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Found 3 results

  1. Download the lastest version here! (FE4) Download the lastest version here! (FE5) Download FE4's intro here! Hey guys, I'm not trying to make money with this remake, I only use Patreon as a media for easier access and easier management with other projects I'm working on, right now. The Remake is free for everyone and the subscription is not required, only if you want to donate something yourselves. Tell me what you think about this project so far! Fire Emblem IV-V: The Holy War is remake of Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem 5: Thracia 776 using the Lex Talionis Engine. It aims to be a new take on an SNES classic, adapting some features from the original to GBA ones as necessary, yet trying to stay faithful to the source material, rebalancing the levels, stats, weapons and places like the arena and the shops. Chapters are going to be done as huge as they were in the original game, being a total of 12 FE4 maps + 35 FE5 maps of variable length. Later, we aim to rewrite a little, only the necessary, of FE4 and FE5 stories so they fit as only 1, making it fluent to side with Sigurd, Seliph and Leaf (names used are going to be discussed in a form for every release if needed). Important note about playing As said before, this is made with Lex Taliones Engine, which means it is not a romhack, but a game itself, so no patches are needed, no roms from snes, no cheats of that kind. To start playing execute the GotHW776.exe file. Here you have the FEE3 from 2021 so you can see a demonstration of how the project goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6ZjmkXQ--8 Credits inside the game. Most of them to FEuniverse and Serenes Forest Communities Plans for game versions Version 0.1.0 Add Prologue. Version 0.2.0 Add Chapter 1. Version 0.3.0 Add Chapter 2. and so on Version 1.0.0 Fully remade FE4's 2 Generations. Version 1.1.0 First FE5 map added and so on Version 2.0.0 Fully remade FE5's story and maps, now fitting with FE4's. ChangeLog and Features Download the full ChangeLog and Features file here! Notes Though I'm having all support I could ask from Rainlash and other people from the Lex Talionis Community it's still only me remaking everything, so there may be cosmeticals bugs and errors with some animations and sprites. Feel free to point them out to remind me of them if you wish. If you find any gamebreaking bugs, do post about it as soon as possible so I can look for a solution and issue a fix patch. ### Requires To run the game you need to download and install the following: Python 3.7.X+ Pygame 1.9.4+
  2. This is the 1.0 release of Snow & Fire, a tactical RPG made using the Lex Talionis engine. This game is, at its core, an experiment on long-form map design. It is completed with four massive chapters, for a total of 8-10 hours playtime. Includes battle saves, mandatory full deployment, daggers, a skill points system to add reliability to activation skills, fifteen characters, numerous fully-written talk conversations replacing supports, and a unique set of choices that influence later chapters. Hard mode is recommended for veterans. A story and normal mode are included for less experienced players who still want to try the game. Link to the google drive is here: https://bit.ly/33lt7oL The drive contains a folder and a manual. Download the entire folder and open the .exe file inside to play. The manual is best used as a ctrl-f search guide, as it’s probably too long to read in its entirety. This took approximately nine months of work to make (probably slightly longer? I sorta lost track). A full list of credits can be found in credits.txt or through the credits screen accessible from the main menu. The hack is completed, but feedback is appreciated. I can’t see myself adding new areas or chapters, but new conversations, rebalancing, or even new characters are absolutely fair game. I’ve avoided mentioning FE4, because that game’s gameplay is certainly contentious. To be clear, I tried to evolve the game’s design beyond many of FE4’s weaknesses. For example, arena grinding is gone, as the few arenas that do exist are strictly limited in uses. I’ve tried to limit the number of dead turns that exist (where you’re doing nothing but moving units). I haven’t been able to entirely eliminate them, but I have a healthy amount of talk conversations to fill the space. Chapter sections are also no longer just “seize the castle,” and each chapter has a number of varied sub-objectives. Most importantly, the option to save is given upon each completion of a sub-objective, rather than the start of each turn. Loss carries consequences, but is never overly punishing. Finally, I tried to redesign how tactical RPGs treat bosses. While the first few you meet will continue the tradition of standing still on a defensive tile, more complex bosses with their own unique AIs and strategies will be slowly introduced. My goal was to make boss battles worthy of their title. As mentioned before, there are fifteen playable characters spread throughout the game. Each has numerous talk conversations spread throughout the chapters that develop their goals, fears, and convictions. The game’s status as fully written includes these conversations. The game itself is not a branching narrative, but areas and encounters change based on choices (both implicit and explicit) made in prior chapters. The story follows Clint, a mercenary from a small village, and Alison, a trader looking to sell her wares at a nearby city. The frozen island they live on has fallen prey to instability and rebellion, and they are quickly forced to choose a side in the conflict. This was not the focus of this hack. It is, primarily, a gameplay experiment. I’m generally happy with the writing, but please understand that it isn’t the focus.
  3. Version date: 12/23/2019 A Fire Emblem fangame by BBHood217 Characters created by MageKnight404 and LordGlenn Lex Talionis engine by rainlash Over the years, MageKnight404 has contributed interesting and entertaining stories and characters to the FE community with his romhacks. This is my tribute to him and his creations. Join Heather, Julie, Joshua, and many of MK404's original characters on an adventure full of exciting gameplay, little references, and a standard plot to save the world. Screenshots (old): Features: - Runs on the Lex Talionis engine by rainlash, it is NOT a romhack. - 12 chapters of good ol' FE gameplay with features like skills, AOE attacks, and a turnwheel. - MK404's original characters from his romhacks (FE404, both Sacred Dawns, and Yuri's Side Story), plus one brand new character exclusive to this game. - Map sprites and combat animations by the FE community, including MK404's works from his romhacks plus a few animations not featured until now. - Branching promotions for some classes, and also promotions are automatic upon going past the level cap. - Easily usable as a reference along with the Lion Throne and the Lex Talionis site's wiki to make your own FE games with this engine. This fangame is complete, as in there's a defined beginning and ending. More work could probably be done on it but after a year of working on this, I desire to try my hand at something else for a change. Perhaps something original with my very own characters instead of someone else's. Regardless, any feedback provided (whether to me or to rainlash, about this game or the engine it runs on) would be greatly welcome and appreciated. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d04lqvmx6514k0p/The Raymond Chronicles.zip Installation instructions: - Download the game. - Unzip the folder somewhere. - Run the exe file and enjoy. Yep, it's that simple. The game is perfectly capable of running on its own, independent of the Lion Throne or any other Lex Talionis game. With that being said, the version of the engine this game uses is and trying to run it with any other version (older or newer) is not recommended due to possible compatibility issues.
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