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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Without changing the mechanics of the game, what would make you play Laguz units? Having similar or 3/4th of their stats in human form (like in halfshift)? What kind of base stats would you like for them? What stat caps would be satisfying? What kind of growths would you expect from them? In PoR they used to be more popular than in RD despite falling off hard (mostly due to the absence of promo bonuses and their lower exp gain, because honestly their stat caps should be high enough to make up for their low Mt weapons, their caps are around the same as in RD in a game with Beorc caps at 20-30), mostly due to halfshift being a tradable item rather than a rare skill and having barely any negative effect compared with halfshift (the stat loss is barely a stat booster, even less for some stats of some Laguz classes) and Lethe starting each map with a full gauge (if only Laguz stones had a once per map unlimited use, you transform any Laguz you want but you can't use it again before the next map and the item would be unbreakable, but the gauge would still exist). So what would you make the Laguz like without altering the mechanics for them to be viable? Like, Volug could use a little more str/def for sure, Lethe could use an energy drop, a speedwings and a dragonshield, Mordecai could use one or two speedwings, Muharim is near-perfect, Skrimir could use a speedwings, Lyre could use a seraph robe and two stat boosters of each and the tiger with wolf growths could use a little more strength and def and be fast enough to double most of part 3 at base, making him the speedy tiger. Human forms should obviously not be this bad, like Mordecai going from taking 0 damage in p2 and most of p3 to being doubled for 10-15 damage per hit in human form, so would you give them halfshift stats in human form or raise their overall stats so that in human form they're not going down in 2-3 rounds and in animal form they're as OP for their part as the royal Laguz for endgame? Would you just make every Laguz as relatively strong as Muharim in p1 or Ranulf in p3, or Ulki and Janaff for the end of p3, p4 and endgame (Janaff one rounding most common enemies for the rest of the game at base)? Would you make them as OP as the royals but without formshift (since it's impossible to give it to them) since Nailah is technically available with her endgame stats as soon as p1 and the non-royal Laguz units can only use halfshift to stay transformed, which automatically makes them weaker than royals? Please tell me what stats you would like the Laguz to have in each form to make them viable and not dead weight (Lyre, untransformed Lethe, Vika, poor Laguz girls picked the short end of the stick and Mordecai could really use more speed in any form for sure, and of course the dragons could use better overall stats, especially the playable ones who are only there for 5 maps of endgame and don't have formshift until Deghinsea's death unlocks his son's formshift).
  2. Hey guys, as the title mentioned I'm playing the 1.00 version on my Dolphin emulator and it's absolutely great! I wanted to do a play through where I have less to grind and more fun doing the levels with all units instead of having to grind certain ones. mainly some of the Laguz (getting their strikes at SS) now some of the codes by ShadowX39 (Gecko) work..not all do and some even bug the game in the process. (Muarim, Vika, Naesala, Skrimir, Janaff and Kurth, Ena, Nazir and Gareth I was wondering if someone could help me with some working codes for said version for these characters so that I don't have the grind maps for them especially since most are with me for a limited amount of stages
  3. Hello everyone, first time writing on the forum ๐Ÿ™‚ I managed to give various items to Ike thanks to the awesome coders. Now I'm trying to give anyone else (Lethe or Mordecai for exemple), an item, in this case the Lion Claw (basically so that they can damage Ashnard) Does anyone know how to give the item to someone else than Ike ? Because I already managed to give Ike the Lion Claw, but he obviously can't trade it once he has it. Thanks in advance, have a good one everyone ! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS: I also wrote this message in another Post, I will delete one of them once I get my answer ! ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Hi, me again (it's been a while though) Today the topic is Laguz, but not about their tiering in their respective games. It's about how they were affected by the changes between POR and RD. First, what I love in RD: transformation gauge management was a damn good improvement! In POR you could only watch the gauges go down and up passively without any active control of them, in Radiant Dawn you can revert and retransform at will (when it's full), get more exp for countering in human form, thus level up faster than tier 2 average units (opposite to their transformed state which levels up like a tier 3 or even slower), the possibility to counter in human form itself (especially for tigers and hawks, since cats barely deal any damage in human form, sucks to deal less damage as a supposedly stronger race than Astrid's RD weakling version), well, in general Laguz MECHANICS have improved. Second, what I love in POR: good base stats even in human form, since Lethe and Mordecai barely gained stats from their first encounter in POR and their first encounter in RD although RD's ennemies have like twice their POR counterparts (sure double stats, but cats loose like 6 points or so per fight, which means they're usable only if you manage their gauge like a boss, plus their base strength and claw damage really suck, basically they deal T1 units damage untransformed and just promoted t2 damage transformed with an iron lance, which is really ass, barely scratches a general for 3-4 damage in the first chapter where you can play Lethe in normal, not even talking of hard mode's stat inflation that looked like lunatic awakening to me when I started it, with early game mymidons doubling or nearly doubling everyone on my team WTF IS please playtest your games before selling them). So in POR, human form couldn't counterattack sadly, but at least they weren't cannon fodder for ennemies (I'm glad Mordecai is tanky even in human form, can't say the same about RD Lethe who gets doubled by nearly everything as a speedy class/race and dies in 5 weak hits although she has very high HP...her base speed is inferior to Volug's although her class has higher average speed). POR had amazing items called laguzguard and beorcguard. Where did they end up in RD, where they were 10x more needed due to transformation mechanics? In the unused data, as skills. They could've been given to units (Lethe with beorcguard in P2 would've been 5x better at least, especially