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Found 37 results

  1. Hi guys! My name is Kristófer (Kris) and I've been interested in Fire Emblem for..... too long. I've been going on SF for a while now and I guess I might as well make a profile so that I can reply to things, so here I am! I have no idea how to use this website, but I guess I'll figure it out soon enough. Let's see, where do I start.... My first Fire Emblem game was FE7, and I played all of FE7-FE13 except FE10 (never had a Wii/Wii U) and FE12 (I cannot handle Kris, the avatar. He's too much of a Gary Sue annoying for me to play the game). I've preordered FE14's special edition. I'm happy to be a part of this community! [On tumblr, my personal blog is here and I'm Mod Sain here *spoilers on both blogs btw* and my twitter is here, but I barely use it] I draw a lot! In fact, I drew my profile picture (here)
  2. Hi, people of Serenes Forest :) ! I've been following the forums on here since Fire Emblem Fates was announced, but I've only bothered creating account around now. Some general things about how I operate I am usually in the middle on most issues, though I am just as strong in the way I lay out my opinion (not sure if that's right) The way I rank my favorite Fire Emblem games are in extremely loose order, in fact there are three games that jointly own the title of my favorite Fire Emblem game and I just chose one for my profile(for the record my other two right now are Radiant Dawn and FE 7). I do have a set order of my three least favorite Fire Emblem games though. I try to be as unbiased as possible, but my bias does slip in from time to time. I find a lot of flaws even in things I really like, but most are usually minor nitpicks on things that rub me the wrong way. I tend to embellish flaws and gloss over strengths when discussing matters, so I may come across as a bit of a negative person. My sense of humor leans towards a combination of Monty Python's sheer logic breaking ridiculousness or George Carlin/Frankie Boyle making fun of anything as long as the exaggeration is set up properly, though I do have my own limits on that. I like RPG's in general more than any other game genre and I tend to favor RPG's from Japanese developers. That's it for now, I look forward to talking with you people more :)!
  3. AzurePhoenix


    Online name: AzurePhoenix Real name: John Athens DoB: 5/25/2000 Favourite FE Game: Awakening Favourite Game (other than FE): Skyrim and Assassin's Creed Favourite FE Character: Avatar Least Favourite game: Any FPS other than Fallout or TF2 Sports: Video Games Online friends: none here Favourite music: varies Favourite artist/band: varies Favourite song: varies Country: What ( Thumbs Up for Pulp Fiction reference ) MSN/Yahoo/AIM: none Hobbies: * see sports * Good Point: Friendly, Civil Bad Point: I have Asperger's :( Anything else? : [/b] I have a vore fetish ( Yes, I'm prey )
  4. I decided to just introduce myself. So...you may call me Raumata. (Rau, or Rauma or whichever you prefer.) I enjoy drawing. I've been at it since I was ten, I drew a lot of Digimon, Pokemon, and monsters in general. I now mostly do fanart or try to create my own characters. I hope to get even better and try realism and recreate my dream's landscapes as art. (Heh. I've got a long way to go. ) I also enjoy listening to the occasional White Lies album (or any music album in general). I'm new-ish to this fandom (played FE:A), so please treat me kindly and I'll do the same.
  5. Blade


