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  1. Another banger. These Koreans really know how to make Netflix shows, let alone zombie ones. Every episode got me hooked. I was so glad every episode was almost an hour long, and 12 whole episodes to boot. Most of the characters were likeable and memorable, and you really didn't want them to die. Even the fight scenes were fcken cool, which you wouldn't expect from a zombie show (let alone one with teens). They were action movie level.
  2. https://store.steampowered.com/app/618740/Beat_Hazard_2/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's actually fucking happening oh my god
  3. I was never really into her, let alone her Summer unit version. But since last year, I had orbs to spent at the same time (as I do now), and I just kind of want to go with it. She has that modest "Gen 1" unit thing, but it's also part of the fun being able to fully customize them and make them into beasts. I also like fairly tanky units, and she's somewhat strong to boot. Just please don't be -Def.
  4. so i know i've shilled for battle brothers like a dozen times between here and sf cord, but i wanted to toss in that this motherfucker is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. this is an incredible turn based tactical game, and i will make the pitch to anyone, but with the caveat that it kind of hates you but only a little bit. ask me anything. for thirty dollars initial, and about another twenty for dlc over the games three-year life, i've sunk five hundred hours into it. and the switch version is coming with all dlc packaged in. this is genuinely one of my top 5 favorite games of all time thank you for your attention, i will take questions or discussion and have a good night and a safe super bowl
  5. pretty much as title the feth run is happening at 11 pm EST on thursday and i'll be awake then due to other factors, it might be cool to chip together an official serenes forest couple hundred dollars donation to fire off during it what do y'all think and is anyone actually interested
  6. The task is simple: a lot of these heroes are screaming, shouting, or emitting war cries when they swing their axes, swords, bows, or Lilina. But we've all seen anime, and we know blood is super high-pressure from all the traditional American hamburgers everyone eats - so how is this in any way sanitary to lop a guy's arm off but keep your mouth open? It isn't. Duh. ASSUMPTIONS All attacks are assumed to be made in melee range. While this is not truly realistic, all units can either counter in melee or equip Close Counter, so it's possible to assume. All attacks produce a perfectly spherical, frictionless spray of blood from the point of impact, which will be estimated from the attack vector of the art. If a vector of attack cannot be estimated from the art, the assumption will be from the sternum of an equally-sized person. Corollary: the target will always be assumed to be approximately the size of the attacker. All weapons are treated the same for the purposes of blood spray for simplicity of analysis. This is a distinct simplification, as it could be argued that e.g. Merric's wind produces far less blood spray than e.g. Cain's sword. Skills and stats have no impact on the blood spray. Again, this is a simplification, as Matthew's complete inability to deal damage would certainly affect the amount of blood sprayed at him. Heroes will be ranked into tiers based on how much blood or miscellaneous person life-force is likely to get in their mouth, and will also be ranked within those tiers and tiebroken by our ancient friend the alphabet. The list will be released roughly alphabetically, with additions in new posts as well as edited into the master list. Hajime.
  7. post shit at me and i will respond poorly for the next about half hour
  8. thanks to my supreme hackery, you can now choose three houses as your favorite fire emblem on your profile please leave your worshipful comments here
  9. I'll just go straight to the story here with minimal introduction. Introducing the cast: Dcat: Yours truly. Quill: Friend of mine who I've known my whole life, but those evil adulting obligations have caused a drift apart. Talus: Quill's little brother, a coworker of mine. Deku: Quill's coworker who I have not met prior to this. Frizzle: A surprise, unlikely new friend I met along the way. Orbee: A bright eyed young cat girl. Wonder Woman: An old acquaintance in a new place. Wizard: A giver of information that I didn't seek, but definitely needed. Broncho: The server at the "tavern". Mighty Mom: Deku's mom. Dinosaur: A "seasoned" cosplayer. In case it's not obvious, real names omitted for titles. Once Upon A Time In A Faraway Land Advertisments for an event called Cozmiccon began to appear on local social media about a month ago. This poster is cut off but I couldn't find a full one. Now around these parts, any event that isn't about farming, ranching, coal mining, or anything typical of a small midwest town is a big deal. Quill has gotten to go to Denver Comic Cons before and cosplay, which makes me insanely jealous. Denver, however, is FOUR HOURS AWAY. Just