seal skills could be an option if willing to go through the classes, especially those like Weapon Master that have common weapon ranks. Standard Samurai build Samurai -> Trueblade Slower classes will get doubled pretty consistently, even if they have better Def. This build tries to hold it off as long as possible and keeps his solid base C Swords. His Hp/Def, combined with the Avoid/Astra of Trueblade might tank a few enemies, but it’s kinda a stretch. [spoiler=Takumi] Takumi: To be clear, I’m going to rate him use, but I’m a little surprised at how much hype he gets as a combat unit. I agree Bows do feel a bit more useful in this game because of high Mt and the Attack Stance mechanic, and Bowman have significant damage/hit boosts when attacking. Avoiding counterattacks is a big deal given relatively low durability all around, and most 1-2 range is weak now, and so they really do feel like the goto weapon a lot of the time on player phase. Takumi has solid enough bases, ignores terrain cost (not quite the same as flying wrt impassable terrain), and his Personal skill is another damage boost that’s fairly easy to set up if he sticks near characters like Corrin and Ryoma. So things will synergize well and Takumi can do like 60-80% hp damage with single hits w/ 30% crit, even on Lunatic. That sounds pretty good, but I suppose my bias arises because I distinctly recall my disappointment when Takumi’s repeatedly failed to (reliably) oneround enemies, missing Spd benchmarks even with a +Spd Pair Up. Really? <_< The crit basically doesn’t exist, since it’s not reliable enough. Even if he outdamages others, they still need to come in to setup or finish off the kill. Most of the damage boosts are overkill early/midgame (usually others can at least 2hko with Attack stance), and Spd might be a bigger problem late. Bows still only hit 1 target or so per turn, so if a unit fails to kill that target, he’s not being very useful. Compare Takumi’s base 13 str+4 prescient victory + 14 prf bow = 31(34) mt, 11 AS, to Yuugiri’s base 26 att with iron (which is enough for now), and effectively 25 AS. Later, Steel Yumi lowers the att discrepancy while the Spd lead is still huge, and offensive growths are similar. Yuugiri also has Lances as a midgame 1 range option or for the side effects, and has more move+flying. More about her later, but is Takumi really that much, if any, better than Yuugiri (who I’m pretty sure people aren’t as impressed by)? Perhaps overplaying the Spd issue, but if we have to use statboosters and a deployment slot for Pair Up so that Takumi can remain bowlocked with 6 move and kill ~1 unit a turn…well there’s something to think about. Worse than Mozume Pewpewpew build Bowman -> Holy Bowman (to 15 -> Puppeteer/Golden Kite Warrior) I feel like every point of Spd matters and Takumi ignores terrain anyway. Later maybe Marriage Seal Kagerou (incidentally a good Pair up statwise for Takumi) for Copycat or get the skills/movement in Golden Kite. Note the bases are worse and you do give up S rank Bows. And Zanshin pretty much has no penalties since it's indirect damage and has massive mt+Spd boost. Note that if Takumi has access to Pegasus Warrior (Corrin, Azura marriage) he gains those unpromoted skills, notably Swallow Strike, in Golden Kite Warrior even if he promotes from Bowman. Azura is also an interesting pairing gameplay-wise since she refreshes him (a heavily player phase unit) and boosts his Spd. __________ Ownagepuffs suggests below that the player has enough resources to help Takumi's Spd, if it adheres to averages. (though I want to note the chance that Takumi has his average Spd or higher at a given level is around ~65%) [spoiler=Kagerou] Kagerou: Base Str and growth is high for her level, but base Spd needs a little work. Still, her high growth there at 70% combined with the Shuriken Spd boost eventually gives her fairly reliable offense. Her defensive parameters are very low however, so she can’t take full advantage of 1-2 range. For indirect damage, Shurikens have far lower mt than Yumi overall, and she won’t get damage/hit rate from Presicient Victory/Raven Strike. Her Res growth and the class res is decent enough to take a few hits, and perhaps the Reverse Shuriken can avoidtank a few hits (it’s a little risky, like Hana). I would say Kaze is probably better in the Ninja role of fighting mages and debuffing (Needle Shurikens handles armors as well), especially with a considerable availability lead. Saizou clearly