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  1. *is working on fixing this topic*
  2. Welp, the Smash Ballot's end is right around the corner and if you haven't voted yet or you're like me and want to vote for more than one character (call make a cheater if you like, but I don't really care), now is the time! For those who have no idea what so ever to vote for, here are some ideas: Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia Issac(and/or Felix, whether it be character or costume) from GOLDEN SUN (not, THAT Issac, just making that clear) Shantae from Shantae (the idea has grown on me) King K.rool from Donkey Kong(another heavy weight character isn't a bad idea and like Shantae, the idea grow on me) Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight (...sure, why not) Wolf from Star Fox (...it's just an idea. Also, minus Pokemon trainer, a.k.a., Squirtle & Ivysuar and......sniff......Ice climbers......he's the only other verteran not to come back. I'm pretty sure, but I may be wrong) Any "Tales Of." character (Bandi Namco helped make the game, it needs another big representative other than Pac-Man) Ice Climbers from Ice Climbers ( I may not like them a whole lot, but it feels weird not having them and I miss them....... I'm sure there is a way to bring them back) I have more characters, but these are the top for me (and I can't really remember the other ones). Any other ideas (or characters you voted for)? Please share!
  3. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a thread about an idea. See, I am a person who plays Civilization, and when you play Civilization and are me, you think about Impis. From such thinking, I came up the idea of Impis being units in Fire Emblem, and from there built up a proper setting to use that. But one nation is usually below Fire Emblem in scale, so I needed another kingdom. In Fates, they did a theme of East versus West, which isn't terrible, but has been done often, and Fire Emblem is already quite east and west. So, I created a kingdom based off of another important group of civilizations, those of the Middle East. From there, this idea was born. The World: Surrounded by endless seas, there lies B'Yasha, in an ancient language, Land. An large island, whose surface is most often sand, inhabited primarily by two nations. In the north, Amaar, or Rain, and in the south, Luoka, or Spear. Though their kingdom is built around massive dunes, Amaar is a prosperous kingdom. This is owed to the twisting rivers which run through their lands, making fresh water and fertile floodplains plentiful. It is a kingdom of scholars and architects, where merchants make their living on the plenty of their homeland. For many centuries it has been unified under the Alid Dynasty, their future king being Prince Huran. By contrast, the warrior culture of Luoka shifts like the sands of the desert. In fact, for longer than Amaar has existed, the tribes and nations of the region have warred against each other, and remained mostly independent. Much of the land is plains, hills and valleys, though receiving water from rain rather than rivers. However, around two decades ago, a king of a small tribe in those hills, Jamaka, led a crusade against his neighbors. This distinguished itself from other skirmishes in that it succeeded, with Jamaka now Luoka's king. However, three years ago, the rain stopped. The plains began to dry, and turned to desert, in which nothing would grow. Some say this is a curse for Jamaka's brutal conquest, others, merely an act of nature. Between these two kingdoms and dotted about B'Yasha are patches of desert, independent tribes and city states. For the past few decades, Amaar and Luoka have used bribery and intimidation to try and find favor in the eyes of their leaders. Where no leaders reign, bandits and nomads have established there own communities, a lack of things to rob slowly turning the former into the latter. The Plot: For three years, Luoka has suffered from terrible drought, and its people wither like the plants in the sand. What aide Amaar offers is minimal compared to their needs, what their allies can provide is barely anything. Growing tired of the plight of his people, Jamaka and his advisers decide that the time has come for war. What Amaar will not give them, they will take. Jamaka sends his son Shaka with the invading forces, that he might gain knowledge of war after growing up in the relatively peaceful aftermath of unification. Amaar mobilizes their army to defend themselves, and quickly as well, for when Luoka invades, Prince Huran is studying in a southern city state, close to the war front. War has come. Who's side do you take? The warriors or the merchants? Shaka or Huran? Take what your people need, or defend what they have? Pronunciation Guide: Luoka (Loo-Ok-Uh) Amaar (Uh-Mar) B'Yasha (Beh-Yah-Shuh) Playable Characters (Amaar): [spoiler=Huran] Class: Merchant Prince Affinity: Wind Prince of Amaar, and only son of the current king, Malik. Growing up in his father's court, he spent much time studying, and from his studying picked up the practice of magic. His primarily field of study, however, was in politics and money handling. His exposure to the outside world has been minimal up to this point, though his studies have left him with a slightly embittered since of reality. He is not one for fiction, and pays far more attention to works of history or teaching than epics and legends. He's not necessarily naive, but until the beginning of the game has had no first hand account of battle, no experience fighting, not even had he hunted in all his life. His calm and logical nature shows through in his ability to maintain control of himself and still function as a leader despite the things he bears witness to. His personal distaste for violence goes back to his studies, as he does not see a million as a statistic. Despite that, he is a reasonably competent strategist and leader, owing largely to his vast knowledge. However, Huran can also be quite indecisive, and at times a bit cowardly, though the latter issue he can usually convince himself to get over. As you might guess, Huran's weapon of choice is light magic. His luck is quite high, but his skill and speed are not particularly good. However, Huran's defense is rather impressive, especially for a mage, meaning he can actually survive hits from enemy units. His unique weapon is a type of tome called Diopside, the black star tome. It was developed by the ancestors of the Alid dynasty and has been taught to and used by their bloodline exclusively. When Huran promotes, he gains access to Anima and Dark magic as well. [spoiler=Mansur] Class: Camel Rider (Sword) Affinity: Wind A body guard of Huran, one of two knights under Shahnaz. His real name is Mohammad, but because his companion's name is also Mohammad, he goes by one of his other names, Mansur. He's a carefree, tranquil but also rather impulsive individual, making decisions on a whim based on nothing but how he feels at the moment. For example, his camel is named Gringrad, a name which popped into his head which he liked the sound of. Mansur's relaxed, carefree nature leads to him rarely being upset or angry, though sometimes can lead him to be apathetic to other's and his own issues. He and Musa are companions, originally meeting in training and having often been paired together since. Mansur is notably big eater, and is rarely seen without figs, dates or bread in hand. The weapon Mansur specializes in is the sword. Despite swords typically being seen as more 'agile' weapons, Mansur has higher strength, defense and luck than Musa does. Strength and defense he will normally cap, and he'll likely come pretty close to his luck cap as well, if not cap it outright. [spoiler=Musa] Class: Camel Rider (Lance) Affinity: Ice A body guard of Huran, one of two knights under Shahnaz. His real name is Mohammad, but because his companion's name is also Mohammad, he goes by one of his other names, Musa. His general demeanor is rather serious, and a bit quiet. He follows orders once they're given, and believes in doing them right. Doing things right is incredibly important to him, as he'd rather something not be done over done wrong. His perfectionist mentality can lead to him becoming frustrated rather easily, especially at himself. However, he can indeed be quite empathetic when something to sympathize with is brought up. Though he trains very hard, he is liable to stop his training, even for the marginal benefit of others. He and Mansur are companions, originally meeting in training and having often been paired together since. Musa's weapon of choice is the lance. Despite lances typically being a tool of bulkier units, Musa focuses more on skill and speed than Mansur. He can rather comfortable cap both stats, and features slightly higher resistance growth than Mansur does. [spoiler=Shahnaz] Class: Mamluk (Sword, Lance) Affinity: Anima Chief body guard of Huran, an important figure in raising him and commander of Musa and Mansur. His temperament is somewhat between his underlings, and all around quite normal. Shahnaz served under Huran's father and trained during the reign of his father, so he has quite a bit of