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  1. Hi everyone, I'm working on a 0% growths run on H3, and it's actually the first time I've played FE12 so no rainbow potion or stat boosters in the armory and my reclassing is all vanilla. Obviously I'm not using the "how's everyone doing" thing either since it's an insult to the franchise. I don't know how far I'll be able to go in this run but I ended up with a really awesome seize setup to skip the impossible reinforcements triggered by approaching the boss. It blended so smoothly into the rest of the strat, I'm really happy with how it turned out and wanted to share since this is a pretty tough chapter! And I think 8 turns is pretty fast for this kind of run! Here's the video, I appreciate any feedback even if you think it sucks 😄 There are four routed crits, but it would have been three if I had another dragonpike, and rescue was used once.
  2. I did another 0% growths warpless low turn count playthrough of FE5. The tactics are much improved from my previous run and it should be much easier to watch due to less wasted time. "0% growths" means I play on a ROM edited so characters do not gain stats on level-up (both character and scroll growths set to zero). I like playing 0% growths because it eliminates the randomness that growths cause and improves the game's balance by reducing player strength relative to the enemy; in a normal run, I find that characters become too powerful and diminish the need for tactical maneuvers. Also, movement stars are also not used when they activate. By "warpless" I mean that I do not use the warp staff (rescue staves and the self-targeting rewarp staff are permitted). I've done runs with the warp staff before and they're plenty of fun, but this warpless route involves a lot of varied and interesting tactics in chapters that the warp staff would trivialize. "Low turn count" means that I aim to complete chapters as quickly as possible. In Fire Emblem games, there are often boring and time-consuming tactics than lead to victory with little effort, but it is far more fun and entertaining to use complex tactics that lead to a faster completion. Furthermore, the game ranks you based upon the number of turns you take, so a lower turncount can be considered a better result. However, in some cases I will sacrifice speed for reliability. This is a segmented run but in the future I hope to complete a SS rank warpless ironman run; I think it is more fun to consider contingency plans and adapt tactics during a playthrough than it is to map out a singular path through the game and reset until the RNG rolls in your favour. My idea of a good tactic is as follows: if all goes well a very low turncount will be achieved, if some things go wrong a fairly low turncount will still be achieved, and in the case of extreme bad luck several turns may be lost but a game over would be avoided. However there are several chapters in this playthrough where this ideal is not achieved. One day I will improve upon this run so please suggest any improvements that come to mind. I do not attempt to recruit all characters in this playthrough. This run is played on normal mode (without increased exp gain), so EXP distribution must be considered. This does not affect turncounts. There are several chapters for which I don't have a really good plan and I could really use some suggestions. I probably won't redo this anytime soon but someday I will. Here is the youtube playlist:
  3. I've been looking into trying a 0% growths run of Radiant Dawn but I had a few questions for the community. 1: I understand generally how to burn rns and whatnot in FE10, what I'm not sure on is how one actually determines the numbers to begin with. I know there's software for a lot of the older games that reads off upcoming rns and allows players to burn through until they get something favorable. Is there anything like this for FE10 or is it just trial and error, loading a save if you don't get the outcome you want? 2: Setting 0% growths involve modding the game file. I'd rather not spend several hours sifting through my files and the internet to do this so if anyone can tell me where exactly in the game files this is done (or if there are any existing 0% growths roms out there) I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. What if the Warp staff was actually in FE9? Well, that's what this series of videos is trying to answer. Since there's no way to know where the staff would've been placen in the game for sure (probably the desert though), I decided to have Rhys have it in his inventory when he joins in Chapter 2. That way, I can show it being used for the entire game. Since Rhys starts with only a D rank in staves (Warp is A), and he doesn't participate in Chapter 3, the first map we can warpskip is Chapter 4. It's worth noting that this isn't a continuous playthrough, instead of a bunch of ILs to show off as much as I can of the Warp strats. Here's the playlist of the challenge. And the individual chapters: Chapter 4 in 1 turn Chapter 6 in 2 turns Chapter 7 in 2 turns Chapter 9 in 2 turns Chapter 10 in 1 turn Chapter 11 in 2 turns Chapter 12 in 1 turn Chapter 14 in 1 turn Chapter 15 in 1 turn Chapter 16 in 2 turns Chapter 17-1 in 1 turn Chapter 17-2 in 1 turn Chapter 17-4 in 1 turn Chapter 18 in 1 turn Chapter 19 in 1 turn Chapter 20 in 1 turn Chapter 21 in 1 turn Chapter 22 in 1 turn Chapter 23 in ? turns (postponed) Chapter 24 in 1 turn Chapter 25 in 1 turn Chapter 26 in 1 turn Chapter 27-1 in 1 turn Chapter 27-2 in 1 turn Chapter 28 in 1 turn Endgame in 1 turn
  5. The goal of this run was to try and achieve the lowest turn count possible in this game using all tools the game has available and recruiting every unit along the way. This gives me free access to using move stars all game and enables units to level movement every level. Surprisingly the game doesn't completely devolve into being trivial but instead new strategies can open up that were not possible before to make several areas quite interesting in solving turn saves.
