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Found 5 results

  1. In Corrin's support with Gunter, why does Garon give a different punishment to Corrin for crying depending on their gender? With starvation for mCorrin, and whipping for Ccorrin? It this a ways to make the supports different, or this is a gender thing?
  2. Hey there. I'm currently playing through Conquest once again in order to finally complete it on Lunatic and in this play through I wanted to use Gunter as much as possible. I know he sucks, which is why I'm looking for skills to help make up for his shortcomings. I already got Aptitude for him, but I need more skills in order to make sure he doesn't instantly die. I'm mainly looking for two skills in particular; Wary Fighter and Pavise. Wary Fighter so that he won't get doubled and Pavise to take advantage of his Skill stat and help his survivability even further (I can get Aegis through Heart Sealing him into a Paladin). I know I could have done it myself had I made a Female Corrin with Knight as her secondary class, but I don't like using Knights, and I'm already at Chapter 16 so I don't want to have to play through the game another time. So I'm asking if anyone can share their MyCastle with a Gunter that has those skills that I mentioned. I'm a North American player by the way.
  3. After 3 months, I finally made Gunter a usable unit that can be used for PvP. I'm really glad I did this. Gunter is one of my favorite characters in Fates and I can finally use him for DLC and PvP now. Also, if anyone would like to put this Gunter in their logbook, just go to my castle. It's easy to seize. 09081-04125-93466-91878
  4. As far as I'm aware, anyway, he seems to be, especially in Revelations. I haven't played the Radiant games (can't find any at a decent price), but I'm pretty sure they have an Oifey, too.
  5. I been leveling up Gunter in Revelations by visiting other people's castles. But, is his growths meant to be horrible? He barely get good growths when leveling up. He usually 1 growth to luck or HP. He's at level 10 right now. Does this eventually change in later levels? Or when he turns into a different class?
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