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Found 33 results

  1. Looks like the best blockbuster of next year, though Batman will probably win.
  2. Hey all, So... I like thinking about the mechanics and classes of Fire Emblem and whatnot. I love when people come up with ideas for new classes or new magic users especially. One thing I have been thinking about recently is how... Incomplete the magic of anima, and just magic in general seems in some Fire Emblem games. Obviously Fire Emblem is not an RPG like Final Fantasy or something, but it still strikes me as odd that we have an elemental magic class in Anima that only uses basically 3 elements, whereas the Affinities have at least 2 more, if not 3 depending on the game aside from Light and Dark... So I am wondering do you think the other elements could be used/useful in Fire Emblem? FEif appears to have someone casting ice... But how would you like to see it? My personal idea comes from the 8 elements seen in Path of Radiance... Light/Dark/Anima could still make the greater magic triangle, but then Anima could still have a triangle within itself... Perhaps Light and Dark could be developed into that as well... But anyways, I can see the Anima or Elemental magic as being either two separate but interactive/overlapping magic types... Or if the Anima triangle had separate ranks for each of the three types... Perhaps the one other element could pair with it? But anyways, here is the basic idea. -another form of magic triangle? Wind > Thunder > Fire > Wind... Water > Ice > Earth > Water Earth grounds Thunder, Water puts out Fire, Ice blocks Wind Thunder electrifies Water, Fire melts Ice, Wind stirs up Earth Thunder and Ice are neutral... Fire and Earth are neutral... Wind and Water are neutral as well... ...this idea could do with some tweaking, maybe a visual aid to demonstrate/make it clearer... But what do you guys think? Or are there any ideas for Magic in Fire Emblem you yourselves would like to see?
  3. During a scene in the trailer you can see someone preform Ice Magic which is interesting topic all on itself but something more interesting is a rat thing you see while the magic is preforming the magic spell. Thanks to The Tree's Apprentice's theory i think i may have a theory on what it is. I think the Magic in this game is going to be based on Feng Sui which is the theory that there are five elements these are: Fire,Water, Earth,Wood and Metal: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/07/FiveElementsCycleBalanceImbalance.jpg The Metal element can take the form of ice, and the magic being used in the trailer was Ice magic, represented by a rat spirit. There is something that goes against this theory..The Rat in Chinese mythology is represented by Water not Metal. On the other hand the Rat like the other Chinese Zodiac Animals can be combined with the 5 elements and Water is associated with Ice so it's not a stretch to assume they choose the Rat to represent Ice. This makes me wonder: Will they introduce a Complete Magic Triangle back into the new game with each element being effect and weak to another. Only time will tell. If you are curious about which element each animal represents: Rat: Water Ox: Earth Tiger: Wood Hare: Wood Dragon: Earth Snake: Fire Horse: Fire Ram: Earth Monkey: Metal Rooster: Metal Dog: Earth Pig: Water
  4. Blades. Majestic and precise killing machines. Gaming is just one of the mediums that they are portrayed but it just so happens they are oh so common. Whether it is a certain magical sword or a demonic blade they captivate our imaginations and make us wish we had one. What are your favorite blades in gaming? Don't play games? Any movie or comic book swords you like? My personal favorites in this order: #1 True Master Sword (Skyward Sword): You literally go through so much crap to get it 3 silent realms (shudders), 3 tricky dungeons, 3 brutal bosses (hero mode) and the way its presented is just glorious with Link finally becoming the hero he was meant to be with that iconic master sword tune. The blade is also gorgeous and kills enemies in the game with great ease. #2 Ragnell (Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn): Being able to use the same blade that killed your father to kill his murderer. Badass. Blade has a solid gold look to it and shoots shockwaves. Oh its also massive but Ike uses it with one arm. O_O #3 Falchion (Awakening): I particularly like this version because of the distinctive tear shaped hole in the middle its exalted look also makes it a true beauty.
  5. (This counts for FE7 and FE8, but not FE6.) I noticed that in FE7 and FE8, light magic is a heck of a lot worse than anima. As a basic example, the stats: Lightning has 4 might, 95 accuracy, 5 crit and a whopping 6 weight. This means that when Serra from FE7 promotes, she won't be able to use the weakest light tome without losing attack speed. (It was unlikely that she'd be used for combat anyway, but you know.) Fire, on the other hand, has 5 might, 90 accuracy, no crit, and a weight of 4. This, at least in my opinion, is a fair bit better than its light counterpart. The only stats that lightning beats it at is accuracy- which is fairly high for most tomes apart from some special dark ones, anyway- and crit, which is nice, but not necessary. In my opinion, light tomes should at least have reduced weight. What do you guys think? Should they be changed completely, along with the stats of all tomes in FE8 and FE7? Should only the weight be reduced a bit to make light magic-users more viable? Or should nothing change at all?
  6. I was thinking quite a bit one day as to how light magic could have been implemented, then it hit me, the same way Path of Radiance did. The Bishop, like in any other game, would be a big resistance tank with all-around other stats, except they'd have no ability to use tomes. Instead, at level five, they'd get Lumina, allowing staff-users to use light magic. This means any staff-using class can use light magic, allowing for more versatility, however light is as weak as wind with no positive side. Again, however, at level 15, bishops get the Slayer skill, which would allow light magic to do triple might against all Risen. So any staff user can do effective damage against common foes at the cost of two skill slots. Any thoughts on my idea? Is the light magic I described too weak or overpowered?
  7. Nino [fire emblem 7] (as we can gather from her support with erk) is illiterate. She claims to use anima magic because she learnt from sonia's chanting. So why/how does she a) need a actual tome to use her magic b) level up in anima magic (new magic is learnt through the tome(?) so how could she level up if she is illiterate?)
  8. DISCLAIMER: Even though this roleplay has started, feel free to sign up and join late! Welcome to the Magic Valley High School You have been recognized for having an exceptional aptitude for magic and are now given the opportunity to attend the most prestigious magic school of your generation. Please fill out the student application card below: [spoiler=student application card] Name: Gender: Age: Race: Element: Dream for the future: Greatest fear: Personality: Back story: Please attach a picture of yourself: Thank You, Headmaster Barron About the world; [spoiler=Races] Elves - highly intelligent, but weak physical stature. - excels in ranged and elemental magic, but does poorly in close combat situations - are born pure of heart and take on a more human appearance, if corrupted they take on a more demonic appearance - are considered to be the nobles of the magic world Humans - highly varied intelligence and strength - neither excels or fails in any school of magic - the most wide emotional range of all the races - often seen as weak by the other races because of their attachment to each other Fairies - small and speedy with average intelligence - excels magic involving trickery, stealth and healing - they share a strong bond with animals and nature - close allies of the elves, look higher upon than humans but less than of the elves Giants - below average intelligence and extremely strong physically - excels in magic that enhances physical strength - wanders and often travels alone, a less populace race - regarded as outcasts, more allied with the humans than the fairies or the elves [spoiler=Elements] Fire - weak to water, strong against air Water - weak to earth, strong against fire Earth - weakt to air, strong against water Air - weak to fire, strong against earth Light - weak defensively to shadow, but strong offensively to shadow Shadow - weak defensively to light, but strong offensively to light [spoiler=Rules] NO MARY/GARY SUES/STUS No controlling the actions of any character but your own Keep a primary focus and give slower posters the time to catch up and reply If you want to drop-out of the RP write a death scene Please post all OOC comments in this thread and leave only rp posts in the rp thread Use common sense *If rules are broken multiple times the RP Master will kill your character off*
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