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Found 5 results

  1. I read in some thread that someone would wish something else was elaborated on more in tutorials. And it got me thinking if we just need more updated/new tutorials in general. post here if there are any tutorials you want. Hopefully some vets can make some.
  2. I am wondering how to make weapons usable on classes that can't equip these weapons. (EX. Sniper able to use axes) Can I use FEFEditor to make this possible?
  3. okay, its been forever since ive been here and this is making me tear my hair out. okay, here is my problem: FEditor adv isnt allowing me to create the class animation. What I have done: 1. checked my script over with about 4 tutorials and reread my script format 200 times over and matched theirs letter for letter 2. checked my frames for differing colors. i have less than 16 on all of them and they match exact 3. yes there's two spaces before the p- 4. everything is in .png format 5. all colors are shared from the same 15 color pool, but not every frame uses them all 6. i've tried renaming, but that doesn't make a difference 7. it accepts the standing frame, but nothing else. ive switched the attk frame with the standing to see if it was that. same result as before. (didnt accept the standing frame that was changed to attack1) 8. all pics and docs are in the same file I really need help or I'm gonna lose it
  4. I know the actual full program hasn't been released yet, but seeing as how the demo is out, and allows for quite a lot of customization, surely someone has figured this out already. I have been trying to figure out how to make an allied unit recruit. I know the sample game does it , but I can't figure out how. I've added the Talk conversation and a global switch but when I put my character near the allied unit, no extra options appear.
  5. Any one know how to edit generic Mini Portraits? UPDATE: there has been a patch for FEBuilder where you can literally click it to change and a expansion patch so you can have over 200 generic mini mugs, if you're still confused leave a reply and I'll help you out with a youtube vid or pic instructions.
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