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Found 1 result

  1. King of Dragon Pass is a pretty unique game made by a company more known for tabletop RPGs than videogames. It is a kind of management sim with fantasy/strategy elements mixed in where you play as a Clan of *pseduo-vikings* and must handle relations with other clans, other species, your ancestors, internal strife, and most importantly, the cattle population. The game has two modes: Short and Long. Long mode ends when you successfully get the other tribes/clans to unite under a king or queen. King of Dragon Pass is a pretty random game, but it can be "raced" to some extent with practice because keeping your own clan's happiness high as well as the relationship with other clan's can get you through most of the scripted pre-requirment events for the endgame somewhat consistently. There are many choices to make in the game, but some are not draft material IMO, as they are certainly too crippling to go without. However, one set of choices- which set of Gods to build shrines too (and thus what magic to get) is a top level decision that does seem pretty promising (if not particularly balanced). Orlanth: Ernalda : Elmal : Humakt : Issaries : Lhankor Mhy : Urox : Vinga : Barntar : Chalana Alloy : Maran Gor : Ancestor Spirits : Odayla : Urdala Strictly speaking- the game doesn't cap the amount of shrines you can build (although the resource drain of having multiple does mean that from a practical standpoint there is a limit of about 4). It is possible to play the game without (although I don't you'd go fast). making much use of your shrines, but for draft purposes we are requiring use of them so someone can't take 2 gods + 2 deadweights and skimp on paying the shrine upkeep to the latter. The only other things that seem vaguely draftable are Sacred Time magic point allocation and Ring Member's god of choice. But this doesn't seem worthwhile because the former is simply too punishing and the latter doesn't have enough of an effect. It is tempting to cap drafts for KODP at 3P because during the clan creation at the beginning of the game you are asked to pick a major God between Elmal, Orlanth, Erdala. Although beating the game with (demolishing your freebie major god shrine) and then drafting say, 4 minor Gods. Is possible, it usually costs a large amount of clan happiness which can factor into the endgame. Prospective rules: Draft for 3 players- Each player drafts 1 of the three major gods, and then 3 minor gods each. The 2 undrafted minor gods are simply striked. Eurmal and Malia are free to all players as they don't use shrines not that you'd want to use them. Followers of undrafted gods can be used freely in the clan ring. Sacrifice on the battle screen can be done freely (despite the flavor suggesting it's Orlanth/humakt). Players are obligated to at least build a small shrine to each of their drafted gods before endgame. Players may accept help from followers of other gods in events but should not use Chalana Alloy themselves via the Magic screen.. Players may freely choose other clan creation options (hate/like dragons, war/peace, slave/free. tribal enemy, etc). Scoring is to be based on in-game years/seasons till endgame. Rules should work for any combination of Normal/Hard/Short/Long. If anyone would like to make suggestions, or try to set up a start date, I'm open to ideas, and can offer to play myself pretty readily for the next 2-3 months. RE: poll- I'm leaning toward option 2 myself, as 1 seems too strict and everything below 2 seems as lenient as playing the game on vanilla.
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