has higher defenses and also enough Spd to double. The mages have Horse God and attack Res and the archers have more consistently superior player phase. I’m not sure Kagerou’s Str is high enough to really give her an edge and by the time her Spd growth has kicked in enough, Yuugiri, Ryoma, Crimson have joined so she might get overshadowed (unless she promotes early, I suppose). Still I’m going to say maybe use. It’s hard to say without knowing how her Str is later, and I dropped her too early to find out. Her flaws don’t seem crippling enough to recommend against her, for now. A little stronger debuffer and magekiller build: Ninja -> Puppeteer/Elite Ninja (whatever order) Similar to Kaze. I think it depends on if her Str is good enough to obtain noticeable onerounding in Puppeteer, which might be the case midgame. Later, the Spd cap could come into play and she may want Kunaifaire. Elite Ninja is also more solid against mages which is important since her base and growth are decent, but not that high alone. Dread Fighter is similar to Ninja, but the Res boost might be even more advantageous for her, so it’s a strong option to consider. [spoiler=Yuugiri] Yuugiri: Another glass cannon type unit but Yuugiri noticeably has strong bases, being a prepromoted unit, and use Bows for the high Mt. Her durability doesn’t matter as much when attacking indirectly so her great Str/Spd bases and growth are enough. With Swallow Strike, she will never have AS problems, even with Steel weaponry, and she’ll always be great against fliers with Soar. While she won’t have Soar for the all-flier chapter near her recruitment, her own flight, bases, and Bows makes her possibly the top option there. Earlier on, her stats are even solid enough to fight at 1 range for a while, especially with the Guard or Reverse Naginatas. Later she’ll want to stick with Bows and she should use them early to build the weapon rank. Yuugiri doesn’t have many support options for Buddy/Marriage seals, but does have access to Ninja and therefore late Copycat, if you want. She probably won’t fight too much in Guard Stance so the lack of support ranks isn’t a big problem. There is some discussion of this elsewhere in the thread, but it should be noted that Yuugiri gains exp like a 10/1 unit. Unlike some previous games, this means her exp gain actually slightly higher than a 20/1 unit. She is slightly faster to skills and if used equally, maintains around a 5 level lead over characters promoted at 20, until capping at --/20. Use. High bases plus enough growth to remain a reliable contributor in her role later. Unless we want to rate Takumi "maybe use" Mobile archer build Golden Kite Warrior (to 15 -> Puppeteer) Not too many choices. Puppeteer for Copycat gives up flight, though it does have 7 move. The other class she would maybe want is Bowman for the damage and her only choice is Corrin there. Would be giving up a lot of mobility but the stat gap is huge, especially with Prescient Victory and Bowfaire. [spoiler=Nishiki] Nishiki: Bases are definitely solid enough, especially on even turns, but Spd is pretty overkill and Def is low. Base Hp and Avoid from the class and basic weapon helps that a little, but lack of triangle/reverse weapons means it only goes so far. While Guard Beaststone will give Def and Nishiki barely feels the Spd hit, his Def still never gets good enough to take too many hits (class base really hurts). Only 1 range means he isn’t the best against mages, despite nice Res (doesn’t fly like Pegasus, doesn’t 1-2 range like Ninja). Effective damage against Horses is a nice situational boost, though again he really does take a lot of damage in return. Ideally he’d try to avoid counterattacks with Attack stance. Note Beastkillers are very limited in Hoshido, though I do remember at least one drops around when Nishiki joins and you fight a few Paladins/Garou. I think the bases are good enough for maybe use. Kyuubi build Fox spirit -> Nine-tailed Fox Not much choice in other classes because of weapon rank. Unlike Awakening, transformers don’t have gimped bases, so he can’t pull a Panne and reclass for ridiculous stats. [spoiler=Ryoma] Ryoma: --/4 unit with effectively base 39 atk, 24 AS, +20 crit, +20 avoid, 1-2 range with no penalties in Chapter 14 is surely balanced. [spoiler=Crimson] Crimson: Basically Hoshido!Camilla except Str/Def are even better. Well she does level a little slower, and arrives when Ryoma does instead of alongside some scrubs, but her bases are