to set the scene here. Now at first, I was still not sold. I dislike crowds, I dislike going out to many events. But as the Cozmiccon drew closer, I began to change my mind. Welcome to McDerps What Can I Make For You Around the same time the Cozmiccon was announced, I began a job at McDonalds. Just something to help pay the bills (I am also on SSI for disability) while I aim for computer classes in an online trade school to get a career in computer tech repair. They have me in the back rolling breakfast burritos for three hours in the morning, three days a week. This is where Talus comes in. I had known he worked there before. I'd tell him how I missed hanging with Quill and how it really needed to happen again. Now if you're wondering why he's called Talus...take a seat. On my third day at work, Talus was running the drive thru within clear earshot of my burrito station. He would occasionally chant a little tune. After a few times, you could say the recognization hit me like a ton of rocks. I wait for him to be free, and go "Omg is that the Stone Talus theme?!" He confirms it, and says usually he finds himself singing the Molduga theme instead. A duet of sorts follows for the rest of my shift. We are the only two in that staff room/kitchen who know these songs but who cares. I mention the Cozmiccon and ask if he will be there, he says maybe depending on if he's working or not. One day he asks me if I'm excited for the new Animal Crossing. I tell him I haven't played Animal Crossing in ages and it's not something I want to play nowadays since you have to play it every day and who has time for that with adult obligations. Talus smiles and shrugs. "Well you don't have to play it EVERY day..." My response is "Yeah you don't, but you get punished ingame otherwise" which produces an understanding chuckle. Unrelated but funny so it's getting mentioned. Another coworker is running the shake machine and it refuses to shut off so she's there with an overflowing cup frantically asking for a manager. A manager gets it to stop. I joke about endless shakes. Talus mops up the mess. Gotta Catch Em All I have a route I use for Pokemon Go, it takes me past four gyms and plenty of pokestops. On the winding walking path between one of the pokestops and two gyms right next to each other, an elderly couple is walking a small dog and also not directly on the path itself because morning sprinklers. It gets too hot in the afternoon so to avoid the risk of my phone overheating I either go mornings or evenings. The man notices I am following with my phone out, and might have heard the Pokemon Go music. He turns to me and asks if I am "catching em all". I nearly flip out. Nobody has ever passed me while I play this also playing it! His wife is the one who plays, and she is even on the same team, Instinct. I friend her. She compliments me on the glaceon she saw of mine in a gym and asks if I am going to Cozmiccon, she is going. I tell her I think a friend of mine (Quill) is doing something there or hosting something. I send Go gifts back and forth to "MzFrizzleAZ" for the week leading to the Cozmiccon and will continue to do so. I hope I meet up with her for a raid battle sometime. 48 Hours Remain I have Quill's phone number stored. Last night I shot her a text to ask when she will be at Cozmiccon and what she'll be doing. She is running a presentation on cosplay with her coworker. She is going as BotW Link. Now I have a set time to show up. Now it is the last day before the con... TO BE CONTINUED... (I am disappointed in you people for not saying anything, but I figure you were waiting for the rest of the story? Well, stay tuned, it's going in the next post)
  10. maybe YOU can't this is actually my wife, it's not fair FreohrDatia i would kill for these men Nightmarre cat Specta Parrhesia my dude jim he's not on this site Harudoku Wyatt Lore kdanger roymbrog my dude ivan he's not on this site either peener weener Esme CooledEvergreen Sakusa sakusa's bf evan i don't even know if he's on sf Dandragon saucegoblin i would kill for these men for money Kon most of the sf staff the other dans eukyld, unfortunately cat, but not the same cat that was in the previous tier, puzzlingly McKraut Alex, but i think he puts tildes around it these days CrimeanRoyalKnight Bet Lord Tito from the r/everton discord chat the rest of the skype party my relationship with this guy is literally Davichi - I Love You Even Though I Hate You @CappnRob i would not kill for this man even for money but i wouldn't turn him in if i knew he had done a crime so we are still friends Sharpy this is emerson's tier, unfortunately, it really sucks that i count him as a friend but here we are Emerson
  11. Finally want to get it done. It's been a few years, and the stall is unreal. Can't hold it back no more. https://www.fitmole.org/how-much-weight-can-you-lose-in-a-week/