since she could've levelled up in human form without fearing every ennemy on her joining map where you don't see anything because of annoying FOW, and really ennemy units shouldn't be able to see you in FOW, if you don't see them hw can they see you? they're not magic creatures FFS). With the growth bands, Laguz could've had bonuses to their weak growths in RD, with blossom accessible from part 2 they could've gained good level ups as soon as chapters 2-3, with BEXP to make them close to level up. But no, instead laguzguard and beorcguard are hidden in the data file with no way to get them in the game (not even with Dolphin cheats since they don't work due to weird changing code, even the unit exp gauges don't stay at the same number for the whole game, if you change them too often they just move to another number location), part 2 skills are unmovable because why would you want to move skills from one unit to another in the hardest chapters of part 2? It's not like there are 80% of the units in p2 that would benefit a lot from skills being movable (paragon, terrain nullifying skill mainly), and they didn't even give anyone wildheart before the late part 3 (how much better would Mordecai be if he had wildheart? at least 5x better in my book, with 3 more base def than Brom and 20-ish more HP, 3 more movement, and the ability to revert and transform at will...OMG I want it! he wouldn't loose 2 turns just to fill his garbage base gauge level, or be forced to waste a laguz stone for something Lethe can do from the start of every chapter IIRC). Finally, something really bothers me. Base stats/stat caps: Tigers: POR: 28 hp, 8>15 str, 2 mag, 6>10 skl, 7>10 spd, 7>10 def, 2>5 res, 75 hp, 30>37 str, 20 mag, 33>37 skl, 34>37 spd, 40 lck, 30>35 def, 24>27 res. RD: 36 HP, 6>12 str, 0 mag, 6>12 skl, 5>10 spd, 4>8 def, 1>2res, 75 hp, 23>46 str, 5>10 mag, 18>36 skl, 15>30 spd, 30 lck, 22>44 def, 10>20 res. If their caps were just as high as in POR, tigers would be infinitely better for endgame. What about their base strength, def and res all being lower than POR's? at least they have more HP but their strength is really bad. They could use higher magic cap to be decent imbue users for better performance as tanks, but not only have they less cap, their base is also 0 vs 2, loosing magic from the previous game. Kiza would've made a wonderful tiger if he was really the weird tiger he's supposed to be (which he isn't at the end of the day because he's just a worse Muarim in every way but availability). Kiza could've been the tiger who tanks magic in endgame, the tiger who doubles late game bosses, the tiger who can use imbue better than the garbage skill named renewal, useless after part 1 and even then only Volug can get anything out of that ****. Kiza could've been the Fiona of tigers (with more usable bases than hers even if he's weak at start). But instead you have 3 tigers, the tank with amazing availability but really lackking even in strength and who doesn't even have access to wildheart before 3-8 or something like that (even then, I bet hawks make better use of it at that point), and Muarim and Kiza being clones or not far from it but Kiza having a shitty start and not even good availability. Female cats (because Ranulf is a whole other class): POR: 26 hp, 6>12 str, 4 mag, 6>10 skl, 8>11 spd, 3>8 def, 3>6 res, 70 hp, 26>32 str, 20 mag, 34>38 skl, 36>39 spd, 40 lck, 27>32 def, 27>30 res. RD: 47 hp, 7>14 str, 6>12 mag, 11>22 skl, 11>22 spd, 7>14 def, 8>16 res, 65 hp, 18>36 str, 10>20 mag, 20>40 skl, 20>40 spd, 30 lck, 14>28 def, 16>32 res. Radiant Dawn cats have less max stats compared with Radiant Dawn in all decisive areas except strength, where they make up for lower comparative cap by having S and SS ranks with +5 and +10 damage. they loose 13-4 def with stats capping up to 10 points higher than in POR, which means they loose 5 hp, 24-8 real skl cap, 26-9 real spd cap, 20 real luck cap (highest luck cap is 50), 23-14 real def cap and 21-8 real res cap. There isn't a single stat cats are as good in in RD as in POR! Cat (Ranulf): POR: lv 9: 46 hp, 19>25 str, 4 mag, 17>21 skl, 17>20 spd, 13 lck, 17>22 def, 6>9 res, 70 hp, 29>35 str, 20 mag, 34-38 skl, 35>38 spd, 40 lck, 30>35 def, 24>27 res. RD: lv 26 (=6): 55 hp, 14>28 str, 6>12 mag, 16>32 skl, 15>30 spd, 23 lck, 13>26 def, 10>20 res, 65 hp, 18>36 str, 10>20mag, 20>40 skl, 20>40 spd, 30 lck, 16>32 def, 14>28 res. Base RD Ranulf is 3 comparative levels lower than POR Ranulf, has decent availability for a prepromote-like unit, good base stats in cat form, but in human form he gets doubled by early every ennemy in his joining map, has inexistent offense (just like Lethe 1 whole part earlier), less defense/hp than Mordecai one whole part earlier, his only saving grace being res. In POR, he's a bit slow for a cat but I guess he should double fine for the most part since POR scales reeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyy sloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy even in hard mode, to the point you barely need more than 20/3 on your units to get the job done for most of the game except endgame where, according to forums, ennemy stats suddenly jump from the underground to the roof (never got past the chapters in Beignion, don't remember which one, I've recruited Shinon, Beaten Muarim but I don't recall in what order it is, even recruited Danved and done the next chapter, but the game is so sluggish that I got bored at that point). What's even worse, with 14 levels up left he only has 30% str growth, 35% speed, 55% lck that will absorb most of the first 7 BEXP levels alongside the 70% hp, 15% def and 10 res% that are unlikely to get better at all although they're already BAD in p3! And about his caps, much like females cats, all defensive caps are obvious downgrades from POR, on top of his growths being 40 to 50% lower than in POR except in skl, spd and luck (-10, -20 and +20 respectively). Meaning his 9 level ups left in POR are 40% or so more effective than in RD, and if he only gains 4 levels in POR then I don't even imagine how many he'll gain in RD with even lower exp gains although more chapters to achieve it, still with his massively sucking growths totally unadapted to his game, he won't do anything better than in POR past a few chapters after recruitment. Even worse, Janaff has better base stats in everything but res, with only -4 res in bird form, nearly capped lck for better BEXP levels, Marksman's spd cap as his base value, higher skl base than most beorc classes, more hp base than many beorc classes and good offensive/defensive growths (40% str, 45% skl, 25% spd, 35% def) even though his bases already trivialize endgame as a full form falcon. So, Ranulf, councellor to the next king of Gallia, Giffca's future replacement, is inferior to a young falcon general for their whole availability in bases, growths and