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Found 241 results

  1. So am just about to finish getting skills for Odin so which class should it be Sorcerer? or Dark Knight? If I change to Sorcerer I would get the stats Str 25 Mag 37 Ski 37 Spd 36 Lck 35 Max Def 30 Res 23 If Dark Knight I would get the stats Str 33 Mag 34 Max Ski 39 Spd 35 Lck 40 Max Def 33 Res 21 and also which Skill set also his some info Odin married Elise (got all skills) Niles is Odin A+ Partner (Got all Skills) Got all DLC
  2. I have some S-ranks already, but I only went ahead with the pairs I really ship. Since this is for my main file, I really want to be sure that I like all of the S-ranks I go with, but I honestly have no idea what other S-supports I should go for. I want all of the kids, and I could just go for the hair colour I like, but I think I'd regret pairing a couple who's supports I don't like or care for. So, concerning the characters I haven't paired yet, are there any supports that are really good? Either interesting or entertaining. Like Selkie and Asugi, where they went on missions together, that sort of thing~ Honestly, anything will do if it's not just the standard "Apparently I fell in love with you while we were cleaning that one shelf yesterday. I'm so glad we met two days ago." Here's my list of the S-ranks I have: Ryouma x Mozu Queen Mozu is best Mozu. I really like the idea of a peasant becoming queen. <3 Mozu is probably good with Xander, too, but I don't think Mozu has a single bad support. Hinoka x Subaki Mainly for Not-Cordelia's hair colour, but Subaki is rather prince-like. As well as that, though their supports weren't very interesting, they did suggest that Hinoka and Subaki have known each other for a long time. Takami x Setsuna Setsuna is one of my favourites, I don't know why but I seriously adore her, pft. ;; I think she and Takumi look really cute together, and though Setsuna's supports are basically all the same, her support with Takumi made me laugh a lot. Azura x Kaden They remind me of a Princess Mononoke-type of couple, and their supports were the cutest I've seen. I don't think I could pair them with anyone else. <3 Xander x Sakura I wanted to marry one of the siblings to each other, but I shipped things for the other Hoshido siblings already. Xander and Sakura are weird for the age, but I think he'd treat her well. Leo x Nyx Leo probably has better supports, but his with Nyx was pretty good. Nyx has my favourite hair colour for Forrest, I think he just looks better with darker hair. Camilla x Keaton I didn't get the impression that Camilla actually liked him, but I like Keaton's daughter being a princess. Kaze x Felicia They're really cute, and they look good together! Odin x Selena Owain and Severa were married on Awakening, so it's as if their marriage carried over into Fates. Extra rambling: I'm not sure if Niles and Beruka's supported were really that interesting, but they look like they'd be a cute couple. I could see him putting a bow in her hair or something, with her not really saying anything for or against it, but then never taking it out. <3 For Peri, I'm between Laslow and Arthur. She looks nicer with Laslow, and from what I've seen, that's the pairing most people prefer. However, Arthur and Peri seem kind of interesting, since they're like a hero and villain duo from a comic book or something. (Superman and Harley Quinn?) On the other hand, though, Peri's too cute for Arthur, and they don't look good when next to each other. So then, though, who would I pair Arthur with? I don't really ship anyone with him. Is there anyone he's actually good with, as far as either chemistry goes or how interesting/entertaining the supports are? I have the same issue with Azama. I really don't like him with anyone, but I have to pair him with someone since I like Mitama. ;; I've seen that Effie is really popular with Azama, but she deserves so much better. Effie is popular with Arthur, too, but I think I actually like her with Benny. At least he'd treat her well. I paired Azama with Oboro in Birthright, and I don't want to pair her with him again. I just can't look at them and say "Ah yes, these two are a couple." I suppose I'll have to suck it up and marry Azama and Arthur with someone, but I can't for the life of me decide who with. Gotta do it for the kids, even if I'd much rather have pairings that I actually ship. As far as Laslow goes, aside from Peri, I was wondering