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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! Just looking for any general information and/or tips for a first playthrough. I did not play Gaiden, and from what research I did on this game, it seems vastly different from other FE titles I’ve played so far. I’m doing a Hard/Classic run, I won’t be doing any excessive grinding (but may do some if I have a chance at good loot or if some units I want to use are falling behind), and I have no interest in any “endgame” related stuff. Some spoilers are fine, just nothing major in regards to the story/plot. So with that said, I’m looking for tips on the following: - What units are worth using? Any units I should avoid altogether? - Good/Best weaponry? Any good places to look out for to farm said good loot? - Best classes and class options for the villagers. Or better yet, if there all pretty good options, any classes I should avoid putting them into? And if I’m not mistaken, it seems like promoting as soon as possible seems to be the more viable option (as growths seem really bad in this game)? Is re-classing a thing in this game.. like if I make someone a mage, can I make them a archer at a later time? - Skills/Combat Arts/Passives.. etc.. I’m a little confused on this part. So from my understanding, weapons have Combat Arts (CA) attached to them, and they are unlocked after using said weapon enough times.. this part I think I get get. Now as for Passives, do these function similar to CA, except they don’t need to be unlocked and are always active once the weapon is equipped? Anything else I need to know here? - Learned Spells.. and White/Black Magic. So there’s no tomes and staffs in this game, and anything magic related is learned.. is that correct? And the spells that you learn are character dependent not class dependent..? Is there any class-based skills in this game? - The fatigue system. Is this something you really have to micro-manage, or is it really not that bad? I tried looking into it, and have read (probably misinterpreted) different reports as to how it works. Does it not affect the main game, and only affects units when doing dungeons, or is that incorrect? Any other tips on how to manage fatigue and work around it would be awesome. - Anything else that could prove useful for a first time playthrough that isn’t so easily picked up/noticeable, or just any general tips/hints would be great. ______ I think that’s everything. I apologize if these questions have been thoroughly discussed or if this information is readily available, but from my end everything I came across didn’t really offer the most direct answers. So I just want to say thank in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer these questions or leaves me any information whatsoever. Thanks again!
  2. So I have a pretty long and tiring school day. I have a 45min bus journey there and back, so I get there at 8.40 and arrive back home by 6. But by that point I'm so tired that I can't actually bring myself to study, review my notes, etc even though I really need to or I'll fail my class. Any advice? :)
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