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Found 26 results

  1. Ieattables showed me this topic yesterday and proposed I do the same challenge for Radiant Dawn. The basic idea is you sacrifice a unit every chapter (whenever possible). Here are the rules quoted directly from the FE8 topic: So far I've managed up to 2-2 inclusive and the run's been easier than I expected, although I do turtle in a lot of places for reliable clears. See my casualty and chapter notes in the spoilers below: [spoiler=Casualties] Laura (chosen 1-4) Meg (died in 1-4) Edward (chosen 1-5) Nolan (chosen 1-6-1) Ilyana (chosen 1-6-2) Zihark (chosen 1-7) Muarim (chosen 1-8) Rafiel (chosen 1-E) Marcia (chosen 2-P) Brom (chosen 2-2) [spoiler=Chapters] Chapter 1-P to 1-2: I'm reminded of how terrible the dawn brigade truly is. Chapter 1-3: I tried going by the left side and was managing perfectly fine until I forgot about an archer reinforcement that killed Leo. I swear there was an archer on the other side of the wall that reduced Leo to 1 hp while he did 6 damage in return. When I went by the right side, I managed a safe 7 turn with a couple clever exploits to keep Sothe from getting clogged in a corridor + the usual Micaiah shove shenanigans. Ilyana was surprisingly useful here. Chapter 1-4: With Laura sacrificed, I have to resort to herb/vulneraries for all my healing. Unfortunately I didn't bring enough so I had to use those green totem pole thingies to heal. I actually try to use Meg but then a tiger doubles her on like turn 2. Chapter 1-5: I worked out a really nice strat that involves occupying all 5 ledges in the middle area of the map. In fact, I even managed to kill the boss with Sothe on turn 2 and keep Jill safe. Chapter 1-6-1: Nothing too hard once Tauroneo rescues Micaiah. Made sure to build the Zihark x Volug support but that turned out to be pointless since Zihark was sacrificed in 1-7. Chapter 1-6-2: After a couple tries I found the Tauroneo 2 turn rescue-drop strat was actually the most reliable clear since I didn't have to worry about Fiona being Fiona. Also gave up on using Jill for combat since she's been only 3HKOing enemies with a forge and never doubles. Chapter 1-7: Lost a turn because I had nobody to shove Sothe, could've 5 turned but tried to build a Jill x Volug support, which I gave up on as soon as the enemy/other phases proved to be too long. Chapter 1-8: Those bandits are ridiculous, somehow they manage to even make Volug look bad, Tormod doesn't double some of them, etc. Lost 5/6 prisoners, although I was safe as soon as Nailah rescued one of them. At one point I had to have Micaiah sacrifice for Vika in order to keep her alive, and Rafiel was used almost every turn. Chapter 1-9: Copied dondon's 8 turn strat. Chapter 1-E: This chapter made even my pre-promos (Volug, Tormod, Vika, Sothe, etc) look bad. I gave Nailah pass since I don't see any need for it in part 3 since I'm not going for LTC. Put painstaking efforts into increasing Volug's strike level, finally managed it when I glared an archer (13% chance). Got all the treasure as well. Chapter 2-P: After seeing Chiki use Nealuchi untransformed and getting his strike levelled up in this chapter, I figured I'd try out the same antics for a bit. Nothing else to say really. Chapter 2-1: This chapter is troll-tastic. I had to actually lure the boss into the stairs with Brom. Chapter 2-2: Very happy with how I used Leanne on Mordecai and Lucia almost every turn and walled in certain squares to keep Leanne safe at all times. Also, I recorded everything I did + voice commentary if you want to watch any chapter in particular. Recording of 1-P to 2-2 Danved is most certainly not Devdan (remember, he fights like 10 men)
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