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Found 225 results

  1. Hello everyone, so this is my first time ever on a forum but i thought to myself "hey why not, i love FE so why not connect with other people from the community"... This is a new experience for me and I'm not exactly a pro at FE but I do love it and I hope to talk about it with y'all.
  2. I used to be active on the IGN forums back in the days of PoR... yeah, its been a while. Moved to DeviantArt because I found it to be a good way to post the comic I was writing while conversing with fans. Although I do sometimes still update said comic (Rarely. Months, sometimes a year without an update. Life gets in the way.) I've decided to jump back into the fandom. Hopefully start cranking out more content again. Just got to get back in the habit of checking out a message board again.
  3. I'm new here in the forums, though I'm no stranger to the Fire Emblem franchise. Ever since I played Sacred Stones with the 3ds Ambassador Program, Fire Emblem has quickly become one of, if not my favorite Nintendo IP. I've played through and beaten Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Awakening, Conquest, and currently playing through Revelations. I've grown to adore the series, and I've wanted to become a more involved member of the community somehow, so I joined this site! I'm looking forward to talking about the series with all of you.
  4. McLovin


    I'm McLovin i like them memes and also other shit i iz in need of wafiu from FE im an isis in trainning i love 9/11 jokes Btw i McLovin my life That is me ^
  5. Hello there, as the title says I'm geraq. I've been using Serenes Forest for sometime as source for information, and I finally decided to join the community. I was introduced to the series with Blazing Sword, and after that I've played as much games in the series as I could. I must admit I'm having a harder time completing the older ones. My favorite FE game is Gaiden, because I'm fond of old NES games and I loved the two-party system, the world map, the story, the soundtrack, and of course the battles. After seeing there were very few reader reviews for it in GameFAQs I decided to write one, so feel free to check it out and tell me what you think! I've just completed Radiant Dawn on its first playthrough, and I think it's great. Again, I loved the multiple parties, the story, the soundtrack, and the fact that it was very challenging without being unfair. It made me play in a way its predecessors didn't, I was always at disadvantage, I was always on the line, so every battle felt very vivid and decisive. Anyway, I hope to have fun in this forum and to engage in interesting debates as the ones I've been reading here. So that's my introduction, I'm glad to be here!
  6. Hello! I'm Sylv! I'm a little new to the Fire Emblem series, I've only completed Awakening, Fates, and Blazing Sword and am currently playing through Binding Blade and Gaiden. I plan on playing every game in the series at some point. I roleplay in the FE community on Tumblr as Eliwood and male Robin, and I especially enjoy fleshing out "bland" characters and making them more interesting. However, the Tumblr FE community is mostly interested in Awakening and Fates, which I find quite lackluster story and gameplay-wise in comparison to the GBA games, and I find few people with whom I can actually talk about the Elibe games. I'm currently part of a Skype group called "Elibe Squad" consisting of other Elibe roleplayers, and our goal is to promote the Elibe games in the FE roleplay community on Tumblr. I've joined Serenes Forest in order to find other people to talk to about the older games in the series that are mostly ignored on Tumblr. I'm hoping to branch out and become a part of the wider community and share my own interpretations and perspectives that I've gained from playing the games and roleplaying. I'm also hoping to find other LGBT players like myself to talk to, as well- I was informed by a friend that this community would be welcoming to a lesbian like myself, so I have high hopes. Though I'm a little bit nervous, since I'm new to the forums... but I have to start somewhere, right? Hopefully I'll be able to make lots of new friends here!
