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Found 6 results

  1. Since in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the Fire Emblem Franchise Category for Jugdral Series had a total of 5 Characters that are Sigurd, Seliph, Deirdre, Julius, and Leif and I seriously don't think Sakurai would add another Fire Emblem character for Fighter Pass Vol. 2 since we already had gotten Byleth as the DLC Fire Emblem Fighter in Ultimate. I'm speculating that this new Fire Emblem title will show up on E3 2021 to be the Jugdral Remakes and I know that Ultimate was the first Super Smash Bros. installment to finally add Jugdral Content in the game. So for this purpose of the thread, if the new Fire Emblem game turns out to be the Jugdral Remake and Sakurai decides to add more Jugdral Spirits as a new Spirit Event sometime after the possible Jugdral Remake gets released. What 4 Spirits and/or Enhanced Spirits from the possible Jugdral Remakes that you want to see to be added as a new Spirit Event? Julia Arvis Probably the new character from the possible Judgral Remake Nanna and Finn Possible Spirit Enhancements: Seliph (probably as a Knight Lord from a new Judgral Remake) - Don't forget that Rex did have a later enhanced spirit of his own when Pyra and Mythra were added in Ultimate. Note for the Thread: We're only here to speculate and hopes that what spirits that you want to see as Spirit Events from a possible Jugdral Remake. Were are not here to discuss the Jugdral Remake is not possibly coming in general since this is more of a Super Smash Bros. related towards on Spirits.
  2. With 8-4 now confirmed to not be localizing this game, and the avatar seemingly being all but confirmed at this point, I'm now preparing for another fates-type game that's more about player customization and options, rather than better world building and character development, at least compared to the older games. I don't really care if anyone likes these games in the sense that I don't look down on them for liking fates or whatever...but I personally truly do prefer the old games, and I was really hoping that they'd take what worked in echoes even further in the next game. Echoes and especially Ike's games, they're some of my favourite games ever made, whilst stuff like fates are still fun but nowhere near as good as the others for me personally. Sure I could be dead wrong (and I hope I am for that matter) about all this, but unfortunately echoes didn't sell nearly as well as awakening and fates, so I guess I should've seen it coming that they'd bring back another avatar and stuff. It's just a massive shame not only that the game was delayed (meaning I don't have any new games coming out that I want to buy this year now) but also it might not even be the type of fire emblem I really care about in the first place! Hopefully I'm wrong about all of this!!! Also, when I think of fire emblem, I think of Jill with her character development, or Soren opening up about why he's so cold and bitter all the time. I truly adore these characters and am also heart broken that we likely won't see them ever again in a main fire emblem ;_; RIP Jill, the ultimate fire emblem character...
  3. Just another dumb question I wanted to ask everyone, it's basically a "what do YOU want from FE Switch?" question only this one is specifically asking about what you are/aren't hoping for in terms of plot, setting, writing, themes, etc, whatever. I hope this isn't too similar to too many other threads here
  4. Exactly what the title says, what are you good people hoping to see in Fire Emblem Switch in terms of gameplay? Mechanics, Quality of Life Adjustments, Skills, Classes, Weapon types, ANYTHING you can think of! Personally I want to see two things from the Tellius series make a return. Bonus Experience and Skill Scrolls but I personally would make a few adjustments to them. For Bonus Experience I'd make the special requirements for getting them clear and available to the player by putting them next to the Victory/Defeat conditions so they know what they need to do if they want extra EXP. It never made any sense to me why they decided to hide these from the player and not tell them what they needed to do, it sounds like something a Famicom game would pull and we're YEARS beyond that. As for Skill Scrolls I'd have them work very similarly to the way that they work in PoR only removing the skill from a unit doesn't make them disappear into thin air but instead return to a scroll that you can reassign to different unit. The skill scrolls can either be gotten the old fashioned way via chests and fleeing enemy units or recruitable units can come pre-packaged with skills you can take and slap onto someone you want to have them, adding some customization options for your units. If possible, I'd also make Echoes/Radiant Dawn's Base Conversations make a return since they're great for extra characterization and world-building and Fates' Personal Skills also return since they make each unit feel more unique. I honestly don't care if they bring back Full Voice Acting or not but if they do keep the in-battle voice clips but remove the critical hit cut-ins. I liked it better when critical hits were fast, surprising, and came without warning. The last thing I want to see make a return are Tellius Style Maps the color code which part of the continent fall under which power, though this one isn't as important. Welp those are my thought's, what're your's?