  6. Lunatic+ LTC Rules: Lunatic+ / Classic +Mag/-Str Female Robin. Going -Str is just a big mistake objectively and there is no reason to do it, just go -Luk like a normal person. +Mag is required for hitting a specific benchmark for chapter 5, as well as for general high killing power. -Skl is the usual flaw but I can't do it in this playthrough because Skl won't be a dump stat here! Renown allowed up to Tiki's Tear. Given the nature of this gamemode, I want as many statboosters as possible for consistency - this seemed like a good stopping point. For a future run, this is probably unnecessary and going up to Seraph's Robe is probably just fine. For complete overkill, going up to Gradivus will allow for Gradivus Fred which sounds pretty hilarious actually but that's not going to be a thing for this playthrough. All Gen 1 units must be recruited and kept alive. Gen 2 characters are optional. Paralogues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17 are mandatory and may be done whenever. Children paralogues are all optional. However, any children paralogues done must result in the children themselves being recruited. Skirmishes, DLC, Logbook, bonus box, wireless, Anna shops are all banned. Exception: Spotpass shops may be used to replicate items in shops blocked by Risen. Sparkling tiles must be avoided where possible. Any items obtained as a result must be discarded. The major divergence for this run is allowing renown beyond the standard Bullion (L) - going up to the Seraph's Robe seems arbitrary, but I'll talk about it a little later. For the uninitiated, in this gamemode every enemy has two random L+ exclusive skills - it is also assumed these skills are all uniformly distributed. These skills re-roll on each map roll (though they do not reroll for map skirmishes). From Prologue to Chapter 2, the random skill pool is: Hawkeye (Enemy hit is 100%) Luna+ (Luna which always triggers). Note that Luna(+) always rounds down for total damage dealt. Vantage+ (Enemies always attack first) Pass From Chapter 3 until the rest of the game, the random skill pool includes the following skills on top of the previous four: Counter Pavise+ (Pavise which always triggers) Aegis+ ( Aegis which always triggers) One peculiarity of Lunatic+ is that enemy units do not 'know' they have their skills, bar Pass and (I strongly believe) Hawkeye. This means that for instance 1-2 range Counter enemies can be manipulated to attack at 2 range if able, and enemies with L+ can be baited to damage a unit in preference to killing another. To give a specific example for the latter, let's assume a 9 Str Iron Sword myrmidon with A swords and L+ has two targets: 3 HP / 14 Def Silver Lance Fred 20 HP / 6 Def Robin With L+, the Myrm will deal 7 damage to Fred and cleanly kill him; in practice, the myrm will always go for Robin over Fred as the combat forecast damage shows a higher displayed value, so assuming he does not double Robin will survive. Another peculiarity of L+ is that due to the existence of the two skills Luna+ and Counter, having a high amount of raw HP is extremely helpful compared to normal play; this explains the seemingly arbitrary Renown benchmark of Seraph's Robe. In addition, unlike many other FEs, Awakening enemy AI is 'smarter'; Units are able to gang up on a single unit if the AI calculates there may be a kill, and it will also move a unit out of the way if a unit can score a kill - a prime example here is during Interceptor's old Chapter 5 turtling strats, where a blocking melee may move out of a way if a mage can score a kill. There is also minor (but still extant) randomness in the AI, in which it may behave slightly differently for no discernible reason; this can happen for attack order, unit targeting, and general enemy movement. As an example for the latter, KTT's Chapter 1 strat may see the boss move in another direction some of the time for no real reason. This run plays significantly differently compared to vanilla lunatic. The nature of this gamemode encourages juggernauting to the extreme; in particular, I rig Robin's early levels a lot so that she can snowball ASAP. Also, the reliability of many early to mid game chapters are probably completely shot, but I wouldn't attempt this run if that discouraged me. >.> Chapter List:
  7. The entire playlist is located here. Rules: 1. This game will be played on Casual Mode with Classic Mode strategies, so that I can use battle saves to maintain an RN state and record videos. If a unit dies, they can never be used again. 2. Renown is allowed up to and including Dracoshield. 3. No skirmishes, DLCs, Logbook units, bonus box items, wireless content and Anna shops. 4. No sparkling tiles if possible. 5. All maps, including Paralogues, cost turns. Children characters are optional. Funnily enough, Japanese LTCers seem to allow skirmishes with no turn count cost, which is a complete joke. Lunatic+ in Awakening is much harder difficulty mode than Lunatic. Each enemy and boss randomly receives the following skills: Pass, Vantage+, Luna+ and Hawkeye, and after Chapter 2, they may also receive the following skills: Pavise+, Aegis+ and Counter. Here is what each of those skills do: 1. Pass: Allows enemies to move through player units 2. Vantage+: Enemies always go first after being attacked 3. Luna+: Always halves the enemy's defense 4. Hawkeye: Enemies never miss attacks. 