  12. Two days in a row I have had something interesting happen to me while I was going to satisfy my fizzy drink craving. I am like addicted to that stuff. TUESDAY NOVEMBER 27 2018 I work Mondays and Tuesdays in a kind of internship/job study at a computer store. A few places are located conveniently close to it: My bank A Pokemon Go gym and a pokestop A Taco Johns (pretty much a Wyoming exclusive, although there is one I know of across the nearby Nebraska border) A gas station I decided I wanted a pop and I had some cash, but I had just hit the Taco Johns the day before, and I just wanted a drink. So to the gas station I went. I'm by the drink coolers when a guy walks in. "Where's the piss room?" He demands. The cashier hands him a key on a stick. "No need to be disrespectful, there's a lady standing there!" Now for a woman who was mistaken for a male until she grew all the necessary curves, this was amusing and flattering. The word "piss" doesn't offend me at all, I just thought it was kind of funny. I buy a liter bottle and go on my merry way. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28 2018 I do not drive, it's a long story involving a wrecked neighbor's fence...that's irrelevant. I take public transportation and have relatives give me rides. Within walking distance from my apartment complex is a Burger King and a Shopko store. The apartment complex is also right next to a trailer house park. I'm making my way to Shopko, and I'm heading past the brown trailer house with three dogs in a fence beside it. One of the dogs, a medium small shepherd looking thing, has gotten out. He runs at me and nips at my legs and my phone flies out of my jacket pocket and lands face down in the middle of the street, but is relatively unscathed thanks to the case. I'm picking up my phone and dodging this dog when a lady drives past. "Is this your dog?" She asks. "No." I say. "I was just walking past." After a brief interaction the lady suggests I call the police to report. The dog does not chase me when I'm a good distance away, but still in sight of the brown trailer house. I call the police, they say somebody's on their way and to wait. While I'm waiting a silver van pulls up to the brown trailer house and a lady steps out and puts the dog in the house. The cop shows up. The lady who lived in that trailer seemed really nice, I told her I don't want to cause drama but that dog has been out before when I was walking once, but this is the first time he's done this. I tell her she's lucky I'm an animal person and I understand that sometimes dogs can be naughty but this doesn't need to be happening and the cop agrees. The cop lets her off with a warning after she brings out the dog's rabies vaccination papers. As for me, I have no bite marks on my leg, no slobber or anything, so it could have been a lot worse. I continue my trek to Shopko. On my way back the police car is still there, and it appears that the cop went inside the brown trailer house for further discussion. I bring my drink inside to finish it.
  14. so i was talking to my son cat, as i do, and being a dick on the sf discord, as i do, and i had a thought the Pelleas Guy, subsisting entirely off of free summons and saving every orb for pelleas, is a legend... but what if that was a challenge run? on the other hand, what if i pull a unit i really want on my main account? double my salt? no thanks, miss me with that shit. well, the conversation that sparked this was how feh's lack of rng is actually the best random number system in fire emblem, so what about heroes... but with no rng whatsoever? THEM RULES nothing without a predetermined outcome is allowed. the free brave unit is legitimate because it's a guaranteed neutral/neutral of the exact unit chosen, but any summons (free or otherwise) are strictly forbidden. this means i'm living off of askrs, ghbs, tts if i can grind them, Three Heroes quests, fjorm, and of course Noble Sophia, Virion, Hana, Subaki, Donnel, Lissa, Gunter, Cecilia, Felicia, Wrys, Olivia, Stahl. and matthew and raigh, i guess. the goal? achieve a checkmark sweep on the Story Maps tab. this means all difficulties of all story maps, paralogues, and chain challenges; as well as all squad assaults. i will be cataloguing my travels in this thread as i feel like it. someday, in the grim far future that knows only war, i will dunk every orb this account makes on making a +10 just to leave on my friends list for posterity, or something. let's get it
  15. Went to the store for caffeine free diet pop (because I'm diabetic, and if I drink stuff with caffeine in it too far past lunch I don't sleep) and they didn't have any in stock, so I came home with two bags of cheese popcorn instead. I guess I'm Keagan today. Referencing this from Rescue Mission, one of my Xenoblade drabbles, of course. Fanfic author's shameless plug? Lol but seriously, cheese popcorn is the bomb and I can see myself flirting like that lol. Ask the cute guy if he likes cheese popcorn. Or awesome snacks in general...every character I write tends to have a piece of my soul in them, even if they're minor like Keagan. And then when I got back I opened the door to the building and there was a little one year old ish kid standing in the doorway. I was like "Oh hey there little guy, are you supposed to be here?" and his big sister who looked four ish came out and said "no, he keeps sneaking out while we're cleaning." Kids are weird lol.