utility (hawks have both shove + super canto) on top of having a worse transform gauge and Janaff having wildheart from join. Hawks: useless to say hawks are far better than in POR at base since Janaff's bases are quite similar to Stephan, who's tower ready from the get-go, only their strike rank is less than desirable, so I'll only go for caps here: POR: 65 hp, 26>32 str, 20 mag, 34>40 skl, 36>39 spd, 40 lck, 26>30 def, 26>30 res. RD: 65 hp, 19>38 str, 5>10 mag, 23>46 skl, 21>42 spd, 35 lck, 16>32 def, 12>24 res. Although much better than tigers and cats put together, hawks still have the same magic cap issue as tigers (unable to use imbue at max potential), overkill speed to double but still 25-7 less comparative spd cap (which highly affects their avoid), 15 comparative luck cap (again highly dents their avoid as 15 is a full earth affinity avoid boost), 20-8 less comparative def and 24-16 less comparative res in a game where endgame is filled with magical threats! I think you see what I mean, when Laguz loose this much in stat caps, even if they weren't reaching them on average, the difference between having more def than a general, more speed than a swordmaster, equal res than a bishop and more hp than a general and on the other side better speed/skill than a swordmaster by little, same strength as a wyvern master and same def/res as a swordmaster...means they just lost half of what made them good in POR, namely durability difference with Beorcs in late game. Even the skill deficit is affecting their crit rate since their weapons have 0 naturel crit rate (not even 5 at SS sadly) and their skill activation rate. As for tigers it's the differece between doubling most non-Ashnard to every non-Ashnard ennemies vs not doubling any fast/boss unit in endgame, it's like tigers speed cap is in a permanent wildheart state... On top of that, add the fact that demi band was movable at all times from one laguz to another and didn't take a skill slot, demi form still had full unit's base stats so you barely lost any stat from half to full form (well, I think actually half transformation was better handled stats-wise in RD than in POR but the availability of wildheart and the human form base stats were the real problem on top of the class caps I already criticized earlier). Add to it the beorcguard or laguzguard and Laguz had much more potential in POR than in RD, they just needed better endgame weapons (like double damage on blessed weapons for endgame or something like that). If IS just combined POR stats with RD mechanics and let the guard items available in game, while fixing character availability and growth rates of Laguz forcing BEXP or blossom abuse...we'd have the most satisfying experience of Laguz units we could according to me. What do YOU guys think of this?
  5. Hi, Like I wrote in the last Laguz topic I've opened, I've worked on a Laguz rebalance patch with nightmare modules (can only mod class and unit stats/growths). Every non royal Laguz in this mod has the same stats in human form he/she would have in halfshift, since halfshift is so rare and I can't edit unit skills or their items/level. This means they have nearly their full form stats in halfshift and they have more in full form. Basically, they're close to capping several stats in full form while some of these stats are overcapped in human form (mostly speed). Human form has higher caps, especially in speed and defenses to follow the stats expected in halfshift. Link to the Dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nyth7hd8ba0m4h/FE10Data.cms.decompressed.compressed?dl=0 DL wiiscrubber, lauch the program, select a Radiant Dawn game file (keep a backup), part 1 (there are part 0 and part 1), Data, Data.cms, right click, replace, wait until wiiscrubber confirms the patch has been applied, close, play on Dolphin. By class: Tigers have 32 max speed in full form, don't remember the value in human form but it's higher than 16 (probably between 17 and 20). Cats have higher def/res, 4 def lead for males, 4 res lead for females. Probably gave them higher max speed in human form, unchanged in full form. higher def/res caps in human form. Wolves are the middle ground between cats and tigers, 36 or 38 max speed, 38 max str, better max stats in human form. got Volug in p1 he's bonkers with nearly his full form bases in halfshift. I'll keep wildheart on him for p3 I think so he doesn't become too hax. Still outdoing any DB unit before long. Ravens are like cats, the nine tails of the skies (with canto on top), bumped thair human form move from 6 to 7 because they were the only non dragons to have 6 movemet in human form and 8 in Laguz form. Better caps both in full form and human form (34 strength in full form, Vika will be usable). Hawks are like wolves, the middle ground between tigers and ravens. Basically you'll never need to use them in full form before the tower. Why give that to Laguz? Since their only tool to fight all the time is halfshift and it's locked to DB and late GMs, I gave them their wildheart stats in human form. You'll be able to experience what a laguz would be if it had wildheart from the get go and then they won't need any level up to be tower-worthy, 24 base def Mordecai in human form with 13 speed, 48 def (overcapped) and 26 speed in full form, 21 base str = 42 in full form. Royal Laguz without formshift. Wildheart is their formshift. Actually except a few things (like tiger speed vs lions), they have better stats than the royals at some point. I buffed Nailah because of her availability (+1 base speed and +1 or 2 base strength, +1 base def), and Naesala because he's inferior to all other royals on top of having S strike instead of SS. I nerfed Tibarn (-1 movement because why did he have the highest in the game? lower speed I think, lower strength maybe). I also modified a few things on Beorcs. Meg and Fiona have t3 stats very different from other classes of the same tree (since Fiona has 50 max HP, I bumped her def/res over 30, while Meg has more speed, more res and less def than generals). Generals all have the same caps, better than what they used to (40 def instead of 36-38, 32 or 33 speed instead of 30-31 for Brom, etc), Paladins also have better stat caps in t2 and 3 (basically paladin caps from gba in t2 with 24/20 def/res instead of 25/25, 1 less in offensive stats in t3 than in t2, 25/26/24 in t2, 34/35/33 in t3). Jill's t2 and 3 caps are modified (she far closer to Haar instead of being a completely different class, she's a female wyvern lord instead of female wyvern knight basically), better bases so you don't have to dump 3 stat boosters on her just to make her slightly better than "barely usable" and then you can give stat boosters to whoever you want. Astrid basically gained +2-+3 in every base stat, +5% speed growth. Rolf got +2 in almost every base stat. Gatrie got better stats but not incredibly