experience and wisdom to go off of. He can be fatherly, usually to Huran, but also a rather hard commander, as he is with Musa and Mansur. He can also be a bit bigoted, usually against Luokans. However, his even emotions and experience brought him in favor of Malik, and he's served the Alid Dynastry his whole life, always being very loyal. Shahnaz also expects similar loyalty out of others, pushing those around him to do better in their respective fields. Shahnaz is the Jeigan of the Amaarian side. He joins as the promoted form of Camel Riders, Mamluks. Since he is a prepromote, he has based which leave quite a bit to be desired compared to a trained unit of the same level. In addition, his extra weapon type cannot be chosen, he joins with swords and lances available and that's what he gets. However, he has very good growths, better than either of his students, except in Luck, which is a stat he's simply bad at where even Musa has decent Luck. If trained he can still be a very useful unit with all around decent stats, though ultimately inferior to your other Mamluks. [spoiler=Uthma] Class: Shaman Affinity: Dark Uthma is not actually from Amaar. Rather, he's a native of Luoka, by blood a prince of a northern tribe. When the drought hit, his father sent him to a city state bordering Amaar to study, though also so he might have food and water. When Luoka invades, Uthma is more or less conscripted to fight his own people. He's a bold individual, confident in himself and used to having all the answers, but when faced with moral dilemmas tends to shut down and often just give up on the situation. With no time for that though, he ultimately sides with Amaar against their invaders. Early on he joins Huran's group, using the magic he's studied for many years: Dark Magic. Interestingly, Uthma joins as a shaman, making him the only unit on the Amaar side to specialize in using dark magic. Aside from Uthma, shamans are a class only found on the Luoka side of the conflict. When promoted, he becomes a Sangoma, users of healing and dark magic normally only available in Luoka. His magic and skill are his best stats, and combined with his weapon type he can hit like a truck, but won't often double due to mediocre speed. Playable Characters (Luoka): [spoiler=Shaka] Class: Warrior Prince Affinity: Thunder Eldest son of Jamaka, king of the Luoka, though still only a young man. From a very young age, he was trained to be a warrior, and has shown himself very talented at all aspects of warfare. Not only did he excel above his piers in sparing and hunting, but also in strategy and ingenuity. A product of his mind is his proof weapon, a throwing spear of his own design and crafting called the Iklwa. He is a dedicated individual, and fiercely loyal. In this war, he fights for his people, and will not allow anything to appose him. He can seem very cold, usually adopting a stern demeanor around anyone. Despite his strategic capability, Shaka is hot headed, and it his preference to personally scatter his enemies over direct soldiers from a tent and a somewhat short temper. He will ask nothing he would not himself do, and often doesn't ask anyway. He is not without his honor or his concern, but those very things drive him to be ruthless. In battle, Shaka lives up the legends of ferocity which follow Luokan warriors. Defense is not exactly his strong suit, but he has high skill, speed and strength with which to obliterate his enemies. His class, the Warrior Prince, wields spears in battle, and does so very effectively. Like the Impi classes, Shaka has move movement than a typical foot unit and is less hindered by poor terrain. His unique weapon, the Iklwa, is also quite powerful, being a strong yet accurate 1-2 range weapon. Shaka promotes into the Warlord class, which gives him a rather hefty crit boost, though no extra weapon types. [spoiler=Angan] Class: Inyanga Affinity: Light Jamaka's other son, of whom he is less proud. While Shaka was raised from youth to be a warrior and took remarkably well to it, Angan had a far more non-violent nature. That didn't necessarily mean he was tranquil, as he was and still is childish and prone to outbursts. He's rather timid, speaks little of his bloodline, and is often the doubter to his brothers actions. However, his naivety also helps Shaka maintain some humanity, for which the latter is secretly very grateful. Whether he's having a tantrum or shying away, Angan maintains concern for those around him, friend or foe. As a child, he often would fail military training, so his father instead put him with wise men and sages, who trained him in the ways of healing magic. Angan is interesting in that he's not only a very early healer, but one of the few magic users on the Luokan side. He sports better defense than his older brother, but his stats are average across the board, not particularly exceeding or failing at anything. His Inyanga class is basically the equivalent of priests or clerics, though, like Angan, are generally more balanced instead of trading defense for magic and resistance. [spoiler=Iswayo] Class: Impi Affinity: Thunder An accomplished general who has served under Jamaka since even before he began his conquest. When Shaka's training began, Jamaka selected Iswayo to be his mentor. Like his student, Iswayo is rather stern, though while Shaka is a more 'aggressive' sterm, Iswayo is more 'cold' stern. Though he certainly scowls and scorns, he's more in control of himself than Shaka is, and wisened by his years. It was when he was Shaka's age that he began fighting for Jamaka, and now that Shaka is in a similar scenario, Iswayo imparts what wisdom he can. He knows of but is not particularly well acquainted with Angan, though is all too familiar with Shaka's mannerisms. Despite their sometimes being at odds, Shaka has great respect for Iswayo. Iswayo is the Jeigan of the Luokan side, joining as the promoted form of the Inkwebane class, Impi. Rather unfittingly of the class, his strength lies in his defensive stats, HP, Defense, and Resistance. However, that means he's an actually resilient unit on the Luokan side of things, one who joins rather early, and supports Shaka with a matching affinity. The Impi class is generally an offensively inferior, defensively superior version of Shaka's warlord with a lower crit boost, though Iswayo is unlikely to hit it's high strength, speed or skill caps. As one might garner from that list, this would be a setting quite unlike your typical Fire Emblem, with two very distinct sides. Luoka is based off of South Africa, primarily the Zulus. Amaar is based off of the Muslim world in general, from Morocco to Egypt, Turkey, former Persia, and with a little India as well, though primarily Arabia. Each side has a very different set of units and classes available. Amaar is closest to your standard Fire Emblem game, though with drastic reskins. Most notably, Cavaliers and Paladins are replaced by Camel Riders and Mamluks. Like in FE9, there's one Camel Rider who uses each physical weapon type, and they pick one more upon promotion. Their iron, steel and silver swords are scimitars instead of straight blades. Most users of magic are found on the Amaar side, though their use of Dark Magic is rather limited. This is because in Amaar, dark magic is seen as some sort of evil force, and has numerous negative superstitions and connotations. Luoka, however, sees dark magic as a weapon, and thus there are more characters who use it on that side. Despite the familiar presence of shamans and the occasional unit on a horse, Luoka is most distinct from typical Fire Emblem in the stats its units have. Notably, while the Camel Rider is the most common unit among Amaar, the most common unit for Luoka is the Inkwebane, a unit best put as a spear wielding myrmidons with additional movement. The promotion of Inkwebanes is Impis, who gain a deadly crit boost similar to Swordmasters. Instead of clerics, they get Inyangas. Both shamans and inyangas upgrade into sangomas, units capable of using both healing and dark magic. Units on horses are found in Luoka, whereas the camel is prefered in Amaar. Horses are native to certain plains in the country, but were never particularly popular and have grown even less common due to the drought. In general, Luoka is the 'hard' mode of the game, where the player is given fewer resources and must work with what options they have, while Amaar is the more 'normal' mode, granting more freedom and variety with which to tackle challenges. Now, this idea is not yet fully baked, of course. There's not a complete class list yet, nor are certain aspects of Fire Emblem accounted for. I don't know how Pegasi or Wyverns will factor into this world, and I don't even know if Armors would be in the game at all. The eight characters above are the only ones I have so far, and I haven't settled on skills yet. However, I figured I did have enough information here to at least post the idea, and see what you all think. And yes, the inspiration totally flows, which is why the Zulu character is named Shaka, he has an Iklwa, and his mentor is named Iswayo. Completely unlike Shaka Zulu, inventor of the Iklwa and refiner of tactics created by Dingiswayo.