  16. 23 spam accounts literally more than a thousand threads every one of them gibberish in korean and an url except legend
  17. Hello, SF Blog! You may be shocked, offended, confused, or a hundred other emotions, seeing me, Integrity, posting with capital letters and sentence case. Be not afraid. It will only happen in this thread, I swear. Anyway, spring semester's over. I'm only taking one class over the summer, plus my regular research work, so I've found myself deciding to do a thing I've been meaning to do for a long time. Basically, I talk a lot of shit about Fire Emblem's stories as a whole, doubly so since I played Conquest. I can be insufferable about it sometimes, which might actually be ironic, considering that I'm a moderator on a Fire Emblem fan site. I'll have to check up on that. It's time I started writing checks my ass can cash. I'm going to go through many Fire Emblems, sequentially, and do my engineering best to explain why I talk so much shit about their stories. I'm not going to go into it assuming they're garbage, except for very specific instances! This isn't intended to be a hate-fest, which brings me to my disclaimer: just because something is bad doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. As of writing, my avatar and signature are both of a K-pop singer, one of the lead vocalists of Apink, one of the least innovative bands I can think of. Their music is objectively really derivative, but I still love it. As of your reading, my avatar/sig are probably still something K-pop. I support Perth Glory FC. It's sometimes a hard logical leap to make (look at any argument about units in Fire Emblem) but just because a thing is bad does not mean it's wrong to like it. Charm is hard to quantify. So what's the format, Ike? Screenshots. The focus will be on my commentary, with transcripts of the story to support. I'm not one of those absolute shitheads that quotes the Bible out of context - I'm a good Christian - so I'm not going to do it for Fire Emblem either. The entire mandatory text of the game will be considered, and context does matter. I will be taking various screenshots of gameplay either to talk about when Fire Emblem's map/game design is particularly good or bad, or to spruce up a soliloquy from me, but I'm not going to be screenshotting every level-up or boss fight or whatever. That's not the point. Sounds like you want a soapbox, you cynical fucker. Agreed, frankly. All of my debates with people about why I think Fire Emblem's stories are bad come from a position of me half-remembering the stories of games I haven't actually played in years. I don't think I've completed a pre-13 Fire Emblem since Awakening launched. Furthermore, I have a bad habit of speaking entirely from impressions and emotions and not from anything concrete (I'm pretty sure that actually is ironic considering my degree and job), so this will serve to force me to solidify whatever bitching I want to do. Plus, it's creative. Which ones will it be, then? We're going to start with FE4. The ones before that either have remakes (FE1/3) or don't have a story (FE2). Plus, I already did a LP of FE2 somewhere as a younger Integrity, and I'm already going to be retreading FE5. Plus plus, I don't want to torture myself with NES - it's already hard enough to do GBA (let alone SNES) after the DS/3DS ones. I'll do each Fire Emblem after that in sequence until I run out of steam or Fire Emblems. The plan now is to stop after FE12, but I'm fully willing to pick apart FE13, my favorite, and I'd love to move on to pick FE14 apart. How about difficulties? I'll be going with whatever I'd ordinarily play on the game. Most games, it'll be Hard, but there's exceptions; FE10 I'll probably write an essay about why Hard in that game is a terrible difficulty and do Normal instead, for instance. Again, the focus isn't on gameplay, but I still want to be entertained between bouts of writing a hell of a lot about anime video game stories. So it's just you talking shit about video games? Nope! I'll be enlisting wonderful SF.net members Specta (an English major) and Knight of Argentum (a nerd) to help me explain things occasionally. I might bring other people in, depending on how I feel. I haven't planned this all the way through. Okay, Ike, what's the flight plan? Updates are going to be sparse initially while I figure out exactly how much effort it's going to take to gather my thoughts. I'm aiming for at least once a week to begin, I'll probably ramp it up to two to three times a week depending on interest and time commitment over the summer, and dial it back if this is still going after my birthday in August, since the next semester is going to start up. I'll be a PhD student! What's our role as thread readers? Basically nothing. I'll take requests to use any units, no matter how bad they are, because I'm actually really good at video games (and strategy/tactics games in particular) despite the things I say. Feel free to provide commentary or supporting remarks, I'm exercising my moderating powers to relax spam rules for this thread, as long as you're not obnoxious. Will you- Yes, I'll use Wendy. I'm creating this thread now to lock my broke ass into it. I've got some logistics to sift through, a final to distribute/proctor tomorrow, and that same final to grade, before I actually get around to making the first