  7. Hey. I'm Kyuzeth, a huge dork of monster RPGs (mostly Pokémon and recently Digimon as well) who has gotten into Fire Emblem recently (that being since early-mid-2016). I haven't played too many games yet (only Sacred Stones, Birthright and Revelation), but I like delving into the other titles as well and am planning to play the remaining ones. Particularly the Jugdral games have piqued my interest, but I need to know if emulating those is feasible without overloading your PC. Anyway, as I've said, I've long been a Pokémon dork, ever since 2005. It's been nearly 11 years by now, and my love for the franchise has never faded ever since I had booted up my GBA SP with Pokémon Emerald, sending out my Treecko on that fateful day. I sometimes like to battle competitively, though these days I just like to train Pokémon with good stats. My favorite Pokémon is Rayquaza, followed by Salamence. Yeah, I'm a massive dork for dragons, I know. As for Fire Emblem, I suppose I should focus on that now, shouldn't I? Aside from experiencing the games from gameplay and story perspectives, I also like to analyze simpler mechanics of the games such as classes, growth rates and weaponry. I've drafted up class ideas in the past and have started writing on my own classes, complete with all the basic data. Oh, have I mentioned yet that I like writing? I've written some characters of my own and intend to give them support conversations as well. So far, these are all in the Fates universe, and one of my works is a rewrite of a character that was supposedly going to have a more major role, but was relegated to being a Paralogue boss (now you probably know who it is, heheh). I've even gone as far as giving him a child because scrapped material always interests me and it's nice to bring out potential. (If anyone knows the right subforum to post these kinds of things in, please tell me about it, since I'm interested in receiving some feedback.) I'm into music as well. I listen to a variety of video game music; outside of that, concert band music is a big interest of mine and I love melodic metal genres as well (preferably without grunting), as well as progressive music of all kinds. '70s and '80s rock score high on my lists as well. Aside from that, I've played the clarinet for about 7 years now. Anyway, hope that hasn't been a boring read. If it has, sorry for wasting your time. If it hasn't, then I guess that's good, huh? Anyway, if you want to have a talk with me, just hit me up for one and I'll be there! I'm looking forward to blending in with the community and learning more about Fire Emblem. It's a badass franchise, so any extra insight is always extremely welcome. Thanks for reading, and have a great day! - Kyuzeth
  8. Hello, I'm wheelsonfire, a new member here! I'm glad to finally join the site, and I'm excited to get to know everyone here! I own and know about all the Fire Emblems, so I'm very interested in talking about them! I also enjoy creative work, especially fan fiction. You might see me lurking around those boards, or posting my own work. I also like to speculate on things, so if there's any speculation on anything (e.g. what a character might have done, a future release), you can bet I'll be at the topic! :) Again, I'm excited to meet you all, and enjoy my time here! One question, though. Would someone be kind enough to help me with a problem I'm currently having? The paste functions for the messageboard don't appear to work for me. I can type into the messageboard directly just fine, but if I tried to paste anything from anywhere, nothing shows up... Has this happened to anyone else? How do I solve it or use an alternative? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys! I've been playing a fair bit of Fire Emblem recently, and I discovered these forums, so I figured, why not join? Fire Emblem-wise, I've played nearly all of the English-released ones. I started off with Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword, which are the ones I've played the most since they were the only ones I had available for a while, but I've since played most of the others. At the moment I'm doing the Birthright path for Fates (I've already done Conquest), as well as doing my second-ever run of Path of Radiance. I'm planning to do Revelation and Radiant Dawn after beating them respectively, natch. I'm from Melbourne in Australia (are there any other Australians here?) and I work full-time as a PHP developer for an ISP. Other than that, I also enjoy reading, some horrible amateur writing, occasionally drawing, bicycles, jersey caramels, comic books, and tabletop RPGs. Looking forwards to meeting you all!
  10. Primarene


    I'm Primarene, or Adriane, whichever is fine. I'm not very good at introductions, but I hope to get along with everyone! I'm currently playing FE6: The Binding Blade and cursing the RNG.
  11. Online name: André The Kid Real name: André (Duh xD) DoB: 11/11/1999 Favourite FE Game: Sacred Stones (Genealogy of the Holy war comes as a close second) Favourite Game (other than FE): Sly 2: Band of Thieves Favourite FE Character: Joshua (How not to like him?) Least Favourite game: Maybe Bubsy 3d? Who knows xD Sports: Football (European xD), and Tennis Online friends: Favourite music: Rock Favourite artist/band: AC/DC Favourite song: Thunderstruck (AC/DC) Country: Portugal Hobbies: Video games, Anime, Mánga collecting, History and Programming! Can't Wait to meet everyone here!
  12. pandatalez2


    Hey everyone, just posting an introduction for formality's sake :'). My name is Maile, but I don't really mind being called anything else, Panda, Soleil (Not particularly the Fates character, it's my middle name too lol), etc. I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I got into Fire Emblem when I was 13 with Awakening, and became pretty obsessed with it. I even carried the game's case around with me in middle school to uplift me when I had bad days sometimes. I've pretty much worn it out with it being my most played title and around 303 hours of my life being spent on it. I'm also a fan of other series like Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, Ace Attorney, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, a bunch of other stuff. I'll try to post in the forums as much as I can and contribute, but it's a bit difficult for me to keep up.
