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Found 259 results

  1. Trying to import map sprites from FESS into FE7 and after following Arch's tutorial I managed to get the standing and walking sprites working, but when i move the cursor over the unit it shows some other class's animation (the last unit I moved the cursor over) and I cant figure out why. Screenshots for more details and any help you can give would be amazing, thanks.
  2. Hello! Serenes Forest newb here. I'm currently playing through SoV in Japan and have gotten stuck at the end of chapter 3. I've beaten the bosses on both Alm and Celica's sides, which revealed that Mira-sama (her name in Japanese, not sure about English) is no longer in her castle, but there is nowhere for me to progress on Celica's side. On Alm's side, I've made it to the water gate, but have been told it can't be opened and am, therefore, unable to progress. Is there anyone out there who knows what needs to be done in order for me to unlock the next chapter?
  3. Recently i got interested in ROM hacking thanks to all the utilities that the FE Community has to offer, But sometimes even those guides and tools are a bit unclear to me, i've been trying to add a new class into FE7, A promotion for soldier, i got it all working, Moving sprites, Names, Descriptions, Animations, but the problem is with standing sprites, all the tutorials i see about inserting map sprites they always say to override an existing one, i'm not replacing any unit so.. There's a way to add a standing map animation without replacing or changing the pointers of an existing one?
  4. Cannot figure out why this error is appearing and ill link screenshots of each layer and its properties and if anyone can figure this out you'll be a lifesaver, thanks!
  5. I'm on Chapter 25, Jerme's map. Who do you guys suggest I should recruit? Harken or Karel? They both seem cool characters, especially Karel. I'm thinking about going for Harken, as I heard he's better, but I wouldn't mind another Sword master either.
  6. So I decided to make my own question topic on this instead of keeping it within the event assembly problems thread Heres my code: Everything in EndingScene is straight from the base prologue events, so it shouldn't be a problem. No idea what causes this I could really use some help. Upon loading the chapter I get a black screen endlessly, thanks
  7. To spice up my love for fire emblem 7, I decided to try out nightmare. I switched Eliwood for Nino, class and everything but I can't seem to sieze the throne. Even if I give the lord ability to nino and her classes. Please help?
  8. My problem is that I'm making my first village and I'm loading text with the TEX1 code and it works with any random text in the game but when I use my custom text the game crashes. Here is what I put in FEditor: [OpenRight][LoadFace][0x16][0x01] [OpenLeft][LoadFace][0x3E][0x01] [OpenRight] Who are you?[.][A] [OpenLeft] Yer mum pussi.[.][A] [OpenRight] wow, bud. Real mature.[.][A] [OpenLeft] LeL.[.][A][X] Ignore the meminess and vulgarity its just test script.
  9. Hi, everyone: As most of you know, Fire Emblem Heroes is down for maintenance, and I already have an overload of hype for the upcoming Fire Emblem game; so this is a serious case of overhype without a cure I can think of. I'm out of ideas and fear I might go crazy before heroes goes back online. Any suggestions on what I should do to curb this hype? I've tried playing chess on an 6 X 8 grid (assigning statistics to each piece), playing the original Gaiden, and attempting to keep my mind occupied with other activities. Thank you for keeping my sanity in check better than (Fates Spoiler). Edit: Maintenance is over. Thank you for all your suggestions! If you read further into the post, there will be mention of a story I wrote. Here's a link to it. The Pineamato and the Failed Culinary Experiment
  10. I am developing a concept for a hack and will begin developing it in the summer. However, I know that I will need help with things like sprites and testing for bugs. Where on this sub would I go to recruit people to help me? I'm not asking people to make the entire hack for me, there are just parts of the process that I am not skilled at and would like help from someone who is. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm just starting out on hacking FE8, and I'm trying to use Nightmare. Everything runs smoothly in the application, and it saves correctly, but whenever I open my ROM nothing has changed. I know I'm editing the right ROM, and that I'm saving it because whenever I open Nightmare and the modules, the settings I changed are saved there. I don't really know why none of my changes are going into the game (changing portraits, base states, ect.). If anyone knows how I could fix it, that would be great.