  4. Hi, i am a long time Fire emblem enthusiast, i have played almost all of the official games, and many of the Fan made hacks. I have my own ideas for story lines, but i have no experience with ROM hacking. So, i need an experienced ROM hacker to assist me in creation of the game. Any level of experience is acceptable as this is my first attempted project. The story line is in progress, but i need to go ahead and get all arrangements made for the project.
  5. Hello, I was thinking about doing another project. Starting a Tag-Team of a Hack or something like that. A project with more players would be great. Not sure about the game. One contender would be the FE6 Redux Hack, an improved version of the original FE6 Binding Blade. Since I haven't taken part in a Tag-Team yet, I probably would need a few information, how it exactly works. If someone is interested in a Tag-Team and / or has an idea about a Hack, just post your ideas and conditions here please! Since I'm busy with other stuff atm, I'll give you enough time (till end of this month). Maybe I could awaken interest. It would be a nice pleasure to do stuff with other people.
  6. I figured I'd make a topic for people to share their gaming setups and share their ideas on how to arrange them or even help others looking to renovate and upgrade their current setups. Over the past couple of weeks I went through updating the setup in my room by building my own shelves and such. Here is the result. The shelves you see picutred on the left and right were bought from Target and I assembled them myself. The one in the middle was particularly difficult because the shelfs to the left and right were already in place so it was a process to shave off part of the shelf and jimmy it in there so I had to do alot of it myself and make some adjustments. Good news is if and when I get a place of my own the shelf in the middle can also be placed longways for larger TV's. The TV is a full 1080p 32in Samsung on the cheaper end of HDTVs but looks fantastic and I'd highly recommend it. Only negatives are that there are only two HDMI ports and one componet/RCA port but nothing a cheap switcher couldn't fix which I have in the back of the TV which has the blu ray and Wii U running into. This definetely was where the bulk of the work went into. Just a basic gaming tower got it for cheap at Best Buy but does what it needs to. Best Buy has a pretty good selection of DVD/Game shelfs in all sizes. Computer setup. Not a whole lot to see here just a basic Dell I've had since back in 2011 and still kicking. Not the greatest for gaming by any means but great to do my work on. Hooked to a HD moniter and speakers with a docking station to keep things clean. If any of you want to post your setup and ideas feel free. Also if anyone needs help or suggestions in renovating their setup or even entertainment area feel free to ask away in this thread.
  7. Hey all, So... I like thinking about the mechanics and classes of Fire Emblem and whatnot. I love when people come up with ideas for new classes or new magic users especially. One thing I have been thinking about recently is how... Incomplete the magic of anima, and just magic in general seems in some Fire Emblem games. Obviously Fire Emblem is not an RPG like Final Fantasy or something, but it still strikes me as odd that we have an elemental magic class in Anima that only uses basically 3 elements, whereas the Affinities have at least 2 more, if not 3 depending on the game aside from Light and Dark... So I am wondering do you think the other elements could be used/useful in Fire Emblem? FEif appears to have someone casting ice... But how would you like to see it? My personal idea comes from the 8 elements seen in Path of Radiance... Light/Dark/Anima could still make the greater magic triangle, but then Anima could still have a triangle within itself... Perhaps Light and Dark could be developed into that as well... But anyways, I can see the Anima or Elemental magic as being either two separate but interactive/overlapping magic types... Or if the Anima triangle had separate ranks for each of the three types... Perhaps the one other element could pair with it? But anyways, here is the basic idea. -another form of magic triangle? Wind > Thunder > Fire > Wind... Water > Ice > Earth > Water Earth grounds Thunder, Water puts out Fire, Ice blocks Wind Thunder electrifies Water, Fire melts Ice, Wind stirs up Earth Thunder and Ice are neutral... Fire and Earth are neutral... Wind and Water are neutral as well... ...this idea could do with some tweaking, maybe a visual aid to demonstrate/make it clearer... But what do you guys think? Or are there any ideas for Magic in Fire Emblem you yourselves would like to see?