more. Shinon has less def I think, more attack (since he's an archer, not a knight, and he faces many ennemies he can't kill without a crit in the first maps). Titania has different caps so she will not be the same. Falcons all have been buffed, their caps adapted, and Seraph knights are better than female sentinel (not higher caps but high enough where it matters unlike OG and more balanced, better offense). Sigrun is usable, Marcia too, Tanith is good. Nephenee was buffed in a non gamebreaking manner: +2 base speed (doesn't change her damage, only she can double more what she should already double if her weapon wasn't 3 Wt too heavy for her) and better hp/def (she has -6 or -8 hp compared with class base in OG, why even put class base stats for 1 unit and put negative numbers in unit base stats? Just like Mist and Volke). Brom has better bases, especially skl (since he needs some in order to disarm). Heather can actually steal heavy stuff (19 strength instead of 15, don't worry she's still using knives so she won't become better than Nephenee long term but she could be better short term). Swordies and thieves have better strength caps, Zihark has less shitty bulk, Mia has bases more fitting to her base level, Lucia is more usable in p4 and more Jaegen in p2, Aran has slightly better bases, Meg has instantly usable bases and has better stats than Nolan with 5 less levels than him (promoted her at 15 and she was better than Nolan 20/1). CKs are overall more worthy of investment, Makalov is about on par with Kieran and Geoffrey, Danved has slightly better bases and 5% more growths to stay relevant. No one should die in 1 hit in their recruitment chapter I hope, at least not one hit from mooks, including Rhys and Mist, and Laura. Micaiah is actually funny to use, don't get tricked by her bases, her growths are worth it (twisted Myrrh's growth rates a little), magic classes stat caps are more GBA-level good (not as much insane def as in GBA games but the rest is approximately on par). Ilyana is biffy mage (not ultra biffy but more able to take a hit than any non-Micaiah mage), Soren is faster at base (he can hope to double some day), Beautiful lady fire sage is good, Tromod got like +4 everywhere to make up for shitty availability. Bastian is more usable, basically 0 investment for a t3 Soren. Tauroneo is bulkier at base. Nolan has good base speed and 10 base def. etc. I don't spoil everything, basically everyone's usable. Have fun!
  6. One element I have seen in the tellius games that I believe needs to be further addressed is the the unequal lifespans between Beorc and Laguz. I believe that this is an absolutely HUGE plot detail which has a lot of thematic potential. As the games make somewhat clear, Beorc have a lifespan similar to that of humans as we know them. For Laguz and Branded it is less clear, but what we do know is that they live considerably longer than Beorc, with individuals like Janaff looking like teenagers despite being over a century old. The oldest we know of is Dheginsea, who is over a thousand years old but looks to be about 60 and Lehran, who is also over a thousand but looks in his 20s. I believe that this issue is far more important to Tellius and it's people than the games give them credit for and I believe a lot more can be done to address it. I think that the games do an inadequate job at addressing the impact that this problem would have on the beorc and laguz, as it only seems to get passing references like "oh yeah, as a branded I age slower than a normal beorc and that's how they can tell i'm a branded and discriminate against me" or "you're only 20? Why are the Beorc sending babies into battle?" I believe that this issue has massive consequences for the relationship between the Beorc and the Laguz as a whole as well as how the characters see themselves and others. Consider this, how would you feel if you only lived to be about 80 years old, but yet there is another race of humans that lives to be over a thousand? how would you feel? Cheated? Envious? It honestly seems like the Beorc were screwed over by the Goddess, and they likely hate the Laguz because of it, seeing them as a favorite sibling blessed with greater strength and a longer lifespan. Then we arrive at the Laguz. How would you feel if you were among the race that lived to be a thousand years old? How would you see the people who only lived to be 80? you would see them be born, grow old, and die while you remained young for decades? How would you see them? How would you value their lives? Indeed, I believe the Lifespan issue to be one of the core reasons behind the rift between the Beorc and Laguz, and one that is rarely talked about in the games. Next we arrive to how it affects the story and the characters we know. Frankly, I find the Idea of Muarim outliving tormod by decades to be absolutely heartbreaking, as well as Soren outliving Ike. This is a truly terrible situation to be stuck in for a Laguz or a Branded, as they have to watch as the ones they love grow old and die while they remain young. How would this issue affect the relationships between these characters? How would the Beorc characters we know come to terms with their accelerated mortality? From a biological standpoint, this lifespan inequality makes no sense. As explained in Radiant Dawn, Beorc and Laguz share a common ancestor, the primordial Zunanma race. The game does not describe how long the Zunanma live, but I would assume that they live about as long as modern Laguz. So where did this inequality come from? As is well known in the Scientific community, Chimpanzees and Humans share a common ancestor. In captivity, chimpanzees can live up to 60 years, not quite as long as humans, but only about 20-30 years off. Applying Beorc-Laguz biology to this issue brings us something absolutely ludicrous. Considering that the average dragon laguz would live around a thousand years give or take, and a Beorc living at a max of 100, this would make it so dragon laguz live at least 10 times as long as a normal human. If we applied this to primate biology, this would mean that while a human would live to be 100, a chimpanzee would live to be at most 10 years old! As old as a damn sheep! The only thing that could give this lifespan inequality any semblance of sense is magic. If so, then what? What kind of magic is keeping the Laguz alive this long? Why does it exist for the Laguz and not for the Beorc? Do the Laguz have some kind of divine blessing that the Beorc don't have? Are the Beorc cursed? If so, what did they do to deserve it? So why don't the Beorc live as long as the Laguz? What impact does this have on Tellius? How exactly does Laguz aging work? How can this issue be addressed? Is there any way to extend the lifespan of the Beorc (without making it look like a bad fanfiction)? Could this be a theme that could be expanded upon in a sequel?