  12. So, I'm on Chapter 5. I've realized that I have to kill Sylvia or I won't get my Levin!Arthur. Basically I can't proceed without Sylvia and Levin falling in love. So I had a few questions about the consequences of this action. - What will it be of things in Sylvia's inventory? I currently have a Slim Sword and a Leg Ring. What will it be of those? Also what of her money? - Will this remove any Love Points there were between her and Claude and her and Levin? Will I then be able of finishing Levin and Tiltyu (I know it shouldn't take more than a few more turns together) (This is especially important because it decides whether I will be able to pair Levin with Tiltyu once Sylvia is dead) - After I've managed Sylvia's inventory for her sacrifice (so taking away her stuff in case it disappears upon her death, because I really want the Leg Ring she has) - After Sylvia is dead, can I safely rush Claude back to Zaxon and have him resurrect her for her dancing utility? I've realized that I won't be able to get Claude's staves unless I give money to Aideen. Should I give them to Aideen or just wait for them to show up in the Second Generation? - Last but not least, who do you recommend I give the Leg Ring and the Pursuit Ring to? I don't know about the Leg Ring, but the original plan for the Pursuit one was to sell it and give it to Jamka once my guys are about to get Meteor'd in the face (aka the First Generation ends). He would pass it down to Lester. The other option was Levin!Arthur, but between Adept, Critical, Wrath and Forseti, he has more than enough ways of killing enemies. Just so you know, my other pairings (Aira/Lex, Lachesis/Beowulf, Fury/Noish, Sylvia/Grim Reaper, Dew/Briggid) all have Pursuit on both children, so that won't be a big issue.
  13. I gave up beating that fucking chapter, never in my life I hate a map so damn much in FE. The main bullshits is these staff fucking users, they can stack debuffs. Then there that asshole in the back cutting down my unit's health to half of it maximum amount. I tried bringing in extra staff users to silence these fuckers but Felicia is death weight on anything else. Is there easy way for me to do this? I am stuck on it for a year already. Literally any method, I don't care, I just want to be done with that.
  14. Hey there, sorry for the long post. So one year ago, I created my own Fire Emblem hack and posted it here. It was a fun experience, however it was pretty much ruined by a bug that everyone ran into that prevented pretty much everyone from progressing past the prologue. I was unable to fix it, so I lost all motivation to continue working on the project. Recently, however, I got the urge to work on it again and have completed enough content to release a new patch, however, try as I might, I can't fix that goddamn bug on the prologue, and I can''t release the patch with it still in. The bug in question is a soft reset that happens in the middle of the enemy phase, when no event should be running. It usually happens around turn 37 or so, but I've seen it happen as early as turn 8... When the soft reset happens, trying to resume the chapter will just cause the enemy music to play endlessly as the enemies do nothing for all eternity, so it completely halts all progress. It's important to note that the bug only happens in the prologue and it doesn't always happen. Whether or not it happens seems to have something to do with how many enemies there are on the map, as it seems to happen more often when you play defensive and avoid the enemies, instead of killing them. The map in question a very narrow defense map and has a LOT of enemies (like 50) at almost all times. Another thing is that the soft reset used to happen much latter, at around turn 40, so to remedy it, I made the turn limit in the chapter, 30, and moved up the latter events, however, that caused the soft reset to happen earlier, so maybe it's tied to the events somehow? Though I've tried to remove them and it didn't seem to work. I've already tried countless fixes and none of them worked, so if anyone had any idea what is causing the soft reset and how to fix it, I would be eternally grateful, and give that person a special place in the credits of the hack. This original thread of the game where those bug reports are: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/60167-fire-emblem-spreading-flames/ Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will deeply appreciate any help, no matter how small.
  15. I'm asking for advice for making Custom character portraits for rom hacking How do you guys do it? and give any other tips you have for rom hacking if you want
  16. Alrighty well then I plan to tackle Dark Dragon and Sword of Light again soon and well. I remember my first time playing through the game being quite hellish due to the way a few of the mechanics work one being item storage having so little space so it is hard to have stuff for my team. But I can push all that aside if it were not for one glaring problem clerics. Ugh I have a playthrough of this game up on my youtube channel that I stopped midway awhile back and I wanna do again and finish but the way clerics work in this game is a big turn off for me and is one thing that is stopping me from going back again. Do any of you have any tips for easy and safe methods to level them? See someone like me is paranoid as heck putting units like that out in the open to be attacked with no defense at all. So I wanna know some safe fast level methods for my clerics since most enemies can 1 round them low speed and no Def easy targets to double attack or 1 shot. A friend of mine said there was a glitch in this game you could exploit in the arena where you can bring any unit inside including clerics and they would get EXP is this true? And if so how do you do it? If such a glitch exists I`ll go with that so the weak healers can catch up with the rest of the team safely and not in the line of getting shot by a steel bow or something or a random critical hit done on them. If it matters at all the two I plan to use are Lena and Maria eh I might dump Lena for Maria though when I get her I personally prefer Maria over Lena but might use them both so yeah.
