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Found 3 results

  1. On July 17th of this year, I started my first time Maddening Mode run of Golden Deer with no new game + and with a twist..... NO DIVINE PULSE!! What a journey it has been. I always been quite casual when it came to playing Fire Emblem. but I have learned a lot on this journey. The struggles, to the restarts, to the hard as heck paralogues, to our blessed Ignatz!! All of it was quite the experience and has made me an even better Fire Emblem player. Join me today as I take on the final map of Golden Deer in the FINALE of my Maddening Mode run!! My hardest experience and greatest challenge with Fire Emblem thus far!! Ending it with a grand finale to remember.... Let's do this!! Live right now!!
  2. Edit : The game is out now, so there's multiple people streaming the game on twitch. Just search for #FE. I'll just update for more informations and comment on the game now, no more stream specific following. Fixed some of links in cutscenes section. Fixed some more cutscenes links (some with youtube links). hamayama and narumi23 are streaming the game right now. I'll try to keep the post and the status of the streams updated. The first stream also have gamepad display on screen and is at the beginning of the game, Normal difficulty. The second is farther into the game, but there is also a weird reverberating sound effect on dialogue, Normal difficulty. hamayama's stream is over, currently in middle of episode 4. (Edit : It seems like twitch closed his channel, so... every links to his stream and replays are dead) Old replays avaiable, here (Start of the game, Prologue), here (end of Prologue to beginning of Episode 2), here (Episode 2 + side story) and here (Episode 2 to beginning of episode 4 + side story). They obviously contain spoilers, so proceed at your own discretion. narumi23's stream is over, just finished episode 4. Old replays available here (Episode 2, not full), here (Episode 3) and here (Episode 4). Same as above for spoilers. Also a few observations (some in spoiler just in case), Difficulty setting available, Easy/Normal/Hard. The game seems already really challenging in Normal difficulty. Auto/Skip function for the dialogue available. The profile of each character is really detailed, with things like blood type, height, etc... Only 3 items equipped per character, Weapon/Accessory/Costume. Non-randomized dungeons. Strong mirage encounters visible, in black/golden cloaks compared to the normal red ones (black ones are called "Wild ennemies"). Normal attacks don't trigger Session, even when hitting weaknesses. Ennemies can also use Session. During combat, gamepad screen keeps track of ennemies HP/EP remaining, skills they possess, stats, resistance/weakness. You can earn money with each hit performed after 3 (included) in Session (saw Tsubasa getting money at 2, but it doesn't seem consistent before 3). Buff/Debuff seems to affect all party members/ennemies. Also, their duration is visible via an indicator near the portraits of the characters. New status ailment "Zombie", makes the character lose HP each turn, attack allies and affecting them with "Zombie", and prevents them from participating in Session. Also some personal remarks : Tsubasa is really funny. And also is Kiria number 1 fangirl. Really like Yashiro animation for Slash, iai stance then disappears, a slashing effect appears on target, he reappears next to the target, not facing it with a sheathing motion then jumps back to his initial position. Extremely myrmidon like. Music are really good imo, especially Boss theme. Bosses and sub-bosses have pretty interesting encounter design imo. I've seen some people complain about the difficulty on twitch (well, hamayama himself and some of his japanese fellows), I don't think these are justified. Indeed the game is pretty hard and unforgiving, even in normal mode, but it seems on par with SMT games difficulty (haven't played one, but I think I still have a good understanding of these games), and imo, he isn't playing that well (I know it's easy to say just from a spectator viewpoint, and I'm no SMT expert), a few examples : he doesn't pay enough attention to opposing mirage affinities (axe wielder ? spear user ?) and so often doesn't cover the weaknesses of his party members (keeps Tsubasa and Touma against Axe Fighters). he doesn't use buffs/debuffs, these are REALLY powerful in SMT games in general. he seems to always be slightly underleveled, not really his fault, but I suppose these