  7. Hi there, The question has been asked a few years ago, but I want to throw it in once more, to see if things have changed. How would you like form-changers to return in a new entry or a fan project/hack/mod? Laguz: they have a transformation gauge, in PoR they could only transform by filling the gauge in human form, but they had Taguel-like bonus stats when they were transformed with good base stats compared with Beorcs and better caps although they lacked late game weapon might scaling; in RD they had better gauge management, transformation on demand once the gauge was filled, they could hit back when in human form and gain massive exp, but their human form was very vulnerable, rendering them unusable when untransformed in higher difficulties. In both games, their Con was too high most of the time to be rescued (even in human form they were excessively heavy) but skills like Smite made units like Mordecai somewhat useful anyway (and smite + massive Con was really practical). They had normal moement while in human form and cavalier movement while in beast form, without the cavalry terrain penalties. Manakete (old school): 1 range locked, vulnerable to arrows, their dragonstones made them sturdy and strong enough to get exp without help in their joining chapter (at least Myrrh) at base while being massively underlevelled. Their growth rates made them top combat units in 10 level ups (rivaling with Seth and Duessel for Myrrh's case). But they had only 50 uses of the only weapon they could ever use without cheating. They could fly. Manakete (Awakening): 1-2 range, slow and awful start (needing to pair up with Gregor just not to get ORKOd in her joining chapter, Nowi starts like a snail, not even flyer mobility like Myrrh had going for her), but dragonstones are busted and 1-2 with massive stat bonuses is overkill and they were like the middle-ground between Deghinsea and king Kurthnaga gameplay-wise, without the tide skill though, meaning that Awakening Manaketes were only very selfish units without anything useful for the team except stats. They used breath to hit but their main stat was strength o_o just like old school Manaketes (but these were old times, we can understand some lack of logic in GBA games, while in the 3DS they could have used their experience and logic to be more careful with that, specially when Tellius games had physical AND magical dragons). Manakete (Fates): 1 range locked again, this time dragonstone is way shittier than it has ever been. You can't double (okay, manaketes were never known for their speed) BUT THEY CAN BE DOUBLED with a stupid speed debuff, rendering dragonstone tanking more risky, they use physical horn impalement in their animation although it scales with magic (please IS stop the crap, fire isn't physical and horn attack isn't magical! Even 1996 Pokรฉmon games knew that, although they had ghost hitting physical for 3 gens while dark hit special for 2 gens...), they hit hard but struggle to OHKO , which leads to asking why on earth did they make the main lord weak to dragon-killing weapons whatever his/her class is while dragonstone isn't even half decent before you finally get the upgraded version, dragonstone+, which comes by late game when you don't use dragonstone anymore anyway, since you can rather use tomes or shuriken for 1-2 range, ability to double and to proc skills and horse spirit is better than the basic dragonstone in every way that is not raw damage (although the fact you can double with it means it can deal more damage on ennemies with middling res at best). Dragonstone + is obtainable through battle or visit points...yes...when you've been visiting 3k castles and battling them, good luck see you in 5 years no-life. Taguel: 1 range locked, specializing in the same areas than swordmasters, only 50 uses before chapter 10 boss is defeated. Straight up garbage class with a garbage weapon until around chapter 20. Meanwhile Manaketes can buy as much dragonstone + as you have the gold for from einherjar Tiki and gain insane stats from it. Ninetailed fox: Taguel with unlimited uses, actual res stat, the first one you get has good level and bases, but t1 foot unit movement is really garbage for a unit with a beast weakness he carries in whatever class he goes. Good against mages, decent against cavalry, good avoid compared with 90% of the Fates cast (even in t1 he has good avoid,being a good dodge tank is better than not being one), gives speed on pair up (useful reclassed for orochi backpack, at least). Comes with beastbane. Their beaststone is garbage for him though, doesn't do anything for his res, kills his mediocre def and buffs his overkill speed and average skill. Beastrune is better in every way. Good t2 skills at least, for what it's worth considering he won't learn lv 35 skill before endgame. Bulk-thing that could have been a wolf: if only beaststone didn't lower def, it would be very good. The first unit in this class you can play chooses between doubling but loosing bulk to do so and not doubling but tanking more (around 5 more def and 3 res) and dealing more raw damage. Nice tank bonus stats in t2 but not as good as swordmaster...sorry, ninetailed fox bonus to avoid and crit. Middle-ground between warrior and berserker with only 1 range weapons. What do you think was the best implementation between these and how could we make a better one? transformation gauge or stone? unbreakable stone or limited uses? stat balance or only stat bonuses (Awakening and old school vs Fates)? weakness to arrow or not? flight or not? 1 range or 1-2? For Manaketes I think flight gives them a niche while arrow weakness keeps them in check, they don't need to double but they can use some raw damage. Range or not I don't know. Don't need to be a 1 kid army. For beasts/birds etc. I liked the tactical aspect of RD gauge management, choice between wild heart or full transformation, but I think PoR did the stats a little better because they weren't useles when in human form (meatbag is still useful). I liked different skills too. A middle ground between PoR and RD would be my best way to enjoy them (with mobility, since it's what kills any interest from Fates metamorphs, being footlocked without any bonus movement outside certains areas).