  8. Well, if you remember from way back when, I had a little thread were I threw out some FE ideas I had. Well, that was a while ago. Those ideas have gone though many, many drafts and revisions, and I'm still settled on very little. So, this thread is a place for to ramble on about my random thoughts second only to get input on them. What can I say, I'm a crowd pleaser. So, this thread will, for me, be more about concepts for characters and gameplay than plot. The reason there will be inconsistencies is not because I may dream it differently, but because I'm indecisive and will change my mind. This is likely the exact opposite of what actually developers of the games do, but who cares, let's get started! NOTE: From here down is a 'log' of all my ideas, for the convenience of those who would like to read all the ideas at once. [spoiler=Unit set 1] [spoiler=Phern] -Class: Mercenary (retooled) -Affinity: Anima -Age at the start- 18 -Stats: Ladies and gentlemen, the 'lord' of this game! Looking at his stat's, it's obvious he's statistically quite different from most other lords, with his ludicrous focus on skill and high strength, defense and resistance, making him quite tanky (akin to a light general in a way). His speed isn't as high as most lords but is still passable, while his magic and luck are garbage. Personality wise, he's also different. Like Ike, Phern is a mercenary leader. Unlike Ike, Phern's group of mercenaries is small, inexperienced, riddled with internal conflict, and largely self interested. This is no doubt due to Phern himself, affectionately calling his group the Phern's Mercenaries (a group of childhood friends seeking glory and fortune), one of many points of contention. Phern has an unnatural resolve and obsession with money, one time as a child having spent an entire night stabbing a trade ship with a bronze lance until it sunk for a bet, rewarding him with a small pouch of coins. Unlike other lords, Phern's father is alive and well, a retired soldier who tried to train Phern to be a swordsman but instead the child pursued spear play. The two have never gotten along, and their strained relationship is yet another contention point among the mercenaries. Phern's very ambitious, dedicated to whatever lines his pockets, impatient and apathetic. However, he was always a talented spearman, in the end loyal to his friends despite their arguments and he does have an internal concern for allies and tries to be helpful, in his own short tempered way. He even admits to his own flaws and mistakes, and tries to get better, but usually only when it will help him make money. Appearance: Phern is a clean faced individual with muddy red hair and green eyes. His armor is of a similar mahogany and is meant to look thrown together. The vambraces, greaves, poleyn and cuirass are stylistically meant to look distinct and are covered with scratches and paint with a slight drip, like he took some old hand-me-downs and painted them to colors he wanted and then wore them out some more. His upper arms are guarded by two oddly shaped metal plates (kind of like a cul-de-sac road) attached to them and his feet are covered by a pair of brown boots, which are the only things he's wearing that look new. Aside from his brown boots and black doublet and pants, his whole suit is a dark muddy red. [spoiler=Isaac] -Class: Cavalier -Affinity: Earth -Age at start: 20 -Stats: Isaac is the first cavalier in the game, and fulfills something of a more balanced glass canon roll. He has decent skill and HP, above average speed and strength, rather average defense and for a physical unit impressive magic, allowing him to use magic weapons rather well. However, his luck, while better than Phern's, is still poor, and his resistance isn't great either. Personality wise, he is the most noble of the three mercenaries. Isaac was the son of a retired soldier (no relation to Phern's father), and while Isaac had many excellent qualities for a knight he ultimately did not become one because his parents and him agreed he was not suited for a knights life. Isaac and his parents have a stark contrast to Phern and his, as the former's encouraged him to follow his own goals and his father taught him sword play because he wanted to learn it. When the three friends who would later become the Phern's Mercenaries were children, Isaac was the one who proposed the idea of becoming traveling mercenaries. Isaac is chipper and carefree individual, optimistic and often daydreaming. In a parallel to Lowen and Oscar, Isaac has all the knowledge needed to be a good cook, but unlike them lacks skill at it, which had lead to the (often joked about) matter of him tending to burn his culinary pursuits. However, that has never deterred him, and he keeps trying. He is generally relaxed and his dreaming nature leads to him making many introspective quotes. He's certainly the most down to earth member of the mercenaries despite that and is often the one to quell the arguments. However, Isaac is also a stickler. He is constantly getting on the case of the other two mercenaries to be cleaner, kinder, and less barbaric in general, and is the member of the three who consistently demands Phern write an annual letter to his father under threat of him leaving the group. Isaac attempts to be a friendly and caring person to most everyone but his stern belief in doing the right thing (other than annoying his comrades) has lead to him tending to explode under certain circumstances about traits such as disloyalty, prejudice and harming the innocent, often following with an immediate apology. He is the one of the group who Phern most considers a friend, and will often be the one drawing out the latter's softer side. Appearance: Isaac has slightly kept black hair and brown eyes. Unlike other early game cavaliers, Isaac is neither green nor red. Rather, his armor is shade of tan and his horse is a dark brown stallion. Cavalier armor in this game is mostly like that of FE7, with Isaac's lacking any distinctive traits other than it's brown color, the gorget being slightly larger and the fact that below it is mail instead of a shirt (slightly ironic Phern has higher defense despite not having visible mail, except it is stated that Phern wears chainmail under his clothes). [spoiler=Gall] -Class: Horse Archer -Affinity: Dark -Age at start: 17 -Stats: Making up for Phern and Isaac's poor luck, Gall has luck that shoots through the roof. Making up for his rather low strength is his insane speed. He can double Phern (if barely) from base and his growths insure he will not be left behind in that stat ever. His skill, while higher that Isaac's, is not as high as Phern's and overall would be considered average, but given his luck and accurate weapon type hitting shouldn't be a problem. He is not suited for direct combat at the start, and his defense and HP are rather poor, though his resistance is surprisingly good, and he is a natural dodging machine. His magic is better than Phern's, but still poor. Gall is a rather shrewd person and causes much of the strife within the Phern's Mercenaries. This is somewhat understandable though, as he is both an orphan and a runaway who ran from his homeland as a boy, but was taken in by an elder general who took care of him for a short time before allowing him to leave. A street rat with more of a tooth for money than Phern, the two actually met after being caught trying to steal the same loaf of bread. He is a compulsive gambler, and will often make bets on the outcomes of events and will incorporate elements of luck such as coin flips into his daily life. He has developed a sense of honor of sorts with gambling, and insists that it be done fairly, which isn't to harmful given how his high luck stat translates into his character, as he is an incredibly lucky person in the now. Gall is also notable for being very cold, smug and sarcastic. His inflated ego leads to him often remarking that he should be the leader of the Phern's Mercenaries and his rude, sometimes demeaning remarks often spark outbursts from Isaac and Phern. He is quick tempered and will join in these arguments in a heartbeat, and is a fan on strife in general. Even is his 'angered' states Gall is still largely in control of himself and will continue his snark mannerism regardless of the situation or tone of his voice. He will answer most questions or demands with some dismissive remark and is in a way introverted, spending most free time practicing or gambling over talking with his allies (this is mostly with future units, as he, Phern and Isaac still retain their childhood friendship). He has a well hidden