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Found 13 results

  1. I don't know if its age or this shity year, but games to me are losing there magic. I feel guilty playing them. They are not as impactful as a good book or art in me at this point. Plus my brain keeps telling me to focus on working out, self improvement, art, writing or studying instead of playing a game. Even then if i play a game just change difficulty if things get too hard on them now to save time. Its getting to the point where my favorite games like Xenoblade aren't doing it for me. Guess I will have to accept the fact I'm not longer a hard core gamer and more casual. I'm at this line where the only thing that will make me buy a new console is a new fire emblem game. Life goes on.
  2. So as some of you may have noticed I've changed my location from Minnesota to North Carolina, that's because I live here now. As of right now we don't have a house picked out so we're living in a hotel with an extended stay rate, but because of this I don't have a permanent address and it's made life... interesting. I can't get a North Carolina driver's licence with out one so I'm told to treat my Minnesota one like I'm on an extended vacation and I had to get a PO Box to start applying for jobs and for applying to colleges. I'm sure this is only the beginning of many weird bumps and hiccups that comes with doing seemingly basic tasks in modern life without an address since I'll most likely be stuck here for about another month until we settle on a house agreement, which for the uninformed actually takes quite a bit more time than you would think. But don't worry about me too much, I'm still plenty comfortable at the moment and I don't expect to be otherwise anytime soon. Feel free to share your experiences moving out of state here as well.
  3. Hey everyone! I recently just changed my major from Communications to some other degree I don't wanna go into detail on. So I decided I would take my three years of Communication study and apply them to this half-funny, half-serious thread where I solve your problems! If you want advice, just begin your post with the words "Dear Sully:". If you aren't being advised, feel free to comment with your own advice! And nobody take this too seriously. I might start a thread for that somewhere else.
  4. pretty interesting video, instantly entering a new world. if you want to talk about the prison sentence and if it was too much or whatever do it in SD please.
  5. Hey guys/ gals, Warning: Long post ahead, with possible grammar/ spelling errors. I'm sorry for any grammatical/ spelling errors in advance. Let me give you a bit of background about how I handle friendship, before we delve into the matter at hand. Generally, I'm the kind of guy that can get along with mostly anyone, but becomes true friends with a select few. Those are the guys/ girls that I share (most) of the same interests and views I have with. For those people, I'm willing to be very patient, to be reliable and... well, I just want to be a good friend for them. But, not meaning to sound selfish, I also need to know if my friends appreciate it if I'm around. That they like it when they do stuff with me. This is just for your information. Now here is the problem/ dilemma I'm dealing with: I have a very good friend, one of my best friends, who is having a relationship with Bob. (Yes, he is homosexual, I'm not. And no, Bob isn't his real name. I'd prefer not talking with real names.) This relationship is going on for... about a year I think? I already met Bob, he seemed like a good guy. Anyway, my pal says that he's just very good friends with him, yet when you look at the two of them, there's no denying they're in a relationship. Wether or not they're having a relationship is quite complicated, so I'd prefer it if we leave that out of the discussion. Let's just say that they're having an intimate relationship or... that they're friends with benefits. Until recently Bob is like, every day and every hour with my pal. They go everywhere together, they do fun things together. To make it short, they're 9 out of 10 times together. I talked about this with my pal, and he regrets that he can't do fun stuff with me (or with his other friends in that regard), yet he also enjoys Bob's company and my pal is the kind of guy who can't say no. Bob is the kind of guy who gets bored quickly and wants to be often with my pal. The problem is, for about several months now, I haven't been able to actually do something or talk with my pal. Everytime I ask him to do something, then he always says that he already has something planned. So far, my pal hasn't asked once to do something with me, because he's always busy doing something else, almost always with Bob. I have the feeling he just doesn't want to do something with me, even though he says otherwise. What bothers me most, is that I feel that this friendship is crumbling apart. I'm at the point where I just want to say to him that I've been patient enough, and that it can't go on like this. But, as he is such a good guy, I don't want to place him in such a harsh position either. What do you guys think about this? What should I do? Feel free to give honest advice and please, if you want to give feedback, please give constructive feedback. If you have any questions after reading this story, feel free to ask them. I'll be happy to assist to the best of my ability. And thanks in advance for reading this and taking the time to give a bit of feedback/ advice. I really appreciate it.
  6. A life in the city or in the country has its advantages and disadvantages. Here a few of arguments: For example in a city you can contact people very easy, have a good mobility through a good traffic infrastructure and you manage your workings (shopping, school, doctor) in a distance and in a short time. But therefore you have to deal with a higher noise and enviroment pollution. In a country you have silence and much nature. And the hires of houses and flats are cheaper. But you have a poor mobility and flexibility. You do not have means of local transport. Without a driver license it is almost impossible to manage all your workings. So I would like to ask you, if you prefer the life in the country or the life in the city.
  7. Saw this on another forum. Post pictures of what you think other people look like. It can be based on anything from posts to gender to location. I will start Kinumi
  8. You all I know I won't be sucessful at life but I can make you sucessful Step 1. Get Minecraft Step 2. spam a ton of channels Step3. Get sony vegas step4. get hdmi recorder or whatecer it's called step5. when you make your videos make sure you say fuck and shit like 20 times in your videos, it helps step6. scream alot, make sure to you also can scream for a long time, step7. Create a "group" pewdiepie has the "bro army" you create something like that to step 8. When playing other games make sure to play call of duty and grand theft auto as well as battlefield. Want to play fire emblem? thats not going to work because no one plays japanese games step9. Spam "like and subscribe and favourite" step 10, once famous enough to become more famous start singing at a grocery store step11. if possible get a hot girlfriend and force her to be in your vidoes
  9. discuss about persona 5 here. My dumb question is will it be better than persona 4?
  10. I estimate 8 years possibly? hmm will the fe here community eventually die out. well fe 13 certainly bought a new fans in including myself
  11. http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-tools-statsheet WHY IS IT DOWN?! **weeps**
  12. So yeah. I've tried it on 2 different adapters (one of which was brand new) and several different outlets and it wont charge. It does charge using a USB cable though, which is what I'll be using until this gets fixed I guess. Send help. UPDATE: K, all is well now. The AC Adapter was just busted. The "new" one I got had the wrong voltage (shadykid mentioned something about this down there). I got another one and its working :D
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