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Found 21 results

  1. As many people here probably already know, the awful Meath over Manster FEH localization error on Ced's unit description has been fixed. However, with that came a sad new reality: that Manster has been officially localized as Munster. Many people have expressed a bittersweet feeling as some of the old iconic fan localizations of characters, places, and weapons. While it's great to see Thracia and Jugdral as a whole enter more of the spotlight, it comes with the loss of icons. Whether it be Orsin and the Pugi Axe becoming Osian and his Vouge or the Yied desert becoming the Aed, more and more fan names are falling to official localization. And this isn't a bad thing, obviously I'm grateful for the recognition of one of my favorite games ever made by the company that created it. It's just a sort of loss of things that I feel nostalgic for. Today we saw a change that hits me personally the hardest with this bittersweet feeling. The city of Manster is such an iconic part of Thracia's narrative, it's home to the endgame, it's home to the infamous escape sequence that is the most recognizable series of chapters in Thracia. It's home to some of the most emotionally charged scenes in the whole game. The Manster District, named for this city, is the country that all but three or four chapters of the game take place in. The Manster Escape Arc is the part of Thracia that makes people love the game for its story-gameplay interaction and unique set of challenges or hate the game for its brutality to blind players. The Manster escape sequence is Thracia. Almost the entire game takes place in the surrounding areas. It is my favorite country in any Fire Emblem game, it is the home of the game that got me into the online community after years of lurking. So goodbye Manster. I'll miss you. Alright, that's my soliloquy. I guess I also have to change my profile image from Super Meath Boy, I'm glad that they fixed it. Does anybody else have thoughts on this whole thing?
  2. Why was the HP-absorbing dark tome Resire localized as Nosferatu?
  3. Why was Thunder Sword localized as Levin Sword? If 'thunder' contains too many letters for a weapon name, I understand, but why Levin? As I recall, Levin is an FE4 character who specializes in wind magic.
  4. So, I've noticed a few times, that the German FE fb account makes weird translations. Current case is this: They translate "worst in history" as lausigste der ganzen Geschichte (which would be "most lame/boring in whole history") And I've wondered, if other FE accounts do weird translations also?
  5. As the title suggests, I'm wondering what are the chances of 8-4 doing localization for the new Fire Emblem on the Switch. I loved their work with Awakening and from what I've seen of SoV, that as well. I must say I wasn't too pleased with Treehouse's quality of English voice acting and overall localization of Fates (not whining about censorship by the way, couldn't really care much about that). I'd love to see 8-4 return once again now that full voice acting is the case with Shadows of Valentia. What are your thoughts?
  6. Basically, I'm creating this thread for one purpose: to give me the necessary closure I need to convince me that the Fire Emblem community hasn't all gone straight to hell since Fire Emblem Fates' release. In Nintendo's most recently released Fire Emblem Fates YouTube video: Fire Emblem Fates - A Tale of Two Families: Revelation (Here's the link:) I posted a very passionate and rant-like comment on how I was sick of all of the negativity that has been geared towards the localization of Fire Emblem Fates, and how it seems to me that the people who are actually fine with NoA's localization of Fire Emblem Fates are stuck as a nonvocal minority, due to the mainstream belief on places like YouTube and Twitter being that NoA has done a terrible job of localizing the game and has basically ruined it. I'm sick of constantly seeing all of this negativity, which is why I am creating this thread. In essence, this thread is a place where people can post things they like about NoA's localization and point out the things they did well, rather than the bad. When you make a post on this thread (which I really hope becomes a popular one), here's what you can expect: - A positive outlook on Fire Emblem Fates despite the controversy it went through. - No prejudice against people who have different opinions on changes or altercations in the game. - A peaceful environment, free from hate and overly-harsh judgement. When you make a post, it should generally fit the guidelines of "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because...". It should be meaningful and positive, yet simple. Here's an example: "I like Fire Emblem Fates, because I think the English dubbing for Xander and Elise in the Mingled Tears cut-scene in Chapter 26 of Birthright was done really well." Also, if you want to go in-depth as to why you believe this, that's more than welcome. Like this: "Dubbing for Anime cut-scenes in which the character's mouths match the words they're saying in their original language is much more difficult than what you might expect from regular Anime, and the dubbing team handled that one particular cut-scene flawlessly." If you want to include a funny phrase or picture with your post, that is also perfectly fine. I always enjoy seeing all of the funny stuff the Serenes community comes up with. Fire Emblem Fates is a fantastic game with a beautiful story and incredible gameplay mechanics, and we shouldn't let a few screw-ups that happened during localization hold it back. We may be a vocal minority, but I'd at least like to give the Serenes Forest community a chance to show some gratefulness for the many ways in which NoA didn't screw it up. Hopefully, this thread will become a place where hostility and aggression towards a great game are a thing of the past, and we can all show some well-deserved and long-overdue appreciation for what is one of the greatest titles on the Nintendo 3DS and a worthy installment to the Fire Emblem franchise. Please, help me be a proud member of the Fire Emblem community once more.
