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Found 12 results

  1. This is a forum to post FE memes related to any of the games. Whether it be a joke about the amount of clone characters in a game, or just something stupid like "Takumi plop" or something. You may post whatever under certain conditions: No Knoll Roll spamming... No reposting Use common sense and don't post anything possibly/intentionally offensive But anyway, just enjoy!
  2. Unfortunately, he doesn't just run away after getting hit like in Thracia. Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Stats Kempf Lancer Axe Armor Green Mage Red Archer Reinforcements
  3. Chapter one in a nutshell I made this on top a different vid because I'm lazy com.bongasoft.overlayvideoimage_kH3MEJVMYuJQPWo9.mp4
  4. Post your weirdest memes here, from FE or not! Have fun you dimwits! Also This
  5. I'm taking all sorts of suggestions, nothing is beyond reason for this build. I've been thinking I should either try to actually make him viable or at the very least, make people angry when they see all the expensive skills I've given him. Right now he's just a magic sponge with speed debuffs, but I'm considering giving him a Pain staff and Savage Blow... just cause I can lol.
  6. Post dumb OC's you've made previously. Try to recall their personality if you can. EX: This... thing is my old Kirby OC, Echo (and by old I mean late 2016-early 2017). Main gimmick is that he can summon portals and use magic using that gauntlet around his arm. I was proud of this sprite work back then, and while I still am, I kinda think it's stupid now. Can't quite remember his personality, so I'll post it when I remember. EDIT: He's a dimension hopper. HOO BOI As for personality, he's cunning and intelligent, but also pretty socially awkward. Not as terrible as I remember, but still not great. Oh and his other primary weapon is a greatsword.
  7. So, to my knowledge, Tharcia 776, Radiant Dawn, and Conquest are the hardest FE games. So i made this. I feel like this is pretty accurate tbh.
  8. I haven't made a thread in a year but I felt this was worth posting http://imgur.com/1pxux45 http://imgur.com/RTsXzAc
  9. Tell me your favorite meme and why. I was only nine-years-old, and I loved Shrek so much, I had all of the merchandise and movies.
  10. Any overused, worn out memes you get tired of hearing/seeing? The overused meme I'm tired of hearing is "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" Vines. It was funny at first, but now it's getting really irritating hearing it all the time at muh school
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