  13. Hello, Serenes Forest!! I've used the main site so many times for information and research purposes, I've lost count. It's time for me to buckle down and build an account here, I suppose. My name is Darwin, and my favorite game is Radiant Dawn. I've played it through so many times I can almost recite chunks of the script word for word. My average play time on the save file is something like 14-16 hours per run. This doesn't count resets, though, which I still depend on sometimes. :\ I'm not super good. But!! I need your help with a school project! I don't want to impose so I'm only posting this in the introduction section. Please tell me if this is the wrong place for it. Thank you! I am building a website (from scratch) for a course at college. I'm using the page for Google Analytics research and SEO practice. Thus, I need viewership! I've written a blurb about some of my favorite Radiant Dawn characters, mainly focusing on their growth rates, usability, and whether I like them or not. I'd love to hear your thoughts, either on my stats (are any of them wrong?), my opinions (tell me how yours differ!! I'd love to hear), or my web design (it's looking kinda... old....). Here it is. I'm already patching together another update, which will bring in most of the units I'm still missing, redesign the header, and fix up some minor text errors. Also, Ranulf's entire write-up, elements of Shinon's, and lots of Nephenee and Pelleas'. Thanks so much, folks! I appreciate your time and viewership.
  14. Hello everyone! I have been a Fire Emblem fan since I borrowed my brothers copy of Awakening, and then never gave it back (with permission from him). My favorite Fire Emblem that I've played is definitely Sacred Stones, though I do love Fates and Awakening as well. I haven't had the chance to play anything other than the GBA games other than that, as I am in nursing school, and I have no time to do anything anymore. I've lurked on the forums for a little bit now, and had a little free time to start up an account and make an introductory post or two. I hope to enjoy my stay here in the forest, and that there will be much conversing, when I have a moment away from school. Thank you~ Marshmellows13
  15. Hello, I am auraninja. A citizen from XXXXbii XXXums. (Funny how many letters you type for a website ambiguous search.) Truth be told, I saw a voice actress interview, and since I appreciate voice acting, I came to these threads. I guess to tied back to Fire Emblem, I have only beaten Path of Radiance so far (with the original NA release game in my backlog). Favorite characters include: Lyn Erk Canas Soren Naesala Robin Cordelia Henry Nah Say'ri Corrin Kaden Selkie Rinkah Niles Leo I like magic characters the most. Some of the transform characters (Laguz/Taguel/Manakete/Kistune) are great too.
  16. Hey guys, long time lurker finally coming out of the rabbit hole. First got into fire emblem when awakening came out but i have gone back to play some of the classics. I'm also a big fan of FE Cipher, always reading the sub thread! I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and contributing the the community! Thanks! -DML
  17. Hello everyone, I signed up a few days ago and I've been posting a tad, but I thought I'd give myself a more formal introduction. To quote my about me profile page, "I've never been on a forum of any kind before, so let's hope I don't screw this up." I got into Fire Emblem a little over a year ago, played FE7 on the Wii U, and now I've played every game from Binding Blade and up (not counting Scared Stones.... I'll get on that eventually). But yeah, my favourite FE games are the Tellius games, because holy damn they are so good. But I really have loved every FE game I've played. Some of my favourite characters, as you can probably tell are Roy, Ike and Female Robin. And I do have ships... but I don't want people to force their ships down my throat, so I don't really want to force mine down theirs (respect). So the interesting part, I'm super curious as to what other people's Fire Emblem collection is like? This is my collection so far, I'm insane so I needed psychical copies in the box of all the games I've played, inserts and instruction booklets included. So what does everyone else have? It could be anything really, including figurines, A VHS of that terrible 2 episode anime they made :P My cousin got a tattoo of Lucina's quote, "I say when it ends." Please let me know, I'm very interested.
  18. Greetings fellow dwellers of Serene's Forest, I'm Tactician_Iris, a lass in her 20's from Sweden, and I was (technically) introduced to the Fire Emblem series in 2002 via Super Smash Bros. Melee. Since then I remained curious about the Fire Emblem series as a whole, and I finally took the plunge with Awakening two years ago, had a blast playing it, and found myself lurking these forums from time to time. Fast forward until present, and Fates has found itself a place in my gaming library. And so I wound up here on these forums, and this time I decided I'd sign up. Once I'm a bit more confident that I can strategically dodge permadeath, I do plan on trying the older FE games. In other words, I'm going to have quite a backlog to catch up on aren't I? ;) Besides pouring my time on Fire Emblem, I also whittle away hours on playing (mainly) Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and Heroes of Might and Magic. And when I'm not gaming, I'm probably drawing, painting, sewing, or crocheting away the rest of my freetime. Well, that's about it as far as introducing myself goes I guess, lest I ramble on too much :P
  19. Hello! I am known in other places as Zero09Ike. I had another account here but I kind of forgot the password lol so I made a new one. I have played all Fire Emblems released on the west, but I didn't beat Shadow Dragon (didn't get too far either, I don't like it) That means I have played and beaten: -Rekka no Ken -Sacred Stones -Path of Radiance -Radiant Dawn -Awakening -Fates (all versions) As a bonus, I've also played and beaten Binding Blade/FE6 Come talk to me! I love Fire Emblem <3
  20. Hey there everyone! Join a few months or so, but I couldn't do a proper intro due to studies?. Anyway, I hope to make new friends with some of you guys. I might ask you guys on advice on FE stuff as I'm not that good in strategy games. The main reason I'm into FE is definitely due to the storyline it has and some of the character development
  21. Hello everyone I've been visiting the site and read the forums quite often but now I decided to finally join My love for FE started with Awakening and continued with Fates however I managed to backtrack and play Blazing Sword I won't be posting often due to college as well as playing games like SIF (if there are people that know what it is) but I hope to have a great experience here with you all!