sense of honor, never taking something he doesn't earn (although he has a skewed definition of earn) and sticks around with the Phern's Mercenaries through thick and thin because of his belief in loyalty stemming from his past, and has a genuine care for young people for the same reason. Appearance: Gall has short, very dark black hair often covered with a red headband and grey-blue eyes. The outfit of a horse archer is a doublet under a shirt reminiscent of Sacean wear but without the cultural details, which is red in Gall's case, and pants which for Gall are dark green, and his horse is light brown. So, as you can see if you read that, there are a few gameplay changes noticeable right off the bat. The main lord class line is called Mercenary-Hero. As such, the traditional Mercenary-Hero line has been renamed to Swordsman-Vanguard. Nomads sort of return in the form of Horse Archers. And finally, affinities have returned! And another thing, these are the first units in the game you get. So already we have no Jeigan, no Marth, no Cain and Abel, etcetera. GAMEPLAY UPDATE 1: So, here I'm going to mention things which I thought would be good gameplay mechanics to have and explain either how they work or how they'd be different from previous mechanics. Starting off we have: [spoiler=Class System]There isn't a lot new to say about the class system here, it very similar to Awakening, which in own right was very similar to just about every other game in the series, barring the second seals. In this game, every character joins as a certain class and has 2 more they reclass into, which applies to the whole first generation, except for Phern, who has special lord privileges which give him 3 other classes. Another notable notable difference is how classes give skills. In this game, there are no skills learned at level one. Tier 1 classes grant a skill a at level 10, Tier 2 classes grant skills at level 5 and 15 for two total, and special classes (one's with a level cap of 30 and no promotion) give 3 skills, one at level 10, another at level 20, and another at level 30. Promotion and reclassing are much the same as well. At level 10 or higher, a Master Seal can be used to promote any character in a tier once class to a tier two class. At level 10 or higher of a tier one class, a second seal let's you reclass a character to any tier one class the character can access, while at level 10 or higher of a tier two class a second seal can reclass a character to any class they can access. In a special class, you can reclass to a tier once class once you hit level 10 and to any class once you hit level 20. The split promotion system returns, with every tier one class having 2 tier 2 classes to promote into. It should be noted that resources are far more limited for the main game here than in Awakening. Master Seals are not commonly available for several chapters, and by the time you get them it's still a fair amount of time before second seals become available at all. Neither are in limitless supply until the post game, the objective being to simulate to higher but more balanced challenge that Awakening lost transitioning from older games in the series. [spoiler=Mercenary System]Since Phern and his group are mercenaries, you can perform some good old fashioned mercenary work. Face it, in Awakening and Sacred Stones, it's very tempting to grind, but it's boring by a certain point and is there largely nothing besides EXP. Not that EXP isn't great, but the Mercenary System, in essence, is meant to make side missions more interesting. First thing is Reputability. Renown in Awakening was earned in certain ways and unlocked powerful items, but Reputability reflects the overall performance of your merry band. The more Reputability you have, the higher level jobs you can take on. Reputability is earned by either clearing chapters in the main game or by clearing other mercenary jobs, with better performances granting more Reputability. Every job requires a certain amount of Reputability to take on. Every side mission from here, and I mean EVERY ONE, has multiple requirements which are used to judge your performance. For example, at one point in the game is a mission to protect 6 merchants in a pass from bandits, keeping them from getting killed as they cross. The more merchants you save, the greater your reward at the end. For example, save 0 merchants, and you straight up fail, game over. Save every merchant, and enjoy 6 stat boosters. Similarly, the side objective is to defeat X/Y/Z bandits. Doing this will net you greater rewards as well. Either one, or both preferably, increase your Reputability gain depending on what level you complete the requirement to. The Mercenary System cannot be abused though. Each mission can only be completed once for an actual affect. While they can be replayed, this will not actually have any permanent effect. Levels are not kept and rewards are not given. In the after game however, these rules are broken. Levels gained from replaying missions are kept, and reaching requirements once failed nets the reward for them. These missions should not be confused for paralogues, though they are executed similarly. Rather than have a world map, the game offers lists (which take the form of old scrolls), one for paralogues, new paralogues being added to the list as they are unlocked and one's you complete being marked with a check. The other list is for the Mercenary System, and while you can only read the names of missions you've either completed or can try, you can see how much Reputability is required to play each mission. Gaiden chapters in the style of FE7 also return, which are executed the same. Completing certain requirements grants the ability to play these chapters, but they, like normal chapters, can only be played once. [spoiler=Other Systems]One notable thing is the changes to stat boosters. Rather than being one and done, stat boosters can be equipped and shuffled. Every tier one class can equip 3 boosters, and every tier 2/special class can equip 5. However, you cannot equip more than 2 of the same booster, and there is a limited number of equippable boosters throughout the game. For example, I can give 2 Seraph Robes to a unit and increase their max HP by 10. I can give boosts to a unit to grant them 2 more move, and then switch that to another unit when I want/need it. Capping stats can still be reached without a lot of luck and grinding though. A character get's a minimum of one stat every level unless all their stats are capped. In addition, BEXP is returned. Like Reputability, better performances grant more of it. BEXP gives at least 3 stat points unless the character it to close to their caps for that. What this means is that if a character has all but one stat capped, they get +3 in that one stat, unless that would put them over their cap. [spoiler=Visuals]Not exactly a gameplay thing, but more the aesthetic angle I have in mind. Character designs here lend themselves more to Tellius than other sagas, though FE7 and Magvel influences are far from absent. Portraits in this game are more styled like FE10, though with a higher polygon count since this would be on a more powerful system (the Wii U being what I have in mind). The character designs are meant to be realistic in proportion, and have feet. Battle's take their angle from FE10 over the rather...disappointing fight presentation in FE13. For one, the camera angles and the perspective the player gets are based off of FE10. Skills and other activations are notified and kept track of in the same little list in the corner as was used in FE10, and classes have separate animations for normal attacks, skill activation, and critical hits. Some notable things are that skills which happen to be critical hits don't get a special animation, it's just the skill animation with another pause to indicate the critical is happening. Also, Adept is represented by the striking twice animation like when using a Brave Weapon (Adept on a brave just runs the striking twice animation to start and then restarts the attack animation cycle, so to speak), and tier one classes simply attack 5 times in a row for Astra. HOWEVER. Every single promoted and special class has it's own, special, personal animation for Astra. Every class has a different motion and design for using the attack, from Phern's Hero class to Great Knights. GAMEPLAY UPDATE 2: This update, we will be talking about WEAPONS! Types: The 8 types from the GBA games return, described in the list below. [spoiler=Physical]The weapon triangle is the standard lances best swords best axes best lances, and triumphantly each of those 