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Found 3 results

  1. progress so far: big boss
  2. The Setting New Arkham, Minnesota was one of those quaint little Towns that straddled the border between the idyllic purity of rural lifestyle and the decadent convenience of modernity. It was blessed with the peculiar quality that the young teens growing up in it felt a stifling oppression from the seeming lack of options it provided, yet come fifteen to twenty years later they would find themselves longing for a return to the simpler, more refreshing days of their youth. Indeed, one such generation of friends had grown up, moved away, and returned. Each of them had acquired and brought back with them their own experiences. To call the tensions that have arisen from the clash of newly competing and dissimilar worldviews a civil war would be overstating the matter. Yet such a sentiment is not completely without merit, and indeed, the days to come would find that a conflict not wholly unexpected had finally reached a flashpoint. One spark from the outside was all that it took to bring to the surface something that had long been brewing underneath. The discovery of the unexplainable tragedy at the Whateley Farm--the incomprehensible, otherworldly horror behind the deaths of that poor family, and the events that followed from it--was just such a spark. The streets are now lined with daily lynch mobs, ostensibly for the purpose of bringing justice and restoring the Township to a state of peaceful serenity. Whether or not such a goal will prove possible is yet to be seen... Introduction This game is a game for 17 people, and it is a "Bastard Mod" game. In the interests of being upfront and letting players know, at least somewhat, what they're getting into, I'm outlining whether or not the game includes particular elements that I would consider to fall under the "Bastard" umbrella. If there's a specific concern of yours that is not addressed, and may affect your desire to sign-up for the game, don't hesitate to ask. This game has the following Bastard elements: 1) Players may have exceptionally ridiculous sounding roles, with equally ridiculous powers. 2) Players' roles may change due to events outside their control. 3) Players' factions may change due to events outside their control. 4) Players may be given incomplete information by the Host. 5) Players may be given superfluous information by the Host. The following Bastard elements will not be present: 1) The Host will not explicitly lie to any player. 2) Nothing in the game will be "made up as it goes along" (except for flavor). Everything that happens in the game will happen for a reason. Rules The game's ruleset will mostly follow my traditional ruleset, with a few tweaks here and there. Barring any last minute changes, the rules you see below will be the rules used throughout the game. 1) Have fun. 2) Be active. 3) This game is NOC. 4) Every user has a Role PM. It will tell you your character, your role, your alliance, and your win conditions. 4a) If anything in the Role PM stands in contradiction with these rules, the Role PM takes precedence. 5) Voting must take place in a ##Vote: USER format. 5a) At the end of the day, the user with the most votes will be lynched. 6) If you have an action and do not wish to use it, you must send the host a PM saying PHASE X: IDLING. 7) The game will begin with Day 1. 8) Day Phases will last 72 hours. Extensions may be granted, but do not take them for granted. 8a) A Day Phase will end early if the lynch target has more than two thirds of the total votes. 9) There will be a Twilight Phase following the conclusion of the Day Phase. It will last as long as the Host damn well feels like. 9a) Posting in-thread during Twilight Phase is prohibited. 10) Night Phases will last 48 24 hours, with no extension available. 10a) Night Phases will not end early. 11) There will be a Dawn Phase following the conclusion of the Night Phase. It will last as long as the Host damn well feels like. 11a) Posting in-thread during Dawn Phase is prohibited. 12) There may be an occasional Eclipse Phase. Since both solar and lunar eclipses are possible, the Eclipse Phase may occur during any other Phase, and will last as long as the Host damn well feels like. 12a) Posting in-thread during Eclipse Phase is prohibited. 12b) Time spent in Eclipse Phase will not count against the time limit of its parent Phase. 13) When in doubt, ask the Host. ISOs Mods: Balcerzak Sunwoo Sign-ups: 1) eclipse the Town Time Anchor 2) Crysta the Traitor Neighborizer 3-shot Lie Detector. 3) Snike the Town Doctor 4) Iris, Lord Gaius 5) Wen Yang the Cult Role Cop 6) kirsche, Paperblade the Town Ascetic Nurse Voyeur. 7) Blitz the Mason Inductor 8) Marth the Town Ascetic Nurse Voyeur. 9) Terrador, Snike the Cult Astral Cop. 10) Weapons the Mafia Claim Sniper. 11) Izhuark the Cult Recruiter 12) Darros, Randa 13) Rapier, Crysta 14) SB. 15) Hunter Nightblood, the Independent Vigilante. 16) Neopolytan, Chen the Cult Martyr 17) MancerNecro the Town Astral Cop. Subs list: 1) ??? VIEW PHASE COUNTDOWN HERE