  22. bettyblue


    Hey everyone! Call me Blue! I'm from Canada and I'm new-ish to Fire Emblem I suppose? I played Shadow Dragon years ago but couldn't really get into it, but earlier this summer my roommate lent me Awakening and I had a blast with it! I also just recently finished Birthright, which was decent, but let's just say I'm counting pennies to grab Conquest and then Revelation soon, which I have higher hopes for. It's my silly sort of FE tradition to give all of my avatar characters blue hair. :9 Uh, not sure what else to put here? I'm not a huge videogame person outside of FE, Ace Attorney, and endless messing around on Tomodachi Life, to be honest. I also really like birds, and writing & drawing. Topic tags are a new idea to me, so please go easy on me if I mess it up entirely, lol! Looking forward to seeing everyone around! 8)
  23. I've been lurking for centuries, so i finally decided to make my own profile here. So, hi. I guess. This isn't my first forum or anything, and I've already read the Code of Conduct. So hopefully I remember all that crap (reasonable and smart crap) Here's the fire emblem games i've played. -Most of Blazing Sword before i lost my save file (f**king emulators!), working my way back there. The "speed up" option on emulators really helps grind out those Nils levels. (Yes i know about the whole getting Nils to level 7 thing, a friend told me) -All of Awakening on Normal, Classic. Helped me get my motor skills back in my wrist after it snapped in half :) -All the way up to Chapter 19 of Conquest. Doing paralogues for XP. -Currently emulating Path of Radiance and i'm on the first level listening to the slightly repetitive victory theme (par for the course in FE it seems, but thats fine) while typing this as a motivation to finish typing all this
  24. Howdy, y'all. I've actually had this account for a while, but I never used it much. I'm thinking I will now, though, so I cleaned it up, updated everything, and now I reckon I oughta introduce myself. Name's MegaTheGamer in most places, friends call me Mega or my real name, Ronald. South Texas born and raised , I love all things video gaming and like many different types of music, too. I don't mind saying most anything about myself, so just ask away. I haven't been part of a forum in 7 years, so being back in the saddle like this is interesting. Other than, of course, Fire Emblem, I also quite enjoy Mega Man, Smash Bros, and Mario, among a host of others. I play Pokémon casually, but not competitively, and I've been really into mecha games recently (Super Robot Wars, SD Gundam, etc.). I like to meet fellow gamers and make gaming a social activity, which is why I stream on Twitch. I'd also like to go to more conventions and events in the future when I'm less broke. Every once in a while, I might get into an anime, too, but usually I'm gaming too much to commit to a long series. I'm also a dub elitist, so expect me to talk in terms of a dub if it exists. As for the kind of person I am, I'm pretty relaxed and optimistic. I stick to my word and expect the same from others. I'm very much an introvert, so don't be concerned if I pop in and out of here in bursts. My friends tell me I'm a good listener, and that makes sense since I rarely initiate conversation, but I pretty much let anyone come to me if they want to talk. Nothing really rattles me and I can generally stay calm no matter how I feel at the moment. I do have a fuse, though, however long, and if you manage to make me of all people angry, you're gonna have bad time. But that shouldn't be an issue, it takes a heroic effort to cheese me off. If anything, you may find me too blunt or direct. All in all, this seems like a community that has stood up well despite it's past issues, and there seem to be some nice people here. All the fan game projects look great and that's probably the board where I'll spend most of my time. And just for a lark, why don't I share a thing I wrote up on how I tier the FE games and why. It's a rather opinionated thing, but it's a good indicator of what I like in the games. Looking forward to meeting people and having a fun time. Let's game, y'all. Favorite FE notes.txt
  25. Hello everyone! I'm new here. My name is Luca, and i'm here because I love Fire Emblem. Even though my profile says i joined on December of last year, i'm introducing myself just now because, well, let's just say I forgot i had an account here. I hope we all can get along together just fine! (Also, if you see any errors in anything I write, please, point it out, english is not my first language.)
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