5. Pavise+: Always halves damage from swords, lances, axes, beaststones 6. Aegis+: Always halves damage from bows, tomes, dragonstones 7. Counter: Always reflects damage dealt when attacked by an adjacent enemy (so doesn't work from 2-range) This makes this game mode a nightmare to LTC! Avatar: +Mag -Luk Kills at playthrough completion: 1. Lissa: 0 2. Fred: 74 3. Sumia: 1 4. Virion: 1 5. Sully: 1 6. Vaike: 1 7. Stahl: 0 8. Miriel: 1 9. Kellam: 0 10. Lon'qu: 3 11. Ricken: 15 12. Maribelle: 0 13. Panne: 1 14. Gaius: 1 15. Cordelia: 1 16. Gregor: 0 17. Nowi: 1 18. Libra: 2 19. Olivia: 0 20. Cherche: 3 21. Henry: 1 22. Say'ri: 1 23. Basilio: 1 24. Flavia: 1 25. Lucina: 26 26. Morgan: 80 27. Chrom: 2 28: Caitlin: 188 The Prologue is a particularly difficult map to LTC because Robin and Chrom will easily get killed by more than a round of combat, and they have trouble attacking enemy units back due to Vantage+. It is possible to manipulate which skills any enemy receives as long as you keep restarting. This is something I will take advantage of throughout this LTC. LTCing this map is impossible without some requirements: 1. The mages cannot have Vantage+ 2. One of the barbs that attack on Turn 1 EP cannot have Vantage+ so Chrom can kill him 3. The boss cannot have Vantage+. A very nice and easy strat. Frederick goes on the two forts on turns 1 and 2 to weaken and kill a bunch of enemies. The Avatar gets kills where she can, finally killing the boss. The sparkling tile was unfortunately unavoidable in this clear, but I only got a Glass Lance. I will discard it and not use it. Fred can ORKO the fighters after one Str level, but I had to get a dual strike because one of the fighters had HP+5. This strategy is a 1 turn improvement over Gradivus's Lunatic LTC on Serenesforest, in which he gets 6 turns. The trick is to get Fred to have 2 speed procs and C support with Chrom. He can then kill soldiers in one round with the Silver Lance reliably. I'm a little disappointed that my Avatar wasn't able to get the boss kill, but it's too unreliable with her (I would need 2 Dual Attacks in a row from Frederick), so I went for the Frederick kill with one Dual Attack assist from the Avatar. A few requirements for skills for the enemies here: 1. Knight who died on Turn 1 cannot have Aegis+. 2. Archers cannot have Luna+, one of them can't have Pavise+ and the other can't have both Aegis+ and Pavise+. 3. Knight who died on Turn 3 cannot have Aegis+. 4. Boss cannot have Pavise+. I'm officially starting to get burned out with this mode early, since it seems like I'm going to have to redo Chapter 3 and 4 to get my Avatar some extra exp and better levels, but I decided to just have this recorded for you guys since it'll likely take me a while to redo 3 and 4. I need a break. A few requirements here. Lucina can't have Counter, Vantage+, Pavise+ or Aegis+. The 3 enemies on the right side can't have Aegis+. The 3 enemies on the left side can't have Pavise+. The knights can't have Pavise+ or Aegis+. Forges: +2 might to Thunder, +1 might to Orsin's Hatchet Tonics: 1 Str Def Tonic to Fred, 1 Def Tonic to Avatar. Note: This map was recorded in parts due to enemy AI. There may be inconsistencies between parts. This was not the clear I used in my run. I was not able to replicate the RN seeds that I got in my clear in this recording, and I had to settle for this clear in which I used the Tiki's Tear on Ricken and an extra unnecessary Elixir use. Ricken does not need to go on that fort on turn 5. On the flip side, I got slightly worse level ups on my original clear, but the Tiki's Tear and extra Elixir use are more important I believe. This is easily the hardest chapter of the run so far due to the number of enemies; the main source of difficulty is Counter which reflects damage onto me from 1-range. Counter on wyverns isn't a big deal because I can OHKO them with my Wind forge, but it is a big deal when they have Aegis+. In this clear, one wyvern had Counter AND Aegis+, and I had to survive turn 5 enemy phase with very high HP just to handle him. Very few foot units had Counter in this clear, and that is the recipe for success. The boss had the worst possible skills, Aegis+ and Counter, but fortunately the boss likes to attack from 2-range so Counter doesn't matter. I had to rig a crit to kill him. I manipulate the RNG for better levels by using casual modes saves, and do the same for enemy AI. This makes both playing Lunatic+ and recording videos bearable. Another thing that greatly complicates this map is the movement of the enemy AI. On enemy phases 1, 2 and 4 a few enemies have to move in a certain way for this clear to be possible. I got past this by recording the chapter in parts. One thing I discovered is that enemies will spawn with different Lunatic+ depending on your battle RNG and it's not the same as the RNG for the AI. So reinforcements basically are a form of RN burning in Lunatic+. For example, different sequences of attacking can lead to reinforcements spawning with different skills. The ultimate goal of this playthrough is to get sub-80 and beat Gradivus's normal Lunatic LTC. Probably the best strategy of the run so far. It is crucial that you have an extremely blessed Avatar (very high def, str, spd, HP etc.) like I did and a great Frederick too. The most important bit is that few enemies as possible have Counter. The Counter dark mage and thief on Turn 4 gave me a very hard time and I had to do some tricks like unequipping Panne via trading on turn 3, as you'll see. My Ricken got a bad level up (he needs mag) but oh well. I RNG abuse in this map and find the favorable sequence of movements by using Casual Mode battle saves. This just saves me an incredible amount of time by letting me get good level ups, get the crits and misses I need, etc. My Avatar used a Tiki's Tear here to guarantee her survival. A pretty nasty chapter overall. It's essential to get rid of the Wyvern Rider with the Concoction on turn 1 because weakened enemies with Pavise+ will use it to heal, even the boss.
