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Found 1 result

  1. OKAY. So, Lucia's my favourite character from FE9/10, let alone Fire Emblem itself. In both Tellius Recollection books, Lucia is describe as a master of the blade, highly adaptable and quick witted enough to come up with brilliant strategies in emergencies... ...SO WHY THE SHIT IS THIS NOT THE CASE IN CHAPTER 24? (excuse my language). The obvious go to answer is; to make Ike look good. They dumb down Lucia's personality and intelligence JUST to make Ike look good and drive the plot of the story, because Ike HAS to drive the plot of the story and show he's 'grown as a character' right? Okay, at the sake of dumbing down another character? Yeah okay, thanks writes of Ike, thanks so much for that. But of course, there are plenty of people who will deny this, let alone find some other go around explanation for why this scene is the way it is. Well STOP RIGHT THERE. Because I actually have an answer already, having headcanoned out Lucia like no tomorrow because hello, she's my favourite character. We all know Lucia is Elincia's sworn protector, bodyguard and retainer. Yet it does not make sense that she did not go with Geoffrey to see Elincia safely towards Gallia, does it now? So my theory is that Duke Renning actually ordered Lucia to stay behind; whether it was to divert the soldiers coming at them, to go seek refuge/assistance at Delbray Castle etc. for whatever reason, he ordered her to stay behind. This was to Lucia's protest and reluctance, but she knew better than to question Duke Renning and the authority in charge; so she went with it...and of course, she would end up forever regretting not standing up to Renning as a result as Elincia became "lost". Skip ahead to Chapter 24. Lucia is informed that the Daein Army found Geoffrey and co. and has it ready the army needs to change course to find somewhere else to be safe, to Elincia's protest. Ike however; comes in to denounce her plans...the same thing is happening again. Another "authority" figure, if you can even call Ike that, is coming and telling her to not take Elincia to safety herself; and last time, Elincia was nearly lost forever. Having just reunited with her and learned she was alive, added with the pressure of her brother and Bastian also with this plan set already; Lucia is practically panicking. It's even worse when some inexperienced kid is the one trying to override her (Lucia's 22, Ike's merely 17). So Lucia acts angry and aggravated towards Ike per se, very out of her character, because she is panicking and terrified the same events are going to happen again; and in the process, she's forgotten and lost she is ignoring Elincia's very same feelings of losing them after reuniting with them one year on (and she has lost all her family too; her parents and her uncle). ...And then it has to be Ike that reminds her of this because a) he needs to look good in the face of 'nobles' and Elincia's trained 'retainers' b) need some way to show he's grown over his journey and c) he's driving the plot. SIGHS. But yeah. That's my reasoning for why. Sorry to sound all condescending with the Ike talk, but...I'm rather understandably pissed they dumbed down a character I love for his sake, when she's plain as day described as being quick-witted and highly adaptable to come up with brilliant strategies (and this was not one of those at all). End mix of rant/explanation here? Yes, I think so lol.
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