  5. This is gonna be damn fun. This is what id like to see in FE switch, though NOT A PREDICTION. Ill separate it into categories, for fun mostly but it'll probably read better as well (Just kidding there is only one category for detail) Editing and open for suggestion to fanboy over. GAMEPLAY Distinct difficulty levels, for replayability and accessibility, standard, hard, no lunatic, though, as i think FE7 did the difficulty gap between hector normal, and hector hard mode better that conquest did, and, to be honest, it was a little daunting seeing lunatic on the start screen, first playthrough, for some reason. Rescue, not pair up. pair up is unbalanced to use and unbalanced to play against in the few instances that you do (Conquest, 17/18 cant remember , General bros being a fine example.) I don't really want shove back unless the enemies also use it on hard, as it was a little broken. Promotion to work kind of like a fusion between FE4 and Gaiden/ Echoes plus a little of the Gba norm. As in like that, promotions would only get you up to the promoted classes bases, never over, but promotion would not reset your level, or stunt exp growth. But also some three tier classes for good measure, not all classes though. but so that it was generally rewarding to see happen i would probably have the class bases for promoted classes be like, 40% stronger than the un-promoted variants. Third tier would, stat wise be less significant, but grant some gnarly skills. Also branching promotion would be cool, but only for first to second, not second to third, as that would be confusing. Second to third would join back together in one super class that combines the strengths of both lines together. Promotions, finally, would take items, like the riders whip, for mounts not just fliers, or the training guide for some standard infantry. etc Level cap 40 Skills would be linked to the class, not the level of the class, like fates did it. So Gamble would be innate of fighters and Sol would be innate of heroes ETC. Proc skills would replace crits for their classes, so if a hero crits he deals triple damage and heals half the damage dealt. Sword-master crit would be weird in that, instead of doing three times five hits doing half damage, it would be five hits doing half damage with a mini luna (25% less def on hit) at base might. Killer weapons would be low might and rare but still have high crit to compensate. I want dungeon crawling like echoes did. Not like FE8s attempt, oh no no no. Lots of cool loot, not too much though. Weapons unbreakable, but no shops, only forges, enemy, and dungeons. I want more echoes, but with cherries on top. Fe6 style rush for the throne based map design; Gives the player more control without feeling overwhelming to figure out . Also map size similar to fe6 would be fun as I think it hits a nice sweet spot. Large but not overwhelming. Gaiden chapters. I would prefer if the pause menu told you in advance the conditions for unlocking the Gaiden, At the very least, on a second play through. NOTHING locked behind multiple playthroughs. Ever. Hard mode would be just a harder version of the same game. maybe some new gimmicks on certain maps but nothing crazy like enemies dropping new items on hard. NO characters you have to choose between, like Sonya or Deen, or Bartre and Echidna. Playthrough differences would be formed by a close balance of the cast to chose from. Echoes/Gaiden/FE8 style world map, grinding possible, but slow and unnecessary. Echoes style bonus exp, but max gained per battle is 30 instead of 20, otherwise, identical. Trinity of magic RETURNS! anima>light>dark>anima. Light magic would actually be useful, having slightly higher range than other magic(1-3), but heavy-ish. Weapon weight would be a thing, With a con stat as well, to calculate rescues Visuals would just be HD sprites. GBA style animations Music would be ... ... AH! Done by the same composer that did fates. Because to be honest, that is the only way to describe what kind of music i would want for an ideal Fe switch. By the composer. Yeah. Im out of ideas. Maybe you could help me though. If so please comment. Ta-ta!
  6. So fates had probably my favorite implementation of fanservice specifically to do with the likes of Marth, Ike and the others, seeing as you could not only play as them but they'd even have their own special classes and new-fates styled artwork done for them. Echoes was kinda underwhelming with this since the amiibo characters are just phantoms rather than fully fleshed out units with supports and stuff (Echoes is still my favorite 3ds fire emblem though). Basically would you like to have Roy, Ike, Lucina, etc... playable as optional characters you can recruit, like how it was in fates? I'd personally love that, but I hope they flesh the characters out even further and give them supports too!
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