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Found 4 results

  1. Doing reading on the history of language evolution and in modern history, there's been a lot of discussion about how many languages are in danger and/or have been getting revival movements. These seem to be mostly with indigenous populations, but it's also been a thing with Gaelic languages and such in Europe. Preserving a language seems like a nice thing and helps preserve a culture, but is languages dying off necessarily a bad thing? The world moving to fewer, more dominant languages definitely helps people communicate. You can speak in English with people all over the world, and French, Spanish, and Mandarin also serve as lingua francas. That would hardly be possible, if people two cities over each had their own unique language. Languages dying or being absorbed isn't a new thing, either. I remember reading somewhere that only a few centuries ago, only the area surrounding Paris spoke French as we know it today, and the rest of France spoke different dialects of French that were almost unintelligible, depending on how far apart they were. There was another anecdote I read, where in the middle ages, a man from London was visiting Kent, and thought they spoke French, because they spoke such a different version of English than him.
  2. Like the example in the topic title, there are multiple instances in Echoes where people feel the need to confirm something they said not five seconds earlier. As someone who studies language, this has piqued my interest, because I haven't seen or heard anything like it before I played Echoes. Does anyone know the reason why they do it? And if there is no special reason, is it just to give the Valentians some speech quirks of their own? If this is the wrong forum for this kind of post, I apologize.
  3. The game has been out in Japan for a month and in NA for a week, and the only languages available on the JP cartridge is Japanese and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Why is English not an available option? Other games with international releases have all languages available and even automatically translate to the language of your native system. Why not Warriors? The game itself isn't even viewable on the eShop if you try to look at the software through the JP cartridge. While Nintendo may say that region-locking isn't a thing, in a way, they haven't changed at all. Does anyone have any insight or knowledge as to why this is or if this will be addressed any time soon?
  4. Genuinely curious question that I've had on my mind for the longest time and I only thought to ask after flipping through my copies of Knights of Iris and DNA Awakening Magnas. Why is it that Japanese books or texts often have English mixed in. Not neccessarily in the main body but for instance on the title or sections and subsections of the book? Hell the DNA Awakening Magnas actually have a full blown intro/description written in English on the front. The only reason I can figure is that English aside from maybe French is a universal language used for trade and commerce.
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