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Found 5 results

  1. So I played this game quite a while back, and I absolutely adored it! The story is amazing, but what really captivated me was the focus on side characters and their importance in the universe (instead of 1-2 characters being the focus of literally everything). I had a question though... I remember all of the cutscenes featuring Julius, Barker, and Reshe, the children of the Zoan emperor, and I remember their super cool plot to assassinate their own father. That was all extremely interesting! I wish Nintendo would follow Kaga and do more side-plots like that in the future. Anyway... I know their goal was to stop the war as quickly as possible since Emperor Bahanuke had expressed interest in conquering the entire continent. However, what was the reasoning behind Julius defending against Runan's army? I can't quite remember why Julius would not just team up with Runan... can anyone lend me a hand on this? Thanks!
  2. Julius, Scion of Darkness "She said that I was kind? Oh, Julia. You do spout nonsense." Description: Julius is a GHB unit that serves that unique niche of red-haired mages (all blood related too) that has so much Res and decently high Atk stats that they seem like your typical Ploy-running mage. However, what makes Julius different from his father, and his half brother is that his Special Tome serves only himself, and in a much more effective way, while also making him vulnerable to Falchions and Naga tomes. Stats:HP: 38Atk: 35Spd: 27Def: 16Res: 35BST: 151 Skills: Weapon: Fenrir > Loptous (Red) Special: Draconic Aura Support: None A Skill: None B Skill: Guard 3 C Skill: Atk Ploy 3 Movement: Infantry - Can run skills that Cavs and Fliers can not run such as Infantry Pulse. Satanous Survivability Even Edgier Conclusion: Julius has great utility, and perhaps some surprising combat power as well, which is pretty good for a GHB unit. He's not a healer like Arvis or a sword-killer like Saias, but he can still certainly debuff and do his own thing, dominating the Res department of FEH. Merging Julius to +2 can really make him into an excellent unit.
  3. And people still say the one RN system makes the game more difficult for the player...
  4. So, I'm new to the site... not at all new to the games. I've been playing since I was born. I started with 7 and have now made my way through the entire series except for Thracia 776 (for the love of God please link me a working patch). Okay, introductory note aside, I've been doing some thinking. Recently I was listening to Echoes's amazing soundtrack. When I reached the song 'Prince of Darkness', something hit me... So, we know that Fire Emblems 1/11, 2/Echoes, 3/12, 4, 5, and 13 are all part of the Archanea Timeline. So, certain demons and monsters such as both Loptyr and Duma exist in the same world. Julius was always referred to as the Dark Prince, while Berkut was referred to (through the soundtrack) as the Prince of Darkness. Let's also not forget that when Julius was killed in Genealogy, he morphed into a dragon before he finally bit the dust. So, and I mean to say this is just a thought, is it possible that Duma (having taken the form of a dragon before) is the same Loptyr that Jugdral came to fear? They even both utilize similar fighters on the final levels in their respective games: the Deadlords and the Duma Faithful. Along with that, we learn in Genealogy that Loptyr once ruled some sort of Dark Empire, sounding extremely similar to the land Duma was ruled with an iron fist. I'm not saying this has to be the truth, but please use your complete knowledge of the series and really get some good insight into the evidence that supports this. If anybody has some other evidence supporting it or something to put it down, please make a post. Seeya fellahs!
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