  17. Um, hello Serenes Forest! I need some help. A close friend of mine's birthday is coming up soon... Like, very soon, and I wanted to try and get him a nice image for his OC. I can't really afford to commission anyone for a special order, so I found the images that would be best used for this. I have the pictures that I need in order to create it, but the problem is is that I can't really do portraits for Fates well at all. I've tried, but I continued to mess up, so I was hoping I could be assisted. I attached two images to this forum. Portrait #1 has the head that would best represent his OC, and Portrait #2 (the dread fighter) is the body needed. I need someone to take the head of Portrait #1 and replace the head on Portrait #2 with it. If anyone could please assist me with this I will be grateful. If you really want, I could also credit you to him, but no matter what I'm not telling him that I created this. Speaking of crediting, if anyone is curious, this is where Portrait #2 is from. Thank you to anyone who decides to help me out. EDIT: For anyone wondering if I have permission to use the other portrait, I do!
  18. So am thinking of changing my corrin class for his final class and am wondering what is his best skill Set for my corrin and his information. my corrin boon and bane Lck+/Res- i like to use the omega yato in the class that is best for me this is for online can't Change into apthocary or Oni savage i like to deal Str damage and that is it so please help me
  19. So am just about to finish getting skills for Odin so which class should it be Sorcerer? or Dark Knight? If I change to Sorcerer I would get the stats Str 25 Mag 37 Ski 37 Spd 36 Lck 35 Max Def 30 Res 23 If Dark Knight I would get the stats Str 33 Mag 34 Max Ski 39 Spd 35 Lck 40 Max Def 33 Res 21 and also which Skill set also his some info Odin married Elise (got all skills) Niles is Odin A+ Partner (Got all Skills) Got all DLC
  20. I have some S-ranks already, but I only went ahead with the pairs I really ship. Since this is for my main file, I really want to be sure that I like all of the S-ranks I go with, but I honestly have no idea what other S-supports I should go for. I want all of the kids, and I could just go for the hair colour I like, but I think I'd regret pairing a couple who's supports I don't like or care for. So, concerning the characters I haven't paired yet, are there any supports that are really good? Either interesting or entertaining. Like Selkie and Asugi, where they went on missions together, that sort of thing~ Honestly, anything will do if it's not just the standard "Apparently I fell in love with you while we were cleaning that one shelf yesterday. I'm so glad we met two days ago." Here's my list of the S-ranks I have: Ryouma x Mozu Queen Mozu is best Mozu. I really like the idea of a peasant becoming queen. <3 Mozu is probably good with Xander, too, but I don't think Mozu has a single bad support. Hinoka x Subaki Mainly for Not-Cordelia's hair colour, but Subaki is rather prince-like. As well as that, though their supports weren't very interesting, they did suggest that Hinoka and Subaki have known each other for a long time. Takami x Setsuna Setsuna is one of my favourites, I don't know why but I seriously adore her, pft. ;; I think she and Takumi look really cute together, and though Setsuna's supports are basically all the same, her support with Takumi made me laugh a lot. Azura x Kaden They remind me of a Princess Mononoke-type of couple, and their supports were the cutest I've seen. I don't think I could pair them with anyone else. <3 Xander x Sakura I wanted to marry one of the siblings to each other, but I shipped things for the other Hoshido siblings already. Xander and Sakura are weird for the age, but I think he'd treat her well. Leo x Nyx Leo probably has better supports, but his with Nyx was pretty good. Nyx has my favourite hair colour for Forrest, I think he just looks better with darker hair. Camilla x Keaton I didn't get the impression that Camilla actually liked him, but I like Keaton's daughter being a princess. Kaze x Felicia They're really cute, and they look good together! Odin x Selena Owain and Severa were married on Awakening, so it's as if their marriage carried over into Fates. Extra rambling: I'm not sure if Niles and Beruka's supported were really that interesting, but they look like they'd be a cute couple. I could see him putting a bow in her hair or something, with her not really saying anything for or against it, but then never taking it out. <3 For Peri, I'm between Laslow and Arthur. She looks nicer with Laslow, and from what I've seen, that's the pairing most people prefer. However, Arthur and Peri seem kind of interesting, since they're like a hero and villain duo from a comic book or something. (Superman and Harley Quinn?) On the other hand, though, Peri's too cute for Arthur, and they don't look good when next to each other. So then, though, who would I pair Arthur with? I don't really ship anyone with him. Is there anyone he's actually good with, as far as either chemistry goes or how interesting/entertaining the supports are? I have the same issue with Azama. I really don't like