if he was good with Elise. They're kind of awkward because of the ages, but in Awakening, I married Inigo to someone with Libra as the father, so Elise would give him a blond Solei. Maybe I could just marry him to whoever, and say his first marriage didn't work out? Or just pretend it never happened-? For Oboro, I have half a mind to pair her with Hinata. It's mostly because I guess they just look good together? Or, well, they're pretty similar in height and stuff, and they just look like they could be love interests. They just look... natural with each other? Aside from them, are there any Oboro or Hinata pairings that are better? Oboro and Takumi are perfect, and I'm afraid to ever do their supports in case I like them too much. I really ship Takumi and Setsuna, so~ I married Jakob to Hana in Birthright, and they're alright if not a bit boring. I do like the proposal, though. Jakob and Rinka seem to be unpopular, but they had one of the few supports where I actually couldn't wait to see what came next. It was just Jakob being a jerk to her, but the banter was really entertaining to me, I guess? That said, I don''t want to pair them for my main file. In Birthright, I married Saizo to Kagero, and I guess that aside from Effie, she's the only one who really looks old enough for him, and they're both mature looking. Despite that, are there any Saizo and Kagero supports that are better? I remember someone saying that Saizo and Charlotte were good. Also, should I pair Hayato with Orochi? It feels like I shouldn't just because they're "the two mages", but I like Rhajat with Orochi's hair colour. She looks strange with lighter hair colour, but with Orochi's colour, it won't be dark enough to make her look like Tharja, so it's not a bad colour at all. Sorry for all this, I think that's everything I had to say?
  3. Could anyone tell me what the easiest tools to use are for beginners? For stuff like Map and Portrait editing, and text editing, and basically changing everything (Even weapons and class names). I am doing a Sword Art Online hack of FE, and I need to change a LOT of stuff (again, basically EVERYTHING), so what would you guys recommend? (I tried to download Nightmare, but I just got a load of .NMM files.)
  4. I'm trying to start a ROM hack of Sacred Stones and I have 3 important questions: 1. Can you add a world map that is manually traversable and has shops in each location? 2. Can you add in a marriage system that takes place in the duration of the game instead of at the end? 3. Can you add a customizable main character?
  5. Am deciding between Paladin and Great Knight and this is for her final class. It is a hard decision and I need help and right now she is a Dark Falcon with the stats HP 36 Str 35 max mag 10 Skill 25 Spd 39 Lck 28 Def 27 Res 40 If I change her to a Paladin she will have the stats of HP 38 Str 39 Max Mag 4 Skill 27 Spd 37 Lck 28 Def 31 Res 37 If I change her to a Great Knight she will have the stats of Str 41 Mag 3 Skill 26 Spd 35 Max Lck 27 Def 34 Res 33. So please help also am up to deciding for her final class so remember that
  6. Hey guys, I revisited this game recently in an attempt to crack the RNG formula and found it somewhat easier than expected. In particular, I already managed to crack the PRNG, so that I can calculate all of the random numbers in advance. My only issue is... interpretation... while my script readily obtains the 32 bit hexadecimal numbers produced by the game's RNG, I haven't been able to figure out how the game converts these values to a random number between 0 and 99 (it's not as simple as division like it was in the GBA games). I can do stuff in game to get the associated random number for any string, but I'm looking for a mathematical formula so I can get a lua script ready and post it to the website. If anyone has some experience with figuring out this kind of stuff, I'd appreciate some help. For anyone interested in helping, I can grab data relatively quickly by modifying Lena's in game HP growth rate and giving her a first level up to figure out what the value is. Hopefully we can wrap this up fairly quickly and get this up and running!
  7. So I've been challenged by a friend to have my male Corrin marry Elise in a future Conquest run on Hard difficulty, because apparently making me seem like a lolicon/pedo is funny or something. What would be a good boon/bane combination and talent to pick, if I also want to use the resulting Kana?