    Greetings! I'm Fanatic&Ecstatic! I started to play Fire Emblem Blazing Sword many months ago as a friend recommended me a SRPG that isn't FF Tactics. I failed on my first run due to Marcus, but I didn't give up. I eventually finished Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, and weeks ago, Sword of Seals. Currently I'm playing Radiant Dawn up to Chapter 3 - Endgame. I'm glad to join the Forest!
  6. Herro! Can't really say I'm new since I've...kinda been stalking the forum for a few moths now...but only now have I dared to enter this forbidden realm of "a gaming series I only got into because of awakening" (mostly because in regular speak I may be a bit of a *cough*casual*cough*). But none the less its refreshing to see a place with little conflict and drama with an open mindset to boot, so I hope to accepted! I have an overly long name so I don't mind if I'm referred to as M-C or i dunno "That one member with the eyebuldge guy as her profile pic".
  7. Hey, it occurs to me that I joined this forum months ago and still haven't posted a thing. So here I am! My tendency is to lurk a lot and post very little, but know that I am out there, reading and watching, always in the digital shadows of the information superhighway...
  8. Salvete, amicos! I'm a lurker of two years who finally decided to make an account and join. I'm a high school student, nerd, and pastor's son. My history with this series goes back to about 2006. My family was strict on videogames, and besides a N64 my dad had gotten for dirt cheap right when the Gamecube came out, we didn't have any game consoles. Then, my elder brother bought a GBASP off of a friend, and started rooting around for good games for it. Three guesses as to what turned up. He got Sacred Stones not long after,... and proceeded to play the heck out of it, with me attentively looking over his shoulder. There was one thing he did (or more like didn't do) that always bothered me... he didn't reset when units died, and didn't give a damn about their lives in the first place. Later on he got Shadow Dragon when it first came out, and the above ensued all over again. Except this time, he'd deliberately sacrifice Abel (after I said I liked him) in the prologue. But enough about my brother. It was spring 2012, and my family was moving. I wanted a good game for the trip, and lo and behold, I re-discovered this series. I went for Shadow Dragon and played the life out of it over the trip and the summer; I'd basically got the thing worked out to a science. Not long after I completed it, I got Sacred Stones... and proceeded to be less than impressed with it. I won't rant on about it, as there are others who have already done so, and I share similiar views. Then, I discovered that there was a Fire Emblem game for 3DS... that was already released in Japan and coming to the US in early 2013: Fire Emblem Kakusei (I still remember that Japanese title). I bought into the hype train (and upgraded to a 3DS)... and proceeded to get dissapointed. Once again, my less-than positive opinions on it have already been stated by many (though note that I don't HATE it, or believe that it single-handedly ruined the series; just that it made more bad choices than good ones). Robin was my #1 wanted newcomer in SSB4 (and you should've seen me when he was revealed). So, to this day, I've only played three Fire Emblem games, and I've enjoyed Shadow Dragon the most. I'm not in the postion to play the other games in the series, because my wii bricked itself + no good way to emulate + ridiculously high prices for all the games I haven't played (which was a factor in why I played those three games). Once I do get a decent PC, though, I'll definitely burn through this backlog. Apologies for the massive wall of text. I've got high-functioning autism/aspergers/whatever-the-crap-you-want-to-call-it, so expect more walls of text that over-analyze things. I've exhausted what I wanted to say right now. I look forward to being a part of this community.
  9. The Blue flame has arrived for Real! Really though I have used this web site Many times as a resource, so I am no stranger. However, I am new in the forums. I have played several FE games but not the real old ones like Akaneia Saga or any older ones. I have played FE Awakening and have liked it pretty well, however dislike the casual mode. However, my heart will always be with The Tellius series with IKE! I am not very good with intros but, I hope that all of us can get along and help each other.
  10. Cordelia


    So, everything is essentially in my About me on my profile, so this is pretty much restating everything on there. Hello, ah, I've been lurking about in chat for a bit and decided to actually make an introduction to the forum as a whole, though, I usually go by Mystia, feel free to call me Cordelia! ( Or Cordy for short seems preferred) I have been borrowing Awakening from a friend since I wanted to check it out, and been enjoying it quite a bit! The main draw for me on the series as stated in my about is the amount of Shakespearean names- seems unusual but I'm a huge Shakespeare nerd sorry- as well as the fact we had Path of Radiance on the Gamecube when I was younger. I went back to play Sacred Stones, and Shadow Dragon, though I do plan to get PoR again to play it myself, since my brother mostly played it. My favorite character is Neimi by far, though Lute is a close second along with Colm my husband and Sacred Stones has taken to be my favorite game of the series, but I'm not far enough in Shadow Dragon to make a set decision yet. I'm also huge on Nowi x Gaius, as well as Lon'qu x Olivia, Henry x Sumia, and from Sacred Stones Vanessa x Innes, Ephariam x L'archel, and Neimi x Colm. As for non-Fire emblem related information, I want to major in Computer Science and Engineering, and go to a college is Cali or NYC, since I really want to live in the city. As previously mentioned, I love Shakespeare (Read 19 of the plays, halfway to my goal of 38, and King Lear is an obvious favorite for me!), and literature in general, I do lots of reading, so if you got book recommendations I would love to here them! I also like anime, and take recommendations for that too, horror anime like Higurashi, and Another are my favorites. I also happen to love math, Algebra mainly, and Card games such as Yugioh and Magic the Gathering. Some favorite music groups of mine include: NWA, Eazy-E, Wu Tang Clan, Ice Cube, Lighter Shade of Brown, Cypress Hill and my top favorite at the moment Run DMC, my signature makes that clear. Like I said, all in the about me, but I hope to get to know everyone here fairly well, and contribute to the community positively! Sorry this become so long.
  11. hi everyone l'm well you should have seen it in the post title
  12. Darren


    Hey there! I'm new to the forums, my name is Darren. I was completely unaware that Fire Emblem fansites existed so I was very pleased to find this place! A few details about me... I'm 27, i'm from the United Kingdom and I run a fan site of my own called Shinesparkers, a Metroid fan website. I signed up so I could speak to other Fire Emblem fans and promote a Super Smash Bros fan-arrangement album I am currently organising called Harmony of Heroes. It seems there are a lot of fans of the series here, so I thought it would be cool to share it here. I hope to spend some time in the chat speaking to fans so I can get a better understanding of Fire Emblem and learn a bit more about the series, as my experience is very minimal. Looking forward to hearing from you all!
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