  3. Long story short, I was hoping to organize a game of this over Skype on a coming Saturday, assuming there are enough interested parties. I'll go into a little bit of detail about the general premise of the game, and provide some links for people to educate themselves further if desired. Arkham Horror is a cooperative board-game for 2-8 players that lasts usually six to eight hours, in my experience. If everyone knows what they're doing and things proceed smoothly it can be completed in less, but it's generally best to schedule a full day for it. The plot is like something straight out of Lovecraft, and for good reason. A Great Old One is stirring in its slumber, and this is causing all sorts of uncanny disturbances in the town of Arkham and neighboring vicinites. Your character is one of a group of investigators drawn into the mystery for some reason or another, and the goal is to put an end to the otherworldly disturbances by one of a couple of methods. As mentioned, the game is cooperative, so I think it would lend itself considerably easier to coordinated online play during a skype call than many other boardgames I enjoy, as there's no elements of secrecy needed for one player to keep hidden from another player. I'm just going to give a very brief, very minimal rundown on some of the basic concepts but for a more full explanation I heartily recommend anyone interested to visit Fantasy Flight's website where they provide free pdf copies of the rules for your browsing pleasure. Alternately, there's a fairly informative wiki that might prove useful, or you can ask questions here and I'll try to answer them. I'd be running Base + Dunwich Horror, as that's what I own, and I feel Dunwich adds a lot of really important rules to base like Injury/Madness, etc. [spoiler=super super brief and incompletely introduction to the game][spoiler=Sample Investigators] You have two main health stats, Stamina and Sanity. If you run out of either it's bad, but not the end of the game, you'll have to go to the Hospital or the Asylum and there will be some other penalties. Stamina damage is incurred by losing combat checks, or random things happening during encounters. Sanity damage is sustained upon witnessing the horrors of mysteries man was not meant to know or expended when casting spells. You have 3 sets of paired attributes. Speed/Sneak governs how many squares you can move on the board/how adept you are at evading the notice of monsters. Fight/Will governs how good you are at dealing damage/retaining your sanity in the onslaught of terrors unimaginable. Lore/Luck are an indication of how well versed you are in matters beyond mortal ken/how lucky you are. They're paired so if you choose to set yourself up to have a high Fight, you're going to have a (relatively) lower Will. Your Focus is the number of stops you can adjust sliders during your upkeep, so if you need to prep yourself for a big battle in a coming turn, try to plan ahead. Every Investigator has a unique special skill, and everybody has a set location to begin on the map, in addition to both fixed and random possessions, including money and clues. Clue tokens can be some of the most valuable things in the game, as expending them is necessary to seal gates. [spoiler=Sample Great Old One] I picked the most cliche one to demonstrate, sue me. There's 5 main areas of interest on the GOO card. Their Combat Rating (in this case -6). If the investigators cannot stop the GOO from awakening, they must attempt to defeat it in mortal combat, and that number affects how difficult that feat is by modifying their combat rolls. The Worshippers section mostly modifies other monsters that crop up from time to time. The "Stirs in their slumber" ability in the center is the most important, and sets the tenor of the game. Cthulhu just makes everything harder, because you have less health resources, whereas people like Yog-Sothoth will make Gates harder to seal, or Shub-Niggurath will make all monsters harder to defeat, or etc. The Doom Track is the list of numbers down at the bottom, which serves as your time limit in a matter of speaking. Each time a Gate to an Other World appears, it increments by one, and when it's filled, you have failed to prevent the GOOs awakening and must fight it. Then theres the bits dealing with how it attacks and defends against the investigators on the right. [spoiler=Sample Monsters] There are five main types of monsters: Normal, Flying, Fast, Stalker, Unique. They're indicated by their colored border and only really affect how the monster moves. All its other stats are found in three main areas. There's the awareness rating on the front that modifies how difficult it is to sneak past, then there are the horror and combat ratings on the back, that detail how scary and how insane it will make you, as well as how difficult to fight and how much damage it deals if you fail. The toughness (# of blooddrops) is how many successes you need to get to defeat it. [spoiler=Map of Arkham and Dunwich] A general overview of some of the locations, and the layout of the gameboards. In general, skill checks are made by totally up the relevant base skill (found on your investigator sheet's current slider rating) with any bonuses you get from equipment carried (bullwhip, derringer, tommy gun, etc.) and subtracting numbers based on the difficulty. Whatever your final number is how many dice you roll. The number of 5s or 6s rolled is how many successes you get. Different checks may require more than one success, but many only need one. I guess what I'm asking, is is there any interest in people maybe joining me for an enjoyable game at some point?
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