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Found 14 results

  1. Ok, I'm gonna to talk seriously.................. Well, many Fire Emblem fans are shipping Robin Boy with Lucina as a love couple, and I don't want to be canon. To be honest, It's canon this love shipping? Because, the FE Awakening and Smash Bros. fans are liking this couple, I don't know Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are going to confirm is canon this couple?
  2. Hi all, tl;dr: I am looking for a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with the pairings of Ayra X Dew, Raquesis X Beowulf, Adean X Midayle, Sylvia X Claud, Briggid X Holyn, Tiltyu X Azel (selene's forest's best pairings) I am a very stupid man. I installed retroarch to my game's folder and uninstalled it when I saw that it sprayed its file gobbledygook all over the folder. I did not know that uninstall.exe called "rm -rf" and lost 700 gb of games. Most were beaten already or generally worthless. But I lost one very valuable thing. My invincible wife, Ayra. I lost the hours spent making sure none of my cherished friends died. I lost the hours having my favorite boys and girls dance after the battle was won. I had just begun chapter 6 when this occurred. I found another save file, but I was immediately shown an abomination. The Not-Children of Ayra staring me down, mocking me in my failure. I cannot continue with that save file any longer. Please help me, Selene's Forest. You're my only hope. tl;dr: I desperately need a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with Ayra's kids, Lakshe and Shakaher, not the default replacements, Radney and Roddlevan. Thank you very much for reading my plea for help. Best, Dew
  3. An another non-canon love couples... You don't say that, Male Byleth and Edelgatd love shipping is canon? And Dimitri and Female Byleth love shipping is canon too? I don't want if Nintendo, Intelligent Systems and Yuzuke Kosaki are confirm Byleth Boy x Edelgard and Byleth Girl x Dimitri love couples. Same like Robin Boy x Lucina. I just wanted to ship Dimigard....... They are NOT blood related, no bashing, and don't make me feeling sad please......
  4. Wanting to have a real honest discussion about incest and why it can be healthy and when it becomes wrong. I'll share my experiences and thoughts honestly and I'm very interested to hear yours. I believe its normal for siblings of opposite sex that are close in age to experiment sexually as they hit puberty and im sure a lot of people's first experiences were with their sister,brother or cousins I think only becomes wrong if they have relationship together and fall in love and get pregnant. I believe sexual acts between family members can be an act of love not incest. Such as mothers of disabled boys who jerk them off every so often, sisters of retarded or deformed sometimes terminally Ill brothers who take their virginity because they love them etc how far would go for someone u love? My half sister and I are both long time single mid Thirty's have kids and have been thinking would it be wrong if we just had a good fuck occasionally to keep our sanity. Not in love, not together, just sex.?
  5. Started working on a personal pairing guide to accommodate for growths, inheritance and story talks for every combination possible in Genealogy of the Holy War. It has now become so complex that I'd like to share it for general usage. It is still very much a work in progress, so I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about how it could be streamlined and improved upon if you have the time. Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9H3x-jIxRxpLVJWR3ZzY3JiVlU/view?usp=sharing Spreadsheet is split up into Holy Blood bonuses, skills, weapons, special talks/items/stat boosts, royal lineage and overall potential. In particular I'm looking for a way to incorporate weapon rank changes between fathers and combined child growth rates (w/o Holy Blood), while still making the spreadsheet user friendly. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing what you think!
  6. I know the newer FE titles get a lot of hate, especially Fates, but I absolutely fell in love with Conquest. I've been with the series since right after FE7 first released in Europe (I was born in Serbia and lived there most of my life) and managed to snag an English PAL copy. Immediately, I was head over heels. Smash didn't get me hyped, and I didn't come into the series late. The second it left Japan, I was on board. On top of this, I've played through and beaten every single FE game AND the spinoff/related titles like the TS games numerous times. So needless to say I'm no series noob, and the older Fire Emblem elements everyone seems to love is what I knew the second I fell in love with the series. Now, I love Awakening (I love all FE games, except FE2 and FE5 though I still enjoy those titles) a lot, and I even like Birthright a lot as well (it was really ambient and you got access to most of the new classes immediately) and Revelations I feel had a good story, even though it wasn't quite on par with FE9 and FE10. Though I still have this, pit, in my stomach when I play those games because they're missing some of what I came to love so much all those years ago. Conquest, cured this. Now, Conquest is STILL a lot different than the older Fire Emblem titles, the new weapon triangle system is still present, weapons just go on in terms of usage forever, forging exists, the castle shit, etc. I LIKE all those things, I genuinely hope they stay because you're not just calculating how much a weapon weighs anymore. It used to be, any character with high constitution could use whatever weapon and suffer no penalty for it. In Fates, using shit like Silver weapons can cripple your next attack, and Steel weapons can prevent you from doubling outright. A lot of people bitch and moan about this, but I rather like it. It adds more strategy to the game, as do skills. It's no longer as cut and dry as it used to be, now, provided you're playing on a harder difficulty where you haven't ubergrinded the hell out of your characters (Which Birthright and Awakening let you do RELIGIOUSLY, Conquest doesn't give hardly any grinding options which I love) you're actually going to have to make some REAL calculations when you're playing through the game. Older FE got too easy, even on the hardest of difficulties. The RNG system was extremely predicable and was even easily manipulated, weapon types had no drawbacks other than weight, some characters like Swordmasters and