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Found 2 results

  1. Role Play based on Fate / Stay Night, with all new masters and servants. Setting: Set in 2020, a 6th Holy Grail War is about to begin. Set in a parallel universe where Angra Mainyuu was never defeated, and the Grail is still corrupted. Gilgamesh is missing, whereabouts unknown. All other combatants in the 5th Holy Grail War have perished. Set in Fuyuki, Tokyo. Einzberns, Matous and Tohsakas have all died out. EDIT: ALL Masters have done reconnaissance prior to the War officially starting, and know about all the other Masters APART from Jumper's Master, who none of us know about. This is to counteract Jumper having E in all stats at base, and thematically Jumper is an anomaly. Intel gathered is reflected in individual Master sign-up forms. Master Creation Template: **Character Name:** **Author Account:** **Race (Human or Vampire):** **Sex:** **Age:** **Faction:** (Holy Church, Mage's Association, Rogue) **Appearance:** **Personality:** **Magecraft(s), if applicable:** (use: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Magic_Spells) **Intro Post:** *soon...* Servant Creation Guide: https://i.yuki.la/tg/1417492453926.pdf Only one of each class type is allowed (including Jumper). It's first come first serve, and I will be taking the Assassin class for myself, leaving seven other slots. For both Base Stats and Noble Phantasms, Discounts halve the cost: 50 goes to 25 etc. (flat one time Discount for Base Stats, /per rank for NP). As the point was risen, I should address: Since each Master usually has unique command seal designs, feel free to design one for your character and present it as an image, or describe it. You don't have to if you don't want to :) Here is my master creation as an example: Character Name: Mark Gatling Character Account: monfernova Author Account: monfernova Race (Human or Vampire): Human Sex: Male Age: 23 Faction: Hired by Mage's Association (Freelancer) Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/pVfZaTb.png Personality: Playful and lightly sarcastic, with little to no regard for rules and regulations. Somewhat mysterious as not always honest, a bit of a trickster and a bit of a flirt. However, moderately trained for combat. Chaotic Neutral Type 1: The Hedonist http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChaoticNeutral Magecraft(s), if applicable: Shared Perception Memory Manipulation Intro Post: An English man sired by a third-rate magic family. He chose not to pursue mage-craft unlike his elder sister, and was shunned by his family. Took a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts, and came out with First Honours. At the age of 21, Mark decided to take some time out before entering any form of employment, but curiously found himself at the doors of the Clock Tower. Despite not having much experience in Magecraft, he was taken in as a freelancer, mostly to explore the world and uncover relics. Mark was given combat training whenever he returned from missions, but this was mostly anti-mage and anti-human, as his mana circuits were questionably lacking. Started taking jobs which required conflict and killing (against Rival Associations during excavation), but the pay was pretty good. Grew proficient with knife and sword H2H, and decent marksmanship with a pistol and a sniper rifle. Learnt from a leader at the Association to enhance/strengthen his circuits, enough so that he could use some form of magic. Shared Perception among colleagues (and later his Servant), and a fairly shaky understanding of Memory Manipulation (certainly not enough to rely on). One day, while on a mission,Command Seals appeared on his hand... (The character shot was created with: http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=mega-anime-avatar-creator)Try it out if you like :) General consensus for input received, and to make it more realistic: Option 1: Reveal nothing about Servant other than class, everything else has to be figured out, if something is figured out/activated, then the Master reveals that knowledge. No God Modding, standard RP Rules apply. RP both Master AND Servant. However, you are not limited to just those characters.Essentially, you are allowed to introduce "non-Grail War participating" characters to roleplay. As an example: Since my character is working with the Mage's Association, that will be reflected in my posts; I may be in contact with member's of the college regarding the War, and they will be given dialogue to flesh out both my character and general worldbuilding. However, they cannot be directly involved in the war whatsoever, nor come into contact with Masters other than the one they are allied with. They are not game changers, merely plot/narrative devices to flesh out your character. So no Maiya's or Irisveil's. Think more along the lines of Waver's "grandparents" from Zero and Issei Ryuudou from Stay Night. Or heck, even Risei Kotomine to some extent (though he broke his own rules). MASTER SIGN-UP ONLY! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REVEAL DETAILS ABOUT YOUR SERVANT. EVERYONE HAS TO WORK THAT STUFF OUT IN THE DURATION OF THE GRAIL WAR. Looking forward to a bloody Grail War!!!! :D
  2. This novel is one of my absolute favorites. It also has a lot of great media attached to it be it video games (Strategy series with the same name, Dynasty Warriors a hack n slash series of fun, etc) It is about the Three Kingdoms era of China and how they were established. Starting with the Yellow Turban rebellion in the 180's and ending with a total victory in around 270ish. Historical somewhat, fictional a fair bit. Its great From Chinese live action TV (which have translations and are quite amazing) To anime (Rotk, Ikki Toisen very very loosely that is extremely fanservice, etc) and manga (Ravages of Time etc) Needless to say I'm a big fanboy of the novel and all its various counterparts. Its characters so full of dreams, some loyal others greedy, many fall by the way side and we cheer for their glorious moments and such. I figured I'd get a thread together to share and talk with fellow readers/gamers/watchers of these various things
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