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  1. Copy of this topic: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42188 Blame boredom and a lack of creativity for this existing. 00: Reimu Hakurei 01: Mai 02: Shizuha Aki 03: Komachi Onozuka 04: Satori Komeiji 05: Yuyuko Saigyouji 06: Koishi Komeiji 07: Marisa Kirisame 08: Wakasagihime 09: Raiko Horikawa 10: Suwako Moriya 11: Ellen 12: Youmu Konpaku 13: Kotohime 14: Yuuka Kazami 15: Rumia 16: Sakuya Izayoi 17: Hong Meiling 18: Star Sapphire 19: Iku Nagae 20: Luna Child 21: Rika 22: Shinki 23: Lyrica Prismriver 24: Shiki Eiki 25: Nazrin 26: Reisen Udongein Inaba 27: Nue Houjuu 28: Sunny Milk 29: Shinmyoumaru Sukuna 30: Minoriko Aki 31: Sanae Kochiya 32: Lunasa Prismriver 33: Aya Shameimaru 34: Mononobe no Futo 35: Chiyuri Kitashirakawa 36: Ichirin Kumoi 37: Yoshika Miyako 38: Yuki 39: Sekibanki 40: Unzan 41: Patchouli Knowledge 42: Remilia Scarlet 43: Merlin Prismriver 44: Kisume 45: Yamame Kurodani 46: Ran Yakumo 47: Yumemi Okazaki 48: Yukari Yakumo 49: Utsuho Reiuji 50: Yumeko 51: Mima 52: Genjii 53: Koakuma 54: Flandre Scarlet 55: Cirno 56: Suika Ibuki 57: Tewi Inaba 58: Byakuren Hijiri 59: Chen
  2. Alright so Fate had me write an intro story to introduce my writing skills, and so I have this story that Bly also wanted to read, and I feel like at this point I should share it Because you know, two people is a majority. Anyway, here's the first er... First post of it, I'll be updating it when the flow comes to me. So... I don't know. I'm sorry for the format, this is how I do forum writing for longer stories. It appeals to my eyes. Lack of a Covenant One day, a boy of the age 15 had arrived in the world Parellia with nothing but the clothes on his back. His hair shone with the color of the sun, and his eyes as blue as the ocean. With the help of his explorative nature and the natives of the land, he was able to save the planet from eminent destruction at the hands of the Chimeron’s army. The demon king was defeated, and the land had a new ruler. Homesick, the hero left for home in the company of an elf named Fae. His legend became a folkstory for the people of Parellia; whenever the world needed a savior, those that were unaffected by magic would appear and help them in their hour of need. 2395 years afterwards, a hero was to return, but none ever came. Without someone to help, the elven kingdom of Rueen was destroyed. The elves became an extinct species, replaced by the Goblins. These goblins ended up becoming pirates and spreading their tortured pain throughout all of the world. It was around this time that a boy named Ren was visited in a dream. Without a hero, their world will die. Without a hero, this world will die The link has been made, whether you want it to or not. The hero won’t come. We need a hero. The boy looked around slowly within his dream. He was standing above the tower of Dabbel in Parellia He looked down at the world below him. Suddenly the planet began to quake; the tower collapsed under him. He fell from story to story of the tower, before reaching the final story, or rather the first. He looked out into a city unknown to him, devoid of life. He wandered around for what seemed to be ages, looking through the ruins. Suddenly, voices began ringing in his head. His name was being repeated several times over, as if sung by choirs of angels. The world began to shake even more violently. “Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren! Wake up! Wake up this instant,” His sister, Lin, was standing over him. Her radiant beauty blinded by that of the sun, she quickly dragged him out of bed as soon as she saw that he was waking up. “Hey, hey, hey! What’s the rush? I mean it’s only…” He had forgotten it was his own birthday. “Oh, I guess you’re here to drag me to the party,” he said with a smile. However, as the sun’s glare disappeared, he noticed the urgent look on her face. Quickly, he jumped out of bed and ran towards the front door, his sister right behind him, holding his hand tightly. “What a way to start the year…” We need a hero. “What did you say,” Ren stopped with a hand on the door handle, looking back at his sister. “I didn’t say anything. Are you alright,” She looked at him with a concerned look on her face. Step outside. “Ah, I must be imagining things…” Ren opened his front door slowly, surprised to see a giant vortex of swirling violet energy looming over his hometown. It had completely eclipsed the sun. He stepped outside and looked into the sky. “Ren!” “What is it,” Ren looked around confused, only to realize that the ground was no longer under him. He began to drift upwards toward the whirlpool as if he were a balloon. “No, no, no, no, no,” He did his best to swim through the air, at least back to the ground, but to no avail. The vortex swallowed him up whole. Suddenly he was blind. Expergiscere anima Chiean Hero, Ren. The world needs a hero. You will have to accept this