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Found 2 results

  1. Okay so I haven't played Three Houses which is going to show here but uh...hope you like this throwing of ideas at the wall. A few cues are taken from Three Houses based on what I've heard. You have a first part which lasts like 5-10 chapters or whatever, then you have a time skip, and after than you have a second part. Most the training / school type stuff is restricted to Part 1. During that portion of the game, you're mainly restricted to the following few units, maybe 2-4 others to fill in the gaps in your team. Perhaps casual mode would be active for this part. During Part 2, you start to get pre-trained units like in regular Fire Emblem games. Classes don't really exist in this game as much as the various ranks / skills you get by the education system (or just have for most Part 2 units), and that somehow that has to be reconciled with this being a game where you can still improve your units after Part 1 in some way beyond just leveling them up. *** Malcolm: @Jotari might remember where I got the inspiration for this idea. Yeltsin: Otto and Joan: The Other Ones: These guys don't have names, but some of them are pretty interesting. *** Mounts and armor work a bit differently here, they're more like equipment than anything else. Riding, Flying, and Heavy Armor skills allow units to utilize horses / flying / armor (with a level of effectiveness depending on their abilities from the skills), which you have a limited supply of to distribute between battles. You can give them to one unit on a certain chapter and another unit on the next. There's a fairly significant investment to getting more of these things- you need to both purchase (mounts/armor) as well as (stable/armory) upgrades to store them in. This was my idea for restricting mounted units a bit. Horses are expensive, and flying mounts are very expensive. Not only do you need to buy mounts, but you also need to pay upkeep on them. As mentioned in Yeltsin's section, you have limited gold and a lot of things to spend it on. Thus, even if everyone in your army is capable of riding a horse, you wouldn't have enough horses for them all to ride. That said, I did have an idea for a "debt" system, where you could take out loans. Depending on the specific nature of the loan you get, you'd have to pay it pack after a different amount of time and your rate of interest would be different. Even if you were very heavily in debt by the end of the game, you could still totally avoid any consequence if your investments over the course of the game ended up being profitable (i.e you restored the damaged lands to prosperity), leading to you getting money after the events of the story and paying off your loans with that. *** Authority is mostly support stuff like Charm and rallies because, having not actually used the battalion mechanic, I don't think I'd like it. Honestly I don't like the weapon-type categories (sword, lance, axe, bow, gauntlet) as much as the others. I don't think they convey as much personality as the others do, and the fun part of this write-up was the stuff where a character's personality was reflected in their strengths and weaknesses and talents. Maybe it would be best if these five weapon categories where scrambled together and rearranged into a smaller number of categories which were more reflective of personality while still granting weapon ranks. This would work pretty well with this other idea I had, where the different skills wouldn't be linear. Rather, each time you increase your rank in a skill, you'd get a "point" to spend in it. You could then spend this point to unlock any ability within the skill which was at or below your current rank. So, even if swords and lances were mixed up in one category, you could still specialize in one of them and ignore the other. A good example might be the Flying skill- each time you get a point, you can become better with pegasi or better with wyverns. Remember, there's no formal class system to determine if you're a wyvern lord or a pegasus knight. This could also be used to spread proficiency with the same weapon among multiple skill trees. For example, there could be some "Sword Prowess +1" abilities in one skill tree, but being weak in or unable to learn that skill or whatever doesn't necessarily mean forgoing swords, since you could learn that same ability from a different skill tree. If you're strong in both of those, you're a natural choice to master the sword. I don't know, I thought it sounded like a fun way to further customization. A big bulky guy and a small speedy guy might want the same weapon, but they'd likely have / want to specialize in different sorts of bonuses aside from that.
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