  8. Edit: And the run is completed. 7 Turns faster than the old Nico playthrough. If you want to see the whole playlist here is a link: Original OP:
  9. Strange that this hasn't been made yet. How are you guys handling these new special maps?
  10. 1) On smaller maps where I won't be warpskipping because it won't save lots of turns, what is the best strategy? Is it storming with Armorslayer/Ridersbane/Silver weapon users with Marth running behind? Who would be a good candidate? It's already: Hardin (Silver and Ridersbane) Jagen (Silver, Ridersbane, promoted) Caeda (A much better dual Armorslayer/Ridersbane, easily forged to be the best weapon in the game) Minerva (9 move Hammer) Ogma (Armorslayer and good bases for a while) Who else? 2) What characters are generally worth skipping? There are the village ones, but a village also contains Excalibur (And Merric I suppose...) Also, should stuff like Est which spawn WAY too late be recruited? For example, while casually running through the game, Est still failed to catch up with Marth and would make me lose a turn. Aside from Ridersbane, she is useless. 3) What units are instantly made redundant when another joins? For example, we've got Boah using Excalibur and Warp at base, replacing Wendell who takes a turn to recruit. We've got Darros who is made useless once you learn that Barst exists. Etc...
  11. While I procrastinate working on and recording defense chapters in my active playthroughs, I decided to figure out how to effectively RNG abuse in yet another Fire Emblem game... and this was the result: No plans to pursue this any further at the moment (since I've never played this game before, and I have other playthroughs that are higher on my priority list), but thought you guys might enjoy. EDIT: Sorry, there is a recording issue at the moment that will get fixed in like 2 minutes when I change the link. Fixed!
  12. Corrin: Str Tonic, Def Tonic Rinkah: Str Tonic, Spd Tonic Felicia: HP Tonic, Mag Tonic, Spd Tonic, Def Tonic Felicia uses the Disrobing Gale for 1 turn so that I don't have to give her a talk bonus; after that it suffices to use her Paper scroll (enemies in Birthright suck) I'm very happy with the reliability of the clear, as Felicia doesn't have to dodge too many attacks thanks to a good number of the bow shots getting Dual Guarded, and then Corrin protecting her on the last major EP. On the last turn, Kaze usually needs to dodge an attack, but instead the RNG seed had a crit lined up (two, in fact!) so that happened instead.