3 weapon types sees the return of reaver weapons to it's arsenal! Swords: These weapons have the lowest power of physical weapons, but have the highest accuracy of them as well. Looking at conventional weapons (bronze, iron, steel, and silver), swords have 2 less might but 10 more hit than lances. Lances: The weapon of the main lord Phern, lances are balanced between power and accuracy, and have the most available 1-2 range options, making them some of the most versatile weapons in the game. Axes: Heavy hitting weapons, they have the highest might but lowest hit of any physical weapons, but rather affordable 1-2 range weapons. Conventional axes have 2 more might but 10 less hit than than their lance counterparts. Bows: As many player will tell you, bows are not the greatest weapons, but this game aims to make them far more useful. Conventional bows get 1 more might and 5 more hit over lances, making them statistically superior despite their general lack of 1-range abilities. Another thing is that now bows get a weapon triangle advantage at 2+ range, but a weapon triangle disadvantage at 1 range. [spoiler=Magical]Radiant Dawn's trinity of magic system returns, with anima besting light besting dark besting anima and inside anima there being another loop, but it's a bit...different, as I will cover later. Light: Typically light has not been seen as a very useful magic type, but as with bows I wanted to change this. So while light magic is still easily the weakest weapon type in terms of might, including swords, it features some pretty crazy critical hit. For example, the basic light tome has 2 might but 15 crit, and that's the basic variety. They also have higher accuracy than even swords. Anima: Introduced alongside wind, fire, and thunder is a new sub-category (all sub-categories are of the same weapon rank, and some anima isn't a part of one) of anima, Water. Inside anima is a 'magic square,' where thunder beats water, water beats fire, fire beats wind and wind beats thunder. Each type also has different effectivenesses and statistics. Wind is effective against pegasi and is statistically similar to swords. Fire has no effectivenesses normally and is between swords and lances in term of hit and might, but there are many fire tomes with unique effects. Water is statistically similar to lances. Thunder is between lances and axes in terms of might, but features hit more like axes in exchange for having critical and effectiveness against wyverns. Anima is not only the middle ground of magic, but anima tomes have the widest range of effects of all magic types, doing things that previously only physical weapons did. Dark: Dark has to forms. One form is like axes. The other specializes in unique effects compared to anima's physical-inspired ones. As an example, nosferatu and luna both return, as well as several other new dark tomes having original effects. Staves: Status staves do not return. While staves are largely just for healing, there are a few rare staves that allow the user to perform very weak magical attacks for self-defense, but cannot be used to attack. Unless one of these staves is equipped or the only weapon available, a staff user will default to whatever other options they have. Finally, here is just one little thing: [spoiler=S-ranks]S-rank weapons return, but because training units to fit a multitude of roles and reclassing is available, how do you make them something not frustrating? Well, in this game, once someone reaches enough experience to have an S-rank in a weapon, but already has an S-rank in a different weapon type, they will be given the option to switch there S-rank to whichever S-rank they have which matches a weapon type their class has. What weapon the S-rank is can be switched freely outside of battle at the base. Having an S-rank in a weapon gives a bonus of 1 to final attack (so a minimum of 1 damage is dealt), and 5 to final crit and hit (so a minimum critical and hit rate of 5) GAMEPLAY UPDATE 3 [spoiler=Non-Human Classes]Since the very first Fire Emblem game on the NES, there have been groups with the ability to change from a human-like form into that of a dragon, and fight with incredible power for a short time. In Path of Radiance, they established the tradition of a group with more bestial transformations, which returned in the sequel and Awakening. But after Radiant Dawn, the group with a bird transformations disappeared from the series. So, with that, I have long had the thought that if I were to direct a Fire Emblem game, I would return a bird-transforming class. Heck, I even dug around to find a name for it. So with that completed, I present to you the three non-human classes I planned to have: [spoiler=Manakete]The Manakete are able to use a magical stone called a DragonStone to transform into a dragon. As a dragon they have a constant 1-2 range weapon in Dragon Breath, and statistically are closest to generals of all human classes. They do not have an armor weakness, like Generals, but have the weaknesses of a dragon to thunder magic and wyrm-slaying weapons. They can exceed Generals in both defense and resistance, and have higher raw attack. However, they can be even slower than generals in certain circumstances, and their lack of ability to use various weapons means that they might not deal as much damage or have as many options. Manaketes do have the most options of their beast and bird counterparts though. Awakening offered a meager 2 dragonstones, while here Manaketes have 6 to chose from. Each of the six (Dragon Stone, Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, Ice Stone, Wind Stone, Dragon Stone+) have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the wind stone counts as Wind anima in the weapon cycle and has the highest speed boost, thunder stone deals the most damage and counts as thunder anima, ice stone counts as water anima and boosts attack/defense the most, and fire stone counts as fire anima with the most skill and luck, so overall is the most accurate. Even the dragon stone+ doesn't beat the elemental stones in their strongest category, instead being a generally useful stone (if less accurate and shorter lasting than a regular dragonstone) [spoiler=Taguel]Users of the beast stones, taguel can only attack at one range most of the time, and are the most balanced beast class. They have more mobility and speed than a Manakete but not as high as the bird tribe, and are middle of the road in attack and defenses as well, minus low resistance. They only have 3 stones (Beast Stone, Fang Stone, Beast Stone+), with one (Fang Stone) being a killer weapon. Their advantage over other non-humans is similar to that of vanguards, they do everything well enough to be reliable and then some, and unlike birds and dragons don't have very many weaknesses, simply one to beast killing weapons. [spoiler=Vulceo]Vulceo are this games bird tribe, so to speak, and they can use bird stones to turn into giant birds like Hawk and Raven Laguz. They are statistically like thieves or swordmasters, trading a bit of power for mobility and speed. Being fliers they can cross any terrain but are weak to arrows and wind magic. They feature an impressive 4 stones (Bird Stone, Talon Stone, Hawkeye Stone, Bird Stone+). A bird stone is the basic variety, a talon stone is a brave weapon with more attack but less defense or resistance, a Hawkeye Stone which makes them weaker but more accurate and evasive along with granting a 2-range counter, and Bird Stone+ which is a short lived but all around good weapon. Now, all this would come with another change as to how stones would work. When a Manakete, Taguel or Vulceo has an appropriate stone, they have an option to use it with the 'Transform' command. Once selected you merely choose the stone they have you want them to use (reminiscent of selecting a weapon) and they will change into their animal form, with the boosts and combat stats of the stone being used. This is all very similar to a normal unit using a weapon except for one major thing: Stones work by turn count, not uses. If a stone has a 17 uses, that means it's good for 17 turns, not 17 attacks. But if a stone users stone runs out they revert back to their weak human form, and will not transform again unless they have another stone and you have them use it. It also means that if they see no combat that turn, the stone wastes a use. Stone uses can be saved by selecting 'Untransform' when ordering a transformed unit, where they revert to their human form. So there you have it! Just some random ideas I had for a potential FE game! So, please do tell me what you think, and all input is welcome.