incredible and she’s a flier as well. Building Lance rank allows her the Guard and Reverse Naginata, the latter of which can sometimes “tank” bows in an emergency. Not many people use Axes either, Rinkah herself starts with E rank, so there’s another niche there. Stuff like Generals are among the scarier lategame enemies and Crimson can fight them well. An Hp tonic and Seraph robe can really help her going into the lategame. This can be said for anyone, but Crimson’s Def is particularly nice and her Hp is particularly low. Do beware criticals from Berserkers; Goddess Icons, tonics, Rally Luck will help. And be cautious against mages, of course. It’s obvious she’s in Ryoma’s shadow, but hard to argue against use I mean, Miledy comes in Chapter 13 versus Crimson’s 14, and the first 6 chapters here are essentially tutorial Mobile combat Wyvern Lord (to 15 -> Revenant Knight/Great Knight/General) Could reclass for some skills/no bow weakness, but you give up a lot of mobility. It may be useful if not rushing the lategame, however. [spoiler=Izana] Izana: Really a great filler unit if other mages weren’t trained (or even if they were). Bases are great (35/23/19 is actually solid Hp/Spd/Def with tonics and Horse god, though it won’t last). Mag stays great for attack stance. Staff usage is great. His personal skill is great since Def is usually more useful for the player. Maybe use since availability is not so great and the team might be set. Invested early units are probably better, and there’s the possibility of children also to outclass at base. Hard to say, however. Great mage support Exorcist Really kinda pointless going to other classes without weapon rank. If marrying Corrin, could go toward Basara, Shura, Dark Knight for some skills and Def, if you’re okay with giving up staves. [spoiler=Asyura] Asyura : Really good bases but this is around the time enemy stats actually get kinda high. Bows does let him fight indirectly, but instead of skills like Prescient Victory giving direct boosts to his damage, he debuffs for others. His high Res is nice and can use the Mirror Yumi to slay Sorcs easily (others will require heals, Reverse Yumi works but isn't always reliable). Maybe use filler like Izana, especially if utility (staves, locktouch, debuff Spd) is needed. Utility build Adventurer (to 15 -> Puppeteer) If you want Copycat there’s an option. I suppose technically he’s 8 move, 1-2 range in that class, but needs Arms scrolls for the Kunai rank and Def is lacking. Stick to misc small tasks, I think. [spoiler=Yukimura] Yukimura : Balanced stats all around. Nothing very exceptional, especially since a bunch of children probably have joined/are joining. Maybe use for the chip, debuffs, and personal global hit buff. Combat support Puppeteer (to 15 -> Great Merchant) Kinda slow, but Extravagance can be fun to play around with. Ask questions, give comments, build suggestions and submissions, etc. This is very wip, and I'll be adding/editing more later regardless.
  17. I'm working on a small project but i'd like some second opinions since i'm keeping the project small I need some help deciding eliminating some chapter maps from the pool. I don't want to release everything out in the open, at least not yet but I would really like to hear some second opinions. So i'm looking for a pm-buddy.
  18. How do I calculate which enemy I'll be fighting? I heard "Gambled gold minus 40 times (level minus 1) - Enemy Class (Enemy Weapon)," but I'm lost as to what that means.
  19. As most of us know, there are at least two second seals available early in the game. In this topic I want to compile a list of the best uses for the early seals. Anyway, I'll start with some of the obvious ones and we can work our way from there. The List 1. Robin to whatever you need. Robin can switch to any class so he/she can fill whatever niche your army needs. 2. Sully to Wyvern Rider. Wyvern Rider gives Sully some much needed strength. Also, discipline helps her get out of E axes quickly and her preexisting lance rank will carry over when she promotes to Wyvern Lord. 2. Panne to Wyvern Rider. Panne is another unit that isn't very good without a seal but amazing with one. Panne is easier to train than Donnel though. 3. Chrom to Cavalier. 4. Donnel to Mercenary/Fighter. Donnel isn't nessesarily the best user of the early seals but he has to have one to be usefull at all so if you plan to use him then give him a seal.
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