  13. Challenge playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbSv8zSDR9c0I6r0FnHMsH_IDApIK2H-j I've been having a lot of fun with LTCing the 3DS games on 0% growths, first Awakening and now this. While finding a strategy that doesn't rely too much on dodging accurate attacks and hitting with inaccurate ones is feasible enough, I often find my "reliable" strats being reduced to nothing by the way the enemy AI behaves - a single enemy ending their turn on the wrong tile can mean I have to restart the whole chapter. This run is my first experience seriously LTCing Birthright, so it's felt pretty fresh and new, and that's always welcome. As usual with LTCing anything, finding ways to shave off that one turn leads to working on a single chapter for a long period of time, and since I routinely record everything and keep the recording as the one file as my save for the next map, my progress isn't exactly the fastest. It is refreshing to play through the game without relying on growths, as these happen to annihilate whatever challenge Birthright offers. It's no longer possible to faceroll things with just your Corrin, and suddenly effectively using the likes of Oboro and Hinata becomes central to the run's success. Not having to work on getting better level-ups is also nice, and an obvious feature of 0% growths. Here are the first three videos in the playlist (Prologue to C2; C3 and C4 in the spoiler): Currently, I'm in chapter 8 trying to get a better cook to give some key units a +2 str meal (perhaps a +2 spd will turn out to be superior; only repeating the map ad nauseam will show which is the case), aiming for a 3-turn hopefully (I think Hinoka should be able to deal with Fuga being the only one who actually doubles him). Waiting for a better cook, I've been planning some things ahead for this run. Plenty of decisions to think about, such as: 1) Corrin's asset. Currently I've got Cavalier, which offers two obvious advantages - passing it to a husband of choice via Partner Seal (Ryoma) ASAP and learning Shelter before grabbing Wyvern Lord access from Scarlet. What's the alternative to this decision? Grabbing Dragon instead. Ryoma doesn't particularly care about accessing the class, so the idea is getting both Corrin and Jakob to fly. Who knows (I don't yet!), Jakob being a Wyvern Lord for chapters 8/10 could result in some turns being saved. If Jakob gets both the 1st Heart Seal for a long time as well as a Partner Seal into Wyvern Lord early on, he'll be the party's only flying Shelterbot, which is important for the chapter 21 1-turn for instance. 2) Primary candidates for Master Seals. Two Master Seals can be bought in the shop, with another one dropped by Zola in chapter 9. That's three potential characters that could be promoted early. When the midgame rolls in, these become very frequent as enemy drops, with more to be bought in shops. The idea though is, everyone kinda wants a Master Seal and becomes valuable with one - the question is, who wants it more? +2-ish boosts to strength and speed may be nice, but how much are we getting from promoting, say, Hinata or Oboro? On the other hand, Takumi gets +3 mov and flight if we promote him in his very terrain-y join map. Alternatively, Takumi could want a Sniper promotion for better combat stats, but no 1-range counter option, flight or mobility instead, still retaining good movement in terrain thanks to Fujin. Takumi and retainers aren't the only folks who like an early Master Seal. Saizo and Kagero both become surprisingly valuable with a promotion, Saizo's not being too far away. Supposedly, I may need an A-shuriken user to 1-turn the 5-breakers Faceless boss across the wall later on. Silas is a candidate for one, with 8 mov as a Paladin and mini-Juggernaut raw combat stats when Corrin's engaged somebody in combat for +3 atk/def to Silas. Then you have pure utility cases, like Orochi who's invaluable as a Capturebot of Birthright. Many of the potential candidates for Capture are at least as good as some of the finest units in our party combatwise to say nothing of utility. Orochi gets +3 mag on promo, but it's likely low priority in the grand scheme of things. There's also Rinkah who could use the extra move shoving things (the bosskill maps start so late that this can wait I think) and of course some of the captured unpromoted enemies could want a promotion. 3) Capturing enemies. This seems like one of the playthrough's central themes. We must somehow combine all the Birthrouting objective fulfilment with getting Orochi to capture the most useful generics for use in the run. Besides getting mounted units, fliers and enemies with generally good combat stats like Beserkers and Sorcs, there are some areas I feel I could concentrate on: Outlaws - the C9 ones start at L7 and are thus 3 levels away from promotion. 9 mov Bow Knights way before Shura join could prove to be important for advancing quickly on maps. Whether a Bow Knight made out of a L7 Outlaw is capable of pushing forward in maps like Pleasure Palace is a different topic however (ugh). Fighters - ideally we want a L10 Fighter to instapromote to Berserk and work our way to lv. 5 when Rally Strength is learnt (no other way of getting it in BR aside from choosing it as MU's Asset). B axes should lend plenty of opportunities to grab a kill with one of the effective weapons, and generic Fighters just generally have good combat stats. Cavalier - a second Shelter bot could be useful for sending more units forward in a rout map. I imagine Jakob and Silas are sufficient however. Strategist - it's a mounted unit with high mag (low skill tho) and A rank staves right off the bat. Capture one in spite of their high Res, and you no longer need to use an Arms Scroll on Izana in order to halve the endgame bosses' HP. A Maid is another good option (lower mag, but higher skill and always S staves). Anyway, as usual I'll be using this thread to log the run and talk to myself about different dilemmas and choices to be made and whatnot. If anyone is interested in making any suggestions or providing useful information, that's appreciated as per usual.
