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Found 3 results

  1. So Jonin and Sven, avid FE fans two friends of mine, did what I can only describe as a "minimalist spoken text LP" of FE7 of sorts to compensate for multiple recording failures: https://youtu.be/U606qVCB2D4?t=48m20s At 48 mins 20 seconds they talk about the bosses Paul and Jasmine, a running joke since FE6 and one that has continued into FE10 and FE13. Simply put, they're sick of these characters, or more specifically the "Gay people are funny" joke that comes with them, not only on the grounds that they don't find the joke funny, which on those grounds I fully respect, but also that it's not progressive or appropriate for Fire Emblem or IS/Nintendo, especially with the possibly bisexual Legault being treated as a tragic character rather than a joke. This is what I wanted to make the talking point. Jonin and Sven have never made a statement on their own sexuality, and I'd say this ties into their desire to see Nintendo progress as an inclusive and accepting company more than anything else (In their most recent episode of their podcast "Monkey Broadcast" or "MB", they have a whole discussion on Nintendo and progression that you can listen to at your leisure). I will admit that I found Paul and Jasmine funny during my first play-through of FE7 just because of how surreal the characters were in comparison to everyone else, and while the joke feels childish now, I'd like to think that the inclusion of Legault, and later Heather, are IS's acknowledgement that "not all gays are like this". However, as a straight man, I admit that I'm likely not the best person to talk about this outside of what I've already said, and don't want to come off as insensitive or ignorant, and if I have I apologise. My bisexual friend thought that Jonin and Sven were making mountains out of mole hills, but he's just one guy. So with that, I pose a question to this forum; is the whole "Paul and Jasmine" joke appropriate considering nintendo's wide appeal and should they be cut from future entries in the series in the name of acceptance?
  2. So,this is a quick poll,I jsut want to know what you guys think. I myself,would prefer end-game relationships/mid-game,if we have a second gen,but I also think that your characters should be able to romance most characters,not all,but most. :) You can expand upon what you chose if you like,have a good day!
  3. In honour of the defunct gay thread Rip in piece ;_;
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