  9. This isn’t the most elegant class tree out there but it’s one that introduces classes that has been shown in previous installments with the exception of a few. I promise there won’t be any Ninjas or Martial Artist in this list. I also have to note that I’ve brought a lot of third tier classes down to second tier because I honestly don’t like the idea on three tiers nor do I like the idea of trainee classes (Recruit, Journeyman etc). To me it just makes the second tier feel less special as well as make the third tier over powered. If you see a weapon with an *Asterisk* around it, it means that the class can S Rank it. I haven’t decided what the S Rank would do differently besides allowing users special weapons. Edit: Thought over someone’s argument about a class and restored what I took from it. Also added a couple classes and rearranged some as well. 2nd Edit: Adding Crossbows and in this version, they'll have higher hit rate and crit to make up for it's low damage and poor range. Also added various different types of Dragon Stones for the Advance Manakete classes. Tier 1 Classes: Class: Lord Promotes to: Great Lord Weapon(s): Sword, Axe or Lance Unit Type: Leader Notes: Wanted to allow weapon options for multiple Lords. Class: Myrmidon Promotes to: Sword Master, Assassin or Rogue Weapon(s): Sword Unit Type: Infantry Class: Thief Promotes to: Assassin, Rogue or Trickster Weapon(s): Sword Unit Type: Infantry Class: Barbarian Promotes to: Berserker, Warrior or Reaver Weapon(s): Axe Unit Type: Infantry Notes: A more fitting name than Pirate. Class: Fighter Promotes to: Warrior, Hero or Dread Fighter Weapon(s): Axe Unit Type: Infantry Class: Mercenary Promotes to: Hero, Ranger or Vanguard Weapon(s): Sword Unit Type: Infantry Class: Archer Promotes to: Ranger, Sniper or Hunter Weapon(s): Bow Unit Type: Infantry Class: Soldier Promotes to: Sentinel, General or Silver Knight Weapon(s): Lance Unit Type: Infantry Notes: For those or really really really want the Soldiers to be playable. Class: Knight Promotes to: General, Great Knight or Baron Weapon(s): Lance Unit Type: Armored Infantry Class: Cavalier Promotes to: Great Knight, Paladin or Dark Knight Weapon(s): Sword and Lance Unit Type: Cavalry Class: Mage Promotes to: Sage, Mage Knight or Archsage Weapon(s): Anima Unit Type: Magic User Class: Priest Promotes to: Bishop, High Priest and Sorcerer Weapon(s): Light Unit Type: Magic User Class: Cleric Promotes to: Bishop, Valkyrie or War Monk Weapon(s): Staff Unit Type: Magic User Class: Troubadour Promotes to: Valkyrie, Mage Knight or Guardian Weapon(s): Staff Unit Type: Magic Cavalry Class: Shaman Promotes to: Druid, Summoner or Sorcerer Weapon(s): Dark Unit Type: Magic User Notes: Wanted to bring this class back. Class: Pegasus Knight Promotes to: Falcon Knight, Dark Flier or Seraph Knight Weapon(s): Lance Unit Type: Flying Cavalry Class: Wyvern Rider Promotes to: Wyvern Lord, Wyvern Knight or Griffon Rider Weapon(s): Lance Unit Type: Flying Cavalry Class: Dancer Promotes to: N/A Weapon(s): Sword Unit Type: Infantry Class: Bard Promotes to: N/A Weapon(s): Anima Unit Type: Magic User Class: Manakete Promotes to: Land Manakete, Sky Manakete or Sea Manakete Weapon(s): Dragon Stone Unit Type: Beast Tier 2 Classes: Class: Great Lord Promotes from: Lord Weapon(s): Sword, Axe, Lance and/or Bows Unit Type: Leader Notes: Wanted to allow secondary weapon options to give more individuality to multiple Great Lords. Class: Sword Master Promotes from: Myrmidon Weapon(s): *Sword* Unit Type: Infantry Class: Assassin Promotes from: Myrmidon or Thief Weapon(s): Sword and Crossbow Unit Type: Infantry Class: Rogue Promotes from: Myrmidon or Thief Weapon(s): Sword Unit Type: Infantry Notes: Bringing stealing back. Class: Trickster Promotes from: Thief Weapon(s): Sword and Staff Unit Type: Magic Infantry Class: Berserker Promotes from: Barbarian Weapon(s): *Axe* Unit Type: Infantry Class: Warrior Promotes from: Barbarian or Fighter Weapon(s): *Axe* and Bow Unit Type: Infantry Class: Hero Promotes from: Fighter or Mercenary Weapon(s): *Sword* and Axe Unit Type: Infantry Class: Ranger Promotes from: Mercenary or Archer Weapon(s): Sword and Bow Unit Type: Cavalry Notes: Not really into the name Bow Knight. Class: Sniper Promotes from: Archer Weapon(s): *Bow* and Crossbow Unit Type: Infantry Class: Hunter Promotes from: Archer Weapon(s): Lance and Bow Unit Type: Infantry Class: Dread Fighter Promotes from: Fighter Weapon(s): Sword, Axe and Anima Unit Type: Magic Infantry Notes: People seem to like the idea of this class so I included it. Class: Reaver Promotes from: Barbarian Weapon(s): Axe and Crossbow Unit Type: Infantry Class: Vanguard Promotes from: Mercenary or Archer Weapon(s): Sword, Axe and Bow Unit Type: Infantry Notes: Added the bow so it wouldn’t just be mirror the Hero class but also add to the Archer’s class tree. Class: Sentinel Promotes from: Soldier Weapon(s): *Lance* Unit Type: Infantry Notes: To be honest, I don’t like the name Halberdier so I took this third tier class name and made it the Soldier’s second tier class. Class: General Promotes from: Soldier or Knight Weapon(s): Lance and Axe Unit Type: Armored Infantry Class: Great Knight Promotes from: Knight or Cavalier Weapon(s): Sword, Axe and Lance Unit Type: Armored Cavalry Class: Paladin Promotes from: Cavalier Weapon(s): Sword, Axe and Lance Unit Type: Cavalry Class: Baron Promotes from: Knight Weapon(s): Sword, Lance and Bow Unit Type: Armored Infantry Class: Silver Knight Promotes from: Soldier Weapon(s): Lance and Bow Unit Type: Cavalry Notes: Wanted to bring in a class that uses both a Lance and Bow and this was literally the only class I could find that had this. Class: Dark Knight Promotes from: Cavalier Weapon(s): *Sword* and Dark Unit Type: Magic Cavalry Notes: Obvious changes are that it promotes from Cavalier but now the class can use Dark Tomes. Class: Sage Promotes from: Mage Weapon(s): *Anima* and Light Unit Type: Magic User Class: Bishop Promotes from: Priest or Cleric Weapon(s): *Light* and *Staff* Unit Type: Magic User Class: War Monk Promotes from: Cleric Weapon(s): Axe and Staff Unit Type: Magic Infantry Class: High Priest Promotes from: Priest Weapon(s): Light, Anima and Staff Unit Type: Magic User Class: Valkyrie Promotes from: Troubadour or Cleric Weapon(s): *Staff* and Light Unit Type: Magic Cavalry Class: Mage Knight Promotes from: Mage or Troubadour Weapon(s): Sword and Anima Unit Type: Magic Cavalry Class: Guardian Promotes from: Troubadour Weapon(s): Staff and *Anima* Unit Type: Magic Cavalry Notes: Unused class that was scrapped from one of the FE games so I thought I’d add it even with the limited information about the class. Class: Archsage Promotes from: Sage Weapon(s): Anima, Light and Dark Unit Type: Magic User Class: Druid Promotes from: Shaman Weapon(s): *Dark* and Anima Unit Type: Magic User Class: Summoner Promotes from: Shaman Weapon(s): *Dark* and Staff Unit Type: Magic User Notes: I simply like the idea of a class that summons monsters to fight for them. Class: Sorcerer Promotes from: Shaman or Priest Weapon(s): Dark and Light Unit Type: Magic User Notes: I read that this class at one time used Black and White Magic so in its place I allowed the class to use Dark and Light Tomes. Someone out there probably wants this. Class: Falcon Knight Promotes from: Pegasus Knight Weapon(s): *Lance* and Sword Unit Type: Flying Cavalry Notes: Returning the use of Swords to Flying Units. Class: Dark Flier Promotes from: Pegasus Knight Weapon(s): Lance and Dark Unit Type: Magic Flying Cavalry Notes: Instead of Anima Tomes, I wanted the Dark Flier to use Dark Tomes. Class: Seraph Knight Promotes from: Pegasus Knight Weapon(s): Lance and *Light* Unit Type: Magic Flying Cavalry Notes: Took away the sword to avoid mirroring the Falcon Knight so I put Light Tomes in its place since Seraph Knights sound a bit more magical/holy to me. Class: Wyvern Lord Promotes from: Wyvern Rider Weapon(s): Lance and Sword Unit Type: Flying Cavalry Class: Wyvern Knight Promotes from: Wyvern Rider Weapon(s): *Lance* Unit Type: Flying Cavalry Class: Griffon Rider Promotes from: Wyvern Rider Weapon(s): Lance and *Axe* Unit Type: Flying Cavalry Class: Land Manakete Promotes from: Manakete Weapon(s): Drake Stone Unit Type: Armored Beast Notes: Manaketes that turn into Drakes with armored scales. High defense stat. Class: Sky Manakete Promotes from: Manakete Weapon(s): Wyrm Stone Unit Type: Flying Beast Notes: Manaketes that turn into Wyrms with large wings. High speed stat. Class: Sea Manakete Promotes from: Manakete Weapon(s): Serpent Stone Unit Type: Magic Beast Notes: Manaketes that turn into Serpents with aquatic features. High resistance stat.