  7. Since the game is coming tomorrow outside of Japan besides China, I think we should help @VincentASM (Avyen Knight) pointing it out for some of the Localization Names for updating for the site content related for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and he will keep tracking it down in-case if makes any mistakes and I am working on the Name Chart for both Gaiden and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (I think it's around 50% or close) + maybe pin this thread so that everyone look at the thread and help contributing it until where done getting every names down. I did managed to find some new localized names that were leaked and did covered most of them from the English trailers and footages that we already saw. But, in-case if anyone wants to help out, I think we have about these things that it needed to be added and gets fixed in the site content, I don't think I have all the items listed down in the Items List as of right now and can some one who knows Japanese full well to help out list all the Kanjis and Romanjis down in the name chart + maybe put je2's and Artemis's fan patch names as well since I think there's some Gaiden players might get confused with the names as well: Playable Characters (Cipher characters only) (Done) NPCs (Done) Enemies Locations Items Provisions Spells Classes Arts (Arts Combat Skills) Title and factions Acts And also, I just wondered about those what we should maybe move the 5 bosses from the Altar of Duma to the Enemies section since they were marked as classes, but managed to make them as actual enemy units instead. Also, someone did pointed the link out there's a bunch of Localized Names that appeared in the Fire EMblem Wiki to be in the Name Chart for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, are some of them actually correct by the way? I don't know who got them, I think they might have got them from Linkmstr and @MrPerson0's videos or something else who data-mined the game?
  8. So after that fiasco of a thread in the Fire Emblem Echoes subforum (if you weren't there, don't ask), my itch to discuss this topic came up again, and I thought it would be prudent to create a discussion topic on the matter in this forum. So what are your general opinions on the matter of localization of media, cultural translation, and censorship, be it through games, anime and manga, or any other forms of entertainment? Do you lean more heavily toward localization or direct translation and why? What are some of your favorite localizations, and what are some of your least favorite and why? What about stuff you're glad was changed and/or removed in localization from the original, and stuff you wish had stayed from the original? Do you think potentially offensive or insensitive content in a work should be changed or removed for sensitivity reasons? Why or why not? (As a note, this is the right forum for this, right? I'm not breaking any rules with this?)
  9. Ok, I managed to complete making the name chart as of right now, Avyen Knight (VincentASM) and I that we're planned it for the Gaiden page for getting the people to notice in-case that some of them are don't realized it since April 8th, 2013, but I managed to improved more stuff using the localized names from Heroes website that was confirmed from the Fire Emblem Direct also and we'll might improve more stuff when we'll see more English trailers and footages for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. But, this chart will might get massively updated when the game comes out. And please note that all the Playable Characters that weren't appeared or mentioned in Awakening and three bosses are in Heroes also. https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Name_Charts/Gaiden_and_Echoes:_Shadows_of_Valentia Also, just a requestable note: Can someone might please help fill out the rest of the kanjis, romanjis, and the other fan translation patch names that were from je2's (Wolf's updated stuff that he did mentioned about fixing bugs) and Artemis's in the chart coloms. I stopped playing Gaiden through Chapter 4 after defeating Grieth for looking around through the patch differences for helping out the community back then (I was super busy with College stuff and studying for my future goals back then)? Edit from February 3rd: I managed to get a lot of the Classes, Spells, Items, NPCs, Bosses, & Titles and Factions down from looking a lot of pages from the Gaiden section. Might still needs some help with filling out the Romanjis, Kanjis, and mostly the Patch names from je2's and Artemis's version from Gaiden. Edit from February 12th: We got new English screenshots from the UK website, it's confirmed that Saber from the Heroes website is still remains as Saber