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Found 23 results

  1. @Saint Rubenio made a hack. F**k. I reckon a lot of serenes users are aware of this Ruben fellow. He been around the forums for while now and he loves haunting the teehee thread and spreading his unfathomably based opinions that continue to die out every waking day. He's also one of 7 New Mystery fans and Tomas fans. That earns him points in my book, even if we argue over which country is worse to live in. It's his. Silly banter aside, a few months ago, he made a rebalance to Sacred Stones, originally meant to be a simple tweak to making the gameplay something that someone past the IQ of 8 could enjoy, but then became a passion project of sorts to rewriting the game and adding several new characters and elements overall to creating a fresh new experience to the classic yellow tint game, or a pointlessly bizarre one. That's what I want to know. Did he do a good job? There's at least 100 Sacred Stones reworks nowadays, and I want to give a hack he took the lack of humility courage to create the proper respect or dunking it deserves. It will be displayed publicly, much like my profile that is also made by him. He's plagued my FE online life, which being at a point where I can say that I have that is very depressing, so I might as well thank and curse him altogether with this new LP basically entirely dedicated to the guy and the inner machinations of his mind. For those who are just interested in the rebalance, it's probably worth it. Most bugs have been fixed by now (I think), and virtually anything beats vanilla FE8's gameplay, but you can skim through the LP just to be sure. I like to think that this LP will be a very decent showcasing of the hack and the thought that went through it, given that there's a 99.776% chance that Ruben himself will be commenting throughout the LP to whine and cry over how incorrectly I'm playing his hack, unaware that he already failed in not making Gheb recruitable. If he did, I will kiss him. It's like developer commentary! Only very bitter. I fully expect him to roast the crap out of me, and I'm ready for it. As long as he's not busy of course. berwick more like badwick I consider him a funny and based online pal who actually knows what's good about this damned franchise while also hating his guts for the unlucky 1/10 gacha pulls where he gives me the absolute worst takes and units that plagued an entirely different LP. Also he's Spaniard AND French. What the hell man? Why? We bicker a lot, but we also shake hands when bickering about everyone else. He's the Garon man. I'm the bones of Garon. Yeah, fun fact right there. This LP is 50% a s**tpost. 50% review. It's also an ironman run. I hate resetting on screenshot lp's. Although if I lose my lord, I'll ask all of you to pretend it was never that in the first place, but that won't be a problem, because I'm built different. This run will be hard enough knowing that Ruben will basically have 80% jurisdiction of how this run goes. Anyways, let's see what's new: Oh boy! Surely Ruben won't let me miss them here, right? To hell with buffing enemy defense. That's one thing that sucks about Engage maddening. Enemies be stupid tanky in the late game. Thank goodness DSFE knows better. But I liiiike terribly unbalanced units! I am going to grill the beard out of you. I point and laugh at fanfiction. Don't worry. I'll judge fairly. That just included being blunt, and cynical. So Ephraim gets the voices in his head that became OC's. That'll be something to behold. Perhaps his rout will be more strategy-like with the fixed and presumably limited new characters, unless he actually made over 20 or something 27. Guess there's my answer. Well done. I wonder how many are from Ephraim route as opposed to simply joining throughout the regular campaign. I tend to mute a lot of romhacks with unique soundtracks. They're not terrible. Just....weird choices. I'm sure you'll be above that. If I hear one song from obscure 2000's anime-esque game, I'm finding your house I clap and I jump. I recognize founder of FE. Kaga good! Praise creator of the worst FE game ever! He did make Archanea though. Big W. He made Berwick though. Massive L. Yes After SoHaE, it'll be nice to experience a hack with modern benefits like these, although I'm going to assume that this game does not use the skill system Due to this hack mostly being Sacred Stones again, I will mostly just be showing gameplay. You don't need to rewatch the plot of FE8. It's a Fire Emblem. The story can only offer so much on repeat runs, or even first ones. It saves me screenshots anyways. However, when cutscenes are completely new or provide major changes to the story, I will show them off, usually in spoiler tags in case you really just want to see that for yourself. I am rereading the plot to make sure I don't miss much, but I don't remember the script word by word, so if minor changes were made, then don't expect me to notice all the details RUBEN. Just call me a blind fool and move on for missing inventible Berwick references thrown in. As for units, I will mostly show unit base changes, but only show growths if I find the changes to be drastically noticeable. Most units will likely receive minor buffs or nerfs accordingly after all, and it mostly just equates to "the game is slightly more balanced". I'll also fully display brand new units to judge Ruben for creating. Given that Ruben states in his post that he highly recommends using the mGBA nintendo pc over the other vba one, I went and purchased that model. I get to use a new pc for the first time! Now I can't tell how much of the crisp visuals come from the nintendo pc or the hack's modernization. Chances are, the visuals will be a bit blurred when uploaded to an external site to post here, but I was wowed. Off topic to the LP, but I just wanted to let Ruben know that. Thanks. Imgur doesn't accept the screenshots though, so the switching process was tedious, but hopefully worth it. For those of you who don't know, this hack seemingly has more risks of bugs on the other gba player, so keep that in mind when you choose to play the hack. It's still in testing, but it's been enough months to where a moderate amount of patching has been performed. I will of course let this LP be an elongated playtesting model for Ruben to evaluate and correct other possible bug encounters if he still cares about his newborn child. One last thing before I start gaming. Anyone who is still playing Engage, use Vander and Lindon. Or play DSFE and use Cord. That is all. Silly Stones 1: The prologue I'm biased for Sacred Stones, given that it was my first FE game, but boy is it impossible to get back into nowadays. Now's a great time to try out a hopefully amazing version of the visually pleasing incest game by my lovely elderly friend, Saint Rubenio the 3rd, user of Maji. Also my cat destroyed my ps3. I need something else to do.
