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Found 27 results

  1. Hello everyone. So I just finished a sort-of efficient run through of Awakening on Hard Mode yesterday. I did ok turn-count wise, but it made me wonder how things would change if I had a male Avatar instead of a female Avatar, since my usual efficiency plan is to marry the Avatar to Chrom, pass down Galeforce to Lucina and Morgan, and then rolfstomp the rest of the game with Galeforce and Rescue. Obviously with a male Avatar, I can't marry him to Chrom, so some new pairings have to be made to account for this change. Here is what I've come up with: Chrom x Sully Avatar x Sumia Frederick x Cordelia Lon'qu x Cherche Sumia and the Avatar will get me two Galeforce children for use in later chapters (by which I mean Chapter 15 and on). Sumia is taken so Chrom goes with Sully (Lucina is not going to be used, sorry guys). The last two pairs are mostly to help clear out rout maps, and Cordelia can use Rally Speed later. This is a New Game + run, which means I will be using Renown rewards. The one exception is the Boots, which I think are too powerful, so I will have to take a few turns to get the Chapter 17 boots. The Avatar's name is Verdes and his asset/flaw is +Speed/-Defence Anyways, here's the Premonition and Prologue: Premonition: Prologue: Since Lucina won't be used, Chrom will probably be the receiver of a lot of stat boosters to make sure that he can do decent damage to (and actually hit) Grima. I'm not sure how often I will update this, probably 1 chapter per day unless real life gets in the way. Comments and advice are appreciated if you feel so inclined.
  2. Ieattables showed me this topic yesterday and proposed I do the same challenge for Radiant Dawn. The basic idea is you sacrifice a unit every chapter (whenever possible). Here are the rules quoted directly from the FE8 topic: So far I've managed up to 2-2 inclusive and the run's been easier than I expected, although I do turtle in a lot of places for reliable clears. See my casualty and chapter notes in the spoilers below: [spoiler=Casualties] Laura (chosen 1-4) Meg (died in 1-4) Edward (chosen 1-5) Nolan (chosen 1-6-1) Ilyana (chosen 1-6-2) Zihark (chosen 1-7) Muarim (chosen 1-8) Rafiel (chosen 1-E) Marcia (chosen 2-P) Brom (chosen 2-2) [spoiler=Chapters] Chapter 1-P to 1-2: I'm reminded of how terrible the dawn brigade truly is. Chapter 1-3: I tried going by the left side and was managing perfectly fine until I forgot about an archer reinforcement that killed Leo. I swear there was an archer on the other side of the wall that reduced Leo to 1 hp while he did 6 damage in return. When I went by the right side, I managed a safe 7 turn with a couple clever exploits to keep Sothe from getting clogged in a corridor + the usual Micaiah shove shenanigans. Ilyana was surprisingly useful here. Chapter 1-4: With Laura sacrificed, I have to resort to herb/vulneraries for all my healing. Unfortunately I didn't bring enough so I had to use those green totem pole thingies to heal. I actually try to use Meg but then a tiger doubles her on like turn 2. Chapter 1-5: I worked out a really nice strat that involves occupying all 5 ledges in the middle area of the map. In fact, I even managed to kill the boss with Sothe on turn 2 and keep Jill safe. Chapter 1-6-1: Nothing too hard once Tauroneo rescues Micaiah. Made sure to build the Zihark x Volug support but that turned out to be pointless since Zihark was sacrificed in 1-7. Chapter 1-6-2: After a couple tries I found the Tauroneo 2 turn rescue-drop strat was actually the most reliable clear since I didn't have to worry about Fiona being Fiona. Also gave up on using Jill for combat since she's been only 3HKOing enemies with a forge and never doubles. Chapter 1-7: Lost a turn because I had nobody to shove Sothe, could've 5 turned but tried to build a Jill x Volug support, which I gave up on as soon as the enemy/other phases proved to be too long. Chapter 1-8: Those bandits are ridiculous, somehow they manage to even make Volug look bad, Tormod doesn't double some of them, etc. Lost 5/6 prisoners, although I was safe as soon as Nailah rescued one of them. At one point I had to have Micaiah sacrifice for Vika in order to keep her alive, and Rafiel was used almost every turn. Chapter 1-9: Copied dondon's 8 turn strat. Chapter 1-E: This chapter made even my pre-promos (Volug, Tormod, Vika, Sothe, etc) look bad. I gave Nailah pass since I don't see any need for it in part 3 since I'm not going for LTC. Put painstaking efforts into increasing Volug's strike level, finally managed it when I glared an archer (13% chance). Got all the treasure as well. Chapter 2-P: After seeing Chiki use Nealuchi untransformed and getting his strike levelled up in this chapter, I figured I'd try out the same antics for a bit. Nothing else to say really. Chapter 2-1: This chapter is troll-tastic. I had to actually lure the boss into the stairs with Brom. Chapter 2-2: Very happy with how I used Leanne on Mordecai and Lucia almost every turn and walled in certain squares to keep Leanne safe at all times. Also, I recorded everything I did + voice commentary if you want to watch any chapter in particular. Recording of 1-P to 2-2 Danved is most certainly not Devdan (remember, he fights like 10 men)
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