in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Claws was added in the game (I did checked for clarification that Claws was debuted from the Tellius series), Grave added in the screenshot, Japanese version of the website for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has Valentia is now called Valentia instead of Barensia in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia since the original Japanese version from Fire Emblem Museum and The Complete had it as Barensia. By the way, keep an eye out incase if we get more English screenshots, footages, and info from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, I will or someone who has access to the Wiki content in this site adds it to the name chart and Avyen Knight (VincentASM) will upgrade the non-wiki Name Chart for Gaiden Section and adds an another non-Wiki Name Chart for the Echoes: Shadows of Valentia section of the website. This title is now renamed as Localized Names Discovery Thread and I will ask one of the mods or Avyen Knight (VincentASM) to pin this topic so that we can contribute the site. Edit from March 10th: We got a new trailer and new screenshots from the GameSpot website revealed, it's confirmed that Tobin from the Heroes website is still remains as Tobin in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Terrors (probably the new name giving out for the monsters in Echoes since Awakening had the mosters from that game were called Risen), Zofia Castle, this new possible term called "23rd of Pegastym", new skills that are added in the remake are called "Anti-Fliers", "Bowrange +1", & "Terror", and I don't know about this "Deliverance Hideout" location, it could possibly be Clive's HQ in Chapter 1, but I don't recognize the layout that was in Gaiden. Edit from March 14th: I added the names that were shown in the PAX East Footage from the North American version of Echoes, tI did seen Lukas is still Lukas from the Heroes website, the villager girl's localized name is Faye, and the rest of Celica's team in Chapter 2 were remained the same from the Heroes website as well + added the Provisions, Grieth's Army, Seraphim, Invoke, Miasma, Mountain Graveyard, Leather Shield, Gold Dagger, Silver Purse, Black Magic, White Magic, and Archanist in the Name Chart.
  10. I was extremely dissatisfied with how the localizers handled Saizo and Beruka's C support so I took it upon myself to relocalize it: http://dyaus-pita.tumblr.com/post/145028759065/saizoberuka-c-support-relocaization Let me know your thoughts. I tried to clean up the old translation a bit to make it sound more natural, adding on or changing things slightly as I saw fit while still remaining true to the original conversation. This is generally how most localizers do things.
  11. As you probably already know the newest Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Fates, is missing an important function and that function being an option for duel audio. This may sound a little biased but the reason why I want the japanese voice acting to be in fates is honestly because the english voice acting sucks. I could spend all day ranting about how the localized voice acting is horrible but instead watch the comparison above to see for yourself. The previous Fire Emblem game, Awakening, included pretty good voice acting in japanese and in english. Even though the game probably didn't need it, Awakening included duel audio so western audiences could experience the original voice overs. This was a great decision by Nintendo, it allowed fans to make the choice of what voice acting they wanted to listen to while harming nor upsetting no one. Including Dual audio isn't that hard of a task for Nintendo, actually it's quite easy come to think of it. Join me and the thousands of other Fire Emblem fans out there and together lets make dual audio for the latest fire emblem game a reality. IT'S OUR FATE!!! Thank You, ありがとう Sign the petition at change.org: https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-fire-emblem-fates-dual-audio-option-japanese-english
  12. A user on Reddit compiled a bunch of the voice clips into three convenient videos. Azura, Camilla, Takumi, Kaden, Kaze, Hana, Nyx, Arthur, Beruka Selena, Rinkah, Sakura, Saizo, Subaki, Hinoka, Leo, Scarlet, Ryoma, Niles Odin. Felicia, Effie, Male Corrin, Mikoto, Xander, Yukimura, Garon. As a person who usually uses dubs and barely heard the Japanese voice acting, these voices seem fine to me.
  13. "Nintendo has issued a statement saying its upcoming Fire Emblem Fates will not contain a scene that involves "gay conversion or drugging" between two characters." http://www.gamespot.com/articles/fire-emblem-fates-controversial-scene-changed-for-/1100-6434035/ + Shara/Syalla's name has been localized to Rhajat.