  8. Was contemplating creating a character who has an ancestry of Dragon Laguz in their bloodline that managed to make their way into Fire Emblem Awakening's Realm such as Priam had. My question in this regard is... What would happen if a Laguz's descendant was descended purely from Laguz and Taguel ancestors? Would they still become a Branded or would they evolve to be more like the Taguel of today? Would something else happen entirely? We know the following in regards to Laguz interbreeding. Beorc+Beorc= Beorc Laguz+Laguz= Laguz Laguz+Beorc= Branded Taguel+Beorc= Taguel But what would Laguz+Taguel equal? Can't wait for some responses here as I'm genuinely curious :3 Laguz+Taguel= ???
  9. Before I go further I should place this disclaimer: I know exactly dick about programming, romhacking, spriting, or digital art. This has only ever been a thought exercise, or a, "If I got to be in charge of a game," fantasy. I wish I had the time and the skills to make my own FE, but alas, you know how the world works, gentle reader(s). So with that in mind, let's jam. I like the concept of manaketes, laguz, all the shapeshifting humanoid units. Fire Emblem is a high fantasy series, so why not get a little crazy and have all your units be shapeshifters? Then, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep as my infant son unconsciously nudged me in the ribs with his tiny little feet, the idea started to spread out and unfold. What if instead of being thought of as saviors and freedom fighters by people, your army was looked upon with horror? What if you were aliens? Or from another world where people evolved in a different direction? Why would you leave that world? What if you had to, because you had no home to go back to? That was the genesis of Dreams in the Dark. This thread will chronicle the ironing out of the story beats, the systems used in the game, and some hurdles I encountered in my game design document (hereafter referred to as GDD). [spoiler=Battle Options]Pair-up is gone, but some of its functions have been absorbed, osmosis-style, into Fates' Attack Stance. When a unit moves adjacent to another one, the wait command is replaced with two new ones, Offense (supports with an extra attack at half-damage, just like Attack stance in Fates) and Defense (builds up a shield meter, but gives NO stat bonuses, and enemy units can attack either defending unit) instead. This should eliminate the "stat-backpack" mentality that became so prevalent in the 3DS games. Rescue, Shove, and ledge mechanics are back. Weapon weight is not. Determining if one unit can be rescued or shoved by another is based on the rescuer/shover's STR and the Rescue/Shovee's DEF. Yes, this means that big, burly physical units are more adept at pushing and carrying their comrades. Doubling is harder to do than in most modern FE games. A minimum SPD difference of at least 10 is required, barring the influence of weapons, soulstones, and skills. Transforming is done manually, like in Tellius, but that is explored in more detail below. [spoiler=Your Army]Here's an overview of the types of units you'll be able to field, and their rough equivalents in a real game. Suzaku Tribe: All of these units can fly. What a surprise! -Falcon - Pegasus knights. Uses lances in human form. Can gain swords or spellsongs upon promotion. -Eagle - Archer. Uses bows in human form. Can gain spears or double down on bows after promotion. -Owl - Rogue, minus the stealing. Uses shuriken in human form and picks locks. High skill. Can steal after promotion. -Condor - Wyvern rider. Flying tanks! Uses axes in human form. Can uses lances after promotion. -Hawk - Myrmidon. Proficient with swords in human form. Very fast, relies on avoid and luck. Not overly strong or sturdy. -Raven - More traditional thief. Uses bows in human form. More speed focused than owls. -Heron - Cleric/monk. Sings different songs that act like healing and buffing staves do in other games. Can use tomes after promotion. Byakko Tribe: If you're looking for mounted units, these are the closest analogues you'll find, minus the actual mounts. Many of them have exceptional ground mobility. -Cat - Cavalier! Uses swords in human form. Can use lances, axes, or staves after promotion. -Tiger - Cavalier! Good move, decent defense and res. Uses lances in human form. Can promote for swords or axes. -Lion - Cavalier! This one uses axes. Can learn lances or swords after promotion. -Wolf - Mercenary. High skill. Well-rounded. Human form uses swords. -Fox - Sneaky mage! Uses tomes in human form. Can pick locks in both forms. Can use shuriken after promotion. -Bear - Axe fighter. High HP and strength. Low res. Uses axes as a human. Genbu Tribe: The weirdo scaly ones! Yay! These guys have far and away the best aquatic mobility with the exception of the tortoise. They also have an eclectic selection of roles. -Tortoise - Armor Knight. Uses axes. Can use lances and axes after promotion. -Turtle - Pirate! Yar! Uses axes as a human. -Frilled lizard - Mage. Uses tomes. Can learn spells that function like debuff staves (sleep, weakened, etc.) in other games after promotion. -Toad - Another pirate! Yo ho ho! Uses axes and can steal. Can use swords after promotion. -Snake - Aquatic thief. Uses shuriken, picks locks, and steals. Promotion can give lance proficiency. -Salamander - Another cleric/monk. Proficient with all the staff-like magics. Can learn to use swords after promotion. Seiryu Tribe: These folks earn their reputation as legendary beasts. You can only recruit one of each. Thinking of giving them 40 levels with no promotion, but not sure. -Black - Dragon Lord. Our first lord unit. Dragon form can fly. Uses tomes as a human, mainly a prf tome called Earth. Can learn to use swords after promotion. -Red - Dragon Knight. Human form counts as armored, uses axes and lances. Tremendous HP. Tremendous str, def, and skill as a dragon. Low luck and speed. Moderate res. -White - Dragon Mage. Human form can use all kinds of magic. Both forms can move over deserts and in water tiles with ease. Tremendous Mag and res. Moderate HP, skill, and speed. Low luck and def. -Purple - Fairy Dragon. Human form can use bows, shuriken, and tomes. Dragon form has no attacks, but can refresh units like a bard or a dancer. Both forms fly. Tremendous luck. High speed. Moderate mag and res. Low HP, str, skill, and def. [spoiler=Movement]You know who wins at Fire Emblem? Fliers. They have among the largest movement ranges in every game, and can blissfully glide right over forests, mountains, water, gaping ravines, and all at no movement penalty. Hell, in some games, they can use some of their rather generous movement stat, act, and then move again. That kind of superior mobility is crazy! Look at every game in the series and you'll notice that fliers are always a highly valued resource. And why not? It doesn't matter what kind of statistical advantage the really slow units like armor knights and generals have. In most maps mobility matters, and you can usually find at least one heavy armor unit at the bottom of most tier lists. I can't claim to have any kind of a perfect solution, but here's my idea: Special terrain that only affects fliers. Clouds that provide avoid bonuses, strong winds that slow airborne movement in one or more directions, and atmospheric turbulence that can't be flown through at all are the basic tiles that I came up with. These don't have to be ubiquitous, but certainly should be sprinkled throughout the game to provide another factor to consider when planning one's tactics. If your game uses skills (mine theoretically does) it even makes special movement skills like acrobat suddenly relevant to more of your army. Also, while we're talking about mobility, let's talk about water tiles! This is probably so uncommon as to be essentially a non-issue with most games, but I planned an entire sub-campaign around aquatic maps and battle on the high seas, so I might as well reinvent the wheel a little bit. Now, making units that are only good in the water is a mad fool's dream, and while I am both mad and foolish, I prefer a more practical approach: Amphibious units, like pirates in the GBA games. The only problem with pirates and berserkers in most FEs is that they only get to swim one space at a time. That is a little counterproductive, don't you think? Take for example Sacred Stones chapter 9a. This is a map that almost looks like it was designed to showcase a pirate's ability to move on water. If, say, you promote Ross to pirate, he can spend 5-6 turns or so moving across that relatively small stretch of water in the bay, or you can use Vanessa to cart a whole friggin' squad of your landlocked units straight into the action in the same amount of time. That's barely even a choice! Also, why is it that nobody knows how to ford a river? Long story short, my solution on paper is to use shallow water tiles and deeper water tiles. Shallow tiles have a steep movement penalty, but can be traversed by most units, and deep water tiles are impassable by landbased mounts (or in my game's case landbased quadrupeds) without a special skill, and can be navigated by "infantry" type units at a 3x movement cost (round down). If a unit is amphibious in nature they can move normally through any water tiles. I also toyed with the idea of strong directional currents, but I don't know if that's too much of a gimmick and should be relegated to "That one map" status. Of course, if in the totally crazy and not-at-all reasonable case you aren't looking to make a story centered around maps covered in water, all of this talk of water mobility might be "that one map" material, so whatever. [spoiler=Customization and promotion]Skills are Tellius style. The player will find skill scrolls throughout the game. These will be the main method for units to learn new skills, other than some class-locked skills, such as Avoid +10 or Crit +20. Everyone has a skill capacity. Promoted (or special) units have a bigger cap, and better skills take more to equip. There are also special items that can permanently increase your skill capacity, but they are rare and in limited supply, just like every other stat booster. Also, most classes have a class skill that cannot be removed, but also doesn't eat into their capacity. Several characters also start with skills equipped by default, at no capacity cost. Removing these skills will turn them into scrolls that can be equipped to anyone with the capacity, but the capacity-free benefit is lost. These pre-equipped skills will be referred to as default skills until I can think of a better term for them. Promotion is handled with master seals and leveling past 20, also Tellius-style. Each unit can choose either to embrace their more humanlike side when they promote, becoming more like traditional units and focusing on the weapons of those classes, or their primal side, in which case they will largely focus on their natural weapons, which are represented by striking. There are also a couple of items that give a unit a special promotion, similar to how the Dread Scroll and Wedding Bouquet in Awakening worked. Beyond that, there is no reclassing. This means that, once a special promotion item is used, that unit cannot go back to their regular promotion line. [spoiler=Weapons and equipment]All the classic weapon types are back: Swords, lances, axes, bows, tomes, and shuriken (admittedly not a classic, but it makes the ranged weapon triangle complete). Shuriken and knives no longer grant debuffs, and are restricted to either 1 or 2 range. Some special 1-2 range shuriken exist, but they have the same restrictions that other 1-2 range weapons do in Fates (no doubling, no crits, no battle skills, -5 resistance to enemy doubling). Speaking of which, magic is the only weapon type that by default has no penalties for being effective at 1-2 range, and bows are still awesome at 2 range, but only some special bows can attack at 1 range. The weapon triangle is Fates-style. Transformations work on a separate triangle: Beasts>Birds>Scalies. Dragons remain separate, because they are special snowflakes. Also, the Genbu tribe is a type that replaces Armor types for the purposes of weaknesses. There will be specialized weapons that deal