  8. I'll get straight to the point. When I have the wall tile on the main layer (As seen here: http://i.imgur.com/w32M3XS.png)and the tile change above it on a different layer, the breakable wall doesn't appear initially. It works properly and disappears when destroyed (finally), but I have to suspend and resume for it to appear. However, when I do it the other way around, This happens The wall spawns with 0 HP and to get it to disappear, I have to suspend and resume. Simply put, I don't understand exactly why this happens, especially since the doors work fine. Also, how do I make units attack a wall during an event? (The opening_event specifically) Using the FIGH command just freezes the game. (Most likely because there's no unit to fight) Placing the Wall unit (0xFC) creates a glitchy brigand that also freezes the game when attacked. That's all for now.
  9. A while ago, a friend and I decided to embark through the Fates games only using the MU and the 4 Amiibo units, those being Marth, Ike, Lucina, and Robin. We recently finished Birthright, and will be going onto Revelations and Conquest soon. However, I was hoping to get help and drum up some discussion about how one would tackle the infamous Chapter 10 in Conquest with such a small cast to defend the gate. It will likely be on Normal or Hard Mode, with full access to the Reward items. We've yet to make a MU for the run, so suggestions on how to build them for not only Chapter 10, but the whole game will be appreciated, if not almost necessary. As for the units recruited during the mission, we intend to follow draft rules and have them either pair up with the main units and/or run to the houses.
  10. Okay, so imgur keeps doing this thing. It's a very annoying thing. I edit the contents of an album, adding images that I forgot to put in it. I hit save, then go to another album. I edit that one and... the edits to that album are instead applied to the first album, removing its old content and replacing it with the content of the other album. Has anyone else experienced this? How can I make it stop? I can't get some images into a DQ fanart album like this, they keep replacing my badge album. (of all albums, why that one... it was so organized for a long time...)
  11. http://imgur.com/a/DJuny So I keep getting this issue in Tiled even though it doesn't seem like any of my tiles are unassigned? I've had a good look through the map so I can confirm none of the tiles looked unassigned.
  12. Tuvy2


    Does anyone know a good starting rp?
  13. I am extremely unfamiliar with any sort of graphics-related hacking beyond simple palette swaps, so apologies if I do not provide enough information to work with. Basically, I would like to have an additional animation sequence for the Pupil sprite (Ewan) which is used for activating a Staff-class weapon. This would use the same progression of frames as the class's normal casting animation sequence, except that a vertically-oriented Staff graphic would float in front of the Pupil (visually reminiscent of the way this is handled with the Druid class). In fact, said Staff graphic would probably just be copied from the Druid, though it would probably need to be re-pixeled to properly inherit the Pupil's sprite palette. My main problems would be inserting this new sequence into the ROM, getting it pointered so that it played whenever the Pupil used an appropriate Staff, and timing the sequence so that it terminates at the correct moment after the attendant spell animation is finished playing. I'd also have a hard time getting the staff to 'float' convincingly from frame to frame, but that's minor compared to the other listed issues. I'm comfortable with using Nightmare and am quite willing to use other utilities, but might there be a pre-made sprite sequence that addresses something this specific, or an easier way to insert and pointer the result? If not, what are some tutorials you would recommend that might help me in trying this out? Thank you very much for any assistance provided in advance.
  14. I'm trying to to insert a map that looks like this: But when I try to play it this happens: It plays just fine, but it's loading the original tileset instead of the one I'm using, 1C1D1E1F. Is there something wrong with the settings I used?
  15. There's probably a better, more descriptive title for this that I just don't see at the moment... Anyway, I inserted my map into FE8 and it worked fine like so: But when I insert it into FE7 (I made this version first) the tiles are all screwed up. I made the appropriate changes in the Chapter Data Editor so I don't know exactly know what the issue is. Does anyone have any idea what could've gone wrong? My Nightmare settings:
  16. Hi I'm really new to hacking and I've been trying out Nightmare to get a feel of it. I think I've got the hang of it but I really want to make a 1-2 range healing staff and as you can see in the images the range comes up but unfortunately it doesn't let me heal 2 squares away :// It might be something easy to fix but I've tried playing around with it and nothing works. Can anyone help me pls??
