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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, so i'm stupid and haven't played this game but i'm doing a script on top 10 overpowered characters and would love to hear about everything that makes Seth so powerful... I have heard the following about how good he is " so good that top-efficiency run Tier Lists base the placement of all other characters on what they can actually do to support Seth, or whatever minor thing they can chime in." So in as much detail can you explain his power level since I haven't played his game and would love to hear more about him
  2. Didn't see a topic yet so here we are~ Here's the clear though~ Featuring one of my favorite builds, the TANKLISE! Wasn't really an easy way to approach this map without getting blown back so with some stat stacking, we just decide to unleash HS!Elise's inner wall~
  3. Innes, Regal Strategician Stats: 32/30/31/11/28 35/33/34/14/31 39/36/37/18/34 Default Set: The Prince of Freilia is a most forgotten unit. Just after his release Brave Lyn took the spotlight as the only mounted Archer to date and proceeded to wreck havoc on the meta. While Innes is certainly not meta-defining he is without a doubt one of the best Archers in the game. His 33/34 spread in Atk and Spd gives him a slight edge to his competiton in Klein or Takumi and is only surpassed by Bride Cordelia's 35/35 who was only available for a limited time. But he has one key advantage over all of them; magical bulk. With 31 Res he can definitely take a hit from mage which is rather rare for an Archer. Most of them have terrible Res and if they have some resemblance of durability, it's against physical attacks which does little against the numerous mages in the game. In exchange Innes has the durability of paper. 35 Hp is quite low and it hampers his excellent Res stat. Without a right build Innes won't be able to tank effectively since he lacks color advantage to reduce damage. Still 66 effective durability against magic is still respectable. But more importantly his Def is atrocious. It's very easy to kill him in a single hit and almost every unit that attacks physically will be able to send him to an early grave. You should never attack a Distant Counter unit with Innes since it will be a suicide move except special circumstances are involved. Nidhogg is an interesting Legendary weapon since its effect is a carbon copy of an -owl tome. As he has good resistance Innes can take advantage of this effect to stack it even higher and use the additional Spd to avoid doubles from fast units like Linde or Nino. While a Guard Bow+ may offer more consistent damage reduction, Nidhogg improves all of his stats and offers him higher Atk, giving Innes an unique option just for himself. Overall Innes is a flexible Archer thanks to his stats. He can either be very offensive with a Brave Bow build or a Mage tank thanks to his high Res and Nidhogg. However his role is ultimately dependent on what kind of boon/bane combination you get. Some banes like Spd are particularly crippling for him while others like Res force him into a more offensive approach. One should keep this in mind and build him accordingly. Builds: Budget Tank True Nidhogg Tank Standard Brave Bow Screw the Rules, I have Money! (Firesweep)
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