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Found 1 result

  1. I have three different radical ideas for future Fire Emblem games, but since I don't want to flood the forum with three new topics in a short amount of time, I have consolidated these ideas into a single topic. Also, feel free to share your own radical ideas. Spinning off Fire Emblem Awakening into a separate subseries. This newly spun-off subseries will inherit gameplay mechanics such as the custom Avatar, Second Seals, a traversable world map, unlimited grinding, branching promotions, etc. Meanwhile, the "main" subseries will feature a more "traditional" gameplay system. The main downside is the extra development costs in maintaining two parallel subseries, unless they only make one FE at a time, alternating between the two subseries, which would defeat the whole purpose of a separate FEA subseries except with regards to branding. Having an army composed entirely of player-made custom characters. Instead of having an army of premade, developer-created characters with the occasional custom Avatar, how about an entire army of custom, player-created characters? I came up with this idea as a possible solution to end the shipping wars. Incorporating Skylanders-type figures as an optional feature of the game. When I was watching a video about the Nintendo 2DS, an unboxing video for collectable Pokemon Rumble U figures was in the suggested videos column. The suggestion's thumbnail piqued my interest, so I decided to click on it. When I watched the video, I learned that Pokemon Rumble U had a feature similar to Skylanders and the upcoming Disney Infinity, and I also learned about a feature of the Wii U that I didn't even know existed: that the Wii U GamePad had a built-in Skylanders-type scanner. After watching the video, I thought, what if something similar was incorporated into a Wii U FE game as an optional feature? FE Skylanders-type figures could be used to unlock new characters, new character classes, and/or boost the stats of existing characters. So, what do you guys think? If Intelligent Systems decides to implement a combination of the above ideas, idea #2 and idea #3 can be reconciled by having the FE figures unlock einherjar, powerful pregens, new classes for existing characters, and/or stat boosts for existing characters.
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