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Found 4 results

  1. The notion that Jeralt ought to be playable in White Clouds is something I've heard come up more than a few times. The first few chapters can present a serious challenge, particularly on Maddening Mode, so having a stronger unit on your side, fulfilling a sort of "Jagen" role, could be a major boon. Due to the narrative, the game would take him away from you at some point - but this is something that Three Houses isn't exactly shy about doing, as anyone who started with the Black Eagles can attest. So, how can we construct a Jeralt that works for the player, helping make the earlygame much easier, but without remaining a "crutch" unit before he's taken away? Here's what I'm thinking. In my vision, Jeralt would join as a playable unit, starting in chapter 2 (namely, starting with the auxilliary battle that the game makes you do in the second weekend). He can be recruited simply by talking to him during the Explore session (there will be a "Recruit" option). He can then be used in all subsequent maps, with a couple exceptions - he cannot be brought to the Battle of Gronder Field (chapter 7), and he can't be used before the month-ending scenario in chapter 9. After said scenario, he becomes unplayable for the remainder of the game. Jeralt retains his appearance as a "green unit" in the Prologue. If he is defeated in battle, he will retreat - so, when chapters 8 and 9 roll around, he will function as a "green unit", like he does in the base game. The same will apply if he is never recruited. Here's what I'm thinking, as a "unit breakdown": As supports go, he would obviously support his own child (C/B levels). I'm thinking of making a couple existing conversations, maybe with adjustments, into the supports. The C Support would be when Jeralt asks them how they're getting used to the Monastery. The B Support would be Jeralt given them the ring that Sitri had worn. Completing this conversation will give the player "Sitri's Ring", which is kept with the "Lost Items" through the rest of the game (so you know it's there, but it can't be discarded). Jeralt would also have a C support with Leonie, wherein he encourages her to write back to her parents. I'd give him a C support with Ashe, too, as it makes sense that Ashe would idolize a knight with Jeralt's reputation. I also think a support with Edelgard, dancing around her suspicions of Rhea, could work. Other supports I could see working are with Catherine (maybe on the merits of a Hero's Relic and Crests, versus individual strength) and Alois (although, their playability wouldn't overlap, so this could be tricky). Like all playable units, I'd give him a Paralogue as well: In any case, let me know what you think! Do you like my proposed vision for a playable Jeralt? Or would you build him in a different manner? Or, do you prefer he simply remain in the background, without falling into the player's control? I'd love to read your comments on this topic!
  2. Do you use the Jeigan or Oifey when you play the game? And if so, what do you have them do?
  3. As far as I'm aware, anyway, he seems to be, especially in Revelations. I haven't played the Radiant games (can't find any at a decent price), but I'm pretty sure they have an Oifey, too.
  4. Hello there, and welcome! It's me, Iggy Koopa! And this is a special challenge of Black 2, called the FE11 challenge. Now then, what is an FE11 Challenge? Well then, in this challenge, I must catch a number of 'mons equal to the available units in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. [spoiler=Pokes I'll use during the challenge]Oshawott>Dewott>Samurott, named Marth. Sawk, named Frey. Sewaddle>Swadloon>Leavanny, named Abel. Growlithe>Arcanine, named Cain. Lillipup>Herdier>Stoutland, named Jagen. Skitty>Delcatty, named Norne. Maractus, named Gordin. Aron>Lairon>Aggron, named Draug. Pidove>Tranquill>Female!Unfezant, named Caeda/Shiida. Koffing>Weezing, named Wrys. Elekid>Electabuzz>Electivire, named Ogma. Riolu>Lucario, named Barst. Timburr>Gurdurr>Conkeldurr, named Bord. Axew>Fraxure>Haxorus, named Cord. Dunsparce, named Castor. Basculin, named Darros. Shelmet>Accelgor, named Julian. Audino, named Lena. Pawniard>Bisharp, named Navarre/Nabarl. Sigilyph, named Merric. Karrablast>Escavalier, named Matthis. Bouffalant, named Hardin. Gligar>Gliscor, named Wolf. Larvitar>Pupitar>Tyranitar, named Sedgar. Skorupi>Drapion, named Roshea. Scraggy>Scrafty, named Vyland. Elgyem>Beeheeyem, named Wendell. Croagunk>Toxicroak, named Rickard. Mienfoo>Mienshao, named Athena. Druddigon, named Bantu. Mareep>Flaaffy>Ampharos, named Caesar. Rattata>Raticate, named Radd. Bronzor>Bronzong, named Roger. Vulpix>Ninetales, named Jeorge. Larvesta>Volcarona, named Maria. Skarmory, named Minerva. Grimer>Muk, named Jake. Eevee>Espeon, named Linde. Ducklett>Swanna, named Midia. Onix>Steelix, named Dolph. Nosepass>Probopass, named Macellan. Carnivine, named Tomas. Solosis>Duosion>Reuniclus, named Boah. Ferroseed>Ferrothorn, named Horace. Remoraid>Octillery, named Beck. Joltik>Galvantula, named Astram. Petilil>Lilligant, named Palla. Azurill>Marill>Azumarill, named Catria. Seviper, named Arran. Zangoose, named Samson. Zorua>Zoroark, named Xane. Litwick>Lampent>Chandelure, named Etzel. Cleffa>Clefairy>Clefable, named Est. Trapinch>Vibrava>Flygon, named Tiki. Klink>Klang>Klinklang, named Lorenz. Darumaka>Darmanitan, named Ymir. Sawblu>Altaria, named Elice. Baltoy>Claydol, named Gotoh. Deino>Zweilous>Hydreigon, named Nagi. Phew, finally finished the list of mons I'll use! Expect to update soon!
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