update to this. Let the games begin! Maybe I'll find a new appreciation for Fire Emblem out of this. Maybe it will drive me to retire... [spoiler=table of contents]Preamble: Conversations (post #14) 4.P: Arvis (post #36) 4.1: Verdane (post #61) 4.2.1: Raquesis (post #101) 4.2.2: Pursuit (post #144) 4.3: Eldigan (post #184) 4.4: Unthinkable (post #209) 4.5.1: Slaydar (post #231) 4.5.2: Ayra (post #244) Intermission: Translation (post #259) 4.6: Oops (post #284) 4.7: Jeanne (post #322) 4.8: Substitutes (post #339) 4.9: Altenna (post #360) 4.10: Arvis (post #373) 4.F: Fuck you, Lewyn (posts #388 & 389) Intermission: Characters (post #444) 5.1: Leif (post #463) 5.2: Cedric (post #516) 5.3: EliteqSVBnに (post #552) 5.4: Escape (post #578) 5.5: Approach to Tahra (post #599) 5.6: Approach to Tahra II: Still Approachin'
  18. celebrate the great and beautiful nation of the grim far north
  19. Welcome to Battle Brothers! Battle Brothers went into Early Access about a year ago, give or take, and finally launched late last month. In the interim, it became one of my favorite games ever. You recruit and manage a mercenary company through a world that hates You, Specifically, and pretty much everything from battle maps to unique equipment to even the overworld is procedurally generated. If you ever played Mount and Blade, replace the first-person combat with isometric turn-based tactics. I'm here to sell you the game. Hopefully. This doesn't mean the Big Fire Emblem LP Thread is dead, just still on hold until summer, when I'm not dead. This, on the other hand, I play at work and don't have to do much critical thinking about updates. The main draw of the game is the huge variety in your team composition and in enemy team composition you can have - and there's almost always a kind of enemy that you just don't want to fight, but it's not the same for two different companies. Center your dudes around a core of really good archers? Goblins are going to melt to you, and human enemies won't fare much better, but you're not going to be very happy fighting skeletons. Big guys with huge hammers and axes? Awesome against orcs and the undead, won't do too well against goblins. There's (Ike counts carefully on fingers) nine? major enemy types, and each one is really best fought different. It's great. So what's your part? Every dude is made of the most 90s spreadsheet/paper doll combination imaginable. Each gets a background (this one is Battle Brother, all three of your default are), traits (the club means this guy does more damage when he hits the head, but has lower skill), and morale (he's not very happy right now). Backgrounds range from cripples, gamblers, hunters, bowyers, squires, hedge knights, swordmasters, raiders, daytalers, fishermen, the list goes on. I haven't even seen all the traits. Morale is a gradient from mad (probably gonna desert you) to euphoric (gets +10% to a bunch of important stats in combat). You don't really get to customize those, but if you really want I guess I can recruit a specific background guy for you. What's important is the stats. And the gear. And the name, of course. The stats are all really self-explanatory - Health, Fatigue, Resolve, Initiative, Melee Attack, Melee Defense, Ranged Attack, Ranged Defense. Dudes are randomly generated with 0-3 stars next to their stats (see this guy's two stars in Health), which gives them better growths in those stats. For gear, each dude gets a hat, a shirt, two hand slots (for 1h, 1h+shield, or 2h; there's reasons for each), two bag slots to hold other weapons, a slot for ammo, and a utility slot. This guy's got some light armor, a regular old shield, and a pretty junky spear. His role in combat is pretty much what you'd expect from a guy with light armor, a shield, and a pretty junky spear. You start with three daves who are predisposed to the same archetypes each time: this guy, who is a good Linesman with some kind of 1h weapon + shield; a second bloke (the chufty Val Kilmer looking guy with the red bandana above) who is a great 2h melee fighter; and a third dude (really stupid haircut) who is a great archer/crossbowman/javelineer. Not all guys are great at something - some recruits are just going to suck. For now, I need volunteers who want to be those three dudes, and at least four names besides. You can have a name and a title (optionally), and tell me what kind of medieval fightsman you want to be. Light armor sword duelist type? Heavy armor, big axe? Weird flanker archetype with a crossbow and a mace? The limits are way out there. You can be nonspecific too, I can interpret - heavy or light? Good against armor or flesh? Long range, short range, or somewhere in between? There's some kind of a niche for just about anything. Hell, I had a game about a week back where I gave a naked guy a high-tier knife just to see what the hell would happen. He got kills! Rest in peace Naked Knife Guy. No magic tho. The opening quest plays out pretty much the same each time, if you choose to do it (which you should), then we can go anywhere and do anything, including heading out to find dungeons and getting slaughtered to a man and seeing the game over screen. Or banditry! We can attack peasants and caravans if we want. I reckon that's too many words already. I'll attack mechanics and stuff as they come up. Give me daves for the New California Republic.