  14. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links to Videos]Prologue (2 turns) Chapter 7 Credit to MoogleBoss for the general idea of skipping half the map by having Felicia Lunge over the wall via the archer into the boss room. Nominally a 6-turn clear with the Rescue staff was possible by splitting Corrin and Felicia, but the level of RNG manipulation was too high (Felicia can't 2RKO the Ninjas by herself, so she would have to low% crit them)... Felicia's Mag is high enough (with the Tonic + Bonus) that she can clear the almost the entire map using just Ember; I only used the Disrobing Gale at the very end for extra Mt so I didn't have to crit the boss. Although it seems like she has to dodge a lot of attacks, she really only needs to dodge the archers, who pull 40-50% hit rates on her (depending on whether or not she's paired up with Corrin). Corrin also isn't really in any danger of dying as long as he dodges at least one attack on the first EP; in addition to the Yato, I gave him a Bottle to improve the strat's reliability by increasing his hit rate on the Ninjas to nearly 100. As for Gunter, we need him to seize on the final turn, and he has a slightly better chance of critting the axe guy (5%) than moving into position and surviving getting attacked by both the fighter and the myrmidon. So overall, total chances of success are roughly 1 in 1000 or so... which I'm very happy with. A 6 turn clear with the Rescue staff is nominally possible, but the odds are horrendously low, since Corrin and Felicia have to split up after turn 2.
  15. [spoiler=Turn Counts]Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (5 turns) Chapter 3 (5 turns) Chapter 4 (4 turns) Chapter 5 (3 turns) Hey, welcome to yet another playthrough that I've been working on for a little bit of time, an FE6 Hard Mode LTC that does not require full recruitment, but bars sacrificng units for death. Doing this with my usual reliability rules for arrow retracing in the GBA games is rather challenging, since most of your units have trouble even 2RKOing enemies for the early part of the game, and raising characters to have good levels is equally difficult. It also makes it quite fun! I did some preliminary work on this over the summer which resulted in clears of the first three chapters (links above); since then I have made a little bit more progress (with some help from Irysa on benchmarks and the like), which I will be recording soon. I'll provide some more detailed descriptions per chapter in the thread here like usual, and hopefully you'll enjoy! Chapter 1 For the opening chapter of the game, I used essentially the same strategy that Gradivus used in his (shelved?) SS rank run, with some minor modifications to get Wolt more EXP at minimal cost (like 1 EXP from Alan), which also saves on the number of RNs burned. Marcus has to Silver Lance crit the boss, Lance gets a very solid first level (he's more useful than Alan in this type of playthrough for reasons that will be elaborated upon later), and Roy and Alan get close to leveling up. Bors faces no combat but gets the 5000G village.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaRQIiRnzZu-OjR3QeZinTtmIebyhU5R6 [spoiler=Turn Counts]Battlefield 1 (4 turns) Battlefield 2 (5 turns) Battlefield 3 (16 turns) Battlefield 4 (7 turns) Battlefield 5 (2 turns) Battlefield 6 (5 turns) Battlefield 7 (7 turns) Battlefield 8 (13 turns) Total: 59 turns Stub topic for my LTC playthrough of Yggdra Union (which I will flesh out in more detail later). I've got to say, it's quite a bit different from LTCing a Fire Emblem game, due to the complex nature of the battle mechanics and such, and I've had some fun with it. Meeting benchmarks to "ORKO" enemies is super difficult though... Enjoy the playthrough if you're a fan of Yggdra, and if not, I highly encourage you to try out the game (perhaps on the PSP version for better graphics + voiced cutscenes).
  17. Something that I always though would be an interesting challenge to run involves S-Ranking HHM in the lowest amount of turns possible. You can find a lot of runs like this for games like FE4 and FE5, but for some reason it doesn't appear that anyone has done anything like this for FE7. I'm hoping to run this challenge concurrently with my Max Star Playthrough, and hopefully the two playthroughs will end up sharing some strategies (though I doubt that will happen). The rules/goals for this challenge: - S Rank HHM in the fewest amount of turns possible - Limited RNG abuse allowed (not like 50 RNs burned at once) - Game will be played on vanilla HHM (no LHM preparation) - Not all characters will be recruited and most (if not all) gaiden chapters will be skipped What do you guys think? With very low expectations, I'd say that a sub-200 turn playthrough is very possible; General Horace's LTC clears HHM with full recruitment and Farina in 136, so this gives me plenty of breathing room to gain extra EXP if/when necessary. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links]Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (3 turns) Chapter 13 (4 turns)