role. Nobody else can do it. Fear not, you are not alone. You understand me, right? Expergiscere anima The world felt cold. Winds were blowing. Ren dare not open his eyes, for he feared the worst. He could feel the ice and snow under him, and he could hear something quite loud nearby. He felt around and slowly climbed to his feet. Then, he peeked through one eye, seeing the ice and snow that had surrounded him. The glare of the Parellian sun off of this surface had made him think he had been in the clouds. The cold, light, and emptiness reminded him of heaven somehow. Believing himself to be dead, he began to cry. “What’re ya crying about, ya big baby? We’re not dead. Trust me, if you were dead, we wouldn’t be here, now would we,” a man retorted. Ren looked up and suddenly he found himself staring at not one, but two of his friends, alongside his sister. His best friend, Taiga the fiery wonder, was the first he noticed. His red hair stuck out against the white tundra most. He was a little Taller than Ren, standing at six feet tall. He wore a long sleeved black shirt and blue jeans, and red sneakers. Next was his godfather Sain, who was a dear friend of his parents before they had disappeared, and who had always made sure to check in on them. Sain himself stood abnormally tall at a height of six feet and eleven inches. He was athletic, but more than that he had trained alongside Ren’s parents in martial arts. He was the one who had been speaking. “Well… I um…” Ren began to stutter “Where are we?” “Parellia,” A being slowly descended from the sky, blocked by the light of the Parellian Sun. Upon landing, they identified her for the elven beauty she was. Taller than even Sain, she looked down at them with a gentle smile. Her blonde hair flowed in the wind, even moreso than anyone else’s. Her eyes, a bright multicolored show of dazzling light. She wore a suit of dazzling obsidian armor, which seemed to contrast with her benevolent nature. As she spoke of the prophecy which was to be fulfilled, the group of four simply listened in awe. She spoke of a blessing that was placed on Ren’s parents, which passed onto him, as well as the role they would all play. The three of them, Sain, Lin, and Taiga were to help drive Ren towards his destiny of being the hero that would save this world. She smiled and begin flying away, promising that they would meet again after they found the golden fruit of green. Before leaving, she sang slowly, and as she sang, the group was enveloped in yet another light. Each time a verse was done, another would disappear, in the order of Taiga, Sain, Ren, and Lin. One hero to try and save the world One hero to run away in fear Do not try to become one or another Or you will find you have destroyed your brother. The destiny that you envied, you will be able to fulfill To help the young heroes, is your role Young Gandalf, raise your head up high Don’t sulk of your role, or you’ll be left behind Rise up, young hero. You are no leader, but you don’t need to be. You are not brave, but you need not worry The friends you will gather will guide your way Littlest of them all, blind seer It is not your goal to fill them with cheer Help guide them, but bring questions of the world Foolish heroes don’t survive in the west. __________________________________________________________________________ Tempest in the Sea of Trees Some would say that the group simply found trees, but that is because they were never able to find the city of thieves that lay within. Instead, they wandered aimlessly in the forest, awed by the scenery. What intrigued Ren the most about this area were the fruit of various shapes and sizes. He found one fruit the size of his head, but it seemed to resemble a chocolate bar. He and his friends were worried about the consequences of eating such strange fruit though, and decided that they would leave such an option for a last resort, as they found fruits that were similar to the ones on their planet as well. Upon walking in the woods for three hours however, the group came across a group of trees with what seemed to be lemons, and a tree of limes next to each other. Surrounding these trees were a group of lemons and limes that had fallen off the trees. At first, Taiga, Sain, and Lin watched as Ren began Biting into Lemon after Lemon before Sain told him that lemons were already yellow. He’d have to look for a lime that had turned golden, most likely from becoming too ripe. Angered, Ren spat lemon seeds at the three of them. For another four hours, the four of them looked through the lemons and limes, that had fallen on the ground. As the sun set, Ren’s eyes diverted upwards to the stars filling the sky; the stars were plentiful, more so than back home. Taiga looked alongside him, and Lin and Sain kept their eyes averted to the ground, still looking for the golden lime. “Hey,” Ren said, looking at Taiga. “Why don’t we climb the trees for a better view?” “Sure,” Taiga