  20. it's been a while, hasn't it? i just wanted to check in on all of you since i literally died over the last few months. phd studies have been an absolute bitch, exams hit, i've been teaching my own college class this semester, and we had to put our dog down yesterday. FOR SOME REASON i associate putting dogs down with making hello sf blog posts, which is really sad but here we are. how you folks doing? i'm gonna make an actual effort to get back in touch rather than occasionally following a link from kate and making a shitpost and disappearing, or checking to see if tangerine pm'ed me. let's start again.
  21. good design has triumphed, doom's reboot is fucking incredible it actually has systems in place that manage to encourage cool and varied demon murdering i always appreciate when a game remembers to include good christian values like that also it has the berzerker pack rip and tear
  22. in a lounge area rn that is open 24/7 with a bunch of couches and dirty commuter plebs come here from time to time to sleep. but there are these three REALLY FUCKING DIRTY men that are always here. one is this grad student from india that never fucking showers and practically lives here. this asshole even left his shit on one of the tables and never moves it basically claiming that area. then there is this fucking stoner who smells like weed and im sure showers very infrequently because he smells like ballsweat and regular sweat and then this one hippie fuck that walks barefoot ALL OVER CAMPUS so when he is lying down on the couches and his dirty ass feet are up, its mad gross. https://gyazo.com/aa827afea17cb287167168722fac12bc heres the anatomy of this place. id snap pics of the grad student's lair and stinky feet if they werent so far. but holy shit we're grown adults. what the fuck is wrong with people?
  23. hello sf blog so a peripheral mate of mine, a regular on a forum i've been a regular on since before i even heard of fire emblem, is designing a video game. and he's a great dude, and it's a great game so far, so i want to plug it. lend me an ear. this video game, PATTERNA, is a logic puzzle video game. it is going to feature procedurally generated puzzles that are, allegedly, provably solvable without guesswork. and they get really fucking hard. but they can also be really fucking easy. if you're the kind of person who enjoys logic puzzles, or you're the kind of person who thinks they'd enjoy logic puzzles, please give this a look. i'll be linking the STEAM GREENLIGHT page at the end of this, since he wants to get it up there for maximum exposure, but that page has a link to a playable demo with three levels and a long-ass tutorial. please give the tutorial a run if you think you'd be interested in this kind of thing and do whatever greenlight things mean you want to see this game if you like it :) thanks! here's the link as promised
  24. A long time ago, a very noble, stupid and foolish young man came to this place called Serenes. He made friends, met similar people, and had a pretty buckwild time. Until later on, that young man faced depression and some hardships, and Serenes was more of a toll on his psychological mind and thinking, and his outside life, than anything else. So after many days and weeks of debating, I, am leaving once and for all. But because I don't have a good mental track list of being able to keep to my promises, I wish for a moderator to ban me posthaste. If not else, this is what I wish for. I do not wish to belong on this site anymore, or desire to log back on. So I want someone to forcibly remove me from it. I would sincerely appreciate it. Once again, to those I've liked on this site, thank you. To those I disliked, I am sorry. But I don't wish to exist here any longer.
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