  18. Well, with several 1-turn improvements over the standard chapter clears, I think it is finally time to consolidate these results into a single thread. [spoiler=Turncounts]Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (3 turns) Chapter 13 (4 turns) Chapter 14 (3 turns) Chapter 15 (8 turns) Chapter 16 (3 turns) Chapter 17 (6 turns) Chapter 18 (3 turns) Chapter 19 (3 turns) Chapter 20 (4 turns) Chapter 21 (1 turn) Chapter 22 (2 turns) This needs to be done separately from the ranked LTC thread, because well, this playthrough won't be concerned about S-ranking but simply minimizing the turn count. I wasn't originally planning to do this, but since I'm ahead of the game by a good few turns already, I might as well see how far I can go. I should note that Chapter 15 is really the point where the 2 playthroughs should diverge; since it is a defense chapter, there is a lot of flexibility in how one might approach it. In this playthrough, I'll probably be focusing of buffing up Lowen (mounted dude) and Erk (potential warper + need to offset massive Dorcas/Bartre/Guy EXP gain for Kenneth map). Obviously Priscilla and Serra will get trained up too, with the former taking priority. Since this thread is now dedicated to this playthrough, feel free to give me some comments regarding long term strategies/investments; I always appreciate the advice! I'm a bit reluctant to play through Chapter 15, since there is really just too much freedom to figure out how to best optimize our gains. If you guys can think of anything, I'd be happy to listen. EDIT: Since I've been making minor changes to some of the videos, I figured I would document them here for reference purposes [spoiler=Changes to Videos]Chapter 14: Reorder actions on turn 3. In particular, begin by burning 2 RNs, then have Marcus critkill with the javelin, then Dorcas critkill the archer, etc... Lowen should still get the same level, but Bartre and Rebecca get different levels Chapter 15: On the final turn, let Marcus attack from the east instead of north so that he aggros one more enemy. Let Oswin move above the merc so he can't get to Eliwood/Serra. Erk needs to burn a few more RNs, and Hector gets a slightly worse level (no Def increase). Chapter 16: Lyn should purchase a Steel Lance instead of an Iron Lance on the first turn. Kent should then attack on the second turn with his Iron Sword (instead of the Steel Lance). Eliwood then has to burn 1 RN less before leveling up. Chapter 17: position Lowen two spaces further west at the end of turn 5 so that he aggros an enemy archer for some extra EXP. To get the same levels, start turn 6 with Florina attacking killing the thief to level up. Now an additional change needs to be made because Marcus will level up here (instead of after killing the nomad on turn 1 EP). Burn 2 RNs, then kill the boss with a crit+hit from the killing edge (he's not strong enough to oneshot without the additional Str proc). A few more RNs are burned before Lowen gets his level. Then do the normal thing with Raven and Kent (who should attack with Iron Lance, not sure if I used the Javelin in the video but don't do that). Finaly, burn a couple more RNs and get a level for Sain. Don't forget to grab the Hero Crest with Matthew! Chapter 18: Florina and Kent swap Iron Lances. Florina should use the Secret Book here. On turn 2 EP, a merc that should attack Hector will choose to attack Sain instead. If Lowen remains in the same position, the PK that normally attacks Hector will instead go after him. (to be cont.) Chapter 20/21: Florina no longer has to use the Secret Book since she used it back in Chapter 18. Erk should also should no longer promote in the middle of Chapter 20 and should instead promote in the Chapter 21 preparations screen (along with Florina).
  19. Figured I might as well make a dedicated thread to this playthrough if I am going to continue: [spoiler=Turncounts]Chapter 1-P (4 turns) Chapter 1-1 (3 turns) Chapter 1-2 (3 turns) Chapter 1-3 (3 turns) Chapter 1-4 (2 turns) Chapter 1-5 (6 turns) Chapter 1-6-1 (2 turns) Chapter 1-6-2 (2 turns) Chapter 1-7 (4 turns) Chapter 1-8 (2 turns) Chapter 1-9 (3 turns) Here is the prologue video: I should note that I redid the end of the prologue to get Micaiah an HP proc to help her survive the next chapter. Chapter 1-1 has been recorded, and will be available as soon as YouTube processes it (probably a couple of hours since I figured out how to record in HD).
  20. Welcome to my LTC playthrough of Fates: Conquest on Lunatic difficulty. Rules for this playthrough are yet to be fully determined: No DLC/Logbook/Amiibo/Spotpass whatever No Forge/Lottery No Path Bonuses/Renown Statboosters Raider weapons allowed for Chapter 7 "Talk Boosts" allowed for Felicia for Chapters 7-9. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links to Videos]Prologue (2 turns) Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (3 turns) Chapter 3 (4 turns) Chapter 4 (5 turns) Chapter 5 (4 turns) Chapter 6 (2 turns) Chapter 7 (4 turns) Chapter 8 (3 turns) Chapter 9 (3 turns) Current turncount as of completing Chapter 9 is 34 turns. I expect the playthrough to take about 80 turns in total. Chapter 7 in 4 turns [spoiler=Preparations]Initial Gold: 3000 +1000 (sell Goddess Icon) -3200 (purchase Partner Seal, Str Tonic, Mag Tonic, 2x Spd Tonic, 2x Def Tonic, Vulnerary) Corrin x Felicia taken to S Rank Corrin (Str Tonic, Spd Tonic, Def Tonic) gets Raider Katana, Vulnerary Felicia (Partner Seal to Malig Knight) Felicia (HP Tonic, Mag Tonic, Spd Tonic, Def Tonic) gets Disrobing Gale, Ember Felicia "talk bonus" (+4 Mag, +4 Spd) After a brief hiatus where I tried (unsuccessfully) to replicate my 3 turn clear of this chapter on Hard Mode (which requires extra crits due to the additional enemies in Lunatic Mode), this playthrough is back with Chapter 7 cleared in 4 turns! Note that while Felicia's Disrobing Gale is absolutely essential to the strategy, the Raider Katana wouldn't be necessary if I could rig Corrin to gain Spd procs on all his levels so far, or used the Speedwings/Dragon Herbs to "fix" his missed procs. I chose to use the Raider Katana instead since I am attempting to go without the bonus statboosters in this playthrough. I also made some additional improvements to the recording process (again), so I think watching the video at 2x speed now makes it so that it runs at the same speed as actually gameplay. Let me know if this seems correct to you. EDIT: Forgot to mention this originally, but thanks to SSJDennis for helping me with some details regarding making the 4-turn strat more reliable.