  2. This is a forum to post FE memes related to any of the games. Whether it be a joke about the amount of clone characters in a game, or just something stupid like "Takumi plop" or something. You may post whatever under certain conditions: No Knoll Roll spamming... No reposting Use common sense and don't post anything possibly/intentionally offensive But anyway, just enjoy!
  3. I’m currently writing the script to a video on a Fire Emblem Fates iceberg chart that I made, and one of the surface-layer entries is about the #BlameTakumi meme. I’ve been trying to find the original source of it, but I’m drawing some blanks. Most sources I checked refer to some Twitch stream where the chat came up with it, but I can’t find the name of the streamer anywhere. Can anyone help?
  4. Just post the absolute dumbest video/image you have saved into your device. I'll start. wow that was so funny.mp4
  5. I honestly don't know why I made such a creature. I name it "Eg Tahnos" So the reason why i made this is because i was making a joke fire emblem hack featuring me and my friends and I decided, "hey what if I added Eirika and Ephraim, but they are generic to the roof, stats and everything?" So I started to make the portrait. Before starting, I thought, "But what if they looked stupidly funny with stick figure body, eyes far apart, and a tiny smile?" after making a little of it, i noticed that even with the cape, i didn't have enough colors (duh). So I randomly thought for some reason, "lets make the infinity gauntlet have 12 colors in it". After some editing i remembered that thanos had the chin thing too, so i made that, and the glove had 11 colors. I know its amazing. JK lol. (also that girl in the background? I'll tell who that is... after i finish the whole thing that might never actually happen.)
  6. I'm remember a quote one time saying, "The Internet is like Ancient Egypt. People writing on walls and worshipping cats." With a quote like that, it makes me wonder, have you like me ever sat down and really thought about what you were typing onto a topic like this one before? Have you ever thought about what it would be like if 500 years from now, humans were somehow able to find a message board of any kind and wonder just what we were thinking? I mean it's a trip to look back on old message boards from the 90s as it is for a lot of us. Just imagine what it would be like for someone 500 years in the future to read this? If you had any of those thoughts before, anything that you felt was important for the human race to know to advance itself in a few centuries from now, now is the chance for you to do so! Basically come up with words of wisdom for the future generations to look back on and be inspired by once they have a chance to read these words for themselves. Provided the human race doesn't die from mass extinction or the internet isn't wiped from existence, let these be the words that offer readers a glimpse of what our lives were like today and how they can better understand us as well. I'll try to give a few examples: - What you are reading is called the English language. This was a very prominent language that appeared on a lot of United States and European websites. We knew that multiple languages existed, but people who weren't motivated enough to lean another one just stuck with what they knew. - This website (https://forums.serenesforest.net) you are on is dedicated to an electronic form of entertainment which we called video games for a specific multimedia franchise called Fire Emblem. In our era it's a fairly popular franchise published by Nintendo and had multiple releases that caused a great deal of controversy among people who enjoyed the franchise and with those who felt it could somehow improve. We're not in the era where we saw wars waged in the name of a Fire Emblem game before so at least things have been pretty calm for us. - Yes, fidget spinners were once a thing. They stopped being a relevant product of our culture about a few months after they debuted though.