said with a smile. The two of them climbed the two different trees, Ren on the lime tree, and Taiga on the lemon tree. When they reached the top of the trees, they found themselves to be quite awed at what they found. The stars that seemed biggest weren’t truly stars. They were actually more fruit. They each grabbed one and took a bite, before silently falling into a trance. They found themselves in a desert. Near to them was a tower, from which agonizing screams could be heard. Ren trembled in fear “I’d rather back off, Taiga. Maybe we should find a way back.” “Ren, you gotta be braver, you are the hero, right? Besides, knowing this kind of world, I’m almost positive the way back is in there.” Taiga led the two of them into the tower, where they found what seemed to be a mannequin crucified. Disturbed, the two of them began backing off towards the exit, which had disappeared. The screaming became louder, and Taiga fell to the ground, clutching his chest, his screams joining that of the mannequin’s. “Taiga! Ah… I'm sorry…” Ren was a coward, but no fool. His friend should not have followed him, the fruit were meant for him, this new realm was only for his eyes to view. He was blessed by the goddess, and thus, the pressures and torments that had been given to him were for him to face alone. Ren stood up and glared at the mannequin. Mustering his courage, he charged at it, and when he got close enough, he ripped the cross out of the ground and slammed it into the ground four times. Each time he did, the ground shook, and the tower began to crumble. On the fourth impact, the world completely shattered around them. Taiga would wake up, later claiming that the fruit had simply knocked him out. Ren however, stayed awake in the void of darkness around him. He saw a light in the distance and flew towards it. It was another golden fruit, this one an apple with the letter G on it. As he took a bite, he too awoke back in the world that he knew as Parellia, on the ground. He’d fallen out of the tree. He held his head, but realized that he had not been hurt. Sain caught him as soon as he began to fall. He smiled, and said nothing to either of them about what had happened in the new realm. ______________________________________________________________________________ Creation of the Second Hero Taiga was angered of what had happened that night. He felt helpless, and he regret that he was only able to hinder Ren’s progress. He ended up staying in the tree as his friends slept below him. As he thought to himself about his own shortcomings, a man appeared on the tree across from him. He had long black hair and a blindfold over his eyes. He wore what seemed to be flowing robes, and his stature was just as large as that of the elf from before, but one could tell easily that this was a man. He held a black apple out to Taiga, who simply stared at him. “You could walk this world a thousand times with these people, and discover nothing,” The man said, “Or you can begin your own journey. A single man can accomplish much with the determination. I will grant you the power to rival the hero. What he gains is yours, and what you gain shall be his. You will be one half, and he the other. Who remains the shadow is up to you.” “I…” Taiga was confused. He wanted this. He truly did, but would he be able to leave them. Then he remembered Ren’s hesitation. Taiga held his hands out, and the man in black tossed him the corrupted apple. Taiga then took one bite, and the overflowing energy nearly overwhelmed him. “Power... So this is it, huh?” Taiga then began flying, the power of flight given to Ren by the first fruit. Taiga used this to leave the group, heading North towards the icy lands of Lunar Çarenta. ___________________________________________________________ A Tale of Two Heroes Upon waking, Ren could sense Taiga’s presence in the icy tundra. He seemed to be fleeing from something, or rather someone. Ren could sense this man’s power from the forest, even one country away. Ren looked to his remaining group, who had been sitting under the tree, talking. “Guys! Taiga, he’s… he left us! We need to find him,” Ren cried out to Sain and Lin, who only shook their heads no. “Taiga has his own journey, Ren,” Lin stated “Taiga is doing this because he’s your rival,” Sain stood up slowly with a solemn look on his face “He wants to be a hero too. Do you not remember? Besides, once this is over, we go home. So if you want to get home with him, your only hope is to get stronger.” Sain began walking westward, when the elven beauty from before appeared to them. Without saying a word, she waved a hand, and the three of them appeared on the central country of Solar Çarenta, near the City of Dreams to the north. Upon walking into the city, they were not greeted with a welcome of any sort. They simply blended into the crowd. They began their journey from a point of new beginnings.
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