  14. http://kotaku.com/the-english-version-of-fire-emblem-fates-wont-have-the-1755121353 RIP EDIT: Okay, before people start stressing out for no reason, I want to point one thing out: KOTAKU IS NOT THE MOST RELIABLE OF SOURCES. Again, this doesn't mean that the feature hasn't been removed but it does mean that I'd wait until further confirmation is given out. I'm sorry for being late on editting this.
  15. The title says it all okay so the debate over skinship has been a very heated debate topic here for almost a year now. and without any conformation from NoA we have nothing to go on other than an unreliable article from Kotaku but here's the kicker the "!" symbol still appears above my room in some of the localized english videos. so if skinship is still in the game, well that's no big deal, if it's not then we have to ask what's going to happen in myroom? as for me I have no idea as to what it could be replaced with. what do you all think it could be replaced with? I hope it's still there
  16. So I some one I know found this. It seems to be what the Localization could be censored in. Although, this seems too good to be true, especially for a 'Leak'. I haven't found any other source that link to this so this is unconfirmed, but this is what NoA could be thinking. Treehouse did it with XenoChronicles X and started a riot. Rmemeber to chill guys, we don't know if it's true or not.
  17. Basically which games do you think had the best and worst localizations? Personally I think Sacred Stones did. It's prose was good, the writing was solid, the translation was faithful and had some wit to it, and the gameplay tinkering was very minor and inoffensive. It goes under the radar in terms of good localizations but I think it's because it's so natural it makes you forget it was localized. Radiant Dawn had the worst imo. For starters, there's the debacle with the difficulty names. There's also the choice they made to use only the smaller script and not the larger one already in the game, which cut out a sizeable chunk of characterization, motivations, explanations, and world building. The script's translation itself was fairly good though. It probably got the most gameplay changes out of all the localized titles too. Some of them are for the better, like Edward and Leonardo's better bases and giving them plus Nolan their own prf weapons while others like the forging system are a mixed bag (and makes one of the base convos really odd since it references mechanics that no longer exist). It's a lot easier to get DB units up to par now since they can get their forges pretty early but it also allows for mass production of stuff like forged Hand Axes, which is absurd. Awakening is probably second worst in terms of changes to the script and the tone. Characterization is often exaggerated or even completely different from the original and rarely is it for the better. There's some good lines though.
  18. Without going into very many spoilers (especially as I am trying to purposefully avoid them myself), there are some aspects of Fates that I feel are held back by Japanese culture when it comes to a release in the West. I'm not saying one culture is better than the other, but I feel these two facts would not go over very well in the West (and I do think most here feel the same): *Zero and Shara are the only same-sex options. There needs to be at least a few more. Seems a shame the only options are locked into each route (at one each) and happen to be rather psychotic characters. Not to knock on them, but why are the sole two options psychotic? I don't think it would be too hard to write up some of the S conversations and one would think they would just reuse the CGs from the opposite-sex scenes. *Some of the skinship quotes. Namely, the S-rank ones. I love me some fanservice, but some of those go straight into super pervy territory. I mean, honestly, some of your siblings still call you "brother" or "sister" after you already marry them, not to mention a good deal of these quotes are really sexual. In fact, I think this will already be taken out of international releases, but you never know. Good idea? Bad idea? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I just hope it isn't too late, which I think it might be.
  19. I was playing a hector mode fe7 run, and i was reminded for how the effectiveness coefficient (the value that weapon might is multiplied by during a successful attack) was 2 in the English localization of this game, as opposed to 3 like in the Japanese version or in most other FEs. This is a significant mechanical change, given the relatively large number of effective weapons in this game. Why do you think the localizers did this?
  20. You asked me to provide proof that most of Maribelle's snobbishness comes from the localization a while ago. Well recently the person I was counting on posted this on tumblr: http://four-loose-screws.tumblr.com/post/75216713811/fire-emblem-awakenings-north-american-localization-vs I hope this helps clarify things when it comes to Maribelle.
  21. I've remained hopeful that New Mystery of the Emblem would be localized ever since it was announced a few years ago. But now, after such a long time, my hope dwindles. Yeah I know it should have completely dwindles by now, but... *Shrugs* Does anyone think there's a chance it'll be officially localized? Maybe the last major game for the DS to his North American/European/Australian/every place outside Japan shores?
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