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Found 5 results

  1. One thing that's been present in a lot of action games in the last few years is a combat system consisting of pressing one button for a light attack, which is faster but does less damage, and pressing a different button for a heavy attack, which is slower but does more damage. This is present in For Honor, the SoulsBorne games, The Witcher 3, etc. And I have just one question: why? Ideally, this system would be balanced so that sometimes you want to use the faster attack to make sure you get the hit, but still be incentivised to use a heavy attack when the opportunity presents itself. However, it is almost never actually balanced. Either the heavy attack is too slow to use on most enemies; making the light attack superior in almost every situation, or, more rarely, the light attack does so little damage that the heavy attack is the superior option. If this problem was present in just one or two games that had this system, I would think that it's just a balancing issue. But, from what I personally have seen and experienced, it's been extremely prevalent throughout games that have this system. In addition to that, the very concept has no basis in reality when it comes to armed combat, which is usually what the game in question is utilizing. I'm a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) practitioner, and, while I am still a novice, I can honestly say that there is not a single circumstance where one does a slower cut or thrust just to get more power out of it; the power comes from the speed and the technique. If you try to win a fight with strength against a skilled opponent, you will lose. Also, that means that two buttons are being devoted to attacks. Why not have one attack, and devote that second button to something else? Or, if you want multiple ways of attacking, why not have it that the two attack buttons each correspond to two different types of attacks? For example: cut & thrust if we're talking about swords. So... yeah; these are my thoughts on the light & heavy attack system in action games. What are your thoughts on the subject?
  2. Hello there! Was wondering if someone could make/dirct me to midi files (or orchestral remixes) of the following fe7 songs. The midi files in FEshrine aren't working: Loyalty: Hector's theme Triumph In the shadow of triumph Stratagem Light to tomorrow Main theme: arrangement (epilogue remix) Shocking truth II The Grieving Heart Respite in Battle Shadow Approaches Dragon's Gate I+II Land of Swirling Sands The Archsage Athos Blessing of the 8 Generals I + II The Eight Generals The Cogs of Fate Final Farewell Merlinus Eyes of Sorrow Legend of Athos Treasured Hope Thanks in advance!
  3. (This counts for FE7 and FE8, but not FE6.) I noticed that in FE7 and FE8, light magic is a heck of a lot worse than anima. As a basic example, the stats: Lightning has 4 might, 95 accuracy, 5 crit and a whopping 6 weight. This means that when Serra from FE7 promotes, she won't be able to use the weakest light tome without losing attack speed. (It was unlikely that she'd be used for combat anyway, but you know.) Fire, on the other hand, has 5 might, 90 accuracy, no crit, and a weight of 4. This, at least in my opinion, is a fair bit better than its light counterpart. The only stats that lightning beats it at is accuracy- which is fairly high for most tomes apart from some special dark ones, anyway- and crit, which is nice, but not necessary. In my opinion, light tomes should at least have reduced weight. What do you guys think? Should they be changed completely, along with the stats of all tomes in FE8 and FE7? Should only the weight be reduced a bit to make light magic-users more viable? Or should nothing change at all?
  4. I was thinking quite a bit one day as to how light magic could have been implemented, then it hit me, the same way Path of Radiance did. The Bishop, like in any other game, would be a big resistance tank with all-around other stats, except they'd have no ability to use tomes. Instead, at level five, they'd get Lumina, allowing staff-users to use light magic. This means any staff-using class can use light magic, allowing for more versatility, however light is as weak as wind with no positive side. Again, however, at level 15, bishops get the Slayer skill, which would allow light magic to do triple might against all Risen. So any staff user can do effective damage against common foes at the cost of two skill slots. Any thoughts on my idea? Is the light magic I described too weak or overpowered?
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