  21. I wanted to share some interesting data regarding rankings obtained from my current LTC playthrough of this game on HHM. Before I start my analysis, let me note that the required EXP and Funds for achieving an S-rank without visiting any of the gaiden chapters are (assuming I calculated this correctly): Funds: 690800 EXP: 34450 In my playthrough, I just completed Chapter 25 and have the following stats: Funds: 106535 (this could be 16000 higher if I resorted to additional rigging to avoid using the Dracoshield and Secret Book) EXP: 10285 (probably could be at least 10500 if I valued additional EXP over good levels, even if I just made changes to Chapter 25) Tactics: 51 turns (only 50 actual gameplay turns) The expected total turn count (of actual gameplay turns) for this playthrough is around 105 (I don't remember the exact number), so we are almost at the halfway point. This suggests that if I were to continue to gain EXP at the same rate, I would probably reach somewhere around 21,000 total, although this doesn't account for the fact that over 35 of the remaining ~55 turns are part of defense chapters, and thus can very much be abused for EXP. I would imagine that it is not impossible for me to get something like 25,000 EXP (if not higher) if I played my cards correctly, even without significant rigging. On the other hand, I am woefully short on Funds; assuming I get the maximum value of items (which is impossible since I won't be reaching a large number of them due to turn counts, plus I have to spend money on promoting people and such) on the remaining chapters, I would only add roughly 480,000 to my Funds, leaving me well over 100,000G short of the S rank in Funds What this suggests to me (and is a conclusion that I would like to discuss) is that the minimal turn count for an S-rank LTC of HHM is determined by the Funds rank and not the EXP rank. Perhaps we can calculate what this turn count value is in advance? In addition, I will note that visiting Chapter 19x for the Silver Card is most likely not worth it, since you really only need to make about 30,000G worth of purchases in this playthrough (actually probably significantly less if you don't care about training Erk's staff rank for Warp) and since it takes 4 turns to complete, which means that you really only save roughly ~4,000G per turn by visiting that map, not to mention you actually lose some money because the Elysian Whip you are supposed to get from there is found in Chapter 18. Thoughts?
  22. Enjoy Chapter 5 of Fates beaten in 4 turns on Lunatic! With only one crit-kill (though quite a few, a couple unnecessary, dodges)! The recording slowdown issue is still present, although not quite as bad as before, so watch the video at 1.5x or 2x speed for maximum enjoyment.
  23. SSJDennis told me to look into whether or not a 3 turn is possible on Lunatic, and it turns out the answer is yes! And with significantly less RNG abuse than I imagined (though it is still a rather nontrivial amount) I will update with details soon, and potentially (though unlikely, Citra still isn't that nice yet) a video. UPDATE: Adding turn counts to the first page, too lazy to add links yet [spoiler=Turn Counts]Premonition (2 turns) Prologue (3 turns) Chapter 1 (3 turns) Chapter 2 (3 turns) Chapter 3 (3 turns) Chapter 4 (2 turns) Chapter 5 (2 turns) Chapter 6 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (2 turns)
  24. Enjoy! Note that since I'm using sucky recording software, there is a big slowdown, so you should view the video at 2x speed.
  25. Since you guys (for the most part) seemed to enjoy the 1-turn clear of Chapter 14, here is another 1-turn clear, possibly more interesting due to the more complicated nature of the map. I'm pretty certain I can't do this without using the Rescue staff; it might be possible if one had a couple of extra shove/swap-bots, but I didn't have time to capture any more than the 2 I got in Chapter 10, and it was already difficult enough to get those guys 2 levels while racing through the past few maps, so I imagine it would probably be impossible to get more than 1 more shove-bot trained up with maximal RNG abuse, if even that. If you throw in the 2 Boots from the path bonuses, things become a little more interesting... I can investigate this and see if something works out if you guys want. Not sure if this is something to do in a full playthrough LTC context, since it's possible that there are better uses of the Rescue staff later, but nevertheless an interesting strat imo. Didn't bother to record good level ups for obvious reasons. Oh and also, the speed issue is still there so watch it at 2x speed for maximal viewing pleasure.
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