Berserkers could effortlessly become OHKO machines when given killer weapons and how much damage an enemy could do was all easily calculated. I see a lot of bitch moaning over shit being luck based. People really don't like it, I guess I can see why because it's entirely out of their control. The thing for me is, luck is a REAL factor on REAL battlefields. On a real battlefield, you can't just predict and calculate your way into perfect victory after victory, if so this planet would have one country, The United Empire of Earth. Adding luck based variables like certain skills triggering, a less predictable RNG system and some other things makes the game feel more real, and it's a looming variable that makes you weigh your choices more carefully. Conquest did what I dreamed of, it kept all the new shit I loved with the newer games and even added some of its own new and good shit, but it also took away a lot of the things that made the newer games laughably easy and brought some of the old school FE traits back. Now, I do not think Conquest is as soul crushingly difficult as a lot of people say it is, though it DOES have difficulty, but there are times on Lunatic (and even on Hard mode early on in the game) where Conquest will absolutely fist you. This is not a bad thing, if you don't get wrecked by the game every once in a while, you start getting careless. Getting wrecked makes you a better player, plain and simple. I also really enjoyed the Fates storylines, because I don't nitpick for tropes and the like when FE is a series that has been littered with troupes and archetypes since its birth. All in all, the comeback of the older Fire Emblem elements that prevents you from going godmode on the game by grinding your team into oblivion as well as making the map goals a bit more diverse was really, REALLY nice to see, then that combined with the new elements in my opinion makes this the best game in the series. Though the Dragon Veins are fucking stupid, there's no getting around that. Anyway, I'm sure not everyone will agree with me, this IS just my opinion. Though I'm just making this because I wonder how many old school FE players really liked Conquest the way I did due to the wonderful combination of old and new.
  7. Corrin(+Def,-Mag)/Caeldori (Hinoka) Kaze/Azura Jakob/Setsuna Silas/Hana Ryoma/Mozu Takumi/Oboro Saizo/Felicia Kaden/Rinkah Hinata/Kagero Azama/Sakura Hayato/Orochi
  8. So much negativity around the characters in this game, so lets stop whinging so much and talk about the ones we like the best. Now that the game is out in Japan, some goobers have played it. Support convos are coming out translated by the truckload. Lets talk about our favorites for once. Favorite Character(s) Shared? Favorite Nohrians? Favorite Hoshidans? Favorite Kids? Favorite All-Round? Bring it!
  9. So,this is a quick poll,I jsut want to know what you guys think. I myself,would prefer end-game relationships/mid-game,if we have a second gen,but I also think that your characters should be able to romance most characters,not all,but most. :) You can expand upon what you chose if you like,have a good day!
  10. I just thought of it, what with a lot of people debating who Chrom should marry that I've read recently, that Chrom and the Avatar (either female or male) are actually soulmates. Before you jump to conclusions, I say soulmates in its truest definition: two people ideally suited to one another as either close friends or romantic partners. This would make sense as to why Chrom comes to trust the Avatar so intrinsically. It also lays to waste the "debate" of who he's supposed to be with, as whilst the avatar remains Chrom's soulmate (whether they maintain a platonic relationship, or a romantic one) this leaves the position of Chrom's "true love" open to player interpretation (or as the game suggests, Sumia). You could argue the game supports this idea: they claim to be two halves of one whole. Two halves of one soul, maybe? I haven't had too much time to think it through entirely, so I was just wondering what you guys thought, and if there was any more evidence to support/discredit this theory.
  11. By what time do the Gen 1 characters have to be in love for the children to appear in Gen 2? I've been looking all over, and I can't find an answer-and for some reason the love points aren't always distributing, so I kind of need to know.
  12. You know the drill. List 300 reasons why she needs more love here. 1. She has green hair. You know who else has green on them and is lovable? Beast Boy. Therefore, Lyn is as fun as Beast Boy.
  13. Shantae is a nice old platformer game developed by WayForward, the same who've created Mighty Switch Force, Ducktales Remastered, the Adventure Time game for DS/3DS, Contra 4 and a few other good games, it's published by Capcom. Released Titles Shantae, it's first release was on the Gameboy Colour back in 2002, it's old, but not that old, the game became an obscure gem due to its release coming a year after that of the Game Boy Advance, however it did show support as playing the game with a GBA adds "enhancements" to the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b5W754z02Q Shantae: Risky's Revenge is the second game in the series, the game released on the Nintendo DSi's DSiWare shop (also part of the Nintendo eShop and on Steam Greenlight) in 2010/11 (depending) a whole 8/9 years after the original, now I'll be honest, I have still yet to play this one, so I'll just leave a review here. Besides the two games above that have been released, we also have 2 other games coming soon titled Shantae and the Pirate's Curse coming on the 3DS eShop this fall, and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero which is going to be a multi-platform title, which is currently running a kickstarter here. I would be super glad if you would donate to the Kickstarter if you are interested, not because I asked. If you ask me it was an unfortunate time to start the kickstarter as it's being overshadowed by not-megaman. (Half)Genies! Pirates! Zombies! Monkeys! how many other games do you know that have these in?
  14. I'm rewatching the Pokemon anime....and reviewing it. Because clearly I have nothing better to do (don't judge me, bro!). http://refathegreat.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/pokemon-episode-1-pokemon-i-choose-you-review/ If you find yourself in the same camp, feel free to read. Otherwise, I dunno, talk about how Ash is worse than Red or how much the GS ball sucks.
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