games require you to grind a little sometimes (which he does). iirc, narumi23 did better overall, he did die at some moments, but usually understood quickly how to overcome the fights. [spoiler=Slight spoilers, Mirage skills] They are mostly derived from SMT skills/spells, I precised some for those who aren't familiar with them. The list isn't exhaustive, but gives an idea of the skills they can learn. Itsuki/Chrom, mainly sword skills (horseslayer, dual slayer (horse and armor), Heat Wave...), Electricity spells (Zio, Mazio, Zionga...). Can also obtain some support skills, like Dia, Diarama, Rakukaja, Rakunda, Charge (Power Charge iirc) and Trafuri. Tsubasa/Shiida, mainly lance skills, Wind spells (Zan, Zanma...), Healing spells (Dia, Media, etc), status ailment curing spells (Posumundi, Charmdi, Recarm...) Can also obtain some single target Fire spells (Agilao, Agidyne), Sukukaja and Traport (utility skill, out of combat). Touma/Cain, mainly physical, lance skills (Horseslayer, Assault Dive, Javelin rain...), one fire physical skill, one wind physical skill. Also gets few support skills, like Dekaja, Rakunda, Estoma (utility skill, out of combat). Kiria/Tharja, mainly spells, Dark ("ミイル" "Miiru"), Ice (Bufu, Mabufu...) and Fire (Maragi, Agilao...) spells. Also have Sleeping Song (Dark element, status ailment), and can obtain other spells, like Tarunda, Zanma (Wind), Megido (Almighty), Concentrate (Mind Charge) and Lightoma (utility skill, out of combat). Eleonora/Virion, mainly bow skills (Arrow Rain, Poison shot, Mind shot...). Also have "スロウマ" (slowma ? utility skill, out of combat) and can obtain Rakunda and some Thunder/Fire physical skills. Mamori/Draug, mainly axe skills and have a passive/skill that allows her to take hits in place of allies. Also have Riberama (utility skill, out of combat), and can obtain a few Ice/Thunder physical skills, and some support skills (Media, Tetraguard). Yashiro/Navarre, sword skills, Sukukaja, Counter. [spoiler=Slight spoilers, Mirage promotions] Bolded classes weren't shown before release. Bolded stats indicates that stat gets a bigger boost for that promotion compared to the other. (Need to reconfirm Chrom's, but it should be accurate) Chrom Great Lord (+HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl, +Spd, -Def, +Res) /// Conqueror (+HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl, +Spd, +Def, -Res) Shiida Falcon Knight (+HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl +Spd, +Def, +Res) /// Dracoknight (+HP, -EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl, +Spd, +Def) Cain Paladin (+HP, +EP, +Str, -Spd, +Def, +Res) /// Dark Knight (+HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, -Spd, +Def, +Res) Tharja, Sage ("賢者" +HP, +EP, +Str, +Skl, +Spd, +Def, +Res) /// Sorcerer (really colorful, that's... kind of strange, +HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl, +Spd, +Def). Draug General (+HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl, +Spd, +Def, +Res) /// Berserker (+HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl, +Spd, +Def, +Res) Virion Sniper (+HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Skl, +Def, +Res) /// Assassin (didn't see full model, but the portrait looks pretty cool, hooded with a mask, +HP, +EP, +Str, +Mag, +Spd, +Def, +Res) [spoiler=BIG SPOILERS, Boss encounters] [spoiler=Prologue]Garrick/Gojyuin Teru [spoiler=Episode 1]Aversa/Oribe Ayaha [spoiler=Episode 2]Gangrel/Horinozawa Nobu [spoiler=Episode 3]Draug/Barry Goodman [spoiler=Episode 4]Excellus/Tarachino Kuen + Navarre/Tsurugi Yashiro [spoiler=Animated cutscenes]Don't know how to link to a specific timestamp on twitch or even know if it's possible, sorry. If I've missed one, please tell me so I can add it. Edit : Most of them were from hamayama's channel, which is now closed. I've fixed some links. Game introduction (5min25s) Chrom's purification (31min05s) Kiria's first live (46min52s) Facing Aversa (3h15min15s) Second Kiria concert (4min13s) Yashiro's concert (35min53s)
  3. Status: Offline due to Internet Outrage http://www.twitch.tv/ubelengel About me: I am hearing impaired player, this led me to wonder if people would be interested in seeing a deaf player plays games he loves. So here I am. Games includes but not limited to: League of Legends TERA DOTA 2 Heroes of the Storm Starcraft 2 Diablo 3 Elsword Dragon Nest Aura Kingdom Fire Emblem ROMs Various Steam additions. Got any free games you'd like to watch me play? Post below.
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