him with anyone, but I have to pair him with someone since I like Mitama. ;; I've seen that Effie is really popular with Azama, but she deserves so much better. Effie is popular with Arthur, too, but I think I actually like her with Benny. At least he'd treat her well. I paired Azama with Oboro in Birthright, and I don't want to pair her with him again. I just can't look at them and say "Ah yes, these two are a couple." I suppose I'll have to suck it up and marry Azama and Arthur with someone, but I can't for the life of me decide who with. Gotta do it for the kids, even if I'd much rather have pairings that I actually ship. As far as Laslow goes, aside from Peri, I was wondering if he was good with Elise. They're kind of awkward because of the ages, but in Awakening, I married Inigo to someone with Libra as the father, so Elise would give him a blond Solei. Maybe I could just marry him to whoever, and say his first marriage didn't work out? Or just pretend it never happened-? For Oboro, I have half a mind to pair her with Hinata. It's mostly because I guess they just look good together? Or, well, they're pretty similar in height and stuff, and they just look like they could be love interests. They just look... natural with each other? Aside from them, are there any Oboro or Hinata pairings that are better? Oboro and Takumi are perfect, and I'm afraid to ever do their supports in case I like them too much. I really ship Takumi and Setsuna, so~ I married Jakob to Hana in Birthright, and they're alright if not a bit boring. I do like the proposal, though. Jakob and Rinka seem to be unpopular, but they had one of the few supports where I actually couldn't wait to see what came next. It was just Jakob being a jerk to her, but the banter was really entertaining to me, I guess? That said, I don''t want to pair them for my main file. In Birthright, I married Saizo to Kagero, and I guess that aside from Effie, she's the only one who really looks old enough for him, and they're both mature looking. Despite that, are there any Saizo and Kagero supports that are better? I remember someone saying that Saizo and Charlotte were good. Also, should I pair Hayato with Orochi? It feels like I shouldn't just because they're "the two mages", but I like Rhajat with Orochi's hair colour. She looks strange with lighter hair colour, but with Orochi's colour, it won't be dark enough to make her look like Tharja, so it's not a bad colour at all. Sorry for all this, I think that's everything I had to say?
  21. Could anyone tell me what the easiest tools to use are for beginners? For stuff like Map and Portrait editing, and text editing, and basically changing everything (Even weapons and class names). I am doing a Sword Art Online hack of FE, and I need to change a LOT of stuff (again, basically EVERYTHING), so what would you guys recommend? (I tried to download Nightmare, but I just got a load of .NMM files.)
  22. I'm trying to start a ROM hack of Sacred Stones and I have 3 important questions: 1. Can you add a world map that is manually traversable and has shops in each location? 2. Can you add in a marriage system that takes place in the duration of the game instead of at the end? 3. Can you add a customizable main character?
  23. Am deciding between Paladin and Great Knight and this is for her final class. It is a hard decision and I need help and right now she is a Dark Falcon with the stats HP 36 Str 35 max mag 10 Skill 25 Spd 39 Lck 28 Def 27 Res 40 If I change her to a Paladin she will have the stats of HP 38 Str 39 Max Mag 4 Skill 27 Spd 37 Lck 28 Def 31 Res 37 If I change her to a Great Knight she will have the stats of Str 41 Mag 3 Skill 26 Spd 35 Max Lck 27 Def 34 Res 33. So please help also am up to deciding for her final class so remember that
  24. Hey guys, I revisited this game recently in an attempt to crack the RNG formula and found it somewhat easier than expected. In particular, I already managed to crack the PRNG, so that I can calculate all of the random numbers in advance. My only issue is... interpretation... while my script readily obtains the 32 bit hexadecimal numbers produced by the game's RNG, I haven't been able to figure out how the game converts these values to a random number between 0 and 99 (it's not as simple as division like it was in the GBA games). I can do stuff in game to get the associated random number for any string, but I'm looking for a mathematical formula so I can get a lua script ready and post it to the website. If anyone has some experience with figuring out this kind of stuff, I'd appreciate some help. For anyone interested in helping, I can grab data relatively quickly by modifying Lena's in game HP growth rate and giving her a first level up to figure out what the value is. Hopefully we can wrap this up fairly quickly and get this up and running!
  25. So I've been challenged by a friend to have my male Corrin marry Elise in a future Conquest run on Hard difficulty, because apparently making me seem like a lolicon/pedo is funny or something. What would be a good boon/bane combination and talent to pick, if I also want to use the resulting Kana?
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