  10. This topic might be a sort of similar to the topic "How to improve Awakening". But this topic only relates to strategical elements (tactical options etc.) and NOT technical elements like graphics and sound etc. What are your ideas of strategical elements for the next Fire Emblem game? Maybe you have an entirely new idea of a feature, which does not exist in the FE series yet. Here are my suggestions for the next FE game: 1. Weapon triangle like in FE9 + 10 If you got the weapon advantage, you cause +1 damage and the enemy causes -1 damage. The opposite happens, if your unit has a disadvantage. It is fairer to my mind. 2. Better A. I. Enemies should get vulnaries and use it. Enemies with long range weapons (archers, mages) have to attack units, who cannot attack back. In FE11-13 the enemies always attack the unit with the worst defense/resistance - regardless - if your unit can attack back. 3. Sleep, silence, restore, bezerk staff should return 4. Different types of missions Defense, escape etc. I really miss the defense missions in FE11-13. In the escape missons the units, who did not escape, got captured (= death) like in FE5. 5. Light magic and bishop class should return 6. Stat boosts Stats boosts, which are removable and raise a few stats of your unit (f. e. rings in FE4 or spheres in FE12) 7. Challenging final boss, which you cannot kill in 1-2 turns Your ideas, corrections and improvement suggestions are welcome
  11. Just a list of things that I think would be interesting in FE14. Since I've only played Awakening and am working my way through Blazing Sword, I apologize if I suggest something that's already been done. 1. Besieging Castles/Fortresses/Cities Imagine if you have soldiers manning catapults and trebuchets attacking and breaking down the walls of a city while you fight the enemy forces on the ground. The Catapults would be quite weak to melee so you would need to protect them from enemy units. This could be quite interesting and feel a lot more rewarding than just hitting a wall with your weapon. 2.Height (of terrain) Providing Extra Range for Archers Ex. If an archer moves onto a hill his range for his bow would increase from 2 to 3. Hills would cost extra movement to enter. Making sure you have possession of the hills would be key to winning battles 3. MULTIPLAYER This is a no-brainer, multiplayer would be amazing (Yes I know shadow dragon had multiplayer) Matchmaking would be done by the average rating of your submitted units (8 units per player). Matches would have a turn timer as well as a "shot clock" to make sure that players aren't stalling, but actually attacking each other. It would also make sure that you don't fight players with characters that are spoilers. Pair up system will definatley be nerfed. 4.No Time-Travel and New Cast of Characters I'm done with time-travel, can we please have an original plot with a new cast of characters, in a new continent. Marriage system should remain, but introduce the children after a time-skip. 5.Weather Ex. (Snowstorm/Blizzard would decrease accuracy, Extreme Heat would cause heavily armored units to move slower) Some enemies may be used to these conditions and be unaffected, some units you recruit may also be used to these conditions and be unaffected. So those are some of my ideas, what are some of yours? What are some problems with my Ideas?
  12. Hey guys, currently I'm learning how to program in Python and more specifically PyGame, a branch of python that allows you to make games with sprites and music and all that through Python codes. I want to make a small game to practice my coding skills and get more experienced so I figured maybe to community could give me an idea or two for a small starter game. Thanks for reading
  13. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 5 players. 2. Chrom, Avatar, Frederick and Olivia are free for all to use. 3. The game will be played on Hard Mode Classic. 4. The last round of drafting is reversed. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling) 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units. 3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Paralogues are optional and are free up to 15 turns. 5. Challenge battles are banned. You may have undrafted units clear a challenge battle to shop, though any items obtained must be discarded/cannot be used or sold. 6. Map shopping is allowed, including items sold from Anna Merchant shops. 7. Mothers are drafted with their children, but are drafted at the same time as the rest of the units. 8. Use of items obtained from event tiles and the barracks are banned. 9. Use of DLC and Spotpass (including Free Content) is strictly prohibited. 10. Forging is allowed. 11. Renown is allowed up to the Bullion (L). Extra: 1. A unit that activates Galeforce may not move. Taking another action with Galeforce other than using a healing item is worth a penalty of 10 turns. 2. The Rescue staff is banned. 3. Avatar cannot be in the lead ever after Chapter 6. 4. Frederick cannot be fielded after Chapter 6. 5. Chrom must be reclassed to Archer as soon as you're able. Reclassing: You must reclass units that you've drafted as soon as you are able. Intentionally avoiding a Second Seal item from being obtained is banned. You can deploy units that haven't been reclassed if and only if, theres no alternative. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units performing any disallowed action is worth a penalty of 4 turns, 2. Undrafted units pairing up with drafted units is worth a penalty of 20 turns instead. Exceptions: 1. Ricken and Maribelle are free to be attacked without countering in Ch.5. 2. Nowi and Gregor are free for Ch.8. Teams: PKL: Myrmidon Stahl, Dark Mage Cordelia+Dark Mage Severa, Thief Panne+Thief Yarne, Archer Ricken, Archer Lucina, Cleric Sumia+Cleric Cynthia, NO Quintessence: Troubadour Miriel+Barbarian Laurent, Archer Stahl, Thief Vaike, Archer Morgan, Libra, Cleric Cheche, Priest Kellam Randa: Fighter Gaius, Mage Nowi+Mage Nah, Mage Virion, Troubadour Cherche+Priest Gerome, Archer Anna, Cleric Lissa+Priest Owain, Trickster Flavia bearclaw13: Myrmidon Sully+ Myrmidon Kjelle, Barbarian Gregor, Thief Lon'qu, Archer Tharja+Archer Noire, Mage Maribelle+Mage Brady, Inigo, Mage Tiki JSND: Knight Sumia+Knight Cynthia, Thief Kellam, Knight Tharja+Knight Noire, Barbarian Henry, General Basilio, Say'ri, General Flavia [spoiler=Units Remaining]
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