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Found 3 results

  1. Guten Tag, It's your friendly neighborhood Zeonth here, along with my always amazing co-host, Lil Bean, bringing you a holiday EIMM miracle. Allow me to present to you: Everyone is Mafia Mafia: Edge of the Lord Edition Rules: To join the game, please do the following: Type a post in this thread declaring your intention to join (a simple /me in is fine). PM either me or Lil Bean on SF forums or on Discord with an alias you wish to play under and a character you wish to play as. Include both of us in your messages for our convenience. Winners (4): Aliases: The Dead (No need to fear them) Contact info for hosts: EIMM official discord server (lots of players, new and old here already): https://discord.gg/DNB3Qn5 Zeo: Zeonth#7293 @Zeonth Kat: Lil Bean ?#4320 @Lil Bean Sign-Ups will close on December 22nd, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST Game Start will be December 28th, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST
  2. .... It's called making FE4 into an Awakening styled game so Sigurd and co. can just come back in endgame sidequests. Even though they got BBQ'd. And breaking the plot. Wait! How about using that old reviving stick! The Valkyrie Staff! .... What do you mean I can't revive him because he died in Gen 1? Stupid technical limitations. Maybe you can get back on Arvis by stealing your wife back off him! Just imagine the look on his face! "HAH HA I STOLE YOUR- Hey, where'd she go?" .... Oh right, no rescue command. How about just straight tanking the Falaflame? Averages say Sigurd's OHKOed. And having Tyrfing equipped makes that a 2HKO and the Meteors will be fatal anyway. Alright, any more ideas?
  3. /sarcasm ...so took Public Transit for the first time in ages... Used to take it all the time for school/work. But now after a couple years of having a car, and being used to the freedom and my own space/control of my environment it just feels like such a huge pain in the ass. ...seriously, miss one god damn bus, everything is screwed up... Or you have to wait ridiculous times to wait for a bus that may or may not show up! Then you Get on a bus without headphones... Be prepared to listen to either drunk idiots late at night, or obnoxious teens who have no concept of inside voices, or shutting the hell up. ...but at least not driving means I can read/use my phone... But seriously, why does Public Transportation suck so goddamn much!?! ...yeah, car back is gonna feel so good tonight. :| /rant over
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