effective damage to the different unit types, like beast lances, deep/dragonslayer swords, all bows against Suzaku, etc. Back from Tellius is striking, with the tweak that you can now actively attack bare-handed (or taloned, or clawed, or what-have-you) on your turn, even as a humanoid. Every Vilcoorian in the game starts with a strike proficiency and a more conventional weapon proficiency. Your strike rank affects what transformation stones you can equip as well as the strength of your beast form's attacks. Weapon durability is more like FE4 than anything else. Most manmade weapons will have limited uses, but can be repaired by a blacksmith. Transformations are only limited by the gauge, and soulstones never run out of uses. Forging is now used to change a weapon into a new one using precious materials (for example, combining an iron lance with a pearl creates a slim lance). [spoiler=Transformation]Transformation works with a heavy influence from the Tellius games (gauge) and a little bit of the other games (stones can be equipped to change stat boosts). First, the gauge is a little different. It goes up to 10. Transforming can be done at the beginning or the end of a unit's action, but not both (barring a skill). Every turn they spend as a humanoid increases the gauge by 1. Every battle they participate in as a humanoid increases the gauge by 1. Every turn they spend transformed decreases their gauge by 1. It does not decrease due to battles. There are also a couple of spell-songs that affect transformation gauges. As long as a unit has at least 1 in their transformation gauge they can take their beast form. Each type of unit has specific stat boosts in beast form that can change depending on if they have a soul stone equipped. Stones add various effects (Reverse weapon triangle, target res or def instead of the other way around, add element for weakness purposes, etc.) and change how stats are affected, like beaststones versus beastrunes or beaststones+ in Fates. Transformation stones are NOT weapons, but accessories, and should be relatively uncommon. Each unit type has a set starting point for their gauge, and some promoted units can even start a battle with their gauge maxed out. [spoiler=Playing House]Every character will have a support pool of roughly 3-5, with the odd outlier who has 6. The player can max out all of them at A rank, if they like. Maxing out a support line will open up a base conversation. Viewing said conversation will give those two characers a paired ending, and unlocks a skill scroll if one or more parties has a default skill equipped. Affinities are back. The types and their associated bonuses are pulled right out of Radiant Dawn. Since pair-up is gone, these bonuses are active so long as the two characters are within 3 spaces of each other, including if one unit is rescuing the other. I don't know if any of the real games ever did this, but any given character can benefit from any and all of their support partners' affinities, as long as they are within support range. This, combined with the lack of pair-up, should encourage formations and strategies other than, "duct tape two units together -> sprint for the boss -> profit!" At least I hope so. There is also a separate rating called, "Authority," which reflects how the refugees from Vilcoor feel about their leader. It starts out with a 'D' rating, and the decisions and accomplishments of Frey or whoever leads the group after she dies will improve it, up to a maximum rating of S, and several things can lower it, such as character deaths, neutral units dying, and, well, that's all I've got for now. Higher authority ratings confer several benefits, such as hit and avoid bonuses, increased shop variety, and the likelihood that a unit who falls in battle will survive their wounds and come back after a battle is finished in Classic mode. There are no 2nd generation units. There is already enough time/space nonsense with the world-hopping gateways, and the homogenization of the support system that they bring has left a bad taste in my mouth. Edited to reflect the changes to the thread so far.
  10. Recently, I finally managed to get my hands on Path of Radiance and currently on the beginning on CH12. However, the conversation between Ranulf and Ike in CH10 left me questioning the term Beorc, which I already found slightly odd prior to even playing, but otherwise ignored it: My thought on the italicized being, shouldn't it be the other way around; That by pure definition, "beorc" would be their equivalent slur against humans, like how the humans/beorcs use the term "sub-human" for the Laguz? Or is there something that I'm missing, given that I lack proper knowledge of the Tellius games, past general overview? Otherwise, I see it as unnecessary.
  11. Hello;?, im currentky trying to bring fire emboem path of radiance and radiant adwn to wiiu and/or 3ds, but need help. Please help me by signing this petition and tell your friends. Lets bring back the real goods. https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-bring-back-fire-emblem-path-of-radiance-and-radiant-dawn
  12. EDIT: I'm stupid and suck at this game. Ignore everything that I wrote. So I recently downloaded a Wii save file at http://www.gamefaqs.com/wii/932999-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn/saves from the user BlueHedgehog24. The save file provides different save points, one of which is saved at Part 3, Normal mode. I used that save file and proceeded all the way to Part 4, Chapter 5 (the Feral Ones map). When an enemy attacked an untransformed Janaff, he did not gain any transformation points after combat, as shown in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz3hcLSoFfY http://i.imgur.com/YA0SjJv.jpgThis image shows Janaff's transformation gauge after the Feral One attacked him. http://i.imgur.com/pBhvGbw.jpgThis image shows Ulki's transformation gauge, who was out of range of the enemy. Notice how both sub-humans laguz have the same transformation points. My question is that is this a bug with the save file, or with my game?
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