  7. C'mon, I know we've all given some. Blazing Edition for me- Guy- Guymandudesir Lowen- No-Eyes Rebecca- Rebecca Black Eliwood- Elijah Wood Bartre- Attack Eyebrows Wil- Wil Smith Dorcas- Do you know the "Mutton Man"?
  8. Something just occured to me. Feh is able to talk. Why? There must be some logical explanation, yes?
  9. EDIT: So I decided I'll use this thread for all my photoshopped FEH memes. A Depiction of Wrys (AKA My Masterpiece) Just something I worked on for some time as a joke I wanted to share. This was my first piece on this thread. According to FE memedom, Wrys is a god. The rest speaks for itself. Everything is photoshopped. I think the original piece of art was done by Michaelangelo maybe? The rest is photoshopped from Intelligent System's Fire Emblem Heroes. Created in Sketch on the iOS. EDIT: Yes, the original work - I think it was called "The Creation of Adam" - from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was indeed painted by Michaelangelo. In hindsight, I like to think the hand reaching in from the bottom left belongs to Kellam. We all know he's in Heroes after all... Somewhere.... Voting Guantlet Fated Battles. Sigurd vs Arvis (AKA "Charvis") You all know your Arvis roasting Sigurd memes. For those who missed it, Sigurd beat Arvis. I had made a bet to a friend prior that if Sigurd won, I would make this. Glad it happened. XD Found the original image googling "barbecue grill chef" or something. The salt came from googling salt shaker. The rest in this image are all sprites from Intelligent System's Fire Emblem Heroes taken from the Feh Wiki, I think. Credit to thenumberonebacon for the nickname "Charvis." Again, made in Sketch on iOS. Celica casts Rag n' a Rock (AKA "Mila Bless you") A visual pun I've had in mind for a while. I also considered doing a pun with the movie "Thor Ragnarock" but figured I didn't want to do the same joke twice and just stick to the cleverer pun. The base image image of Celica is from Intelligent System's Fire Emblem Heroes taken from Gamepress. Credit to thenumberonebacon for the alt title "Mila Bless You." I found the rock googling "rock transparent background" and the rag by googling "kitchen cloth transparent." Again, made in Sketch on iOS. "How do you like the taste?" (AKA "Chef Walhart of Valm's Kitchen") Titled and inspired by one of Walhart's special trigger dialogue lines. Regrets: Not including Walhart grocery bags in the background and not having Sigurd in the fire. Granted I've already done a Sigurd joke here, and that's more Arvis's thing I used Google to find images of a cooking pot transparent, a laddle, a lobster, an apron, a chef's hat, and this Walhart (art by Intelligent Systems). Everything was, again, thrown together in sketch on iOS High Deliverer (AKA Robin Weeds Out the Competition) The moment I first saw Robin's Epithet I wanted to make a joke about it. I don't normally appreciate drug related jokes, but I had to make an exception for these very clever puns. Regret: Missed opportunity to name the weapon "Blunt Force" XD I used paint.net and the feh stuff github unit builder to create this. I also did some googling to find the blunt, dank shades, leaf, and image of Robin (made by Intelligent Systems).
  10. So I want to make a unit out of a gimmick character i came up with in @Jotari's thread, And i thought i would make something like this so... Oh yeah. Just make a profile out of general stats and whether they would be particularly high or not. Actual personality and backstory is optional So my guy would be a wyvern rider who happens to be Dracophobic. This is for no particular reason other than GIANT FLYING LIZARDS ARE PRETTY DAMN SCARY IF YOU ASK ME. His name is ryan. He was training to be a cavalier for the protagonists army ,but because he was more talented that most of his piers, he was just dumped onto a GIANT FLYING LIZARD. Naturally, he was the envy of many of his peers for having a simply superior mount, but not all that deep down, they kind of felt a little bad for him. So from that day forth, he was the luckiest unluckiest rider in all the lands and a legend was born! His stats would follow something like this Level; 12. Availability: early-mid game. like maybe chapter 11-ish on a average length fe game Hp: 30-34 Str:15 Skl: 17 Spd:12 Lck: 3 Def:14 Res:5 Shit i posted this prematurely
  11. Sorry for the confusing title, but I just now learned that it is a meme to say "yare yare daze" (translated to "good grief") because of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure... No lie, I have this exact quote as one of my yearbook quotes from when I finished school back in 2013... before this meme became a meme. Have any of you experienced similar things?
  12. Smash for Switch has been announced! What are your thoughts on it? Who do you think will be removed? Who do you think is added?