  17. SuperSamYT


    I'm working on a chapter in a mod I'm making and it just won't go on. Can someone look at my event assembler code thing that I made and tell me if it's something with it. Chapter 2 Escaping.txt Here's the nightmare info for the Chapter:
  18. Hey all, so i have another noob question, but how can I (if i can) make a randomized map in mappy? i usually make them by hand, but creating large mountain ranges that look good are a little beyond me... Thanks!
  19. Hi guys. I'm going to start an Eirika HM file soon, and I know what units I want to use... mostly. Btw, I don't think I will play Creature Campaign. The team is: Eirika (Great Lord) Ephraim (Great Lord) Joshua (Swordmaster) Gerik (probably Hero) Tana (Wyvern Knight, I like speed and Swords are not really the best weapons) Garcia (Warrior or Hero?) Innes (Sniper, main candidate for Metis' scroll) Lute (Sage? Some say Mage Knight is better for ingame purposes) Natasha (Bishop, because both her and Joshua have 6 Mov) L'Arachel (Mage Knight or Valkyrie?) Franz (Great Knight or Paladin?) Gilliam (General or Great Knight?) Now, my main problems are promotions. I must say, I don't think Bows will be that useful, so Innes will S-Rank for Nidhogg, but that is about it. So Garcia and Gerik are more leaning towards Hero. Also, I still have to decide about Lute, L'Arachel, Franz and Gilliam. The last thing is supports. Any ideas? As a last thing, I don't want to grind so that the game is somewhat challenging.
  20. What would you guys say is the best pairings for the best kids? I am replaying Awakening since I'm through with Fates- Playing Lunatic, so I want the best stat/most powerful and damage doing kid units. This is including Morgan. MU; + Luck, - HP (If this proves a terrible idea, I'll probably change it.) For a project to work on in my spare time, I want to clear every paralogue and get every unit. I am not new to this series so don't worry about confusing me with stuff. I usually play while aiming for mainly offensive units with three or four tanks paired with high-attack support. This is my first Awakening run of Lunatic but I have an idea of how insane it can be. I've heard that it is harder than SD's H5 and a few other game's top difficulty levels so I'm not going in expecting to clear it within a week.
  21. I need to know this: Is it possible to patch the FE6 Redux patch with the newer translation patch? If so, can someone PLZ tell me how?
  22. So the reason why this is happening, is because nightmare refuses to save for some reason. Neither save or save as work. All the old topics that i can find don't have answer on how to fix this.
  23. hello im here to ask how to fix FE7X becouse when i launch it it crashes and creates an exepction notepad file
  24. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=46497 So what happened to this guy happened to me. except Faval never spawned, and instead Asaello did appear, Sety as well wouldn't appear, but I already have tried reclearing chapter 5 ( I did it twice....) Picture evidence: Patty: http://puu.sh/r3WOC/f6d402c0c5.jpg Asaello: http://puu.sh/r3WNH/9c63efc1bc.jpg Fee: http://puu.sh/r3XGa/d5b806dee0.jpg Hawk: http://puu.sh/r3XB6/486b8f748e.jpg Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this :/? Any help would be appreciated I have tried soft resetting and they still appear. If by redo level 5 then go back to level 8 is what the Original post meant, I haven't done that, do I need to?
  25. This was mainly for the modifiers as I'll be going for skills online quite a bit but, I'd like some recommendations and opinions on theses parings None of these are set in stone because this is all just planning ahead thanks for the help <3 EDIT: HOW DID I FORGET TO INCLUDE MIDORI but, everyone is listed and I'm fairly happy with this list I would however still like some feedback Asugi!Orochi Caeldori!Orboro Dwyer!Beruka Forrest!Sakura Hisame!Peri Ignatuis!Rinkah Kana!Velouria +str/-mag or luck Kiragi!Hana Midori!Mozu Mitama!Kagero Nina!Nyx Ophoelia!Elise Percy!Effie Rhajat!Felicia Seigbert!Selena Selkie!Setsuna Shigure!Laslow Shiro!Camilla Soleil!Azura Sophie!Hinoka Velouria!charlotte
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