  13. Rules: Alias List: Playerlist: Deaths: Role PMs are still going out, but go ahead and consider it Night 1. As promised, Night 1 will last 48 hours, concluding on 7/18 at 12:15 AM CDT.
  14. ---THIS IS AN EIMM. THIS IS NOT NOC. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK--- I'm getting antsy to run a mafia game and interest for this seems pretty high so FUCK IT WE'RE DOING IT LIVE. feat. Javelinlover and Jiac as my lovely co-hosts If you don't know, EIMM (or Everyone Is Mafia Mafia) is a free-for-all social strategy game loosely based off the mechanics of Mafia. Players each have 2 BPVs, a shot each night, and a role they can use. Day phases are for chumps so we ain't using them. Rules: This game will start on July 15 at 11 PM CDT. The signup deadline, however, is earlier: July 14 at 11 PM CDT. By this date, all players who wish to play will need to do 3 things: Sign up below Send me (and Jav/Jiac) an alias to hide behind Send me (and Jav/Jiac) a character, real or fictional, to base your role off of. There's a Discord for this: https://discord.gg/VYTFQj9 CURRENT SIGN-UPS (bold indicates a player who has sent the relevant information): Blitz Lord Gaius Da Letter El chen fak_ename GAYreenHamster General Ciraxis Einto Kunclord Snype Paperblade Makaze Clarinets Monde Lil Bean Kirsche sylveonzoroark Toren coy Ullar Shubaka Zeonth Secondhand Revenant acidphoenix rssp1 Juliette Kaoz Prims A Random Player SeaLoss Izuhark Elieson SB TheChamp Magnificence Incarnate
  15. Hello! I am new to these forums and most of my friends don't play Fire Emblem Fates much anymore, so I was just trying to find a place where people still play the game and talk about it. So yup, nice to meet you people of the internet. Uh, if you wanna add me as a friend on here that'd be awesome! I'm open to being friends so it's cool, thanks! Also you can come visit me at my castle if you want, I just started over so it doesn't have much yet, but between today and the next few days it'll be together! You can even leave me an accessory if you want! I'll even send one back as soon as possible. In the future I'll have up a bunch of skills for Corrin/Avatar! See yaaa 12433-63409-26272-00262 *P.S. Anyone else like dank memes? ♡
  16. Would've posted this in Jokes & Memes about Fates, but that topic may be considered old now and we could use another Fan Works topic. So, feel free to post and share your fan art, fan fiction, or other fan works relating to Fates here. This includes jokes and memes like in the previous topic. * * * * * As for me, I wanted to share some custom support conversations and scenes made by a certain individual on Youtube. For the most part, Fate's story has been criticized ever since the JPN release. Some fans have decided to make their own fanfics or versions of Fate's storyline while others expand upon the Fate's universe. This particular creator uses Fates assets and edits together a video that mimics dialogue conversations. So, we can have custom supports, custom scenes, and even custom epilogues. The channel did become inactive for a while, but it seems the creator is back to a schedule of sorts releasing a new video every two weeks or so. I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy the characters of Fates and wanted a better more story than what we got initially.
  17. So, I didn't know whether or not to post this in Forum Games or General FE, so I went with General FE, because this isn't really a game. Just a silly thread. A silly little thread where you post puns about fire emblem characters, events, etc. They can be bad or good; new or old. I don't know if there was a different thread made for this purpose, but I don't see it anywhere up front. Anyway, no more stalling! Post your puns below! I'd rather not see repeats unless you are commenting on it or have something to add. Here's mine: If Arvis were a pirate, would that make Sigurd's last fight of FE 4 the Battle of Yarr-hara?
  18. Let's collect memes and shitposts all in 1 topic. In the following picture, we see a Lvl 9, unarmed Hector solo the entirety of a chapter in HHM.
  19. Even with his mutton poisoned he got it to the 18th position. This man deserves to be in the top 10, let the power of memes flow in you! No, I'm serious, I will vote him. Anyone else? EDIT: changed title from Dorcas to generic
  20. This is funny meme trash. I enjoyed it. Just wanted to share it. My favorite segment is 3:25.
  21. Tell me your favorite meme and why. I was only nine-years-old, and I loved Shrek so much, I had all of the merchandise and movies.
  22. I shall start a topic based on the memes that make the internet. I essentially put an appropriate meme and you can say any opinions on it. It shall change daily. Open to any suggestions. Day One: Falcon Punch [spoiler=Falcon Punch] To all who do not know the Falcon punch is of Captain Falcon from the F-Zero Franchise. He had may quotable phrases with Falcon Punch being the main one. That's a basic summary.
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